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Welcome to the Sophos Wireless training module.
Sophos Certified Sales Consultant
SC902 Sophos Wireless
July 2016
Version: 2.0

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By the end of this module, you will be able to:

 Identify requirements for deploying Sophos Wireless
 Define subscription requirements for managing Sophos Wireless in Sophos Central
 Identify appropriate deployment options
 Explain the feature release frequency for Sophos Wireless in Sophos Central

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You will find that there are very few potential customers who don‘t need a wireless network.

Many will already have implemented a solution, more or less successfully.

Wireless is rarely a buy once and keep it long-term type of solution – except maybe in the very large enterprise space – so
displacements are common, particularly as equipment becomes outdated and new standards are introduced.

So what are the types of solutions you may find deployed at customer sites?

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Firstly, there are consumer-grade and unmanaged routers with integrated Wi-Fi:

This is the kind of thing you may have at home yourself, but you‘d be surprised how many small businesses rely on a
consumer-grade, or unmanaged router with integrated Wi-Fi to provide wireless access in their office.

The investment is very low but such solutions don‘t offer the kind of features or even basic management which businesses
should have.

Then we have appliance-managed Wireless LAN:

There are two ways in which wireless can be managed from an appliance:
- The first is if the appliance has the access point integrated. Most firewall vendors offer desktop appliances with
integrated Wi-Fi.
- The second is to manage external wireless access points from a firewall or UTM. These are both ideal for businesses
looking to consolidate their security on a single box to cover one or more offices.

Next are the Enterprise Controller-based Wi-Fi:

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Larger organizations may use a wireless controller to manage external access points. Such hardware-based solutions are
often quite feature-rich but do come at a price. The administration of such solutions generally requires broader knowledge
of wireless networking to put it to full use.

And finally, cloud-managed Wi-Fi:

Cloud-based solutions are generally cost effective and highly scalable, however, until now, they have predominantly been
offered by pure-play wireless vendors who have had little focus on security. This is gradually changing.

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With the limited IT resources many of your customers have to contend with, cloud-Managed Wi-Fi is becoming a very
popular choice for distributed businesses and organizations.

There will be many very large customers who stick to their controller-based solution, particularly if they have already made
a significant investment, have the resources for administration and want to keep everything on-site. But cloud-managed
Wi-Fi can offer many benefits for a broad range of customers:

 The ability to manage the solution from any location fits well with today‘s more mobile IT teams
 Scaling a solution managed through the cloud is very simple – you simply add an access point
 Cloud-managed solutions tend to be very agile and the cloud architecture allows features to be added more
frequently than traditional software development methods
 Many cloud-based solutions integrate with Mobile Device Management solutions. Sophos has exciting plans for
Synchronized Security between Mobile and Wireless in the future.
 And the shift to the cloud means that the hardware investment is limited to Access Points, making it a more
attractive cost model for many businesses.

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Sophos has been successfully selling wireless for a number of years and many of you are familiar with the Wireless
Protection which can be managed from a Sophos UTM or XG Firewall.

Here's an overview of Sophos Wireless solutions available today.

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With the introduction of Sophos Wireless managed from Sophos Central, we offer more flexibility for you and your
customers and allow you to position wireless in more deals than ever before.

And as all solutions are designed to support a common portfolio of access points, you just need to select the deployment
method which best suits your customer – in terms of the project overall and the customer environment.

We will provide further details on what to sell and when later in this module.

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So how does Sophos Wireless work when managed in Sophos Central?

Sophos Central provides a single Sophos platform to manage a number of security solutions. From the beginnings with
Cloud Endpoint, we now also offer Mobile, Server, Wireless and Web and Email too.

The brains of Sophos Central are hosted in the cloud.

Once access points have been registered in Sophos Central, the management of the APs through the Admin console is
established and so the wireless network can be managed from any location using just a browser.

There is no further hardware needed to deploy our solution.

AP firmware and software updates are provided in the same way.

And even if a customer has more than one site, they can be managed from the same console.

In the future, we plan to add more intelligence into our APs which will allow us to provide advanced features which are not
possible today.

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For more information about Sophos Central, please follow the Sophos Central training course, available from the training

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Since the release of Sophos Wireless, we have rapidly introduced a broad set of features for the configuration and
management of Wireless Networks.

