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Indian Standard
(Third Revision)


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Lubricants and Related Products Sectional Committee. Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 take care of requirements of the equipment builders with regard to load bearing characteristics and cleanliness of turbine oils. EP type has been included to take care of the load bearing characteristics. an additional requirement for air release value was included keeping in view the recommendations of major equipment builders and the users of this product. oxidation test and foaming characteristics were modified. the requirements for viscosity range. flash point. The power stations based on gas turbines and combined cycle are expected to become popular owing to their inherent efficiency. a large number of turbines. For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. after the draft finalized by the Lubricants and Related Products Sectional Committee had been approved by the Petroleum. in this version (third revi. pour point. of varying capacities are expected to be installed in the near future. Santacruz. expressing the result of a test or analysis. PCD 4 FOREWORD This Indian Standard (Third Revision) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. it was proposed to revise the specification. The second revision was published in 1987 and in second revision requirements for viscosity index. R&O type (Rust& Oxidation inhibited). observed or calculated. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value shoud be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. air release value and foaming characteristics had been modified based on the field experience and ISO viscosity classification (IS 9466:1980 Viscosity classification for industrial liquid lubricants) was adopted. In view of these developments and to Reliance Energy Ltd. This standard was originally published in 1958.skm)additional performance category. flash point. Particular emphasis was laid on the method for determining the oxidation stability and the duration of the test based on the internationally prevailing practices. The composition of the Committee responsible for formulation of this standard is given in Annex B. the final value. To meet rapidly growing power demands. shall be rounded off in accordance with 1S 2 : 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical value (revised)’. In the first revision. amended in 1966 and revised in 1978. with or without gear boxes. that is Turbine oil. 1’ . Moreover both the above types have been sub-divided into ‘Normal’ and ‘Superclean’ categories depending upon the degree of cleanliness. As existing specification deals with only Turbine oil. Further. Coal and Related Products Division Council.

to meet the steam turbine oil in the presence of requirements of this standard. etc. Title This standard prescribes the requirements and methods [P: 102]: 1981 Determination of air release value of sampling and testing for lubricating oils intended [P: 106]: 1981 Determination of oxidation for use as lubricants and control fluids in steam.1 Description (open) cup The oil shall be blended from suitably refined turbine [P:91] :1979 Emulsion characteristics of petroleum quality base stocks and additives such as rust and oil and synthetic fluids oxidation inhibitors and selected additives as required [P: 96] :1980 Rust preventing characteristics of to control wear.1 Lubricating oils of other intermediate viscosities 2000 Methods of sampling: Part 1 Manual may also be blended as agreed to between the sampling (@r revision) purchaser and the supplier. EP Type — It is intended to be used petroleum products by the $opper strip in turbine lubricating systems where the tarnish test (second revision) machinery requires lubricants with enhanced [P: 161:1990 Density of crude petroleum and liquid load carrying capacity. constitute 3. IS 9466:1980 Viscosity classification for industrial liquid lubricants 2 REFERENCES 3 GRADES AND PERFORMANCE TYPES The following Indian Standards contain provisions which through reference in this text. foam. standards indicated below: C) VG 68. 1 . Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 this standard are encouraged to investigate the a) VG32. All standards are grades as defined in IS 9466: subject to revision. and parties to agreement based on Reliance Energy Ltd. [P: 15]: 1976 Detection of copper corrosion from b) Turbine Oil. [P: 56] :1980 Viscosity index by calculation (second revision) 4 REQUIREMENTS [P: 69] :1969 Flash and tire point by Cleveland 4. IS 1012:2002 Indian Standard TURBINE LUBRICATING OILS — SPECIFICATION (Third Revision) 1 SCOPE IS No. gas characteristics of inhibited steam- a~d hydroturbine systems at ambient temperatures of turbine oils O C and above. At the time of publication The lubricating oil shall fall in one of the following four the editions indicated were valid. The use of viscosity water improvers is not permitted. namely ‘Normal’ and [P: 25] :1976 Determination of kinematic and ‘Superclean’ depending upon the cleanliness dynamic viscosity (first revision) level.1. petroleum products by hydrometer Each of these two types is further sub-divided method (third revision) into two categories. and IS No.2 Performance Types products: [P: 1]: 1971 Neutralization number of Thelubricants shall be of the following two pefiormance potentiometric titration (@ revision) types: {P:2]: 1967 Acidity (first revision) a) Turbine Oil. Title d) VG 100. Santacruz. possibility of applying the most recent editions of the b) VG46. 1447(Part l): Petroleum and its products — 3. 1448: Methods of test for petroleum and its 3. Rust and Oxidation (R&O) Type — lt is intended to be used in turbine lubricating [P: lo]: 1970 Cloud point and pour point @st system where the machinery does not require revision) lubricants with enhanced load carrying capacity. demulsibility.1 Grades provisions of this standard.

