Filipinos are getting more conscious on their body nowadays. Fitness gyms are having
more clients than before. However, more people don’t have their entire time for exercising and
workout training sessions. With this, the LIKKK Company has focused on these current issues
that the people are facing in the present-day. Because some people jump out of their bed, throw
their running gear, and kick up their heels for their morning exercise, and some wake up in their
alarm and drag their selves into the gym if they can, the company has considered supporting
these people in their effort in getting physically fit.

Physical activity takes some effort for many people, but the benefits are huge when you
consider the potential health improvement it brings. The company would like to focus on helping
Filipinos get into healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of diseases by considering being healthy
which would lift them in their everyday performance and livelihood. It also targets our people
who wanted to condition their body but doesn’t have enough time for such routines. The
company’s purpose is to ease the workout sessions of the gym people and to facilitate others who
lack time showing up in fitness gyms.

Not only exercise is essential to our well-being, but also we all know the value that water
brings to the table in our everyday life. LIKKK Company also desires to promote drinking water.
People, especially in their workout sessions, can hydrate themselves by other drinks, but
certainly, drinking water is always the best option. This, too, may help our vision of a healthy
Filipino community be possible.

With these speculations, the LIKKKCompany has ideated a scheme which is modern and
significant in our everyday lives, now that a fit healthy body is recognized as a fashion statement.
With the researches and conceptualizations, the company has formed and developed a functional
and very handy tool that everybody might yearn to have. Let the company’s project make your
daily grind smooth, and we’ll let you deal with yours, because the best project you’ll ever work
on is you.




Figure 1. Company Logo


LIKKK Company stands for Lester, Ivan, Kristine, Karen, and Kenneth --- the partners in
this business. We chose an abstract name to make it exclusive. It is unique because it is us and
we embody it.


3 Robinsons Novaliches 4 . establishment. This place is very appropriate and suitable for our product. Quezon City. condominiums and subdivision near the area. Also the annex of Robinsons is highly available for interested business venture.C. where we can have lots of potential customer. there is no other competitor who sells tumbler or dumbbell at the moment. the partnership had discovered that in Robinsons Novaliches. because there are lots of gyms. Figure 1. Furthermore.2 Location Map Figure 1. LOCATION Our place is in Robinsons Novaliches.

lease@robinsonisland. Figure 1. 0906- 1814086 COST OF RENTAL FEES: 18. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PROJECT MARKETING ASPECT 5 . 0998-840-1740 0926-650-2584. the money you deposited will never be return. 1 month deposit Contact number: 935-9045. due to their rules and regulation. Lease Manager Email: nova. Beunaobra Position: Asst.000php ( due to 1 month deposit 3 months advance) TERMS AND CONDITION 1. Sheen B. Once you disappear or ran-off without completing the agreement. 0998-840-1659.000php/month =72.4 Kiosk PROPOSE SITE OF THE BUSINESS CONTACT DETAILS Name of Contact person: Ms. 3 months advance 4. 1 year contract 2.

MANAGEMENT ASPECT The LIKKK Company will be handled by a manager. The sources of financing will be coming from the capital contribution of the partners. The production laborers and the sales associates will be supervised by the manager. FINANCIAL ASPECT The launching of LIKKK Company would be on March 17. With the used of capital contribution in purchasing tools. with 35. the raw material uses for the manufacturing process are given with the high quality products in order to make a good item and result of the product.000 contributions of each partner. TECHNICAL ASPECT With the help of the selected suppliers. The company will hire a sales person to provide the communication. 2018. That is why to make that possible the LIKKK Company. the accurate pricing is 360 php. demonstrating product knowledge. SOCIO ECONOMIC ASPECT 6 . with the corresponding documents and use of equipment. customer assistance. equipment. The vision and mission of the company is to help the consumers have a hassle-free healthy lifestyle. tarpaulin. The objective of LIKKK Company is to attain 5% increase in production. and minimize the money that will be going to use. like fliers. and the use of money for registration of the company. this will work as the process for the whole operation of the business in the organization. and social media advertisements. decided to have different kinds of promotional advertisement.

7 . The socio-economic aspect benefits that our business will execute is to pay taxes to the government which is use to improve and provide services to our country. and could help other people to conserve or not to buy bottled water anymore. Also the business will help health conscious people to stay healthy and slim without scarifying their other necessity. The impact on the environment is positive for the the group will promote the use of dumblers as water container that are reusable.

MARKET STRATEGY OBJECTVE The main purpose of our business is to discover unique and valuable product that satisfies our consumer’s wants in order to make things easier to be done. 8 . The researchers also want to create and promote a new product idea that can set as a new trend that fulfills the taste of every consumer or market.CHAPTER II MARKETING ASPECT A.

