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The Preface.

wordiipping the myfterie ofthe hoIyTrinitie-, loe,about

the latter end, that unhappy monfter of Vbiquitie came
forth, which if it be admitted, will quite overthrow the
true dodrine of Chrifts perfon, and his Natures. Hence
then come the diftradiions of Churches, hence come fo
deadly quarrellings. But feeing this whole matter hath
been often handled by many learned men, it is no time
for us to deale any farther therein. Forir isfufficientfor
us to (hew in few words, that our men fo farre as was pof-
fiblc; alwaies provided for the peace of the Church.
Neither truely hath any man caufe after the example
ofcertain Moderators (fuchas not long fince have been)
why he (hould perfwade himfelfe that we would hearc of
this hotch-potch of opinions make acertaine medlieas
it were of contrarie qualities. But we leave all things

whole, that every one may k> know his owne words be-
ing compared with the fayings of others, thathefliall
fiade nothing forged, nothing taken away, nothing put
to, or wrefted. And co conclude, the forme and drift of
this whole work, if it be more narrowly viewed, fhall
not unworthily be judgedafound bodyofChriftiando-
(Strine, framed and allowed by the writings,and as it were
byacommoncouncelof the godly Churches well nigh
of all Europe. For here all the chiefe points of oar Reli-
gion, being difcuffed and approved, are by the publique
authoritie of all the chiete Nations in Chriftendome
with one confent publilhed and knit together yet we

muft confefle, as we afore touched, that through the

manifold and bufie braulings of private perfons , and
glofles(as men commonly fpeak)the matter was brought
farre from the grounds thereof to things cleane befides
the purpofe and impertinent. For firft there bcganne to
be dealing onely about the Supper : then it came to
Chrifts Afceniion and fitting in heaven: and within a
while after to the perfonall union of both his natures,