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The Preface,

the feeble, waken the drowfie, aod not negh'gently de-

nounce Gods wrath againft linnes, and fhali draw out the
fword of the fame word which is no blunt one againft hy-
pocrites, wolves, dogs, fwine, goates, and to conclude
againft all wicked ones which in our Churches mingle
themfelves with the true fheepe, and which caufe the
wordofGodtobeevillfpokenof. Itwereafarre better
thing furely then that which forae do, bufying thefharp-
neffe of their wit in making of certaine trifles, that for-
foorh the knowledge of fuchfubtilties, may fhake out of
our raindes all confcience. It was juftly faid that the
ftrength ofthe Gofpel was weakened through the thorny
fubtilties of fchoole-queftions and we through our way-

ward difpu rations what elle doe we, then caufe that the
authoritie thereof be not ftrengthned, but rather weak-
ned, and doe even ftagger among the wicked. We reade
it exce llently written in Lzi/i>, a very grave writer, that

not onelj grudges, but alfo warres have an endyand that often-
times deadly foes become fait hfuU confederates^ yea andfome-
times Citize/is : and that by the fame /peeches ofthe people of
Rome, very bitter er crueU enmities have bcene taken up be-
trveene men of great account. And that which thefe few
words wrought with the heathen, Ihall not god linefte to-
ward God obtaine at the hands of Chriftians, of Divines,
and of Paftours of Churches > yea of the travell of read-
ing and diligently examining and conferring of this
booke (hall not be irkefome,ifupright and finctre judge-
ment, if not prejudicate opinions, but the love of one
truth fhall beare fway in all mens hearts, it will fhortly
obtaine it. That old contention about the celebrating
of Eaftcr very hotly toffcd to and fro, for two hundred
yeeres, or there about, bctweene the Greeks and the La-
tines, was^onglince by us thought worthy of laughter
but we muft take good heed, left in a matter not altoge-
ther unlike, we fecme to be wifer then both, if fo be that