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The Preface,

that doth truely beleeve,they would themfel ves alfo be

giune to be of the fame minde with us, and quietly, and
loberly conferre with their brethren, of what things they
fliall think good, rather then themfelves to flander and

give the adverfaries occafion to rayle upon the Gofpel.

But if they will not doit,letthis publique and everlafting
monument witnestoallthat come after, that we & all of
our fide are and fhall be free not only from the grievous
reproches , with which we are undefervedly laden, but
alfo without blame of all the hurly burlies and diffenti-
ODS that have been hitherto,and that(which God forbid)
areperadventurelikctobe more grievous, unlcffcit be
fpeedily prevented on both fides.
And feeing in this Harmonie we fpeake not onely with
our owne, but even with the mouth of all thofe Nations,
whofe Confeffions we have brought into one forme of
one and the fame do(2:rine we hope it will come topafle

that not fo much thefeveral names of the French,Bdgia,

and other Confeffions (hall hereafter be heard, as that
one onely univerfall, fimple, plaine, and abfolute Con-
feffionofallthe Churches (fpeaking as it were with one
and the fame tongue of Chartaan) fhall be feenc : and that
they who were thought to be farre wide (as hath hither-
to not altogether without defert by reafon of over many
mens private writings beene thought of us and the bre-
thren of the Confeffion o{ Aufpurge) if fo be that men
keep within the bounds of the Confeffions,and all cavil-
ling and be laid afide, and as well faithfull as
favourable cxpofition be admitted, (hall be thought very
neerely to agree in all things. And this was the caufe
why we defired to put the Confeffion of Aujpurge, toge-
ther alfo with that o^Saxoy,SLnd this Har-
moniey that it might be the more eafily kuowne,that both
we agree with them in all particular points of faith, and
that there arc very few matters hanging in coatroverfie