Belt for expansion for the 4th year of operation. and  to sell 2. For improvising or using house hold stuff is no more for fitness. and can easily replace your energy by just drinking the water inside after. and a net profit of 113. This multipurpose essential will give new variety to the customers’ life style. and  to double our production at the the end of 5th year B. The researchers aim: Short term Objectives  to increase the production at 5 % every year.000.  to sustain our yearly expo for us to increase people awareness in our product.  to increase the awareness of the consumer of our product by means of joining to expo by the end of the first period of operation. that has no chance to combine and merge with its liquid contents.000 The researchers aim: Long Term Objectives  to increase the production of our dumbler at the end of 2nd year.100 Dumbler at the end of the Year.  to put another branch in U. or to earn a Gross Profit of 756.  to obtain new designs and sizes that will satisfy the customers on the third year of operation. 9 . because of its non-hazardous composition. It is a multipurpose innovative product that will help you be in good shape while exercising.715. It is an impact-resistant tumbler that is made of polymer plastic tested as a good container of water. or to obtain with a gross profit of 252.Product Description The Dumbler as the name suggests is a tumbler-shaped in the form of a dumbbell ( 2 lbs- 1000ml).  to sell at least 700 units quarterly.

and hassle-free. Innovative Features. DEMAND ANALYSIS 1. Uses. Features. that has no chance to combine and merge with its liquid contents. Fitness is now the new trend in the market. It also assures the durability that even if you drop it accidentally. Benefits.The Dumbler as the name suggests is a tumbler-shaped in the form of a dumbbell.No tumbler which can give you comfort to use it as a dumbbell is in the market yet. It is an impact-resistant tumbler that is made of polymer plastic tested as a good container of water. Because they are made of high quality materials.This product will help people who want to live healthy but hassle-free. or using it. namely polymer plastic that is impact-resistant. and so our innovative feature for our tumbler is to make it as like as a dumbbell. It is instant. it will just bounce back.A multipurpose tumbler that contains water to replace your sweat after exercising. What brand of tumbler do you use often? 10 . C. because of its non-hazardous composition.

SURVEY 1 Lock & lock Gallery Tupperware Bal Tiger 8% 28% 64% % No. person Lock & Lock 64% 64 Gallery 28% 28 Tupperware 8% 8 Bal 0% 0 Tiger 0% 0 11 .

2. How often do you use a tumbler? Survey 2 Never Everyday Every other day Once a week None of the Above 15% 12% 14% 39% 20% % No. person Never 12% 12 Everyday 39% 39 Every other day 20% 20 Once a week 14% 14 None of the above 15% 15 12 .

3. Do you usually work-out? survey 3 yes no 48% 52% % No. Person Yes 52% 52 No 48% 48 13 .

Person 10 times 8% 8 7 times 15% 15 6 times 24% 24 5 times 9% 9 4 times 31% 31 Never 13% 13 14 . How often do you workout? survey 4 10 times 7 times 6 times 5 times 4 times 9% 36% 17% 10% 28% % No. 4.

If you’re going to buy a tumbler . person 150-250 41% 41 250-350 51% 51 350-450 8% 8 6. which factor will you consider the most ? survey 6 Durability Design cost Brand name Size 6% 13% 15% 52% 14% % No. person Durability 53% 53 Design 14% 14 15 . 5. How willing are you to pay for a tumbler? SURVEY 5 150-250 250-350 350-450 8% 41% 51% % No.

Have you heard of a tumbler with a Dumbbell? survey 7 yes no 100% % No. person Yes 0% 0 No 100% 100 16 . Cost 15% 15 Brand name 13% 13 Size 6% 6 Other specification : color 2% 2 7.

SUPPLY COMPANY PRODUCT LOCATION Lock and lock Tumbler. stores. Ayala terraces (boutique) Gallery Tumbler. person Yes 96% 96 No 4% 4 D.8. are you willing to buy this product? Survey 8 Yes No 4% 96% % No. If we are going to sell a tumbler with a dumbbell. tupper Department 17 . tupper SM Department ware and etc.

and anywhere.The researcher had quite a hard time deciding which name we should pick. For the users of tumbler. Supply and demand analysis For the computation of demand-supply analysis. Another one is Gallery . but none of them really seems to fit. even to those person who have reasons that they don’t have enough time to work-out. stores Starbucks Pastries. Ayala Terraces Tumbler Jamba juice Healthy juices. Also 8/100 used the brand Tupperware. Product strategies a. Fifty-two out of 100 said they usually work out and the other 48 said they don’t have time to work out in a gym every day. 18 . However according also to our survey. F. and 12 out of 100 people never use a tumbler. Consequently 20 out of100 uses in every other day. The researchers have had ideas. Ayala Terraces. Coffee. In computing the demand-supply analysis the researcher study the desire brand of the people they regularly use. based on our research 39 out of 100 of the people consistently use tumbler every day. first the researchers get the average of the people who frequently work out and those individuals who regularly use tumbler in everyday life. For the same. The top brand of tumbler they use every day is Lock & lock in which 39 out of 100 use it. it is also a well known company who sells tumbler. Ayala Terraces Pastries. people are not yet seeing or aware of our product therefore there is a great potential to try and buy our dumbler product. Marketing Program A. kitchen ware. Twenty-eight out of 100 people use this product. according to the finding of our survey many people in the said area (particularly Robinson’s mall) are commonly attempting to go to gym to work out. etc.1 GENERIC COMPETITORS PROFILE E. etc. Therefore there is only average person who works out and uses tumbler often. Tumbler FIGURE 2. 14 out of 100 people use it once in a week. Coffee. Dumbler. since the researchers build this dumbler product to give comfort and instant work-out anytime. Tumbler SM Fairview Coffee bean Pastries. ware.

c. The product name tells the materiality of it. namely. o live near Robinsons Novaliches. Market Segmentation Demographic: Gender: Female 19 . LIKKK. b. the researcher arrived to Dumbler as the name of the product. The researchers have had other ideas that kind of mixed words of dumbbell and tumbler but didn’t really feel good for a product name. Profile of target market Primary market: o Young professional ladies o age 22-28 years old. Karen. pertaining to being a dumbbell and a tumbler. and Kristine. Kenneth. Quezon city Secondary Market: o Professional men o Teenagers o Families o Gym owners d. Lester. The researcher didn’t complicate the name anymore because we want it to explain what the product does. the initials of the owners of the company. The consumers will easily perceive what the researchers want to convey in the market. Henceforth.

