Interpretations for Activated Midpoints

(Interpretations courtesey of John Sandbach)

Planets activating the Sun/Venus midpoint
Principle: Love as a vitalizing and meaningful experience. Art. Aesthetics. Self love both in the neurotic and
healthy sense. One's values as they relate to one's long-term goals. To be egotistical about one's own
attractiveness and/or value.

Process: To see the enduring and ultimately meaningful worth that lies underneath all passing, temporary
and surface attractions.

Sun/Venus midpoint activated by Midheaven
To love the world is one's live path. To channel beauty in the world is one's life's work.

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Planets activating the Sun/Uranus midpoint
Principle: To realize the importance of one's own individual uniqueness, and to find the self-confidence to
express it. The sudden or unusual revealing of unexpected meaning in life, often through inspiration. A
change of purpose or direction in life. The ability to see for oneself what is important apart from what other
people think.

Process: The realization of one's completeness as an original and utterly unique expression of the Spiritual

Sun/Uranus midpoint activated by Ascendant
One comes across to others as a vivid personality, and or distinctly orignal. The need for relationships in
which the other person will respect one's uniqueness and honor one's independence.

Sun/Uranus midpoint activated by Midheaven
To have an unusual career, or to approach one's career in a highly distinctive fashion. Security derived from
having the freedom to pursue one's own chosen goals.

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Planets activating the Sun/Neptune midpoint
Principle: Subtle forces affecting one's vitality. Psychic sensitivity which can potentially drain one's energy.
To be idealistic and possibly unrealistic about one's goals. To place importance on self-sacrifice and to feel
that it makes life meaningful. Mystical or visionary insight. To engage in self-glorifying imaginings.

Process: The development of the ability to perceive the Spiritual Light's meaning and purpose in greater and
greater depth, to the point that one realizes with absolute clarity the infinite and infinitely varied connections

The development of the ability to protect oneself emotionally when needed. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Sun/Chiron midpoint Principle: Letting go of all things of lesser importance and focusing on what is most important in spiritual terms. Bringing to light those ideas and energies which are exactly what is needed to heal those around one. careful. and often doing this without consciously knowing it. Emotions that either do not change or which only change slowly. Moon/Saturn midpoint activated by Moon . One has the ability to assist others in the discovery of their life's meaning and purpose. The ability to be dutiful. The meeting of basic needs. Allowing the deeper meanings of things to emerge by not placing the projections of one's ego on them. and being expressed in Sun/Chiron midpoint activated by Neptune Subtle insights into the purpose of life. and attentive. Sun/Neptune midpoint activated by Ascendant To project oneself onto the world as being a person of great sensitivity. Process: Connecting with and clearing negative emotions. one's self-idealization results in nothing more than living a fantasy about oneself. Fear for one's security. The process of ceasing to base one's self worth on outer or superficial criteria and to perceive ones importance as a being assisting in world change and the spiritual process of others. Sun/Chiron midpoint activated by Uranus To have insights into the spiritual purpose of life. One's idealism is fulfilled as one let's go of the limitations imposed by one's ego. or. Emotional sensitivity. One's life's work involves using one's psychic sensitivity and/or one's imagination. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Moon/Saturn midpoint Principle: Controlled or repressed feelings. The growth of one's ability to clearly perceive and deeply experience one's feelings. To be able to see that the spiritual purpose of life is constantly mutating. and which usually come suddenly and unexpectedly. The avoidance of emotions. Ability to clearly differentiate between what is truly important to oneself in terms of ones personal evolution and what the world/culture/social milieu deems important. One's awareness of one's deeper and hidden aspects has a sustaining and enriching effect on one's identity. Process: The opening up to deeper and more expanded realizations of the meaning and purpose of everything one encounters. Sun/Neptune midpoint activated by Midheaven A desire to be self-sacrificing to help the world. At best one may eventually come to a realization of the spiritual purpose behind one's emotional problems. Awareness of lack of fulfillment in terms of one's emotional needs. if negatively expressed. taking new forms. Revealing to the world the subtler meanings behind life.of all aspects of all universes.

