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The study offers the psychological properties and aspects of a strawberry. It says in the
article the materials used and the methodology how the experiment performed. In
provision of the materials the researchers classify the soil, the composition of manure, and
the amount of water needed in time frame. On addition, the agents used for spraying
treatments in the specimen is also estimated within the time limit. After the collection of
materials and list of methods, the researcher also collected some data which is measured
after the experiment, plus, the quality of the specimen’s fruit. It also shown on the article
the successful strawberry farming within two seasons. It is performed in a Private Sedar
Farm at El- Dair Village Qulabia Governarate, Egypt. In addition the result of post
harvest treatments on quality attributed of strawberry fruits during cold storage are also

Muire, K.(n.d.). Guide To Growing Strawberries In The Garden. Retrieved from

The attractions of strawberries are many; the cost of planting stock is small, and they
produce fruit even when given the minimum attention and expenses, though under these
conditions the crop may vary in size from year to year. Strawberry will grow on all kinds
of soils, ranging from light soils and gravels to clay. On chalky soils, strawberries may
suffer from deficiencies of iron and manganese. Strawberries grow best on a site sheltered
from the prevailing wind; they should not be planted in the shade of trees, nor on the north
side of a wall or house. With rotations, the most important rule is to allow the longest
period of year possible to pass before replanting strawberries in ground where they had
grow where they had grown previously. The strawberry plot should be carefully prepared
to enable the plants to crop satisfactorily for three to four years. The soil should be dug
with a spade or fork to a depth of 25cm (10 in. ) and the bottom of the trench forked over
in the order to break up any hard layers of soil and improve drainage. Best of all, an
application of organic matter at the rate of a borrow load to 5m² (6yd²0 in the form of
well-rotted farmyard manure or spent mushroom or garden compost should be spread on
the soil after digging and forked into a depth of 15cm(6 in). Strawberries grow best on soil
that is very slightly acid (plt 6.5) for at this level all the plant nutrients will be available to
the roots. Strawberries can be cultivated on raised beds which have the following
advantages over conventional growing are they reduce the risk of water logging and soil-

In planting. soil draining. (2016. Strawberry Growing in Hot Weather : How to Grow Strawberry in High Heat. which the research expose the effects of night/day high temperature on morphological and physical –chemical characteristic of six cultivars. borne diseases. A cultivar is a plant/ group of plants selected for desirable characteristic that can be maintained by propagation. Tavallali. In addition. January). “Queen”. and statistical analysis. the study set the new plants late in the summer to allow time to establish during the cooler months so that berries are ripe in midwinter. They warm up quickly and so produce early crops. and setting up the temperature. where the daytime temperature are more often than not over 85 F (29°C) is possible with a bit of preparation and planting at the correct time of year. M. The study discuss that strawberries take four to five months of growth before they are ripe for harvest. Strawberry growing in hot weather. Later on with the discussion. “Parose”.com/edible/fruits/strawberry/strawberries-in-high- heat. quality attributes. east of Gachsaran District. it is possible to plant strawberry in tropical climate. Followed by the results. The cultivars are mentioned to have distinct seasons where it will grow. They increase the available rooting depth on shallow soils. Retrieved from http://www. A. cultivar is the target of the study. As mentioned. setting the strawberry plants 12 inches apart is . In its introduction. determination of biochemical. The researcher used six cultivar of strawberry as the materials for the study.gardeningknowhow. the materials and methods. Performance of Six Strawberry Cultivars in Tropical Climate. January 19). and Asadpoor. These tests include: fruit firmness analysis. its environment and its target study together with its cultivar. Retrieved from The online journal explains how the six strawberry cultivars in tropical climate. The author reveals that the trick to growing strawberries in hot climate is to have the berries ready for picking in mid-winter. it introduces the primary background of the strawberry like its genus name fragaria x ananassa. which is used in experiment in Regional Agricultura Research Station. “Selva” and “Camarosa”. The observations come up with different methods: composting. Grant. not late spring or early summer as is common in temperate zones. every cultivars entered each test for the experiments. V. it discussed the cultivation possibility of each cultivars and finally concluded the results. (2015. After the introduction. The choosen strawberry cultivars are “Kordestan”. After the classification.htm According to the study.

The study was repeated three times from 2003 to 2006.Strawberry yield efficiency and its correlation with temperature and solar radiation.scielo. 2005-06 season. Finally. The site is the major strawberry high tunnel production in Spain. Maximum yield was obtained in the final week of March.php? script=sci_arttext&pid=S0102-05362013000100015 This study was carried out in commercial strawberry fruit production fields around the village of Moguer on the Southwestern coast of Spain. As the result. . It is also show in the result that the values of maximum air temperatures and radiation of three increased in April and May. 2004-05. 11 October 2002. The study also uses the conventional crop management techniques. 17 October 2005.(2013 March). during the 2003-04. the right spacing. the study ends with another type of planting strawberry in a tropical climate which is to plant strawberry in a container. Retrieved from http://www. Horticultura Brasileira. The researcher also take a study in Bare-root ‘Camarosa’ strawberry plants from commercial nurseries in Valladolid (Spain) were transplanted on 23. It uses a loamy sand soil with organic fertilizer. temperatures were significantly differently in three crop cycles measured the temperature in May was important because it comes at the end of each crop cycle. October The container allows to control the sun exposure and temperature and by means of it the farmer are able to move the plant freely. It also uses a fumigants which was applied on three years distinct season on each year.