SMDC. Stores. SM Fairview. Also. Urban ACCORN: It is near Condos. e. Redwoods. Market Positioning “Work-out and replenish in one”. student SM Department ware. Age: 22-28 Occupation: Young Professional Socio-economic: Middle-class Geographic Customer location: Near the Robinsons Novaliches Region: National Capital Region ( NCR). tupper 250-600 Schools. Subdivision. This would be the image the researchers will portray to our consumer. is the tag line of the multipurpose tumbler. this is to explicitly state that the group will have several advertisement. like Ayala Mall. f. and Tarpaulins that will give more awareness. where they can see some sample videos on how they will benefit with our products. Competitors profile Direct Competitor COMPANY PRODUCT PRICE TARGET LOCATION MARKET Lock and lock Tumbler. It explain how the product will give you comfort and hassle-free to work out.etc. to the product advantage. Acacia. Ayala terraces (boutique) 20 . specifically. Fliers. will be done as well. like facebook page. Poster. Neopolitan condos. other malls.

Coffee. Tumbler Female and male. Tumbler SM Fairview Coffee bean Pastries. 700-1000 Professionals Ayala Terraces. student SM Department ware and etc.2 DIRECT COMPETITOR Indirect Competitors COMPANY PRODUCT PRICE TARGET LOCATION MARKET Starbucks Pastries. 700-1000 Professionals Ayala Terraces Tumbler Jamba juice Healthy juices. Coffee. Stores FIGURE 2. Product logo 21 . Ayala Terraces Pastries.500 Schools. Health conscious FIGURE 2.3 INDIRECT COMPETITORS B. tupper 150.Gallery Tumbler. 700-1000 16-30 years old.

to symbolist the durability. Packaging 22 .4 PRODUCT LOGO The group bended the product name. to see how long our product will last which is like the characteristic of a circle that has no definite endings. Also its blue background and green color of our Dumbler. and flexibility of our product in terms of its dual purpose. The group also chooses round shape as its base. represents that our product is eco- friendly. C. FIGURE 2.

FIGURE 2. to assure the durability of our packaging. D.5 PACKAGING The LIKKK Company chooses to use a rectangular-shaped made of carton. 2023 23 . Pricing LIKKK Company Initial Year’s Product Costing and pricing March 17. Carton is also the material our company use. because of its biodegrable characteristic or it can be easily recycled. where you can easily carry the dumbbell tumbler as the customer buy the product. Also. compare to a simple plastic. Each packaging costs 5 pesos. 2018 to March 16. it is an eco-friendly material. with a hand- carry shape on top.

the group come up with a selling price of 360 pesos.38 Price per order PHP 360.00 PHP 58. Therefore. E.14 Total Production 2016 Total Product Cost PHP 93.63 Plus Mark-up on cost 58.63 per item.63 Selling Price = Total Cost + Mark up Total cost / Item PHP 226. After the total cost of P226.097.Channel Distribution LIKKK End user Company 24 .560 Total Cost = Product Costs + Period Costs Raw Materials costs: Raw Materials PHP 70.00 PHP 35.220.85% mark-up or a 133.85% 133. the group decide to have a 58.00 P 70.560 P 70.560.38 mark-up per item.00 Yield 2016 Conversion Costs: Labor and Overhead PHP 117.00 PHP 133.14 Period Costs Total operating experiences PHP 269. in adding our total cost and mark-price. RAW MATERIALS QUANTITY UNIT COST TOTAL Polymer granules 504 kilogram P 140.48 Total Production 2016 Total Costs PHP 226.00 The group consider the total cost on how they come up with the product price.

Xend. namely. The products will be sold and given directly to the consumers at the outlet store where the products will be available for sale to the public. F. This channel of distribution is only followed in the event of an online purchase or a request of delivery will be made by the customer. Others channel of distribution will be the services of a courier company to deliver the product to the doors of the consumers like LBC. JRS. targeting the majority 25 . Fairview.8 CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION This product will be distributed from the store outlet directly to the consumers. and Omega fitness. FIGURE 2. while the consumer will pay the company that same amount the company paid the courier plus a slight mark up to cover for the company’s selling expenses. etc. The store will be located at the Robinsons. Gold’s Gym. The company will pay the courier for its services. anytime fitness.PROMOTION ACTIVITY OBJECTIVES TIMEFRAME COST Online Advertising To advertise our All throughout the FREE product online by period of our operation. Fitness-First. The LIKKK will be the distributor of the product. near four big gyms.

00 Tarpaulins 1 pc 150 12. FIGURE 2. 60pcs200php(year) company\product to the marketplace.00php known the product to period of operation in the market by using the the market logo itself and photos of the actual product Flyers To market our product Daily 18000pcs080php by giving flyers that is extremely a good way of pursuing your target market through placing information about your product and company directly into their own hands Personal selling To communicate with All throughout the FREE the consumer in order period of the operation to present the product directly. which will be put anywhere Tarpaulin To present and to make Consume for the whole 1 pc.150.200.9 TYPES OF PROMOTION Promotional & Advertising Qty UC Total Flyers 18. of the market who are exposed in internet Posters To publicize the Monthly.000 sheets 0.800.00 (3x2) 26 .6 10.00 Posters 60 sheets 20 1.