Current features include usage insight, management and control of guest access and hotspots, the phased introduction of
Rogue Access Point detection, a basic network planner and other tools for administration and monitoring.

Sophos Wireless is quite different to most of our other solutions in that we introduce new releases every three weeks (and
in future possibly even more frequently than that), so we cannot mention every single feature in this training.

Also, as we plan features on a quarterly basis, those mentioned here will either be already in the product or scheduled for
release in the very near future (think weeks rather than months).

The Sophos Wireless community provides full details of each release under the link shown here.

Please also check Sophos Hub or the Partner Portal for further information on very new features such as rogue AP
detection and guest access.

Let‘s take a look at some of the key features in a little more detail...

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The dashboard within Sophos Central will be the main source of information for any admin.

It not only provides an overview of the ‘health' of any access points that have been set up, there is also information about
the general status of networks and firmware updates.

Without leaving this first view, it is possible to look into the client status to identify when there were connectivity issues
and to get a better insight into traffic patterns, for example, to check for inappropriate usage.

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The usage insights tab provides a deep dive into Wireless traffic with Web categorization where you can drill-down into the
detail and see which domains were visited.

This allows your customers to identify inappropriate use or other issues.

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Within the sites section, a customer can create multiple sites, assign APs to them and upload their own floor plans.

The floor plans can be used as a first-order approximation of how the wireless network could be set up.

This area also provides the possibility to see other networks in your neighborhood.

These are just a few of the features supported by Sophos Wireless in Sophos Central – why not take a look yourself by
signing up for a free trail. Visit for further details or simply click on the icon displayed here on the

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Licensing of Sophos Wireless is very straight forward, but it's also very flexible...

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There are two parts to any purchase of Sophos Wireless in Sophos Central.

First you need to purchase the access point or points; this is a one-time fee and varies depending on the chosen model.

The second part is the required software subscription. You need to purchase a subscription for each and every access point
you intend to manage from Sophos Central.

Sophos Wireless is licensed in this way to be more in line with the wireless solutions that you will be competing against
with this product.

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With our APs, we have a number of form factors to suit very different environments and budgets and as mentioned before,
these are priced individually. There will be more information on the APs shortly.

Next you need to select the right license for each of your APs.

We currently offer Sophos Wireless Standard for Sophos Central but for licensing purposes, we have separated our APs
into two different categories:

 Entry for the AP 15 models.
 And Performance for the AP 55 and 100 models.

Although the features are identical for all models at this time, as we add in further features there may be some things
which are supported on higher end models due to the architecture of the AP and memory capacity which cannot be
supported on today‘s AP 15 units.

You will need to purchase a Sophos Wireless Standard license for each AP you want to deploy.

It is important to note that the Standard software subscription includes Enhanced support, so customers get all security
and product upgrades relevant to that subscription, but it does not include extended warranty for the managed APs.

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If a customer wants warranty beyond the 1 year which comes with the unit, they will need to purchase that separately.

An Advanced subscription will be introduced at a later date.

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And now to Wireless Protection in UTM and XG Firewall.

Even if you‘re not selling these products today, we want to make it clear how the licensing of our wireless solutions differs.

Sophos UTM Wireless Protection can be sold as an individual subscription or as part of one of our cost effective FullGuard
or TotalProtect bundles.

With XG Firewall, it‘s quite different. Wireless protection is included in the perpetual base firewall license which is
purchased with every appliance.

Wireless for Cyberoam products is licensed in the same way as XG.

So our appliance-managed wireless is always licensed per appliance and of course, wireless access points are sold

Please ensure you check the support services guide for full details about support licensing for these products.

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So today there are 2 ways to deploy wireless - managed from an appliance or managed from Sophos Central.

Here‘s what you need for each of them:

With UTM and XG you need an appliance – that could be a hardware, software or virtual appliance.

Both solutions use the same portfolio of access points – today those are AP 15, AP 55 and AP 100 models.

UTM and XG are licensed per appliance, whereas you need to purchase a license per AP in Sophos Central.

And of course, you need an Internet connection but that goes without saying...

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Sophos has a broad range of access points suitable for diverse deployment scenarios.

Let's find out what's available...

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Our access points range from our entry level AP 15 and AP 15 C to the outdoor IP67 certified AP 100X.

All these access points can be managed either from Sophos Central or from our SG UTM or XG Firewall appliances.

