C.S.E. (1\·tAIN.

PAPER - I - 2004
Time A./lowt!d: llJree H ours ;'H<I.\·itrwm ;tf:uks: 300
Candidates should <:ttempt Quc:-::rions I and :j which are
compulsory and any three of the rmnaining questio ns
1;electing at leasr one question l'rolll each Section.
If any daw is considered insufficient. iiSSUillC suit<thle ~
value il nd indicate the same dearly. \cwton m:1y br.
convem~<.l to kg using the equality I kiloncwton (I kN)
'~ 100 kg. if found necessary. 0
I . Attempt any five p<HtS o f the followi ng :
(a) Three 5 kg n1asses <:Lltnched to a iight rod ~
r ~
are spun o n a fricti onless hor·ium tai plat'~
· ·'OfW"rHn

induced in the rod due to spinning ?
Q.5m 0.5 m . .
(I 0 Hz) about a pinion. \l./har is the ma · 1 iorce



' : ..:J~~·~n~c·t·r·r ~tl !:he i!·Je:.·i ng :in(i ~r:~n . n1ain .

l··ntul·l~~·~~'lf·r ha. \ .:r'f' nf rn. .·. ( ): \ ()J3 (}C OD OE :~ :\ j:i. . HC (TJ I)!:~ 12 (c) \Vh:H :li'e ~he s!r·f~ng·th t hcnrif·s for ~~tt~lding and ff~~<:t~.Hc~r~~ds ·':) Si::~:e {he !heorv nH):'C' ~uitc·d fcli· ~. z ~· .: . . i) :n~ld sr()r:-L ( i} (.'fHH'rt:·u\.' : 't .:~nd l r~Li rnn~ di~nTH~Tf·:· ~H ~ 1h' rh:·o~·. ~f t:·'ie chffr~renti .d.

_..l poi nt ::lilu~!tr>d m a sectio n l :i m f r Tl 20 . s hr~~·~r fore(~ a .m hw. .v· of tht~ tu rbim~.· rod c::n.) m and ri S('. . !.A l·' ell'o n \'h(·.· m i>!J (:ith.'.~(·: l h as <.J'iftd (i) lH.1 ~~h a lwight . ma~imum str<'ss in :h.. (a) A (lm~t ~ hin ~~~·~ d paf(/}. 'b' m apa rt has a n equal OV< ~ J ·h . tutk of mid span bending momenr is equ.s oi' ~) l<g fnllin g i hn 11.. of tl w s pan . a nd (!i} u~ d T\cit:-n. . ..a!> [·H·~r..·_z(i!.washt~r of ·!0 rnm thickness h a ving: a stiffness k '·' 5 N mrn is placed . ' · h.r ! ."·and d ischarge ·t hrough !.~s t ·i ng i>l1 tWO supp·nrt :... m .'CI i()J1 rr.wc1· CIVHii<Jble at lhe n o.dl exun ~ pnints...J (e) .>!SS .uio or b i.::.~~~~ d by a nw. ..r: . ~ni f( n"n·d:' di ~t 1ibu!c·d load ot .l nw.p.d to the rrF nitude of support hendi ng monwnt dLH~ to it s <>Wn W< · __ lou t!<~ co nn·.lO kN m ov•:r t h t.l 1 1i -~'!·lwn vdw e l IS i llO rn. n ~g o f·.l w lwn the magni . Th~ 1\C! lww.:!\i''l d ia · . l :n. Cakuht~· n1UJ H l~ n t . T ake C . -·' I.St. H rl H~ s 1de clt~ar<Hic...:f. rn_h. L..~n l o<t~(I . i rn <HHl is J'ur~~~ ng at l_UOO rpn1. D~lf\rmirw. 1:1. r<:h of . Determi ne the r·.tng l<': . bearn 0 I' ll !li fo J'J'l'l C n. 20 3. thrus( { ) n <. .H·r ()(.:r end. 20 (b) /\.h ~~ n ozzk~ i s U.

