 Why Marketing?
 Why Sales?
 Why this firm? There are many marketing profiles on offer. Why us?
 Why should we take you?
 Sales is hectic; will you be able to manage?
 What according to you is the difference between Sales and Marketing?


 What is positioning?
 What should be the pricing strategy at different stages of PLC?
 How different is service marketing from product marketing?
 How has Saffola positioned itself? How is it different from its competitors?
 How would you segment the cellphone market in India?
 What are the different ways of segmenting the cellphone market?
 How has Nokia positioned its products? How do HUL’s skincare brands target various
 How does the positioning strategy of Nokia compare with that of Blackberry/Micromax?
 How does the way Nokia segments the cellphone market differ from the way Apple does?
 How would you segment the non-internet users in India psychographically?
 What are all the entry barriers for people to start using Internet?


 How would you broadly divide the overall cellphone market into various sectors?
 Which are the sectors that Nokia should focus on to drive growth?
 Roughly, what has Nokia’s India story been?
 What are 3 things Nokia should do to revive its Indian business?
 Where does Ovi fit into Nokia’s strategies?
 How would Nokia reach rural markets? How does HUL reach rural markets?
 What was the threat offered by Nirma to HUL, and how was it overcome?
 What is the aim of Project Shakti?


 What are, broadly, the various needs fulfilled by consumer promotions?
 Why do FMCGs require more promotion activity than other industries?
 How do you choose a brand ambassador for a brand?
 Compare a successful brand campaign with an unsuccessful one
 What would you say is a better promotional strategy: ATL or BTL?


 What are, broadly, the various needs fulfilled by trade promotions?
 Name one of HUL’s most famous trade promotion programs and explain how it works.


 How do you do consumer research?

© Team Disha, IIM Lucknow

positioning and a creative promotional strategy © Team Disha. as against as a product?  Why has HUL starting flashing the company name after its brand commercials?  Why has Airtel changed its logo?  When would you advice a brand to reinvent itself? Reinvention or create a new brand? Why?  How would you define marketing? Don’t give me Kotler’s definition. What would you do?  What are the various types of distribution networks? Define each level?  What are retail chains?  What is Walmart model of retail?  What is ‘Cash n Carry’ model of Walmart?  What is the difference between wholesaler. Do you think that is possible to sell something which a consumer does not really need? What are your views?  What role do colors and jingles play in brand building? CASE TYPE QUESTIONS  How will you promote a newly launched hyderabadi biryani chain in Hyderabad? How will you do it in Kolkata? Give a tagline for the same  How will you brand Bangalore. differentiation. IIM Lucknow . What design changes would you suggest?  What are the design defects that you would look out for when salt and pepper shakers are manufactured in a production line? SALES  A product has dropping sales.  Marketers are sometimes accused of creating needs in people.  How would you define Facebook as a brand.  What role do competitors play in developing new product ideas?  Kissan Jam is being made in a limited edition pack for the Braille Promotion Week (to promote it for the visually challenged). Just tell me in plain English what you understand by it. Create a brand name for the product  Create a sales pitch for yourself including brand name. and Lucknow if they were products  Make a strategy to sell Hamaam shampoo in Tamil Nadu  Develop a marketing strategy for a fairness cream to be sold in rural market  Segment the market of Lucknow for launch of credit card to be launched by Jet Airways  Launch Strategy for a mineral water brand  How would you use social media for a bank? Give strategies to target a specific set of customers  If you’re doing promotions in a mall. tag line. how will you go about it? What all will you do?  How will you launch a hair extension line in Nigeria?  STP on low calorie sweetner. I have a copy at home. retailer and distributor? BRANDING BASICS  How does a brand differ from a product or why is branding important?  Broadly differentiate between a successful and an unsuccessful brand with an example.  Do you think it is necessary to change what a brand stands for over the years? Why? Example. Chennai.

IIM Lucknow .  Take me through a complete marketing strategy for a premium plastic cup. Pricing is done. focus on place and promotions  What are the ways in which you can increase the reach of dog food to different customers  How will you sell Gatorade to a rural consumer? © Team Disha.