10 Total Promotional Price 27 .FIGURE 2.


2 Procedure Collecting This step is the collection of raw materials.00 P 70.560 504 P 70. Polymer Granules kilogram P 140.1 Raw material in making the Dumbler B . Mixing 29 .MANUFACTURING PROCESS Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Collecting Mixing Packaging Figure 3. Preparing all the raw materials such as plastic and bottles with corresponding names descriptions.560 Figure 3. and sizes and equipment is very important in the operation.

Labor requirement  Male or Female  Has a pleasing personality  Willing to render over-time in case the demand increases  Team-Oriented  Educational credentials  21 years old and above The company will hire a sales person. demonstration of product knowledge. After collecting all the materials. C. or any other kind of product which is made of plastic. the right contents and measurements will be mixed to make a desired dumbbell-tumbler. The package is essential for the protection of the tumbler. These duties revolve around the ability to provide information and offer guidance regarding to the product. Packaging The last step is packaging where dumbbell tumbler is placed in a box to protect the tumbler from being damaged. In this stage. Working Working Working Working Working 30 . D. who will be responsible in making the product. Plant size and Production Schedule Time Monday Tuesday Wednesda Thursda Friday y y 7:00. The task of a sales person is to sell a company’s product by advocating its good points. customer assistance. and completion of transactions. It has to be atleast 18 years old and above. He/she should have an experience in molding and making plastic tumbler. mixing follows. The job of a sales person includes customer communication. The other person is a worker/ Laborer. He or she should be flexible in any further changes of time and demand. the right chemicals and measurements.

4 Production Equipment Production Tool Qty UC Total Large Bowl 1414 200 22.500 1.500.11:30p.14 Figure 3. Equipment. Appliances and Supplies Production Equipment Qty UC Total Caulking gun 1 1.357.00 Microwave oven 1 8.3 Production Schedule E.00 31 . Working Working Working Working Working 4:00p.m hours hours hours hours hours Figure 3.Tools .000 8000.00 Total 9.800.00 Annual Depreciation 1.500 Estimated useful life 7. hours hours hours hours hours m 11:30- 1:00pm Lunch Break 1:00.

5 Production tools Production Furniture and Fixture Qty UC Total Wooden Table 1 2.0 0 Figure 3.00 Estimated useful life 7.00 Total 3.000 2.000.00450.00 32 .00 Annual Depreciation 450. Basin D11 350 35350.150.153.

000. Trash Can 1 150 150.0 4.86 Figure 3.6 Furniture and Fixture Production Supplies Qty UC Total Blue Dish soap 2 liters 2.00 Estimated Useful life 7.750.00 Annual Depreciation 392.000.00 Mono Block chairs 2 300 600 Total 2.00 0 33 .

0 1.00 Trash bag 5 packs 27.00 100.00 0 Rags 100 pcs 1.500.00 40.00 Dust pan 1pc 25.0 16.00 135. Silicone 14 liters 1.00 Total 23.00 Medical kit 1 box 500.00 25.800 0 Fire Extinguisher 1pc 1.200.00 500.00 Broom 1pc 40.7 Production Supplies Store Supplies 34 .500.100 Figure 3.

00 35 .080.00 600.00 30.00 96.00 Scissors 2 pcs 25.00 Stapler 1 pc 30.00 Stapler wire 4 box 35.00 50.000 Record Book 12 pcs 50.00 50.00 Official receipts 25 pads 80.00 Clearbook 1 pc 55.00 140.00 10.00 Ballpen 24 pcs 4.00 Cutter 2 pcs 25.00 2. Qty UC Total Kraft Paper 2016 pcs 5.00 55.

00 Trashbag 2 packs 27.00 40. Rags 12 pcs 1.00 Broom 1 pc 40.8 Store Supplies 36 .00 12.232.00 54.00 Figure 3.00 Total 1 13.00 Dust pan 1 pc 25.00 25.

37 .9 Plant Location The Company’s plant location is the house of lester which is located at Blk 16 Lot 8 tulip st. Plant Location Figure 3.F. Palmera springs 1 Camarin. Caloocan city.

H. which is enough.4m. for the group to work with the product.5 m by 2. In short. it is also accessible and not that time consuming to travel to and from. The garage or the work place is 8. G. Utilities 38 . Plant Lay-out laundry kitche n Bedroom Dining room 9m Living Bedroom room Garage/ work place 2. 7km away from our selling location which is Robinson’s Novaliches.10 Floor plan of our work place The group uses the house of Lester as the work-place.5m 10m Figure 3. It is located in Caloocan.4m 8.

Figure 3.Since our product is in line with beauty and health. Also this is to assure that the group have sources of water and to note that Maynilad is the group’s water. The group will use water. and presentable operation. 39 .11 Logo of Maynilad WATER Running water is a must for most businesses.12 Logo of Meralco ELECTRICITY Electricity is for the equipment needed to operate the store. Figure 3. which provided by Meralco. for the daily operation to maintain cleanliness.

000 Monthly cost 2. and also internet connection are important for transaction with customers for comments and suggestions.500 Water 1.00 Monthly cost 1.14 Utilities Store Utilities Production Utilities Total Total Internet and telephone 1. Bulacan. Moreover the plant location which is located at E-commercial plaza . Waste disposal The management of Robinsons collect the garbage every week and make sure that they store and dispose all the garbage in the most manner way. computers.500 40 . The garbage trucks collect every week the waste of the manufacturing plant to assure that it has no garbage inside its manufacturing plant. Also as part of their maintenance. there is specific time in which the garbage truck collect their disposal. assures that their waste disposal is in proper place and not harmful to the near by residences. #287 iba road. and throw it in a proper garbage damn site.13 Logo of Globe TELECOMMUNICATION Telecommunication utilities such as telephone. J. The plants also does segregation as their basic procedure and maintance. The Group’s main source of our telecommunication is globe.200.00 Electricity 1. Figure 3. because it has good reception of signal in our area. Figure 3.200. Meycauyan city.