(c) 1\ c t~ntrifu gal pump h a~ an imp ~~ll(~r of 0.06 n . The i :mt:r dianwu~r is 0.. The \·.5 m.': . ONPrmi ne {i) mar:ome tric e ffiei~'ncy of the pumP.25 m and t.tribution metilocl and draw ben oment diagram. .111 angle of ·l. ( a) An alyse the fran·w shown in tl .lf /WOO lir n~s · mi nun ~ against a hc~ad of 8.. . by omr~ nt di::. and (iii) the least speed a 1 hepump comnw nc es to work.uer E~ nter.·u)!~k~ al inh:t. the impeller without whirl and shock. the V[l r~ f.) Ill · 70 kN • c.l.5 tn <)uter <ki!Tl (' f(~ l' :tnd \v h N t running nt (i00 q m1 discharges at the rat <: <.'i " i:lnd the area of flo w which i:~ constan t frorn ir~ l e t ro outlet of the impe ller is 0. fl for ali members arf~ equ0 • 20 • ~ .he vanes <tre set back at \he outlet at . n(lj .

t-t ensJOrw d be s ! ss than that in pre. \Vh<Jt wou ld b(~ the max imu m theoretical dry density cM respond ing i o ze ro . . re in fo rced ~:on creu~_ t~1~am o f: recta~1gu ~a~.u1 contE nt . steel rods . f v = 250 MPa. t1 t <~ r. SEC riO N B 5. For conc r ete g rade v~tlu e s are tabu lated 12 100A 5 0.o. e- m ent o f 30 mrn. e F (ii) Loi..-~ o l .6 I<N!m 3 at a w ater cont eni of 15 Jegr te of satu JatlO n.75 bd 0. The supp oti tran s fer s a fucto r o f s hea r e qf 11 0 kN to the bea m.<·~ 1 ca nno t be used for pn~stres s(•d wrres. tU.tensioned beam .. thflj·L 1 · • 1s for the follo wing : 12 . . sect1 0n 230 mm x 4. dens itv. Desig n the w elde d co nnec tion wii h the Gusset plat e. ) ~ n o n o f p rest ress ed beam s w ith tend ons o~d ed as a parabo li(. At: the s up po rt t he tens io n 'in l rce- men t is of 3 num bers of 20 mm diam eter ·e . pmf ile com pen! >ate s p<Jn dead load defl ectio ns..t plat e l 0 mm t hick . ~ . (b~ A. Calc ulat e max imu m pull resis ted by the mem ber. Attempt any five part s from the follo wi ng : (a) A tens ion mem be r is of P<lir of equa l angl es !SA 65 x 65 x 6 placed back to back on eiih er side of gusst'.w ' Oids at the max i mum clrv .)0 mm has d clea t cove t to ' .md f)(..· · i<:• o elas t ic s hoti <'nin g in p o::. ) Duri ng a co mpa ctio n test a soil attai ns the max i- m dry density of 18. Design the spac ing ~gged 8 mm stirr ups. ..67 (c) Exp lain (i) o : dina ry.

l~ mm.·~~r.". x '·" 'r . 1 11ntF·n: h ll i ·:\ · TIH· water conu~nt nwy !11~ tal~~~.1· :.!<.1 d1~pth of:~ m.'!(:.).·

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(':>:'s ..).. rcc~nt throughout its depth. ..tion.d1· of . !Yl' ·'· . v.i<i:· ·•oids HI op:irnum wawr conknL 12 (e) 1\ c. t~w water ..i.inl. I.>r:-· l1:w.l ::. ! lcw..:. what will be t!w or (..f· .i hank is 4.'.). ·e.nd..!..n '. · · .d \'i!Wr conH•nt str~l!mn of .le on th1~ has• · .mal is fu II "i"'~· th·~ lop of the h<t:lhs.~·..7) has an p. ompu::·!t!(}:\ \. w<etr:r <:ontent at 1h1~ ground .~.\iysis C:ll'fll'd \)Uf fo a [ OjlOS!'d l:·«. E~ t.stahlished only ....-mg<~d condr\J(. :?..uld tha< llw iin:l! sf~ltlcment ~)e+!:'l ern. t-. th<H :\ <'ll\ of s<'tth'nwnt' <:cur in £a 12 .. Ca~ · e fin:!! s1~n kment :1nd lh~~ s<~tllcnwnt 1n ::-> _v<~ar:>y<V~ c:h. what is tlw amount of seHle· · the ground o::urfm:r? du<> to chungP in watPr which (Jn·urn 'd ·.•..~· !).!opt> of hank !0" St:.(~~ co ndi1 ion.un.u).:!fY~ :.1 :n 0 4!") '·' '· " ·!..' s~tf\~t_v ') ~ •\ For ~·· <ln1. <l! tnt' <'1.

