HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The document describes the Corporate Social Responsibility
Policy (CSR Policy) of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt.
Ltd. (“HMSI” or “the Company”). It includes HMSI’s vision,
mission, objective and various other attributes of Corporate
Social Responsibility.

1. Vision andMission

HMSI is committed to build a sustainable business with strong
social relevance and a commitment to inclusive growth and
contribute to the society by supporting causes on various
matters including environmental sustainability, promoting
education, promoting sports and other rural development

In pursuance of our vision that HMSI desires to be a Company
which society wants to exist, we are dedicated towards fulfilling
the social objectives through variousCSR activities.The
Company shall make its endeavor to positively impact and
influence the Society for its sustainable development.

2. Background & Objective:

Corporate Social Responsibility has been a part HMSI business.
HMSI has been engaged in various means of CSR in the past
whether it is a contribution in kind or in cash. Few of the
activities where HMSI was engaged in the past are listed below:

(a) Vehicles Donated to ITI's, Police station & ORC;
(b) Sponsored Badminton Tournament Organized by
HSIIDC for Enhancing Corporate Relations;
(c) Sponsored Football Tournament in nearby Villages;
(d) Donated to Haryana State Gymnastics Association;
(e) Supported in organizing the Annual Inter – School
Japanese Language Festival;
(f) Donated parts of our bike model CBR 250R to BITS Pilani
for research activities;

CSR Page 1

2013 read with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules. its CSR vision and long-term societal objective the company proposes to serve. A CSR Committee will be formed at the Board level which will oversee CSR agenda of the Company. where the Company is operating its 2nd and 3rd Factory. execution process and reporting to the Management and the Board of Directors of the Company. (i) Supported 09th North India Body Building Championship.1. HMSI CSR Policy has been designed keeping in view the company’s business vision. Board of Directors shall be empowered to take decision for making or effecting changes in the constitution of the CSR Committee. The Companies Act. The composition of CSR Committee shall be disclosed in the Board’s Report. (k) Supported MSME DEFEXPO 2013 in Bangalore (l) Blood Donation Camps Organized several times. reporting mechanism.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (g) Supported to Haryana State Kho-Kho Association. 2014. 2013 has brought even greater emphasis on CSR with rules that provide guidance on minimum CSR spend. CSR Committee 3. 3. review structure and reporting to the shareholders of the company. HMSI CSR Policy document has been created with an objective to outline its CSR focus areas. CSR Page 2 . as amended from time to time. Constitution of CSR Committee A Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (herein after referred to as “the CSR Committee”) shall be constituted by the Board of Directors consisting of three or more directors in pursuance of the requirements under Section 135 of the Companies Act. (h) Installed Solar Street Lights at Nearby villages at Tapukara and Narsapura. review mechanism. (j) Adopted Safety Training parks at various places.

and (c) To monitor the CSR Policy. Decisions at the Meeting Matters arising in the meeting of the Committee shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present in the meeting. specifying the day. as may be decided by the members. Notice of Meeting At least three days advance notice of every meeting. (b) To recommend the amount of expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred to above.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Mandate of CSR Committee shall be as under: (a) To formulate & recommend to the Board of Directors. a CSR Policy indicating the activities to be undertaken as specified in Schedule VII of the Companies Act. Chairman The Board of Directors shall decide about the Chairman of the Committee. Projects and Programs from time to time. the Chairman shall have the casting vote. 2013. 3. In urgency.2. Responsibility of the Board of Directors CSR Page 3 . 3. 4. 3. 3. who shall be a person from among the members of the Committee.5. Each member shall be entitled to one vote and in case of tie. place & timing of Meeting and the general nature of the business to be transacted there at shall be given to the members. The meeting shall be held either at the Registered office of the Company or any other place. Two members personally present shall constitute the quorum.3.4. Meetings of CSR Committee The CSR Committee shall meet at least once in six months. a meeting may be convened by shorter notice.

