Eigo Enshu Ted Talk: February 23, 2017

Name: Mamiko Imai

Topic: Blood Types/Genes

Scoring out of 5= 5: Excellent 4:Very Good 3:Good 2:OK 1:Needs Improvement


Opener (first 30 seconds): Grabs audience’s attention with a story, question, etc. (topic is not clear) 3 /5
Talking about blood donation was unclear at first—I wasn’t certain of your

Body (middle 60 seconds): Information is clear, focused, and interesting 3 /5
Blood type, gene dominance, and treasuring your traits=connections weren’t
clear enough
Closer (last 30 seconds): wrap up and state your main idea clearly and inspirationally 4 /5
**give us something to think about or some action to take
Treasure your uniqueness—nice message!

Vocabulary Usage: Simple, natural, easy to understand. If difficult words are used, the speaker explains them 3 /5
Dominant/recessive inheritance**Japanese translation Ok, but English

Grammar: Grammar is correct, simple & clear 4 /5
Some sentences were a bit complex, but your pacing helped to make it clearer
Voice Inflection: clear emotion, strong intonation, charisma 5 /5
You had nice energy, and good pauses between phrases

Gestures/Eye Contact/Posture: connecting to audience 5 /5
Nice gestures and natural presence
ELI5: Speaker’s speech is easy to understand, speaking slowly, small pauses between phrases 3 /5
Rather challenging—maybe not simple enough for a 5 year old

Memorized: Speaker doesn't use notes, speaks with confidence and memorization is complete 8 /10
Not bad—a few more practices would help your speech immensely

Time: 3:25 Total speaking score: 38 /50
Total writing score: 50 /50

Be very careful about the pronunciation of your important vocabulary of the topic. I
couldn’t clearly understand “Donate Blood” until you showed the advertisements for
blood drives. If someone in America was listening, they may not understand because
the advertisements are in Japanese only. I liked your topic, but your speech wasn’t
cohesive. If you ask me to condense your speech to one sentence, I couldn't do it. Was
your point A) blood types B) genes C) feel happy? I wanted to have a clearer idea of
why you were talking about each topic. It seems you had 3 topics—so this speech
would improve if you only focus on one of them.