Rent of P18. There will be no salaries given to the partners since they have agreed to divide the profit equally among themselves. All materials bought will be consumed during the year.016 to be divided by 12 months) with expected increase of 5% per year while sales price per unit is to be maintained in five years. such cost is considered minimal. However.000. The unit selling price is set initially at P360. The same assumption is used for other costs of production unless otherwise stated.00 Marpa. Ivan P 35.000. 8. no deposits are required.000. It already includes other bills such as utilities and as per agreement with the lessor.00 3.000. Since the suppliers are quite far the production area and the proponents intend to buy in bulk. Karen 35. Transportation expenses of P150 per month are assumed to be used for operation.00 De Vera.000 will be paid for the store. 6. All units produced are also assumed to be sold during the year. Production utilities are to be paid separately.85% of the total costs. Other costs are expected to increase by 5% every year.00 Arellano. The company plans to have a purchase contract with the suppliers. 5.000. 42 . All expenses will be paid on a cash basis except for the income tax payable of 30% which is paid on the succeeding month. The launching of LIKKK would be on March 17. they require one month deposit and three months advance.Major Assumption 1. 2. There will be no work-in process at the end of the year. Kristine 35. they will be allowed to withdraw a 50% of the year’s earnings as part of the distribution of their share in the net income. 4.000. 7. Unit sales are estimated to be 168 per month (annual production of 2. Lester 35. Kenneth 35. Mark-up will be 58. All purchases will also be paid during the year. Raw materials costs will be constant for the first year. The source of financing will be coming from the capital contributions of the partners which will include the following: Partner Amount of Contribution Alvero.00 Total P 175.00 Azotea. 2018 and will be using the Fiscal Year. The production area will be rented from one of the partners for P3.000 a month.

The company is Non-VAT registered since the expected gross sales in a year does not exceed P1.500. Depreciation for the property. 43 . Straight line depreciation will be used. plant and equipment will be for seven years with no expected salvage values. 10.9.919. It is assumed that these assets are to be bought at the start of the business.

44 .

45 .

46 .

47 .

48 .

49 .




53 .



A. Vision and Mission


LIKKK Company views change in the market as an opportunity to grow; to use our
skills, capital, in setting new perspective in the marketin aiming a healthy life-style, where the
product which the company produces will set trends and make the company one of the key
player in our industry.


To make every healthy conscious person, be part of our innovation, where we provide hassle-
free method, that delivers an instant change on how to achieve a wealthy, healthy life-style. To
provide product which is time-friendly, and durable that will cause them to give their respect and

B. Form of Business
Each and every one of us provides a vital role in forming the business. Also to put it into
fair and square decisions, the group chooses to be partners or to form a partnership. Like what
our company name stand for, Lester, Ivan, Kenneth, Karen, Kristine,( LIKKK company), it is
rightful to recognize each of us as the legal and juridical owner of our very own company. The
group decided to form partnership because one of its advantages is to have a higher amount of
capital, but less contribution of money individually. Also, in having partnership, the group have
several ideas and strategies that can combined.

Name Amount Contributed

Lester Angelo S. Arellano 35,000
Ivan Bradley Alvero 35,000
Kenneth Marpa 35,000
Karen Azotea 35,000
Kristine De vera 35,000

Total Capital 175,000






That we, the undersigned partners, all of legal age, residents and citizens of the
Philippines, have on this day voluntarily associated ourselves together for the purpose of forming
a general partnership under the following terms and conditions and subject to existing and
applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines:


ARTICLE I. Partnership Name: That the name of this partnership shall be
LIKKK COMPANY and shall transact business under the said company name.

ARTICLE II. Business Purpose: That the purpose/s for which this partnership is
formed is/are:

LIKKK promotes healthy living with concerns to its customer. It is also formed in order
to gain profit.

ARTICLE III. Principal Place of Business: That the principal place of business of this
partnership shall be located at Robinson’s Novaliches, Quezon City


nationalities. ARTICLE IV. Articles of Partnership ARTICLE V. Term of Existence: That this partnership shall have a term of 5 years from and after the original recording of its Articles of Partnership by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Quezon City ARTICLE VI. Caloocan City Lester Arellano Filipino Palmera spring. Kristine De Vera Filipino San Jose del Monte . as follows: 57 . Capital Contributions: That the capital of this Partnership shall be the amount (P175. Philippine Currency. Caloocan City Karen Azotea Filipino Mandaluyong City. Partners’ Circumstances: That the names. Bulacan Kenneth Marpa Filipino North Fairview . and complete residence addresses of the partners are as follows: Name Nationality Complete Residence Address Ivan Alvero Filipino Sapang alat.000). contributed in cash by the partners.