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u ! (J"···....e chang. :\t~c>:· :1 long d:·~rs.nit heigh. ~~~d clay (G •·••• 2. !08 0. ~:1!... Tlw shrinkag•~ limit of t hi' 1 !:1~: .:~t. Lktennine tlw factor of "A(•! ~· with i'f:s.d ~~~ ...c in t:r~ight per u.:·.1 20 10 111.i•· drain~~~. nurnlwr · 0.. 0 J <-~ ancI (..i>!b:_. (a) :\ ~niti. . !f rt'. :ndica\e:-.u f'•' •· .-. The .wct to co hesi () n when t hr:~ e<. ch 1hk cir-. .Ki'.~ ·I·l) 1s xu !wrcent ot 1is change 111 volume ~!umc ( \V V... !I' lh<' ~udden drawdown takes pLH!' upw iht~ iwd k·vr·! of the cm:al." :.>rl:i! ii rn ck1~p cuns through a soil having .'' St:tf>d!t:-· number (f) /\ S<':t:lf·nlC'n! . 1e :1ngl<' ot siop\~ nf i. suhS!~quent b rin~. inten~itv nt ·' . h dqlt h. JTl 2·..

. :'\Is<> (ks1 n I ·t ngs. l.~ :.od w1th c '"' h(l I<N.###BOT_TEXT###lt;..'. N.1 si~.' 164 l r. l<>otmg ~~JZ...L. .)() x :}ox(> at the corners of th e ~ ...at

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:'ill (' _ • . · · · Y ns N< : •• 7. . (a) (i) W ha SPT vaiue o btained and co~ .~ . (ii ) _wh.:ts be<~n forrm~d b:y p'lacinr en _ :HH.~al friction. (lncl N 1..'3 139 12:) ~0 (MPa) For !SA..:ohestve s. (ii) In a direct shear lt!st on dean (h·y s.low tl·w cent r e of the foundation..····· I ~ -.:..Hw ol si·waring. 50 x 50 x G. 5+ 1.<r 40 50 GO 70 BO 1-15 ('i .fl:mnd s urface .1 > ..ection.. 30(! ml1. 20 7. calc·~.5 ::: 20 (i) Difft~renti a te beiwc<:n 'state of c l <~:>i i c <•:qliilib· ·1um· .> ~. .~w lht~ Mohr's s1r~ss c irdc and 4 fi nd the <mglf: of int e r... Tal<~~ wa:cr t<tl ' p. fc?:· a ~t nr~ tootm~~ -2 n e v. Show tlw s.and Hw bearing <~a p acity fac tors .. I ~. ·.m· an d . Show tlwm hv drawing· i'vlohl''s c ircle and envt~ lopt·~.ll x 10' .1l plane~ with n~sp ec t to pl.a n a ~.l !H.>...md ·state of plastic equi!ihr~urn' of soil mass .I~>.. afe load cany ing _capa~it~:.7 and void r<lti o of 0..5 rn bdow G.'H1d. p<. What will be t he active and passive pressun~s in a fluid wit h density 20 kN/m~ at a depth of 2 m ·> . depth o f 1.tai e of equi librium for uctiw. . ~ad carryt ng <:apac1ty of the colvmn..t:>sive and a! rest l:l)l'l · ditions.7. • · · . 12·t·R "~ 20 (c) A b~tilt -up l~to~d column of overnl! square < ~ ·:r ·.nth :~factor ofs~ll<!l~' o~ ..s ol hA .le h... Tlw soil has s pec· ·ic p. D(~termirw rtw magni· tudes of principal s tres~e:> and ihe ~>: i1:ntati<>r1 of pri ncip:. ~.. failure occurn~d m a shear stress of :·w k~ :m ~ when thl' normal srress was 51) kN/ m· • Dr<. y of 2.1 · ·~ .! thi~ dfPctive height of' co lumn is l U m.

