The International Association of Accounting Professionals (IAAP) offers

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one of the most respected not-for-profit organisations worldwide – the IAAP is truly standard setting.Overseen by the UK-based IAB . You can rest assured that every IAAP qualification certificate upholds the highest professional standards. .

The Bachelor of Accounting in particular is one of Australia's most highly-regarded business degrees.  Corporate restructuring .edu.  Tax accounting . Some common accounting roles:  Financial accounting .to ensure compliance with the tax laws while minimising taxes paid by business.the independent examination of a business's financial statements. financial reward. because the skills and knowledge acquired during their education are highly versatile. plus a year of specialised work training and studies in related business disciplines. in terms of long-term employment prospects. upon which external decision-makers such as investors. creditors and the Government rely. satisfaction and challenge.providing detailed information in the form of formal reports to people outside of a business.  Management accounting .Website : http://www.providing detailed information to management on how the business is performing. overseas recognition of qualifications and opportunities to work abroad. make our graduates highly employable in a large number of sectors. merged or reconstructed businesses . creditors and the Government. Graduates with a strong focus on accounting take on a wide range of roles within the industry. The accredited accounting programs Career prospects Accounting in general can offer one of the best career paths available to young Australians.  Auditing .uts.working with newly acquired. such as investors.

Other roles in business open to accounting graduates:  Finance . foreign exchange.setting detailed plans for achieving a business’ goals. and  Cost accounting . Accountants maintain and process financial information a company requires for managing and reporting its affairs. Company accountants monitor the quality.  Insolvency . economics and regulation.  Budgeting and planning . government accounting and internal auditing are four basic types of accountants.  Stockbroking and funds management.  Information system design . management. tax strategies and health care benefit management. development and use of systems to track finances. Modern accountants are knowledgeable business professionals responsible for tracking the money trail. job prospects and longevity of demand.including aspects such as managing risk.  Insurance .analysing the specific costs of a business in order to achieve greater profitability.  Financial planning and superannuation.  Banking .managing the affairs of businesses in financial trouble.providing advice and planning services on how to better run investment and financing decision-making  Management consulting . pricing of insurance products and statutory controls. such as: . Five careers in accounting are at the top of the list in terms of salary. as appointed by the business's creditors or a court.developing systems (usually computerised) to handle an organisation's information needs. Modern accounting involves computation of costs and efficiency of new technology as well as participation in mergers and acquisitions. Types of Accountants Public. Within the four basic types are specialty areas. ranging from simple bookkeeping to complex analysis and appraisals. Top 5 courses Accounting Angles and Aspects Specialties in accounting are numerous. The best and brightest accountants are vital to the success of a company or corporation.  Government .financial management of public sector organisations at all levels.including aspects such as managing risk.

internationally accepted certificate for internal auditors.00 . The national average salary ranges between $78. Internal auditing includes operational effectiveness.000 and $102. Newcomers need a Bachelor’s Degree and two years of fieldwork.1) Internal Auditor 2) Compliance Executive 3) Financial Analyst 4) Staff Accountant 5) External Auditor Jobs and Salaries • The Internal Auditor works to improve company controls thus bringing the company into compliance with mandates accompanying new government regulations. accuracy of financial reports. and investigating fraud This accountant needs to be a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).