Feeling vulnerable when meeting with others. as well as development of the ability to effectively care for and nurture others. and being open to the new experiences which life is offering you. Process: The clearing of old habit patterns and ways of feeling that are no longer serving one. Moon/Ascendant midpoint activated by Sun One knows the importance of allowing oneself to be vulnerable and open when relating. though. Difficulty in being objective about oneself. Process: The ability to become more and more aware of all one's emotions until one no longer has any repressed feelings. Moon/True Node midpoint activated by Neptune To be sensitive about the emotional energy flowing between oneself and others. a feeling of insecurity when one interacts with others. and the development of new one's which will support one's personal growth. and then eventually to become free of identifying with any of one's emotions so that one may experience the eternal nature of the self. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Moon/Ascendant midpoint Principle: Being impressionable to the energies of other people. One finds it easy to connect on a feeling level with people. The need to stay in the moment when relating. Process: Development of the ability to be open to guidance by spiritual forces and to maintain emotional attunement to their energy. The need to share feelings with others and to give and receive nurturing. meaning the achievement of clarity of feeling and instinct. and to play the part of a loving parent. Moon/True Node midpoint activated by Venus A love of emotionally connecting with others. The ability to be receptive and impressionable to spiritual forces and influences. Since you're conscious of the strong effect that others have on you. . A love of witnessing emotional progress. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Moon/Midheaven midpoint Principle: The highest attainment possible for one's emotions. which is happening so that the person will be impelled to look more deeply into what is really going on. Letting go of old feelings and sources of security which no longer serve one's evolution and hence are holding one back. you need to choose carefully who you open up to. The deterioration of one's connections with others. Often.Moon/Saturn midpoint activated by Saturn Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Moon/Node midpoint Principle: Nurturing one's connections with others. The need for intimate relationships and for a sense of security when one relates. One's moods strongly affect one's identity.

Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Neptune midpoint . either for good or ill. . and/or beautifully. and to help others exchange ideas in a harmonious. Principle: The imagination. The ability to be pointed and assertive when speaking. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Venus midpoint Principle: An appreciation of aesthetics. Sexual communication. and/or to aggravate them by touching on whatever they are sensitive about. One finds it easy to be flexible when connecting with others and through on's words to put them at ease. In love one opens up (becomes vulnerable to) spiritual forces. A person who appears to have a lot of nervous energy. Mercury/Mars midpoint activated by Ascendant Cleverness at repartee when relating. An attraction to art that has a cosmic feeling. One is learning in this lifetime to communicate one's truest and deepest values rather than being content with merely superficial or easy ways of thinking and communicating. The ability to see beyond any and all vehicles of communication into the deepest essence of what is really being communicated. etc. Channeling. To develop a finer and finer sensitivity to picking up messages from the spiritual realms and from one's own intuition. The appreciation of the fact that spirituality manifests through everyday and common experience. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Mars midpoint Principle: Passionate communication. Constructive and/or destructive communication. Using communication in a combative and/or stimulating manner. speaking. The ability to communicate in a subtle way and to imply much with one's words. Communication in relationships. smoothly. either because one is vague. Process: To dissolve the boundaries that limit communication.Moon/Midheaven midpoint activated by Venus To experience emotional exaltation when one is loving another. communication. Clairvoyance. The ability to fire up others when speaking. or because others lack the sensitivity to pick up on what one is saying. and the possibility of being misunderstood. The ability to communicate artfully. An agitated nervous system. Mental conflict. Process: The building and/or destroying of connections. Arguing. Overcoming negative psychic links with others and developing positive ones. Messages from beyond. Confused thinking. appreciative manner. Mercury/Venus midpoint activated by Node Connecting with others who appreciate one's ideas. Process: The ability to use language and communication in general as a peace-making device. Mercury/Neptune midpoint activated by Node The need to share ideals in a group setting. A love of ideas.

Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Pluto midpoint Principle: Mental obsessiveness. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Node midpoint Principle: A love of sharing ideas with others. open. the communicating often happening in ways that one does not expect. The ability to communicate in a powerful manner. whether one realizes this is happening or not. Mercury/Chiron midpoint activated by Jupiter The ability to expand the limits of healing communication. and to be more clear about what one thinks. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Chiron midpoint Principle: Leaving behind ideas that hold one in a rut while embracing and assimilating ideas that assist one to evolve. Truly caring about with other people think. One tends to hold extreme ideas which could be transformative in a positive way. The need to transform the mind by clearing negative thinking. Having the right ideas at the right time come to one due to one's ability to listen to messages coming from beyond. and the externalizing of this into outer communication. Others' ideas help one to refine one's own. and thinking which allows for change and supports one's evolution. Mercury/Pluto midpoint activated by Mercury Mercury/Pluto midpoint activated by Pluto Mercury/Pluto midpoint activated by Chiron To help others to overcome ideas and thinking that are oppressing them. and to transform their thinking. The search for ideas that will help one evolve. To foster a deep connectedness. Process: Allowing spiritual forces to take over the mind and guide it so that communication eventually becomes full. The tendency to be extremely opinionated. Communication that is so intense it destroys itself. causing miscommunication or no communication. Communication with Angels and other beings beyond the physical realm. or destructive. Having a sense of the right thing to say that will heal a situation and bring others together. Mercury/True Node midpoint activated by Sun . One's enthusiasm builds lines of healing communication with others. Process: The pull between thinking which accommodates a static and seemingly safe connection to the past. The waging of war between the desire to communicate with oneself and the fear of doing so. Process: The evolution of one's mental powers through the breaking down of limiting ideas and ways of looking at things so that new ideas and perspectives may form that are increasingly closer to the true nature of reality. To build new channels and ways of thinking and communication. and clear.

Process: Allowing one's mind to become increasingly infused with and guided by spiritual forces. value and be at ease with all surprises. One holds the ideal of giving and receiving love freely and openly. To engage in imagining beautiful illusions and fantasies to which one can potentially become addicted. One who is unpredictable in relationships. How one's ideas and thinking interact with one's career. and unforseen occurrences. Spiritualized thinking. To love. The goal and purpose of one's life is actualized through sharing one's ideas with people who will benefit from them. Process: The purifying and refining of one's ability to love. Self-sacrifice in love. Making public one's ideas. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mercury/Midheaven midpoint Principle: The attaining of greater powers and abilities of commuication. Communication with authorities and authority figures. The ability to intuit the true worth of things. Venus/Neptune midpoint activated by Venus Venus/Neptune midpoint activated by Neptune Back to aspected list . or of communicating spiritual ideas. Love connections may arise suddenly and may disappear just as quickly. The success of one's goals depend on one's ability to be flexible and open to the reception of spiritual ideas. Impracticality where both love and money are concerned but also the ability to use one's intuition to make money and to know what the loved one needs. Developing the ability to see through illusions into the eternal value and beauty underlying everything. The love of unusual things or people. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Venus/Neptune midpoint Principle: Idealized love. no matter how authoritative they are. Attraction to that which is refined and/or exalted. The need to show love in an uninhibited fashion. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Venus/Uranus midpoint Principle: An unusual or eccentric aesthetic. mistakes. Process: The freeing up of one's ability to love and to appreciate all of life. The need for freedom love. and being non judgmental. A refined expression of love. oddities and everything else outside the limits of one's expectations.One feels it is important to share ideas with people. Confusion in love and in relationships. The need to ultimately figure out things for oneself rather than listening solely to the ideas of other people. Communicating with authority figures and receiving the impress of their ideas. The ability to see the value inherent in seeming accidents. To see the unusual and the beautiful in the everyday world. A love of surprises. Mercury/Midheaven midpoint activated by Sun To develop a command or mastery of communicating in your career. Venus/Uranus midpoint activated by Neptune A refined sense of what is unusual or eccentric.

