Eigo Enshu Ted Talk: February 23, 2017

Name: Reika Goshima

Topic: Smiling

Scoring out of 5= 5: Excellent 4:Very Good 3:Good 2:OK 1:Needs Improvement


Opener (first 30 seconds): Grabs audience’s attention with a story, question, etc. (topic is not clear) 5 /5
Very engaging story—personal and real—bold choice!!

Body (middle 60 seconds): Information is clear, focused, and interesting 5 /5
Very clear to follow—4 super powers. Your information was simple yet engaging
Closer (last 30 seconds): wrap up and state your main idea clearly and inspirationally 5 /5
**give us something to think about or some action to take
Great review and final advice! I only wish you would’ve mentioned your first
story again
Vocabulary Usage: Simple, natural, easy to understand. If difficult words are used, the speaker explains them 5 /5
Explaining ‘tumor’ was very effective. You took time to clarify complex terms—
Grammar: Grammar is correct, simple & clear 3 /5
A few sentences were too long, such as the facts about baseball cards and
Voice Inflection: clear emotion, strong intonation, charisma 5 /5
Great! Your inflection was very engaging and charismatic

Gestures/Eye Contact/Posture: connecting to audience 4 /5
Good gestures, but eye contact could be improved—often looking to the ceiling
ELI5: Speaker’s speech is easy to understand, speaking slowly, small pauses between phrases 4 /5
Some slides would help to clarify complicated ideas (baseball cards/chocolate)

Memorized: Speaker doesn't use notes, speaks with confidence and memorization is complete 8 /10
You remembered it all, but you had some hesitation—practice a few more times

Time: 2:55 Total speaking score: 44 /50
Total writing score: 50 /50

Your topic was very elegantly introduced and explained. It’s such a simple idea, but
one which can be revolutionary for people who forget the benefits of smiling. You truly
sounded like a TED speaker in your talk. If you had 3-4 PowerPoint slides, I think your
complicated points could become clearer. For example, show 300 chocolate bars next
to a smiling face, or show a graph with the baseball card statistics. Overall, however, I
really liked how natural your language was. It was an inspired topic, and you spoke
with genuine engagement. I would only hope you could gain smoother delivery by
practicing a few more times. My advice is to keep this speech, and improve it a bit. You
could use it in speech competitions. You’ve really done a great job, and you should
consider more public speaking in the future. You have a gift—don’t hide it!