partnership or person has acquired a prior right to the use of that name or that the name has been declared as misleading. ARTICLE X. or public policy. or contrary to public morals. Sharing Ratios: That the profits and losses of this partnership shall be divided and distributed proportionately on the ratio of the capital contribution of each partner. Articles of Partnership 58 . immediately upon receipt of notice or directive from the Securities and Exchange Commission that another corporation. Name Amount Contributed Ivan Alvero ` 35000 php Lester Arellano 35000 php Karen Azotea 35000 php Kristine De Vera 35000 php Kenneth Marpa 35000 php That no transfer of interest which will reduce the ownership of Filipino citizens to less than the required percentage of capital as provided by existing laws shall be allowed or permitted to be recorded in the proper books of the partnership. ARTICLE VII. He shall have the power to use the partnership name and in otherwise performing such acts as are necessary and expedient in the management of the firm and to carry out its lawful purposes. ARTICLE IX. Undertaking to Change Name: That the partners undertake to change the name of this partnership. as herein provided or as amended thereafter. good customs. who shall be in charge of the management of the affairs of the company. Management: That this partnership shall be under Kenneth Marpa as General Manager. deceptive. confusingly similar to a registered name.

we have hereunto affixed our signatures this 14 day of February. Ivan Alvero Lester Arellano (name of partner) (name of partner) TIN TIN Karen Azotea Kristine De Vera (name of partner) (name of partner) TIN TIN Kenneth Marpa (name of partner) TIN AC KN OWLED GEMENT 59 . 2018 at Arellano residence. IN WITNESS WHEREOF.

______. 26 March.S. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and place above written. C. Date & Place Issued Ivan Alvero 0324151653 Clark Pampanga. for and in Manila City Hall. this 14 day of February 2018 Name TIN/ID/Passport No. ______. 26 March. ______. SWOT ANALYSIS 60 . 2015 Kristine De Vera 0349442455 Clark Pampanga. 2015 Karen Azotea 0356154352 Clark Pampanga. Book No. 2015 Lester Arellano 0352165526 Clark Pampanga. including this page where the acknowledgement is written. and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed. 26 March.REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES)____________________________) S. BEFORE ME. series of 20 ______. 26 March. a Notary Public. No. 26 March. NOTARY PUBLIC Doc. Page No. 2015 known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing Articles of Partnership constituting of 4 pages. 2015 Kenneth Marpa 0323655265 Clark Pampanga.

. STRENGTH WEAKNESS  Excellent sales staff with strong  High rental cost  Market research may be outdated knowledge with the product  Successful marketing strategies  Currently struggling to meeting  Good internal communication deadlines  Good relationship with the customer  Large of consistent of pricing strategy  Have the reputation for innovation  Lack of marketing expertise  Quality process and procedures  Supporting customer service  Dedicated and knowledgeable employees OPPORTUNITY THREATS  Similar product on the market are not  Competitors have similar product  Competitors opening new branches as reliable or as they’re more  Increased local competition expensive  Hostile security environment  Loyal customer  Price war with competitors  Product could be on every seasons  Customer demands( young professionals)  A new innovative product  Limited competition  Growth of the community Figure 5. These salespeople will be the company strength and assets.1 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH . Successful marketing strategies 61 . Excellent sales staff with strong knowledge with the product The LIKKK Company employs salespeople with the characteristic that will make the company rise or advance. He/she has the strong personality and knowledge about our product.

it may help the whole organization to improve the whole business. one of its weaknesses is the cost of rent. . Also in order to have the innovation. Dedicated and knowledgeable employees With knowledgeable employees. . which will guarantee that this will make the company successful. it may help the company to make the customers loyal or stay in using their product. This means that the company must treat the customer special for them to buy the product. To make a successful name in the industry. . The company might face the circumstances with the time that it might unable to reach the quota for the month. Have the reputation for innovation In order to escalate. It also helps employees to build up their confidence. the LIKKK researches/finds marketing strategies that will make the company known.000-30. the LIKKK company must research the needs and wants of the customer for them to buy the product. Market research may be outdated Since the company putting up a business. Quality process and procedures With the good quality and procedures. WEAKNESS . . . Currently struggling to meeting deadlines Aside from high rental cost.000 a month. High rental cost Since the company is putting the business to mall. which is 20. . . Good internal communication Internal communication or simply communicating with your employees is one of the company strength. meeting deadlines or quotas might be hard. . there can be times that our strategies can be outdated when the consume time of researching is not enough. Good relationship with the customer Maintaining a good relationship to the customer can help us to multiply potential customer who could be simply loyal to the company. Supporting customer service Guiding customers is a must. since this is the company’s first time putting up a business. . it might put the company into agitated or hectic time. putting an innovation to the product can gain some potential customer. Large of consistent of pricing strategy 62 .

. is hard to find. . OPPORTUNITY . Competitors have similar product With the similar kind of product . the company might build a loyal customer . and they had researched that it might be them to be the first one to sell tumblers there. Product could be on every seasons Using tumbler can fit to every season. . A new innovative product This product is the first one to sell a tumbler with a dumbbell. Similar product on the market are not as reliable or as they’re more expensive The product cost not much. Limited competition A dumbbell and a tumbler in one. . it might burden the group. it might be a threat to us if they’re going to copy the designs to enlarge their customers. Innovation may cost a lot. young professionals demand or want a product that may help them to consume their time effectively. . With the use of the product which is dumbbell form bringing water. Growth of the community With the growing population. THREATS . unlike with the current brands. Lack of marketing expertise The LIKKK company might done something wrong. and juices might help them also in their current state when it comes to their health. it is a good chance to make a potential customer and make them buy the product. Competitors opening new branches\ Since the place the group chose is Robinsons. 63 . since this is their first time putting up a business. Customer demands(young professionals) Aside from gym instructors. Loyal customer Since the product cost not much. . But if the other competitors known about the potential customers inside the mall. it might give a limited number of competitors .