To speak artfully and persuasively. Venus/Ascendant midpoint activated by Chiron Everything you do is with a loving and beautiful style that puts others at ease and opens them to divine love. Power struggles in love relationships. Cleverness when it comes to diplomacy. to be a selfish parent. Your appreciation of the relationships all around you helps others to experience more deeply the value of everything they contact. Venus/Ascendant midpoint activated by Pluto To compel other people to admire and/or be attracted to you. Irresistible temptations. Process: Learning to love oneself and to project that love into the world. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Venus/Ascendant midpoint Principle: A person with a loving. and to feel a sense of power coming from that. Process: To give in so totally to the power of love that it transforms one's consciousness and further one's evolution. Venus/Ascendant midpoint activated by Mercury To communicate in a smooth. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Venus/Midheaven midpoint Principle: To spread love and beauty to the world. and to help others to appreciate the spiritual aspects of life. Negatively. angels. To play the role of a loving and soothing parent. To delve deeply into one's attractions so that one may experience their pure essence and by doing so come into a profound self-understanding. A career in the arts. Process: To experience love as a guiding force. and to be open to the love which comes from higher forces. The driving need to transmute selfish self love into healthy self love. The ability to share with others and to put them at ease. Venus/Pluto midpoint activated by Node In this life one is learning how to transmute obsessive attractions into the higher reality of divine and unconditional love. To feel love with extreme intensity. To have a harmonious relationship with one's employer. easy-going personality. Decisions that are difficult to make. easy-going fashion. and the universe at large. Venus/Midheaven midpoint activated by Jupiter . To experience a compelling attraction. Contentment with oneself – which negatively might express as laziness and selfishness.__________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Venus/Pluto midpoint Principle: One person having power over the other in a love relationship.

Forming connections with people with whom one ends up having conflicts. as well as releasing anger and hostility so that one is freer to act. and/or to act erratically. which can possibly intimidate the loved one. and to evolve. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mars/Node midpoint Principle: To do things with other people and/or with group. To be assertively rebellious. The desire to work toward a breakthrough. To be impulsive in one's actions.To be eager to be a channel of God's love. The realization of one's power to effect deep and profound changes. One comes across as an overbearing or intimidating person. Extreme violence or brutality. To be enthusiastic about giving something of value to the world. One is assertively independent about one's values. Process: The taking of initiative to bring needed changes into one's life. Mars/Uranus midpoint activated by Venus One's love expressed in an assertively uninhibited fashion. To need to find new ways of doing things and to overcome old. which are a manifestation of pent-up energy that need to be released. or common things in unusual ways. To evolve in this lifetime a greater effectiveness in doing things. Process: The intensification of one's actions so that one may perceive both their constructive and destructive aspects. or obsessive. or at least a great number of people. Domination of others. The breaking out of old forms and patterns and the creating of new one's that offer more freedom and which more clearly reflect the true self. Doing things that affect the whole world. Mars/Pluto midpoint activated by Midheaven To be aggressive and challenging toward authority figures. An enthusiastic appreciation of that which one feels to be of the highest value. even if what one needs to do is difficult or dangerous to perform. A love of experimentation. worn-out and ultimately inefficient ways of doing things. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mars/Uranus midpoint Principle: Sudden and unexpected actions. Mars/Pluto midpoint activated by Ascendant The ability to change or perform an makeover on oneself. Process: Active experimentation. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Mars/Pluto midpoint Principle: Intense aggression that may even be overpowering. To find one's own independent and unique way of doing things. Inspired action. or running over them in an uncaring fashion. Advancement in one's career through exceptionally hard work. Accidents. To grow in terms of your appreciation of what you have to give to the world. The ability to get an extreme amount of work accomplished. The need to allow Spirit to dictate one's actions. One love's doing unusual things. The active breaking .