..!) . Qj "'(. Particulars of the are as follows : ! Coluinl\ Position Working ! Load (kN) """"''-"""'"'"" A Outm face at I 000 kN 450 X 450 3m from centre of 2400 kN column A Safe bearing capacity of soil : 300 kN!sq.truls along tbe cut is 3m cc~nire to centre. The spacing of s.t.. foliowed by subscquNH stntts ::..~ntn~ ro centre in vertical direction...sq.) mm 20 8. c..n of ro. ~~ular footing for support- ing two reinforced co s and B has to be designed. <11 t·) .om : 3 m x 8 rn CJ Liw load _c~n...lowmg particulars. ·' .. {a) A combined . . m n .trut wili be at O. ThP top s. 20 (b) A trapezoidal masonry retaining wall G m high and .L..:i m IH~low G..~-~l~. m : M_ 20 St('(·'l . • .. m Cbt:1in plan dimensions of footing Draw shear force mv. V luut state method of design._eard_it. middle and bottom strut l<Jads./ Minimum total depth of .. c~~·i~na·l·b~J!dt~1g fM thl~. • c:omTet. 230 m.. \all thickness . .5 m Ct. (ii} A cu! I 0 m (](~(~J) is ~~xcavated in sand (•l' "·' JO" and y " 17 J\f\!m:1) and is to be braced by sheeiing and bracing ~ysrem. ~ .~~ I· uushes : 1 kN. floor: 2 k~!sq. c....l bending rnomeni diagrams of the footing. Comptlle the top. l 0 + l 0 ~-=: 2 (c)_ Des!_gn_ a r~inforcec_l concrete floc~r slab for a .~U!~~io~1.~t every 1.

pre~sive stn :-ngth of l 00_ kN!rn". urn·· ber of ptles reqUired for bea n ng capaCity c 'I(! rai10ns. ' s pa .l ••• fb.2 n1 \.-· id<'! at top retains earth of uni t we ig·ht l G kN/m . 2(1 (c) ( i) List th ~! criteria la id dow n by IS 2Dll fo r as- sessing the allo w<:l ble load on a single pile from 1he re- sults of a rou tine pile load test. .CJ tune s the dwmete r of the pde . 3 1... I he sod ts clay h <1v1ng w :on rLd COnl. {ii) A column canying a load of I000 kN is ' and lO m leng th. I ak e : 4+ I<>= 20 . fo r t h~ group ca p ~(~ity if't .5" to the top of the \vall o n the vertical face. Calc ula te the minimu m bo ttom width necessa ry so t hat no ten s ion occu r s at the base . :1. •h ~. 1g i:> two Also <:heck . · OtJ and tact or of safety of :.t-1> • . D ensity of masonry : 20 kN!rn 3 . (:o m[~) :.

<> 5'~.~ral activities that can be takc!n as and restorative measures as part of post- ~~~ctiv~~ onst ruction termite-proofing '? 12 .r.lid (~ the rotal volume of frf~~h concri. a~sume su~tal an:·>' \·..170 seconds. 2004 Maximum Marks: 3f){J CJJ1didatcs should attempt Questions l and 5 which a:·c compulsory and any three of 1he rem.. at the end of n years: and consider the aver6~~ al interest rate to be i.m. :•mv. of freshly mixed 1 C!'nwnt concrete arc : ' -~>f dry cement.llvao·c . wher<:> "'· !'SS<l ry.due and indicate the same ciearly. PAPER - J'ime "If/owed: Jhree !loan· II .. w mixer. .agrams .m~ t lw seVI. SECTION 'A' I. i.~shly rnixed and poured cement concre!P ?~

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· r .md 145 kg of fresh water. Bulking. 10 I 0 kg of ·I .'te ~.') seconds. wht:n n~·- · h ·) .m.·lining queS·· tions :. mix(~r...n the nnswe< books.18 seconds. i. ~55 l<g of sand. If daw is considered in~ufficient..·kcting at !('<lSI one question from each Section. Detennine the equi~. discharg- .'-Jr1wll o>st by this dcpn~c:iation taken with the '· . · -~ interest. in ' 1 oading during mixing can be only G5% of n! nina ·' pacity.· 1 be produced in a nominal G cu.u. mixing . seconds and lost tim<~ . per hour if its working cycl(~ is : ch· >'1 •3. 12 Vhat . t ~ !. 12 (h) Materials required ~::r .. deireciatecl in equal annual instalments to a s._ \Vhat would h1~ til(' density n ! ~ · -. Not<Hions terms used h<iVC their ustw! meanings. i\nswer any five of the following : CJ (a) Consider an initial invt~stment!a.de d.

v t·t~ n 'A and ' B") 20 (b) (i) Descrihe the methocls C()m monly adopted to . The ser- vice life is expected to be 7 ye< :. 12 (c) Enu rnerate the major policies and object ive~ of the Third Twenty-Year Road Dt~ve l op nwnt Plan (198 1-20(} 1) of India..L ist the b ttors ~ -o l ~1dered rn devdopmg an ef!rcteni marshullino·.. (d) Describe the co mrnon mistakes in linear rrH~as un'­ ments using ch<1in!'. volume and density traffic on a ro acl rnutua!lv . . evaluate the optimum ihrough increment a l . ions (~fa marsh alling yard. to be acloptNl. 20 (b) Describe in sequel ··rr · N< .o flooring of 40 rnm thick- m•ss.malys is. and the m easures to be adopted to eliminate: these mistak es.. rravel time. v-er its usd\d life o f 8.Rf~ of 8%•. (a) In sul~1tio n for thE. ting MA. <·I finn can purchase ~:~ ither equip-

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ltl' -e(JUipment ·n·.nltions involved in laying and fini~ hin '· er ·· .? . '/

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has a first cost of 2000 1 involv~~s an annual operating coq or 1700 units . related ') Jllusu·ate sketches as app ropriate. nnnu~·. 20 3. a pmticuiar job segm<~nt \ovithin its li1 e o~iness . 2. What is tfw r ate o f rc•turn at which tlw firm can be indifftm•nt tH ~ i\.vears.· . thE! Of'l<>. (a)~= )\ement. years. !ll . benefit) . 20 ( c) \Vhat are t~. Correspondi ng total im providing th e insu latinn and the ye ·s i~ ng annual heat loss throughout the ducting a 1ted. 'l'r has a first cos t of :3400 ·ts and invo[ V(~s an annual oper·ating cost of 1!)0() units .~rmal lagging on stc laid for central heati ng is available in sev a ti Vi') thicknesses. 12 (f) !low are speed. ..s useful life of 5 .

..:ribe r~ncl il_lustrate notch fall: Jabell tng all the sai!E~n r l~!a tun. .. I0 ·' (ii) Describ e..<~ 20 ·'.. contex t '? 12 (c) E~timatr... recording and compu tation tl .rial photogr aphs vis-a-vis topo- graphic tr lsl.5 +6 +9 . des<. the major rypes of road ma~ · ·r .inagE~ systems p rovi dE.check the accura cy o f an open traverse .~d in national higlmrays to lower rhe waier table and to control set>. 12 (h) What is nW<HH by river trainin g ? Whar are its obJ~'ctivP s ? Wh~ nre the in-situ fPatu n:'S that lwlp in thi:..-.s tnlp<~ ZOI C_lct l d therr luncno ns rn tlo\.p ag. of time and motion studv. . any five of th(~ followi ng : ~\~t~ are canal fall.~~ rfact~ dn:l. with ~ketches.ith the lH~Ip o!' sket ches.. 0 J 2 Cash now -15 -10. Taking a fir::> t trial val ue of 15 '-~.v manageli1ent and sal'ety.. the depth and frequen cy of irrigati on . c 1mo nly used in l ndia... I 0 (f'~ Fsrl:1in. .. ck tNminf~ the rat. ich activity time rati ng is arrived at thro ugh~ . 20 SECTION '13' 5.(a) Cash now for a simple projecr is given here- with..-. )ilit it~S of terrain f~~aru res inter- pretati on thro g! . 10 (i i) List th(~ major disadv an tag<~S of Plane Tabling. rhe commo niv adopted sub- :. of return to the first df~ci rnal place of a p(~r C<!nt. Ans .·G 20 (b) (i) Describ e the severa l s ge of observ ation. alon( 'th 1eir functio ns.s provide d in irrigation chan- ~-. I0 (c) Compa re t e ..

