Stage/ Content Teaching and Learning Activity Rationale Remarks

Set Characters 1. Pupils are to take out their Jungle 1.To attract the Teaching aids
induction introduction Book. attention of the -The Jungle
± 3 mins
Subject English 2. Teacher reminds the pupils on the pupils. Book
Class Year 4 Utarid 2.To activate
rules of the class.
Enrolment 26 pupils pupils’ prior CCTS:
3. Teacher asks a few questions
Level of proficiency Low
Teacher’s -remembering
4. Teacher introduces the lesson of the
Time 10.50a.m-11.50a.m.
Date 1. What19 August
is the 2016
title of
Day Friday
the story? Moral values:
Theme 2. WhoWorld
are inof knowledge
this -we must follow
Topic story? The Jungle Book rules set by the
Module Language Arts teacher in the
Content Standard and Learning Standard class.
Presentatio Watching teacher’s 1. Teacher acts out the dialogues one 1. To give inputs Teaching aids
n acting by one. to the pupils on 1. props.
± 15 mins Dialogues:Content Standard Learning Standard the plot of the 2. masks.
4.3 By the end At theofcouncil
2. Pupilspupils
6-year schooling, read the dialogues on the roller
4.3.2 Able to plan, prepare
Narrator: story.and display creative
3. roller board.
rock. All the board after the acting.
will be able towolves
plan, organize and produce works based on literary2.texts using the
To explain a variety of
works for enjoyment.3. Teacher asks media
were having a meeting a few questions to
creative with guidance. difficult words in CCTS:
there. make sure the pupils are listening
Wolf 1: Akela, we found
the story using -understanding
Behavioural objectives: and watching.
a man-cub. actions.
By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
4. Teacher explains the meaning of the
Wolf 2: His name is Moral values:
1. fill in at least 5 speech bubbles in the worksheet
Mowgli. We want to
1 with guidance.
difficult words.
-Be kind to other
2. role play theraisescene
him within our
Jungle Book
5. inTeacher
groups.instils moral values.
Cross curriculum Thinking
Akela: Where are hisskills: knowledge, comprehension, application
emphases Wolf 1: We think Shere
Khan killedContextual
them. learning: scene in the story “The Jungle Book”.
Akela: I see. If two intelligences: interpersonal, visual and kinaesthetic
others speak value:
for him, I love animals.
will let him stay.-
Baloo: I have
Language content Actionalways
verbs-brought, loved, taught, caught, run away and found.
taught your cubs the
CCTS Remembering, understanding, predicting and creating.
laws of the jungle. I
Instructional Roller board, masks, worksheets, and mahjong paper.
think I could teach a
materials man-cub the same
Previous knowledge Pupils know some of the characters in the story.
Baloo: Let him stay.
Anticipated Pupils may not know some of the events in the story.
Akela: Your word is as
problems good as one of ours,
Solutions Baloo. Will anyone else
Teachers show video and pictures to help the pupils to remember the story.
Practice Activity: 1. Each pupil is given worksheet 1. 1. To give Teaching aids:
± 20 mins Fill in the speech opportunity to the 1. worksheet 1
2. The pupils have to fill in the speech
bubbles pupils to practice
bubbles with appropriate dialogues.
the dialogues. CCTS:
3. Teacher discusses the answers with 2. To promote 1. understanding
the pupils. understanding.
Moral values:
-we must be kind
to the other
Production Activity: 1. Teacher divided the class into 6 1. To evaluate Teaching aids:
± 20 mins Performance groups. pupils’ -worksheet 1
2. Each group has to assign characters understanding of
to each group members. the lesson. CCTS:
3. Each group role play the scene in -creating
front of the class.
4. The group that has the best Moral values:
performance will be awarded stars. -we must work
with our team
Closure Activity: 1. Teacher distributes a sticky paper to 1. To sum up the Teaching aids:
± 2 mins Write your each pupil. lesson. -sticky papers
decisions. 2. Teacher asks a few questions. 2. To instil moral
Teacher’s 3. Teacher reiterates the moral value value. CCTS: