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the typical corporate-image. market share and profitability. relating to sales-volume. firms have different mixes of objectives. and should also be realistic and achievable 2 . the objectives. and they do place differing emphasis.  Although.  Generally. in measurable and quantitative terms.OBJECTIVES OF SALES MANAGEMENT  These objectives may be very explicit and definitive. as far as possible. objectives of sales-management have to cover various sales-functions. on individual ones. in an integrated manner.  These objectives are to be expressed. or they may be implicit or general.  While all these objectives are important to a business firm.

We know that marketing basically consist of spotting the need of customer & meeting them in the best possible manner. It helps a firm acquire a better understanding of the consumer. It also aids the formulation of the marketing mix. 3 . Research plays a key role in the process starting with market measurement. Decision of each element of the marketing mix. promotion and pricing need research report. Research helps the firm in every component of the total marketing task. the competition and the marketing environment. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY According to Green & Tull “Research is systematic & objective search for the analysis of information relevant to the identification & solution of any problem in the field of marketing. product distribution.

the consumers & the company’s personnel. NEED & SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The Company controls more than half of the Indian soft drink market. it includes the survey to calculate the existing status of organization’s brand visibility with respect to its competitors. The main source of information for this study was the retail outlets. 4 . The merchandising policy etc. The sample was designed keeping in view the sample unit & the size of the sample. The data collected for this project was primary data. Making the census of the entire universe was not possible hence sampling becomes inevitable. it plans to maintain its need.

5 . Approximately 100 retail outlets were observed for visibility of the product. the sample size was chosen to be 100 retail outlets. So for market. where each sample element has a known & equal probability of selection. DEVELOPMENT THE SAMPLEDESIGN The sample was designed keeping in view of the following basic components :- A) CHOOSING THE SAMPLE UNIT For this project simple random sampling was chosen. B) CHOOSING THE SAMPLE SIZE The sample size was chose keeping in mind the size to be good enough to solve the purpose & should be in available time.

In addition. In other words. takes into consideration a number of these viewpoints. are supervised and controlled by sales-management. while these activities of the person. They plan. pricing. selecting. direction. is now society-oriented. In these transactions the second one persuades the first person. Originally.e. simultaneous with the changes taking place in the business. is called as the salesman. as well as marketing-orientation. and use control procedures appropriate to the firm’s situation and its objectives. the result of this action as sales. they have to plan. So. Sales-management differs from other fields of management. physical distribution. as ministers do in states and at the centre. Executives capable of applying the professional approach to sales management are in high demand today. it has gained a significant position in the today’s world. The quality of selling is referred to as salesmanship. including advertising. build and maintain effective organisations and design and utilize efficient control procedures. Now. Thus. direct and control their personnel. It calls for skilful application of organisational principles to the conduct of sales operations. the professional approach demands the ability to install. the sales management meant management of all marketing activities. it is a system of authority. who does this act. Here success lies in running together. paying. rating. Introduction In daily life. selling activities of a business unit including recruiting. The business. and control of the personnel. In the present scenario sales executives are professionals. a layman deals with different transaction in terms of selling and purchasing of goods and services. involving’ group-effort’ in the pursuit of common goals or objectives. on human-welfare aspects. mainly in different aspects: the selling operation of a business firm does not exist in isolation. The American marketers association (AMA’s) definition. Its definitions runs like: the planning. no doubt. The person. though. Managers are the captains of the army of their followers.. Managers do the same thing in industry. market-efficient qualitative and quantitative personal-selling strategy. Co-ordination is its key. and product merchandising. which are predetermined. anew concept of sales management has evolved. in co-existence with the traditional lines. motivating. the term ‘sales management’ referred to the direction of sales force personnel. marketing research. supervising. selling may be defined as persuading people to satisfy the want of first one. The present emphasis is now on total development of human resources. operate. Therefore. training. 6 . as all these tasks apply to the personnel sales-force. ‘management’ is synonymous with leadership. sales promotion. sales-management has to work in a broader and newer environment. but the emphasis is on harmony and not conflict. forecast. it may be quoted: it is a socio-scientific process. But. Further. i. The professionals approach requires thorough analysis. assigning. hand in hand.

It would have been good to include how useful consumers perceive web mavens information and utility. I totally agree to this view. But internet security issues and fraudulent practices in the internet by companies are excluded in this discussion. However we believe that examples are provided only of some successful dotcoms at least failure. That would have provided some more insight into their research. The author could have included information as to whether companies are still able to sell well without actually being concerned about web mavens at all. I fully agree with authors that web mavens come in handy when consumers find it difficult to purchase products that are technically complex and buying the best value products taking into consideration frequent model changes. It would be good if we had included what extent of sophistication is required for consumers in order to understand web mavens. It would also be interesting the percentage of companies that 7 . I fully agree with the authors that constructive criticism by the web mavens on the products can help improve the product quality by companies quickly. His primary finding is that internet offers consumers better prices. price information. If so it would be good to see how they manage to do it. Review of Literature (Jaeki song et al 2006) in their work compares and contrasts between companies motivation to choose between internet channels and traditional channels. Market access. He suggests web would a serious alternative to traditional marketing and proper pricing by internet companies is what which attracts the consumer. Competition and pricing policies have been used to compare between both the channels. improve loyalty to the product and help them gain market share. Importance (Davidson Alistair et al 2006) have discussed how web-mavens positively influence the minds of both consumers and companies. reasons of failure of some dotcoms should have been taken into consideration for discussion.

These strategies are indeed important for survival in the internet space. Effects on environment: (Chen et al 2000) claim that internet marketing will bring about a greener atmosphere (environmental protection) by reducing fuel consumption needed for regular purchase. I agree that these factors do play an important role. 8 . From the author’s point of view to be successful in internet marketing the companies should recognize that consumer market is different.react to web mavens and those who don’t. The author could have included some information as to what drives companies to pursue a paperless office whether it is cost savings alone or company’s decision to protect the environment for a social cause or other factors such as market pressure from other companies who are doing the same. communication with the consumer is going direct. open competition has to be faced and market accessibility is going to be the key. Authors could have included information about various companies in various sectors who have considered internet marketing as an environmental friendly scheme. I also agree that Internet marketing promotes paperless office and saves space and brings about energy savings by preventing kiosk displays. If the authors had collected data to justify their claims it would be more authentic. Credit should be given to the authors who have looked at internet marketing from this perspective. This would establish more credibility of web mavens. net users want more control. In addition to this author discusses various strategies that could be used on the internet namely targeting. promotional strategy. authenticity is important as touch and feeling is missing and security to protect consumer privacy. product strategy and distribution strategy. How to be successful (Aldridge Alicia et al 1997) in their paper discuss about what companies should consider when operating in internet commerce space. It is also true that it promotes easy shipping of commodities which would be difficult in traditional sales. I totally agree to their view.

Shorter time of two months. 2. The customer was required to fill the questionnaire but it has to be done by myself. LIMITATIONS 1. 9 . Only a single person cannot more data in short span of Time. 4. Survey is conducted only in india 3.

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