Hostile security environment Since putting up the business in a kiosk security might threat us with the people who love to steal. Also considering the cost of our product. . Increased local competition Someone might put up a business like DUMBLERS . the less the cost they will buy it. other competitors might steal our customers in the future. D. Price war with competitors When it comes to the wants of customers. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Manager Productio Productio Sales Sales n n Associat Associat Laborer Laborer e e 5.2 Organization structure 64 . .

coordination. A major part involves leading and directing employees. Working closely with customers to determine their needs. They must listen attentively and then use their speaking skills to ask questions or explain what they are doing.Sales Associate is responsible for all the sales job duties. This is to ensure that your 65 . He also monitors the company’s finances. the physical strength to lift and move heavy equipment. and the stamina to remain on their feet for most of their shift. budgeting. answer their questions about our products and recommend the right solutions are also their duties. because the manager has to analyze situations and determine the best course of action.Manager – A manager is responsible in overseeing all administrative functions in the business. and financial analysis. because laborers may have to complete several tasks in one shift. Decision-making is his important duty. Time management is helpful in organizing work and finishing it on schedule.Production laborers follow instructions from the manager. JOB ANALYSIS Description Manager The manager delegates administrative tasks. He must make sure that the products are produced efficiently and that the correct amount is produced at the right cost and level of quality. He also understands that discipline and coaching are also essential duties. This manager is responsible for all areas. Laborers also need good interpersonal skills. and control of manufacturing processes. He also oversees and coordinates the activities of sales associates. Sales Associate -. He is involved with the planning. Production Laborer -. They need the manual dexterity to use tools. The manager is responsible for funds management. E.

The manager will also be in-charge for recruitment and selection. or a comparable combination of education. management or industrial relations  Knowledge and experience makes him a valuable asset to our business  Experience in aspects of developing and managing marketing strategies is an advantage Production Laborer Production laborers clean the tools and equipment. assist with any fixes. hold or supply materials and tools. If they locate defective products or observe equipment malfunctions. and set out or put away tools. and if necessary. or eliminates those who do not meet the organization's standards. They follow instructions from the manager. helps employees improve. Specification  Bachelor's degree in Business Administration  Has taken courses in finance. Specification  High school diploma / equivalent. and load and unload items. They record information such as products produced and manufacturing times. training and experience  Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions  Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out detailed but uninvolved written or oral instructions  Ability to follow company production and safety procedures 66 . keep manufacturing areas free of debris and keeps competent employees. giving him the skills to judge potential candidates for hiring. laborers must report the problems to the manager. accounting.

The company pays the employees for their presence at work. that employee is expected to contact their sales manager to inform him or her of the anticipated arrival time. If a sales employee is unable to report to work at the scheduled time. Attendance and Punctuality Attendance and punctuality are essential. Sales employees are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before their scheduled shift. Organizational Work Regulation Dress Code Dress codes and appearance at work are important in the workplace. 67 . he or she may be required to obtain a medical certificate and physician's statement to return to work. It is important that employees understand their schedule. Good grooming habits are observed. If an employee is absent for three or more days due to an illness or injury. Specification  High school degree  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field would be a plus  Basic math skills  Solid communication and interpersonal skills  Familiar with product features  Able to maintain the store’s visual appearance in high standards  Able to achieve excellent customer service. Employees are expected to wear decent attire. He welcomes customers to the store and answering their queries. what is considered work time and how work it is tracked. He is responsible in assessing customers’ needs and providing assistance and information on product features.Sales Associate Sales associate should ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service. while consistently meeting the store’s sales goals F.

Production Area  Handle assignments in a repetitive and/or sequential order for completing tasks assigned. Conduct that the company finds unacceptable in the workplace includes: • Physical violence in the workplace • Loud verbal arguments in the workplace 68 . verify.  Clean floors and pick up reusable scrap for salvage  Transport trash and debris away from production areas  Assist in the loading/unloading of trucks  Assist in completing shipping/receiving documents  Package and label products properly  Handle stockpiles  Verify loads leaving the premises  Maintain.  Use security gear at all times and follow all safety regulations. maintain the surrounding area.  Report any unsafe conditions or defective equipment to the manager immediately. and keep equipment free from debris during down time. and count product inventory Personal Conduct Employees must maintain discipline and proper personal standards of conduct at all times.  Clean-up tools and equipment.  Keep work area clean.

• Fighting • Insubordination • Theft • Falsification of time records • Reporting to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol • Threatening co-workers Disciplinary actions  1st Offense – Verbal Warning  2nd Offense – Written Warning  3rd Offense – 1 day of suspension  4th Offense – Termination Terms of Regulation Resignation letter must be handed over a month before the date of resignation. Terms of Retirement Retirement age will be at 60 and early retirement is 55 years old. 69 . Salary The salaries of employees are payments for their services rendered and are given at the 15th and 30th day of the month.

70 .

The business will help health conscious people to stay healthy and slim without sacrificing their other necessity. 71 . . . we will provide hiring position to be part as our employee.Our business will pay taxes to the government which is use to improve and provide services to our country. SOCIO_ECONOMIC BENEFITS . especially in its succeeding progressive year. As our Business operates.CHAPTER VI SOCIO ECONOMIC ASPECT A. We support eco-friendly advocacy. .

