(PGXPM 12)

A Personal Summary on Learning’s through Organizational
Behavior and its Applications

Praveen S.J


Historical Me
Personal reflection on Organizational Behaviour
Management Functions
Management Roles
Management Skills
Personality and value types
Job satisfaction
Historical Me
Finally Here I’m, never sat down all these years to write about me which
would capture myself as an individual and delves into my personality.
Before we delve any further into my personality I would like to introduce
myself with a brief background about me
Born into an upper middle class family with a very liberal outlook towards
life, from a very early age I had a leaning towards experiencing finer aspects
of life than sticking to the norms laid out by the society. So naturally
achieving academic excellence or pursuing a particular discipline in any art
didn’t come naturally to me. I always wanted to be a free thinker and analyse
the world in my very own way and my experience it.
Professionally I’m a developer working for one of the leading MNCs doing
interesting stuff most of the times, not so interesting stuff most of the
Growing up during my school days I was a pretty good at academics and
sporting activities. I had the privilege of studying at some good educational
institutes and also represent myself in few sporting activities at a
commendable level. I always wanted to see myself as a sportsperson or a
performer playing to the gallery and being appreciated for the skill exhibited.
I saw social recognition as a huge honour or luxury, rightfully so very few can
hold the collective consciousness of the public. So far it has eluded me; I
haven’t taken the right steps either to attain it.
My interests in sporting activities forayed me into different sports I was
basically a jack of all trades but master of none, I have represented my
college badminton team and played tournaments at zonal and Inter zonal
levels and have won few laurels. During my growing up years I was
fascinated by swimming and had the privilege of learning it, but the dream of
representing me at state or national level events has eluded because of
various situations.
My inclination towards social recognition makes me constantly participate in
marathon events, swimming competitions. I recently was ecstatic when I won
second place in state level swimming competition which taught me with
consistent perseverance nothing is elusive.
Currently performing a very interesting role of an architect and developer, I
feel I’m at the right stage in my career to foray into a managerial role,
something new and highly responsible role. By enrolling myself in to this
program I feel I’m in the right place with the right set of people in
accomplishing my higher self.
Personal reflection on Organizational Behaviour
Management functions
Before I did a comprehensive study on the management skills on roles of the
managers on Organisational behaviour I had a very elementary knowledge of
management. Having worked with functional managers my entire career
whose primary task is to assign responsibilities and getting the deliverables,
I was pretty ignorant about the various facets of management that drives an
Through this study I came to know that managerial functions resort to one of
the following
1) Planning. 2)Organizing 3)Leading 4)Controlling
Planning by clearly understanding this managerial function I was able to
define goals, establish strategy and coordinate activities in much streamlined
way than before.
Organizing by understanding this function I was effectively able to group
tasks and make decisions around the tasks assigned to the groups.
Leading often times we forget this very important function of the manager,
as a manager of a team it’s our primary task to motivate our team and
choose effective communication channels in resolving conflicts.
Controlling Last but not least significant of the manager functions is
controlling where the projected plan heads without any significant
By effectively understanding the importance of each of the above functions
of the manager, I was able to effectively exhibit them at my workplace.
Management Roles
In learning more about Management we also learn about what various roles
that management team and managers are are obliged to do. This particular
learning has enhanced me in switching effectively between any one of the
roles depending on the need exhibited by the team or the project
The roles are classified as 1) Interpersonal Roles 2) Informational
Roles 3) Decisional Roles
Was able to effectively represent my team with the Interpersonal role where I
was more of a figure head to represent my team; and while disseminating
information of the team to outside world or organization I was performing
informational Role; And lastly the most significant role to take a decision I
was performing Decisional Role.
With the thorough understanding of the above mentioned roles and their
responsibilities it was very helpful for me to perform these roles with more
efficiency and balance my responsibilities effectively.
Management Skills
The efficiency of the modern day managers are evaluated by skills that they
exhibit performing their role. Most of the managers in the organizations fail
to recognize what are the various skills that they are supposed to exhibit.
Through the organizational behaviour study on Manager Skills its charts out
an effective guideline on what skills to exhibit in what capacity to be an
effective manager.
The study lists out these three main skills as a bedrock of managerial skills to
be exhibited
1) Technical skills 2)Human skills 3)Conceptual Skills
As a manager before understanding the effectiveness of these three skills I
was exhibiting only technical and conceptual skills and not any of Human
skills which are required to be an effective manager.
I have started exhibiting more Human skills through interactions among my
peers and team members. It was important breakthrough for me in doing my
role of manager much more effectively. I quantify this as one of the major
learning of organizational behaviour.
Personality Types and values
Knowing one’s own personality type is one of the hardest endeavours that
human mind can pursue. This is because we have the notion of looking at our
own self with a bias that would massage our ego and pacify our
shortcomings. Across ages and times the popular belief of spiritual
awakening says that “If you want to know yourself don’t look outwards look
inwards” I was introduced to this concept in the most hard hitting way
through the psychometric test that I have taken during the organizational
behaviour session. I was forced to look at myself without any bias through a
