Requirements of

Pebble Bed Reactor's
Plant Information Model

Topan Setiadipura
Research Group on Design and Computational Aspect of HTGR
Center for Nuclear Reactor Technology and Safety
BATAN - Indonesia

Tech. Meeting to Review First Draft of the Document on Application of the Modern Plant
Information Models to Support and Manage Design Knowledge throughout NPP Life Cycler.
22 – 26 June 2015, IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria.


Among the Audiences .

Contribution to the Objectives of the Meetings .

we call it RDE a 'Reaktor Daya Eksperimental' . Indonesia's Experimental Power Reactor Project In Indonesia.

 Private Company .Reactor Type: Act. No 10/1997 dan PP 2/2014 Power Reactor Commercial Non­Commercial Non­Power Reactor Commercial Non­Commercial Non­Commercial: BATAN Commercial : State­Own­Company.

.  Electri city RDE will be used in the R&D of  Heat  nuclear­heat cogeneration. Applicat ion RDE akan dimanfaatkan sebagai  RDE R&D on  HTGR sarana litbang teknologi HTGR  untuk pengembangan desain dan  konstruksi HTGR di Indonesia. Impact of RDE RDE will produce electricity .

RDE Project Plan 6/9/15 8 Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional .

Future RDE Utilization Plan in Indonesia Kepadatan Penduduk Wilayah  Pengembangan  HTGR/SMR (Komersialisasi  RDE) Wilayah  Pengembangan  PLTN Besar RDE will become one of “NPP Model” in Indonesia with huge demand for electricity and/ heat application. Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional 6/10/15 9 .

 Front­End­Engineering­Design  [FEED] 6. Procurement and Construction (EPC) Design Kontrak Site Permit Process OUT PUT: 1.  EPC Tender Document Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional 6/9/15 10 . RDE Project Schedule Tahun 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Pengawas Construction Management Engineering Engineering. Feasibility Study Construction 2. Conceptual Design Permit 4. Safety Analysis Report [SAR} Process 5.

The consultant is a consortium of ● Rekayasa Engineering (Indonesian EPC Company) ● Kogas Driyap Consultant (Indonesian Technical Consultant) ● NUKEM Gmbh. (German Company which own by ROSATOM) . Progress of the Project We finish compiling the RDE Requirement Currently we are working with Consultant for the Basic Engineering Design Package of RDE.

Banten Basemap: Worldview­2 25/08/2013 . Situ. Kec.Site Location Lokasi Lintang Bujur Desa Muncul Desa 6° 21' 26" LS 106° 39' 37" BT Kranggan. Kota Tangerang Selatan.

.General Specification of RDE .Refere to the HTR-Module design.HTGR type Pebble Bed Reactor (PBR) .

 RDE Fuel : Pebble Fuel . .HTGR tipe Pebble Bed Reactor (PBR) .Mengacu pada desain HTR-Module Jerman.

General Specification of  RDE .

Safety Feature(1): Control Inherently the core able to control unepected increase of fission reaction rate. HTR-Module Siemens Design 6/9/15 16 .

rcore 6/9/15 17 . it able to transfer heat outside only by natural mechanism. Safety Feature(2): Cooling In the case of accident.

Safety Feature (3): Contain Low radiactive release to the environment even in the most severe accident. 6/9/15 18 .

Of Master Logic Diagram Source: / NED 236(2006)463-474 6/9/15 19 .Brinkmann et. PBR : Ex.

PBR : A Moving Core Reactor RDE will follow the Multipass cycle. 6/9/15 20 .

PBR : Fuel Handling Mechanism 6/9/15 21 .

PBR : Analysis requirements Source: IAEA Course on HTGR by F.Reitsma 6/9/15 22 .

PBR General Feature (Part of SAR) 6/9/15 23 .

in our RDE requirement development we need to carefully differentiate between the direct or indirect cycle related technology. 6/9/15 24 . Indonesia's RDE Project can take a huge advantage from a PBR-compatible PIM. Remarks on RDE Project and PIM Development Establisment of PIM is a huge help for the newcomer to comprehend the design and assure that the design feature is fulfilled. For instance. It is important for us to involve in the PIM innitiatives lead by IAEA.

Development of PBR's Taxonomy and Basic Requirements (as have been done for FR) .Identify the Common NPP Requirements . Milestone to PBR-Compatible PIM .Identify the specific PBR Requirements 6/9/15 25 .

Thank You .