Take a look at the access point specifications here... then click Next when you're ready to continue.

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Let's now take a look at the market for Sophos Wireless...

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We will address this in a three phased approach:

 Phase 1 is all about building a stable product with a good base set of features suited to projects with 3 to 30 access
o Those are not hard limits but simply represent our planned focus for the first few months.
o Your initial customers will typically be small and medium businesses with distributed networks possibly
over a number of offices. You can see the kind of competitors we are likely to face in that market here.

 Phase 2 starts in 2017 when we will extend the scalability of the product to address much larger deployments and
will also add in some advanced security features which we don‘t have in our wireless protection products today.
o This will allow us to compete in areas such as small retail stores but also in the classic BYOD space where
there are often a large number of clients.
o It also puts us up against some well-established competitors in this space such as Aruba, Ruckus and
Aerohive but also Meraki, who we already see in many UTM wireless projects.

 Phase 3 will take our solution to a whole new level.
o This allows us to scale up to 1000 access points and 5000 users.
o Again, these are not hard limits but that‘s the size of deployment we will be building our product for.

Typical deployments will be larger school districts and retail.

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Our competitors will be any vendor in the wireless space but it is important to point out that we will not be targeting
deployments in large stadiums, airports and other very high density areas with 10s of thousands of clients connecting.

As mentioned previously, the wireless space is very dynamic and at the time of recording, we already had a number of
larger deployments. We will also have the build phase complete by November 2016 and start to introduce new features
which will allow you to differentiate Sophos from the rest of the market.

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Sophos UTM and XG Firewall Wireless will still be your lead product in all deals which require unified 'everything on one
box‘ security.

Some prospects may not be ready to trust 'the cloud‘ and want to keep something on their premises.

The scalability of any appliance managed wireless solution will have limitations due to the appliance itself – there is only so
much throughput to go round.

So if the buyer requirement is for network security consolidation with everything on one box on their site, UTM and XG
Firewall are probably the best fit.

In Sophos Central, Wireless offers the possibility to address all those non-UTM or firewall deals. You can offer Wireless as a
single product offering to any prospect or to increase your business with any existing Sophos customer.

From November 2016, Sophos Central managed Wireless will offer all the features of our XG and UTM Wireless Protection
and more.

Also with many new features on the near-term roadmap and the increased scalability over time, wireless is a product
which will keep growing and therefore caters perfectly for many growing business today.

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Prospects who want to benefit from the scalability of the cloud and who have a focus on wireless centric features will be
well suited to Sophos Wireless.

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Wireless has become the primary medium used in our connected world – just about everybody needs wireless.

From a Sophos perspective, as you saw on the previous slide, there are already numerous opportunities with existing
customers. We previously were not able to offer a Wireless solution to customers who didn‘t purchase a UTM or Firewall
from us – now we can. So there has never been a better reason to call all your existing Endpoint, Mobile and other

Wireless can help you to increase your existing revenue with Sophos Central but it can also be the foot in the door that you
need to get your first Sophos Central deal with a prospect and add to that later.

Wireless can be sold on its own to any customer or prospect as long as they fit our target audience at this stage.

And there are many more opportunities, so please do ask if you‘re not sure.

Please also note that Wireless is also often purchased independent of other products, for many it is about infrastructure
rather than security and so you may find that you have different contacts for wireless within a prospect company.

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There are a number of ways to start the conversation about wireless:

Ask about current deployments and check the prospects satisfaction with those.

Discuss the benefits of cloud-managed Wi-Fi.

Introduce the idea of Sophos Central through Wireless.

And talk to the customers with Sophos UTM, many of who have wireless but are not using it. They may be looking for a
separate solution.

There is no doubt, that Sophos Wireless opens up a major business opportunity and we will be providing the right features
to make it a success.

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Here's a short video about Sophos Wireless.

Click the play button at the lower left of the screen to start the video, then click the Next button on completion.

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Please take a moment to test your understanding of this module by answering the following knowledge checks.

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Please ensure you have met the module objectives. If there is anything you are unsure of, please rewind and review the
appropriate section.

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To complete the Sophos Wireless training course, please take the course assessment.

You will get four attempts to pass.

Look for the ‘Take Exam’ button at the top right of the window from where you launched this module.

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Your feedback is always welcome. Please email with your comments.

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Thanks for watching.

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