sequence of mind bending questions which tests the conflicts of your minds
and brings out the real self to you.
Perceived personality Vs Actual personality
Before understanding my personality through organizational behaviour I had
my own perceived personality. Although there was not a huge paradigm shift
in understanding my personality, there were definitely certain nuances in my
personality which were unexplored. By understanding I was able to react
intelligently to those characteristics exhibited by my personality.
I always saw myself as free thinker and want to experience the world in my
own little way. I’m a voracious reader and an adventure freak I always feel
like pushing my physical self to the next level to see what is there for me to
explore. Free thinking abilities in me gets a kick when I traverse into the
realms of the unknown by trying something adventurous or reading to myself
a wonderful thought provoking book.
I was never afraid of the fact that might end up in a wrong destiny by
exhibiting this characteristic of me, but nevertheless, I have not landed up
myself in any major destiny crisis because of my decisions. This spiked the
curiosity in me so I wanted to know the reason behind this. MTBI test allowed
me explore this curiosity and provide me the rightful answer by complete
analysis of my personality type.
Mayer Briggs Type indicator
A comprehensive study of my personality using MBTI suggested my
personality type to be ENTP (extroversion, intuition, thinking, perception). I
got a very basic understanding of my personality type by going through the
personality traits exhibited by ENTP type indicator.
Extroversion: I learnt ENTP personality types get their energy through
interaction with the outside world and hence I have lot of acquaintances, I
was totally able to relate this to my personality and marked this attribute as
my strength.
Understanding my area of strength helped me leverage that skill more
confidently and precisely than before.
Intuition: I learnt that this characteristic of me is both my strength and
weakness. It is my strength because I was able to see the bigger picture from
perceived information.
It becomes my weakness when I don’t pay attention to details and miss out
on immediate results and realties.
Thinking: This characteristic of me is going to be a great strength for me in
my professional life. It might become a shortcoming in dealing with
interpersonal relationships. This understanding of my personality is going to
be of great help in developing a feeling based decision making and social
Perception: I consider this characteristic as my major weakness because I
delay major decisions preferring to keep my options open. Sometimes this
might come in handy during uncertain situations but when required to take a
decision under a controlled environment delaying important decisions under
perception is going to be a major bottleneck in becoming an effective
MTBI type indicator study has thrown a completely new light on my
personality type and how to cope with the decision making, building
interpersonal relationships and effectively deliver a role of a manager.
Job satisfaction
Are you satisfied with your job? Is the most frequently asked question by
a distant margin, Be it among peers, friends, or family members. This one
factor called “Job satisfaction” encompasses so many other factors of
individual’s personal and professional well being.
Before understanding organizational behavior and its impact on “Job
satisfaction” I was pretty naïve like most of the employees out there. By
doing this study I understand what key indicators or factors contribute to job
satisfaction and by ignoring those factors would lead to consequences.
The measure of the job satisfaction is done through positive feeling resulting
through evaluating the characteristics of the job. Reading the supporting
characteristics and evaluating them appropriately them is biggest challenge
while evaluating job satisfaction.
With the understanding on key indicator for job satisfaction I was evaluating
job satisfaction with the various roles I have performed over the years. I
learnt the below factors played a huge role in evaluation
1) People with whom you work
2) Jobs that provided you full independence to execute your task
3) Jobs that provided strong social context
4) Jobs that provided strong social support through interaction with
employees outside workplace
5) Recognition of your efforts at workplace
I learnt these factors played a huge role in me being satisfied with the job.
This has provided me proper understanding of my priorities at workplace to
be more satisfied.
I also understand Job satisfaction is also related to the positive core beliefs
exhibited by the employee more than the job conditions so it’s of prime
importance that employees need to exhibit positive core beliefs at workplace
rather than blaming job conditions for their job satisfaction, Through this
study I also learnt the implications or negative influences of poor job
Exit: More often not employees who are not satisfied exit the organization
citing job satisfaction as the reason.
Voice of dissent: the disgruntled employee is the one who raises more
voices of dissent and this doesn’t lead to a very good work atmosphere.
Loyalty: dissatisfaction leads to being disloyal to the organization and hence
poor productivity.
Neglect and absenteeism: With poor job satisfaction employees exhibit
neglect towards work and often tries to absent themselves from work.
By Understanding both positive and negative indicators of job satisfaction
I’m better informed now to prioritize my needs at workplace for better job
By being a part of an organization you are entitled to display a certain work
ethic and responsibility that the organization expects from you. Without a
proper understanding of these responsibilities as employees we will not be
able to display our full potential at workplace.
When our highest goal in life is to accomplish maximum potential of one’s
own self it is totally required of us to follow these work ethics and
responsibilities laid out by organization.
In the process of knowing better the roles and responsibilities of a manager
or a personality type to be exhibited at work place or knowing the key factors
that leads to better job satisfaction we are trying to achieve our maximum
potential as an individual. When we exhibit our maximum potential our
productivity and performance increases, this would directly impact growth of
an organization in a positive direction. This is more than reason enough to
know and practice ethical organizational behavior being a member of any