Complete the following dialogue to answer question 1-7

Ery: What do you think of our new classmate, Nusantara?
Yoga : I think he is a sociable student.
Ery : yes, I think so too, He is able to make friends easily, nearly all of our friends know him
Well within just a month
Yoga : Do they ( 1 ) . . . . .
Ery : Yep. (2). . . . .
1 . A. What is he? 2.A. No doubt about that!
B. What is he doing ? B. I have no idea
C. What a shame! C. Wow !
D. What a popular boy he is ! D. Really?

Anna : Do you think China will win the Uber Cup?
Wulan : (3) . . . . They always play beautifully.Why? don’t you think so?
Anna : Well (4) . . . .I think Indonesia’s team plays better.
3. A.I don’t think so. 4. A. I am with you
B. I’m not happy B. I agree with you
C. I’m not sure C. That’s a good idea
D. definitely D. I’m doubtful about that.

Rehan : Tomorrow is the due date for our assignment.
Ivan : Sorry (5) . . . .
Rehan : I said “ Tomorrow is the due date for our assignment.”
Ivan : Yes, you are right. But, (6). . . I can submit it tomorrow. I have lots of jobs to do. How
About you ?
Rehan : well, (7) . . . . I can submit it tomorrow because I’m going to finish it tonight.
5. A. What do you do? 6. A. I’m glad
B. What did you say? B. I’m sad
C. What can I do for you? C. I’m sure
D. What happened to you? D. I’m sorry

7. A. I’m not sure C. Surely
B. I’m sad D. of course

Complete the following dialogue to answer question 8 – 15
Hety : Listen! I’ve got news for you.
Diana : (8) . . . .
Hety : “Bedah Rumah” is going to come to my neighbourhood,
Diana : No kidding ! When?
Hetty :This afternoon.
Diana : (9) . . . .Let’s go there after school, then.
8. A. What’s up? 9. A. Good Afternoon
B. Why ? B. It’s my house
C. Where ? C. Watch out !
D. When ? D. Terrific !

Waiter : are you ready to order?
Wahyu : I’d like chicken soup, fried Gurame and iced tea.
How about you Sharon?
Sharon : Well, I’d like to try Gado-Gado,but (10) . . . . .I’m afraid it’s too hot for me

Jack : . Hartanto : My friend said Yudi has stolen his teacher’s money. What do you thinks. Fine Retno : Did you do the testhiv well. Yes. What did you say? 15. You did it well.. If you want to go the cinema.. D. A. You must be happy should ask one of your relatives to take care of her while You are away. . Are you alright? D. not a single hope! Retno : (13) . Udin : My dad asked me what I wanted to have for my birthday .25 16. If you are sure he has enough money. I’m sure D.It’s very noisy here. If you are celebrating your birthday. 10 A. I really want to see such a beautiful movie. A.I can hardly hear you. I’m not sure B. Don’t worry. There is nothing we can do about it. A. Is it important ? B. Ery? Ery : (12) . next time better Surya : You look very happy. A. . .A Can you believe it/ B. Retno : Are you serious ? Ery : Yes. What happened? C.I’ll ask the waiter to put onlyone chili into the sauce.Do you want to go along? 18. B. I think its too expensive . I’ll take it. Surya : (15) . I’d like to try D. . Maemunah : I can’t decide whether to stay at home and babysit for my sister or to go The cinema to watch the newest film of Kate Winslet. . Really? Complete the following dialogue to answer question16. A. I wanted to have For my birthday. Wahyu : (11) . . How Come? D. . I’ll buy you the ticket. Ina :.but I’m Not sure about that. . but I doubt that. If you really want to go. . I can’t believe it 11.. Let’s go to the cinema. . . . . . You are sure C. Tina : thanks 14.. Tina : I said “ I got an “A” on my last English test. Surya : sorry? (14) . . Do you repeat that? C.That’s Fantastic! Congratulations on your achievement. D. Why don’t you ask him? C. .I’ll tell your parents so that you can babysit your sister. In fact. You should celebrate it.I want to iell him that I’d like to a new motorcycle. then. C. .too C. The test was interesting D. .I don’t put any hope of passing this test. 12. . I believe he Is an honest boy. I understand C. Tina what happened? Tina : Guess what? I got an “A” on my last English test. 17. . A Don’t worry B. I’m afraid I didn’t B. You must understand C. .. Sharon : Sounds great. I did 13. Your birthday is very pernicious. . B. Don’t forget to invite your friends. Don’t give hope to somebody D.

. Let’s go to the fair. A. Ichma : (23) .. B.. Puji : Next week. . 22. .. I don’t know either. 20.. . I like C. . What a happy person C.he told you the truth. C.A. Andi :. . Tukijo :. C. She is always ready to help others even when she is Busy herself. I’m going to have a vocation. Ichma : Unbelievable! He was just a kid. I do 23. . Do you agre Warno : Do you see what the fireman has done? Warti : Yes. Museums do not collect money from the visitors.Are you sure D. 24. I like beaches very much. I haven’t decided where to go. . Ichna : Anang told me that his father is going to buy him a car. about that ? Hadi : Absolutely. I’m . You’d better think of your study. .. (25). . . . What a brave man he is! 25. Dewi :.but I’m not sure about that.But I also want to visit some museums because my Sociology test are very bad so far. A. D o you like C. C. How happy D. I don’t understand about that. A.Museums are not bad at all. B.(24) .. he saved the boy just in time. I often visit them. There are many kinds of museums in the world. Wasimin : people say that tha Chinees New Year will come on the ninth of February. 19.We’d better do some investigation about it. . A. Is that so B.he is dedicated person.I have done it many times. A. Warno : Yeah. What a helpful person B. Wow! You must be very happy D. Umi : What do you think of Sofi? Jati : I’ve never met such a nice person. I was there when his father mentioned about it. D. However. I heard his father said about it. Our teacher is a nice person . . . she is ! A.. I can B. . I’m sure D. D. . A. . 21. We can make a lot of money. . How busy 22. Is that true? Hadi : (22) . Don’t worry.. Some of them are natural museums. No doubt about that... I’ll look up the calenderr. He climbed the ladder so quicklyand jumped Into the fire. . .. There are a lot of museums in our city. . I’m sure I can do it easily.He never steals something that doesn’t belong to him. B.

How poor ! D. I’m sure .B. What a careless man! B. I like C. I do D. What a poor! C.

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