Lesson Plan

Subject : English lesson



Theme:Moldova my Love

Type of lesson: mixed

Subcompetence: Communicative

Lesson aims: The students will be able to :

O1-to recognize elements from the pictures

O2-to identify historical places from Moldova

O3-to determine the differences between adjectives and adverbs

Materials : book , images , copybooks .

Stages Objectives Techer’s activity Student’s Methods
Subcompetences activity

Organizatio -To get up Teacher greets Students respond
n acquainted students . Hello teacher! Disscusion
with the Hello !
students How are you
-To set up today ??
working Teacher gets up Students present
atmosphere acquainted with themself.
. students.

and Progmatic ”What is Competences: Moldova rich Production of in ?” Oral Messages ”What are the and Interaction rivers of Moldova ?” ”What is the Realisation name of the of meaning largest forest in Moldova?” ”What is the Oral. Teacher checks Students Evocation the homework respond the Frontal homework activity Teacher shows some pictures to Students say O1: the students (to what they see in introduce new the pictures.and which are they ?” Teacher asks Students read the students to read text the new text Reading ”Moldova My Socio/Pluri/ Love” Intercultural Competences Teacher asks Students answer . tradition frontal dish/food ?” How many colors O2: does the moldovan’s flag have. topic) Teacher asks Students answer some questions these questions. Communicative about Moldova.

your native place )and ex. students some these questions general questions Frontal based on the Individual text : ”Did you visit these places from Moldova ?” ”Where were build the numerous monasteries ?” ” Teacher asks Students answer Oral students to do ex 4 Pairs exercice 4 page 71(True or False) Communicative Competence : Teachers asks Students write Reception of students to do ex ex5 in their Written Written 5 page 71 copybooks Individual Messages Teacher check Students aswer Frontal the ex 5 the ex 5 Teacher speaks Students listen about gramar the rules of Individual topic adjectives. grammar adverbs Teacher asks Students write Written O3: students to do ex 8 exercice 8 page 71 to practice this grammar topic Teacher gives the Students put homework : down the Exercice 9 (5 homework in Written sentences about their notebooks.6 .

page 71 .