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The Preface,

and what ftay will there be in the end > for many, (by all
mens leave be it fpoken) feemeto be delighted with this
concinjall ftriving, that howfoever, and whatfoever ic
might coft them, they might not be unknowne. But it
becometh the Difciples of Chrift to feeke peace, ana to
defpife glory. For as B crn^rd fliith, The-j that dejpife peace,
and feeke after gUrie, thcf hfe both peace and glory. Away
therefore with thofe fpeeches, / am offaul, 1 am of
Cephas, and let that one faying be heard, I am Chrifts, I
am the Churches.
There is fomething that raaybemifliked, yet there
are very many things that may w^U be liked: the fame
ground worke of faith abideth, let therefore the fame
love continue and let us not thinke much to take them

for brethren, whom God vouchfafeth to take for fonnes

neither let us defpife thofe, for whom Chrift defpifed
himielfe. That thing is afluredly true, and very much
liked of uSjthat nothing in holy do(3:rine is to be thought
of fen all importance: but rather that even in thcleaft
points thereof a certaine faith and full aflurance is requin
red, flat contrary to the wavering of the Academikes
yet we cannot like of too coo much pee viflinefle, through
which fome do ftraight way upon very fmalloccafion call
their brethren heretikes, fchifmatikes, ungodly, Maho-
metans:let thefe fpeeches be thrown out againftAtheifts,
EpicuresLibertines, AriauSjAnabaptifts, &fuch likemif-
chevous perfons,which defire to have the Lords field ut-
terly deftroyed:but let us every day grow in faith &love;
and let us teach the flocks committed to our charge, to
fear God,to hate vices, and follow after vertues, to deuie
the world and themfelves : obeying the coramandemenc
of our Lord and teacher lefus Chrift, who biddeth us not
to braule but to love each other. Whofc example in
governing the Church if we will follow, we fhall raife up
thofe that are afflic^ed^take up thofe that are faloe, cofort