m terms o! caus~tssiiH:a- tion as appropriate. !-.~.-.In _this cont~~xt.imaie : (a) ::rl-hr maximum r~1infall ###BOT_TEXT###quot;'ith a SJH~cii~urn periC>d: <md (b} probability of a ra!nf<lll of n Je•s than a specified dl~pth occurring in 24 hours 'll . Compute the neces· sary da~l.">O'Y. gr. J (d) lAst the tests to be performed to detenn e 1 1- ritie~.~= ]7-~ _~~~-~ j_~..I l-q."i : ('t!\ ~. 12 .in water."~ installed in t~w pipE:'- line througl: the pump ~ ~ overhead reservoir at the area bemg serve· 12 (f) Describe wit ch the storm wnter relief weir for a sewerage . explai~ the f"tl~ i. (a) Fo < t' on L. ~-·~:~_L'::~J~:tj t~--~t. ness !lnd "pH of water .··t --.required for a u·~rtain crop...~ie ·. 'l 12 ().ource '? \Vhat are th(~ appurterHml.:l ~ ~)2__.. .. gtven : Hoot zone depth 90 em Field capacity 2/. Jn L.. Wilting point 12'X) Apparent sp. the recordr~d anrnwl 2'~-hr ll1<1i\irnum an~ given be low.) depletion of available moisture indicat(~rto begin application of irrigation w... of soil 1.'~:. and_ effects due ~~. _ ·s<:u-ily plotted to t~xact data) pn·scrihing the coor- :nate naramelers.5 Con:-.mi· . ns~mption <n~d rhe tests rel~vant therem.. Indicate the above features on a sketch (nor 11.-r----r.. . A':i~unw f.umptive use 22 mn1\lav Efficiency of irrigation (~J\. (e) Whut consickrations rule i~eJ 'ction of pumps for a water supply scheme~~tke a<> a s.:-. ---~ L_~~~. .

.· · - ()rdlna t j ll • 1I ·1..O .____L_ -. ..· .l !~ ')') .. ...}·-1· J.. ! Tt nH~ (hr ):\ 12 :Z·l 'r-..·.r...... ... ...""·' • ______ i l ! _. trH._. u · · ~· ...'----' 20 ..ir l.l ! i) ·. . carchm t~n:. '.__ ___.~- .....

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! ·• 'I: . ..... ! .') l··· .• • l. ...) ____ .. r..> I... l' ...

10 " . RvnQff (:vt:Hi<:icn! in . '' 1301) luttding of ) i)() k!!::d::lv:"ha. re~pectively. :imc of ent-y ond . (..:1ge flow ~s i 50 lpclhr..t wi! h a popu lation o f !)UOOU pt:~rson s <md suppli ~~u with wale:· at 2:1\) lpd.m~a Df I 0(1 h."head T<1i->r.:) (i"! Find \lw n~qui~it <~ si7. ptw:idiny.imc of flow o:· rain W<ller w he :) and I:> mi~1u1<::.ad with a :·l·d:~~· BOD of :we ppm.J~ o( a comhi!wd circu.ar se"'"''r S(:rvi lli4 1:1n . {H) Design an ox1dntion pond for a cdon:r of 20tl0 pt:rsons wher~>from the SC1.

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