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The Prefdctt

times to render a reafon of the hope that is in us fb we


thought it a matter worth the pains, to make all men pri-

vie to that bond which one our part is very ftraight with
the holy and truly Catholike Church of God , with e-
very Saint and found member thereof, thatfofarreas we
can, we might dcliver,partly our felves,partly the Chur-
ches joyned with us from thofe moft grievous crimes,by
which fbme mens fpeeches and books are laid to our
charge. And when we bethought our fclves by what
means it might beft be done , this e/pecially^for theprc-
fenttime feemed a meet way unto us, which would give
offence to no m3n,and might fatisfie all that would yeeld
unto reafon, namely, to publifh this Harmonie ofconfefli-
ons, whereby it might fufficiently beunderftood, how
falfely we are charged, as though we, that have rejected
popilh errors, agreed not at all among our felves. For(to
begin with thofe ftout niaintainers of the Romilh tyran-
nie, who will yet feeme to be defenders of the truth, this
conference of confeflions will plucke every vifardfrom
their faces,when as it (hall plainly appear,that all the opi-
nions in thefe confeflions of faith were in other fundry
words fo laid down , that yet the fame truth alwaies abi-
deth, and there is none at all , or very little difference in
the things themselves. And how narrow muft they needs
perceive the bounds of that their Catholike Church to
be , when it (hall be openly known , that fo many king-
domes, provinces, cities, peoples and nations profefling
the truth of the Gofpel , doe with common confent re-
nounce the abufes and orders of the Romi(h Church? As
for thofe whom ( without any defert) itpleafcth to count
us among the Arrians and Turks, they (hall fee alio how
farre through the benefit of God we be from fuch hai-
nous and wicked errours. And theyalfo, who accu feus
offedition, (hall perceive how reverently wethinke of
the digoitie of Kings , and the Magiftratcs autboritie,