Also when it comes to chemical materials that is been used it will treated properly in order not to damage the environment. it may also helps the community to build other infrastructure that may able to help them in the future. but also we all know the value that water brings in our everyday life. The company will make sure it follows city ordinance on waste management.Not only exercise is essential to our well-being. This. It also help the consumer not to waste more money in order to be fit .B. too. by reusing or selling dumblers. IMPACT OF THE ENVIRONMENT Dumblers is a water/ liquid container that is reusable and able to help the people to conserve or not to buy bottled waters anymore it may help the environment in decreasing the use of plastic by reusing the product again.  It may cause pollution when manufacturing the product. 72 . It targets people who wanted to condition their body but doesn’t have enough time for such routines. This eco-friendly product can help all the consumers not just to save money but also the environment. may help our vision of a healthy Filipino community be possible. As the company remits taxes. C. IMPACT OF BUSINESS TO COMMUNITY The benefits of Dumblers are huge when you consider the potential health improvement it brings.

Like small time business owners and other individuals who are interested can be part of the partnership by endorsing the company’s product dumblers. EMPLOYMENT CONSIDERATION The business will be extending to help other entrepreneurs and other distributor to transact and do business with the company.D. 73 .

74 . The company will operate for the purpose of providing jobs to the market. The relationship created among people. The business will be a great help in labor sectors that will give opportunities to employ people who are unemployed. The company will hire competent individuals and positioned them according to their skills and ability. work and resources. Dumblers consider also the labor employment in the community which may trigger other people to take in order to live.

ANNEX 75 .

76 .


In line with this. As part of the requirement for the completion of our course subject in research writing. The researchers 78 . Greetings! We are students from San Sebastian College RecoletosManila( SSCR). may we seek a few minutes of your valuable time to share with us your thoughts and opinions on our survey instrument? Rest assured that whatever your information will be collated from this interview/survey shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and shall be used primarily for academic purpose only. Thank you very much. we are conducting a survey to test the viability of our proposed business venture.Date: Dear Respondents.

Do you usually work-out? check) o Yes o Durability o No o Design o Cost 4.which o Once a week factor will consider the most ?(Put a 3. are you willing to buy this product? o Yes o No 79 .If we are going to sell a tumbler with a dumbbell.How often do you use a tumbler? o 251-350 o Everyday o 351-450 o Every other day 6.Name: Contact number: 1.What brand of tumbler do you often Gender: F M use? Age: 18-24 25-31 32-above o Lock & Lock o Gallery o Tupperware 5.Have you heard of a tumbler with a o 5 times a week Dumbbell? o 4 times a week o Yes o No 8.If you going to buy a tumbler.How often do you work out? o Brand name o 7 times a week o Size o 6 times a week 7.How willing are you to pay for a o Bal tumbler? o Tiger o 150-250 2.

80 .




Soldier Hills. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration . Ivan Bradley Garcia Compound Meramonte Park Subdivision. Major in Business Management San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila (2018) Highchool Siena College (2014) PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: May OBJECTIVES To continue my career path with the help of the organization that will utilize my skills that will benefit success and growth in the society. Caloocan City 09158543445 ivan_alvero@yahoo.Alvero. 1998 Age: 18 Nickname: Ivan Place of Birth: Manila Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic SKILLS Active Listener Adaptability Productive Communication Skills 84 .

Arellano. 1997 Age: 20 Nickname: Lester Place of Birth: Manila Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic SKILLS Active Listener Leadership Productive Strong Work Ethics Communication Skills 85 . And Gain experience while enhancing the Company’s Productivity and reputation. Lester Angelo Almar Subdivision. Camia Road OBJEES To associate with the company where I can utilize my skills. Major in Business Management San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila (2018) Highchool Our Lady of Lourder Catholic School (2014) PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: Feb 20 . EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration . Caloocan City 09156661330 lesterangelo@gmail.

com OBJEES To challenge and to lead in an organization with the knowledge and skills and use it as a developing strategy in order to improve in sales and in operational performance EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration . Rizal 09157909458 karenjoyazotea@gmail. Karen Joy Phase 2 Block 47 Lot 9 Eastwood Residences Rodriguez.1991 Age: 25 Nickname: Karen Place of Birth: San Juan.Azotea . Major in Business Management San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila (2018) Highchool Rizal Technological University (2014) PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: March 31 . Manila Gender: Female Religion: Roman Catholic SKILLS Active Listener Adaptability Productive Strong Work Ethics Communication Skills 86 .

com. Kristine L. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration .ph OBJECTIVES To secure a position in the organization with the stable and profitable business . Major in Business Management San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila (2018) Highchool Colegio de San Jose (2014) PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: August 26. Kaypian Hills. Bulacan 09063451426 deverakristinel@yahoo.De Vera. Kaypian San Jose del Monte . 055 A Diaz Abela Rd. knowledge to the fullest. where I can lead or be a member of a team to utilize my business experience . 1997 Age: 19 Nickname: Tetay Place of Birth: Bulacan Gender: Female Religion: Roman Catholic SKILLS Leadership Active Listener Adaptability Productive 87 .

com OBJECTIVES I want to be part of the success in an environment of growth and excellence. Seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve your organization and establish an enjoyable career for myself. Communication Skills Optimistic Marpa. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Business Administration . Major in Business Management San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila (2018) Highchool Saint Joseph School of Fairview (2014) PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth: June 23. Michael Kenneth Victoria Heights. Quezon City 09164763263 kennethmarpa@yahoo. North Fairview Fairview. 1998 Age: 19 Nickname: Michael Place of Birth: Manila Gender: Male Religion: Roman Catholic SKILLS Active Listene Productive Strong Work Ethics 88 .

Communication Skills Computer Literate 89 .

90 .

91 .