because one so deeply yearns for a line of work that is truly and spiritually fitting for the self. Difficulties in allowing in spiritual messages. Saturn/True Node midpoint activated by Uranus A genius for working with or around the restrictions and limitations one finds when connecting with others. One finds one's connections with others oppressive. The seeking of life situations in which one can learn and evolve. Confusion as to the problems encountered when one connects. Process: The gaining of perspective on the past through deepening one's understanding of it. Deep. enduring. due either to fear or to being overly tied to the past. To have relationships that last a long time. A generous and expansive way of connecting with people. and/or spiritual relationships. The tendency to question whether or not one is following the right career. Trouble with authority figures. . Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Jupiter/Node midpoint Principle: The desire to seek out connections through which one may grow and expand. as well as the realization of their spiritual purpose. Generosity in putting one's energy into group projects. Mutual benefit resulting from one's connections. One's ideal is to connect deeply to others. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Saturn/Midheaven midpoint Principle: The finding of true spirituality through union with the Spiritual Light. The slow attainment of success in one's career. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Saturn/Node midpoint Principle. To make many connections with others. A gradual overcoming of the past.of ties with the past as well as the active seeking of new experiences and the forming of new connections. Jupiter/True Node midpoint activated by Moon The emotional need to be accepted and approved of by others. Encouraging and supportive connections with others creates emotional security. Saturn/True Node midpoint activated by Neptune To be able to intuitively perceive the limitations one encounters when connecting. Strange or unusual limiting factors encountered when connecting with individuals or groups. The identification of the problems and limitations that exist between oneself and others. Process: The overcoming of the fear of change. The ability to compensate for difficulties or limitations encountered when connecting with other people. One finds it difficult to enter into new experiences. Mars/True Node midpoint activated by Jupiter An enthusiasm for giving to and getting stimulation from those with whom one is connected. The need to listen to the spiritual self within rather than to outer authorities.

Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Uranus/Neptune midpoint Principle: The originality and uniqueness of one's imagination. and who will support the power inherent in that.Process: The realization of the restrictions that society imposes on oneself. the purpose of these being to open the consciousness to higher realities. To overcome the projections that other people place on oneself. Process: To free oneself of the limitations of one's own identity. Upsets which cause confusion and derangement. The way one relates to the mass consciousness. A complete and potentially drastic revolution. so that spiritual realities can be more clearly seen. The freeing up of one's imagination and intuitive perception. original. Uranus/Pluto midpoint activated by Node The need in this lifetime to be more uninhibited and to allow vast and even extreme changes into one's life. Uranus/Neptune midpoint activated by Uranus Uranus/Neptune midpoint activated by Neptune Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Uranus/Pluto midpoint Principle: An extreme desire for freedom and for change. which can induce visions and revelations. To feel that one receives a lack of respect from one's lover. Saturn/Midheaven midpoint activated by Venus To desire a love relationship that advances one spiritually. talents. The growth and evolution of one's own unique gifts. Art that expresses spirituality. in fact. To burn one's bridges behind oneself. and the finding of creative ways of working with these. Giving in to one's deepest urges to change. Drastic situations that unleash pent-up energy. . To connect with others who will allow one to be one's own unique self. To be seen by other people as unique. Process: The liberation of one's inner vision from the repressions imposed by the conscious mind. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Uranus/Ascendant midpoint Principle: An unusual and/or unpredictable personality. and/or highly distinctive. may rebel against them. and. Ethical sincerity in love relationships. The questioning of authorities and authority figures in an attempt to find answers that resonate with what one deeply knows to be spiritual truth. One who changes or experiments with one's outer appearance. The refinement of one's own special gifts and talents. To try on different roles and images. The receiving of deep insights into one's own personal evolution and destiny. To have fast and/or surprising reactions to stimuli. Process: The overthrowing of deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations. One does not easily fit into accepted categories. and abilities.