(d) If company fails to spend the sum as mentioned above. (d) Any expenditure on an item not in conformity with Schedule VII shall not be treated as CSR Expenditure. as required under Section 135 of the Companies Act. to a reasonable extent. then the Board shall. (b) Ensure that the activities as are included in CSR Policy are undertaken. including but not limited to the following areas: (i) Promotion of Education including special education and employmentenhancing Vocational Skills. (v) Rural Development Projects EXCLUSIONS: (a) The activities which are exclusively for the benefit of employees of the company or their family members shall not be considered as CSR activity. in every Financial year.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy The responsibility of the Board of Directors shall be as under: (a) To approve the CSR Policy & disclose the contents of such policy in its report and also place it on the Company’s website. 2013 & Rules made thereunder. in its Report specify the reasons for not spending the amount. at least 2% of average net profits of the Company made during the 3 immediately preceding financial years. for effecting improvement in the quality of life of the people by focusing on the Social Causes. (ii) Promotion of Sports. (c) CSR Activities will not include the activities in pursuance of normal course of business of Company. (b) Political contribution shall not be considered as CSR activity. 5. Areas of CSR Activities The Company is hereby devoted to direct its resources. (c) Ensure that the company spends. (iv) Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. (iii) Promotion of Road & Traffic Safety. CSR Page 4 .

for spending the amount earmarked for CSR activities. After obtaining approval from the Board of Directors. Geographies. HMSI’s operations are mainly concentrated on following areas:  State of Haryana  State of Karnataka  State of Rajasthan  State of Gujarat  Any other areas as may be decided by the CSR Committee members from time to time 6. Geographies The Company shall give preference to the local area and areas around it where it operates. specifying modalities of execution & implementation schedules. Beneficiaries The Beneficiaries from the CSR Projects / Programs may be the following categories of people:  Children/students  Women need help  Weaker sections in the Society  Others – society at large 6.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Surplus arising out of CSR Projects shall not form part of the business profits of Company instead the same will be further used for CSR purposes only. beneficiaries and Key Performance Indicators 6.2.1. Every year.3. the same shall regarded as final and will be treated as a part and parcel of the CSR Policy. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) CSR Page 5 . 6. the CSR Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors the CSR Projects / Programs.

The progress on KPIs against plan will be reported to the CSR Committee every quarter. Monitoring Process for Execution of CSR Projects / Programs 8. decide about the KPIs based upon the CSR Project / Program to be undertaken. CSR Activity Execution Core Group CSR Page 6 . 7.1. from time to time. Format for Annual Report 8. Societies and / or Non- Government Organizations with an established track record of at least three years in carrying on activities in related areas.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy The CSR Committee Members shall. The Company may collaborate or pool resources with other companies to undertake CSR activities and any expenditure incurred on such collaborative efforts would qualify for computing the CSR Spending. Implementation mechanism The Company may conduct / implement CSR programs by itself and/or thru Registered Trusts. The progress on CSR issues selected by the Company will be reported in the Annual Report in the format prescribed by the CSR Rules.

from time to time. 2013 read with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules. A proposal for making the amendment shall be prepared by the CSR Committee specifying the reasons and justifications for the amendment. with or without modifications. CSR Page 7 . 8. 2014 by the Board of Directors and CSR Projects / Programs / Activities undertaken from 01 st April 2014 shall stand ratified and covered under this policy.Amendments to the CSR Policy The CSR Policy can be amended with the prior permission of Board of Directors. as & when required. amend the CSR Policy. however. that all the acts done in pursuance of Section 135 of the Companies Act. Effective Date The CSR Policy shall be effective from the date of its approval by the Board of Directors. for the consideration of CSR Committee.2. Submission of Report to CSR Committee The Core Group shall submit a monthly report to the CSR Committee about the status of execution of CSR Projects / Programs. The Board of Directors may also. at their discretion.HMSI Corporate Social Responsibility Policy The CSR Committee shall be empowered to constitute a CSR Activity Execution Core Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Core Group”). 10. or may reject the same. All directions issued by the CSR Committee to the Core Group shall remain binding upon the Core Group members. 9. The Board of Directors shall be empowered to approve the proposal. The Core Group Shall be shall be responsible to monitor and review the execution of CSR Projects and programs. Provided.