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The Preface,

and they to conclude that not being content with thofe

pubhke confeflions of the Churches of Germanic, may
by laying againft us that forme of new agreement feeme
worthily more and more to fever themfelves from us,
and who have alreadie very pithily been refuted by molt
learned writingSjtheyalfofhall, if true agreement be ear-
neftly fought,be fatisfied with this flarmonj.Vor[th2it we
may freely fay as it is indeed) that long ranck of names
fealed and written at that booke is fuch, that it fecmeth
rather to ftand idly in the field, thento fight manfully.
And if it had pleafcd us to follow this pollicie, wee
might have fet downethe names notoffevenoreight
thoufand meane men (moft famous Princes and fomeo-
ther excepted) of whom it may worthily be doubted,
whether there ever were any fuch, or what they were,but
alfo the names of farre moc Churches. And this our di-
ligence had beene farre more commendable, namely,
being beftowed, not in wringing out and begging from
villigge to village fome hundreds of names, but in laying
out t^e opinions of moft gracious Kings, moft renowned
P,rinces, of noble nations, and peoples, of moft mighty
common-wealths and Cities oFwhich a great part hath

not been ufed to difpute in corners, or to trifle, but

hath knowne thefe many yeeres how even unto blood to
fuffer uiany and grievous things for Gods truth fake. But
we know that the truth haih not it warrant from men>nor
by men it is firaple, it will be fimply publifhed and

taught. Therefore we are purpofed for this time not to

dealebyanylong difputatio with any man, but barely
to open the meaning of the reformed Churches, toknic
all the Churches of Cbhft together with one bond of
brotherly love, to keepe peace with all men, and fo farre
as it ought to be done, to judge well of all men: yea and
tointreatthole^ who think fomewhat too hardly of us,
that if we difagree from the Confeffion of no Church
. that