I am agreed boys and girl should be separated in different school for this two reason, keeping
the main goal orientation about the purpose of learning and to avoiding non legal relationship
between man and women.
II. Keeping the main goal orientation about the purpose of learning
A. More student will give greater attention about study learning and improvement achievement
B. Help Each individual more focus about study topic
III. Avoiding non Legal relationship between man and women student
A. If not separated, actually most student will waste more time to attract the opposite sex gender
B. Each people have natural emotion to attracted to the opposite sex
IV. Separation of Men and women in learning activity beneficially to improving academic skills,
they will learn to manage and optimize about a good behavior

1. How to be a good member of society is very important to be learned since one’s childhood.
Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society.
Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.
Which one do you agree whether the parents or the schools are the most appropriate one to teach
children about children about becoming a good society member?
Support your opinion in a ± 350 words essay by developing your arguments with explanation,
examples and/or details.

I. I am agreed parents is one which should teach children how to be good member
society rather than school for this two reason. First of all, Parents is important
aspect in children character building ,Second reason is most of School have
focus purpose on improving intelligence, knowledge, as well as the skills to
living Independently.
II. Parents is important aspect in children character building
a. Building moral to child begins from the family environment \
b. Parents are role models for their children, for that parents should be a good
example for their children

Penanaman moral pada diri seorang anak berawal dari lingkungan keluarga.
Pengaruh keluarga dalam penempaan karakter anak sangalah besar. Dalam sebuah
keluarga, seorang anak diasuh, diajarkan bebagai macam hal, diberi pendidikan
mengenai budi pekerti serta budaya. Setiap orang tua yang memiliki anak tentunya
ingin anaknya tumbuh dan berkembang menjadi manusia cerdas yang memiliki budi
pekerti baik agar dapat menjaga nama baik keluarga. Orang tua merupakan

Bila orang tua tidak membuka diri terhadap perkmbangan yang ada. . Anak-anak memiliki pemikiran yang kritis terhadap sesuatu yang baru.panutan bagi anak-anaknya. Orang tua juga harus membuka diri terhadap perkembangan zaman dan teknologi saat ini. Pada akhirnya berbuah kebohongan dan secara tidak langsung menanamkannya pada anak. untuk itu sebaiknya orang tua dapat menjadi contoh yang baik bagi anak-anaknya. kelak akan menuai kesulitan dalam menjawab pertanyaan dari anak.