The exalting of one's identity so that it carries a high. The process of refining and transforming energy. To be uplifted by identifying with one's spiritual self can profoundly change one's life. deception or other forms of unreality in one's relationships. or inventing names for them. The intensification of confusion which impels one eventually toward clarity. To have a subtle. Tremendous often overpowering imaginings. Hallucinations. Neptune/Ascendant midpoint activated by Mercury The way one expresses ideas is subtle and imaginative. Process: The intuitive perception of deeper layers beneath one's identity. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Neptune/Ascendant midpoint Principle: To identify with one's ideals. although it may not be perceived by people who are not sensitive to it. Neptune/Ascendant midpoint activated by Pluto To feel pressured by being confused about who one is. so that their identity is not so tightly or narrowly focused. Obsessive imaginings and visions. To be transformed and evolved by one's visions. The ability to experiences many different layers within the self. To seek out those who hold one's same intense ideals as oneself.Uranus/Ascendant midpoint activated by Mercury Thoughts are expressed in a highly original manner which carries one's own unique personal stamp. The need to see one's own higher and more ideal aspects. Confusion concerning who one is. Relating to others at increasingly deeper and subtler levels. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Neptune/Pluto midpoint Principle: To tap into or be affected by extreme subtleties. deep or mysterious personality. Cleverness in labeling things. so that they serve to uplift both the self and all those with whom you come in contact. Neptune/Pluto midpoint activated by Node To connect with others with whom one feels a profound psychic connection. Supernatural occurrences. Uncertainty. One is learning in this lifetime to overcome the negative effects of subtle psychic energies. spiritual energy. Subtle and hidden energies at work when one connects with people. and to relate to those energies in a life supporting and positive way. Neptune/Ascendant midpoint activated by Chiron To help others to heal by intuitively making them aware of other and deeper levels of their personality. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ . Process: Pressure that forces outside the physical realm exert on one for the purpose of furthering one's evolution. or idealized by them. To be misconstrued by other people. profound. Profoundly deep idealism. The ability to see each idea and situation as new and unique. A person who has a unique or striking way of saying things. confusion.

guide. to unite with it. The need to let go of the limiting projections and definitions that others impose on oneself. The ego is healed by strengthening one's identity with spiritual forces. and assist others in their spiritual growth. Process: An intense desire to evolve creates situations that cause deep changes to occur. The need to not allow the past to get in the way of one's fulfilling one's goals. persistent impulses that one must eventually follow. Chiron/Ascendant midpoint activated by Sun The realization of the importance of the need for healing one's identity. The compelling urge to allow one's self-confidence to spontaneously arise from one's spiritual self rather than be rooted in materialistic. Connecting with others who have a huge impact on you and with whom yo may experience power struggles. as well as to accept them and act on them. The remaking of the past through the changing of one's attitude toward it. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Pluto/Node midpoint Principle: An intensely strong pull toward the past and its situations. Pluto/True Node midpoint activated by Sun One feels it is meaningful and important to connect with people who have much power. Feeling strongly urged. even pushed. Also. Chiron/Pluto heals the striving to acquire power for selfish reasons. and to be a freely mutating and transforming agent of healing. and/or to have intense connections with others. The need to overcome this so that one may make progress. The process of learning how to let through messages from beyond. by forces beyond oneself to grow by transcending one's limitations. and needs to not resist them. One feels the pressure of spiritual forces attempting to bring light and harmony to situations. and helps one to use power to encourage.Planets activating the Chiron/Pluto midpoint Principle: A strong compulsion to overcoming egotism and to see it for what it is – fear-based. Pluto/Chiron midpoint activated by Jupiter An enthusiasm so tremendous that it can create profound transformations. Strong. letting go of agendas so that the healing potential of the moment can be realized. Process: The ability to realize the power of the moment. . Being obsessively excessive eventually has the effect of spiritually transmuting one's being. passing or ephemeral things. Giving in to the compulsion to evolve. A tremendous tug-o-war between the past and the future. Back to aspected list __________________________________________________________________________________ Planets activating the Chiron/Ascendant midpoint Principle: The need to realize that one is able to connect with spirit guides. and to channel spiritual energies into the now. nature spirits and angels. Process: The intensifying of one's connections with others for the purpose of breaking through limitations and restrictions and furthering evolution.