Thomas Harefa Geography: Individuals and Societies 2 Weeks
Grade 7

Lesson: 8 Drama Practice

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment

The mixing of world cultures through different A short five-minute skit that shows the spread of
ethnicities, religions and nationalities has culture that incorporates the aspect of time,
increased with advanced communication, growth and change.
transportation and technology. In addition, the
mix of cultures lead not only to societal changes This assessment will help students to carefully
but also lead to individual changes. think about the depth of cultures and how it is
affected by another culture. This aspect of
Understanding that culture now are changing culture will cover two components from the IB
relates back to how the Great Commission are MYP curriculum:
impacting not only faiths but also the way that
people live. A secondary goal of this unit is to
also train students’ that the heart of a culture is Criterion A: Knowing and
not in structures or traditions rather it lies in the understanding (Secondary)
heart of people. This understanding relates to the
Great Commandment as understanding the  demonstrate knowledge and
depth culture helps one to love their neighbors understanding of subject-specific content
more. and concepts, using descriptions,
explanations and examples.

Criterion C: Presentation (Primary)

 communicate information and ideas with

organize information and ideas effectively for
the task

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)
The student will . . .

How do I meet the expectations that are set for Watch an example of a drama that reflects
me? several concepts that the students have studied.
How can I show culture and its diffusion Demonstrate their understanding of the content
through my drama? and concepts discussed in the unit through drama
as the medium of assessment.

(45 Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson

5 Begin the lesson by reviewing the activities that the class have done so far. Make sure to
Thomas Harefa Geography: Individuals and Societies 2 Weeks
Grade 7

mins have logical steps in the reviewing opener.

Developing the Lesson

Show the students the cultural drama video and how it relates to their dramatic
assignment. Remind students of their rubrics in the process of forming their dramas.
Drama Practice

mins Drama Practice

5 Closing the Lesson
mins Review with each group about what they done throughout the work periods.
Ask each group to submit a list of all their activities in the work period.

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Questions after the video that will ask Students will be given the choice to
whether the skit represented the spread research about a culture and dramatize it.
of culture or not. If yes or not, how?