the lot shall be declared to meet the 5. Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 6 SAMPLING 4. 4. all containing material purchaser and the supplier.3.2 The lot shall be declared as conforming to the The material shall also meet the requirements of the requirements for viscosity index if the expression hydrogen sohtbility test. sample.2 Homogeneity a) Name and grade of the material. The test values and the method ~ – 0.3 In respect of each characteristic tested on the 5 PACKING AND MARKING composite sample. The additives used shall be wholly soluble in the oil c) Net mass in the containeq 1.3. of oils shall comply with the requirements given in Table 1. requirements for kinematic viscosity if the expression 4.1 The finished oilshall beclearand free fromwater. Reliance Energy Ltd. temperatures abov$ the specified pour point upto 120”C.3 Criteria for Conformity requirement of load bearing characteristics as specified 6. and shall be uniformly distributed throughout at all d) Batch number or code number.6 Optional Requirements ~ +0.2.1 Representative sample of the material shall be The ‘Normal’ category of both R&O and EP type drawn as prescribed in IS 1447 (Part 3).5 Specific Requirements 6. 6.2 Marking suspended matter. The EP type of oil should also meet additional 6. when tested according to the methods 6.1 The use of Standard Mark is governed by the 4.2 Number of Tests prescribed in COI7 of Table 1. supplier.1. with the following information: 4. of the same grade and belonging to the same batch of manufacture shall be grouped together to constitute a lot. if any with identification shall regain homogeneity and shall show no evidence in code of otherwise to enable the lot of of separation or stratification when brought to the consignment or manufacturer to be traced ambient temperature in an undisturbed condition. Santacruz. and \ When cooled to 6 C below its pour point for 4 h. Tests for kinematic viscosity and viscosity index shall The ‘Superclean’ category of R&O and EP type oils be conducted on each of the individual samples while should also meet additional cleanliness test requirement the remaining tests shall be made on the composite qspecified in the footnote of Table 1. 1986 and the Rules and regulations made thereunder.4 Compatibility provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. IS 1012:2002 4.2.3 The properties of the oil shall not be affected by 5. Mumbai with the requirements of this standard. sediment and other extraneous Each containers shall be securely closed and marked impurities. 6. other suitable containers as agreed to between the NOTE — In a single consignment. i . 5.1 Packing specification requirements if all test results on the composite sample meet the corresponding requirement The material shall be packed in metal containers or in given in the specification.1.3. Oils supplied against this standard shall be compatible with any other oil fully meeting the requirements of this The details of conditions under which the licence for the use of Standard Mark may be granted to standard. 5. back. if a manufactures or producers maybe obtained from the mixture of equal volumes of unused oils complies fully Bureau of Indian Standards. procedure described in Annex A. the oil f) Recognised trade-mark.6 R lies within the range specified in Table 1. b) Indication of source of manufacturer. dirt.6 R is greater than or equal to the minimum limit shall be as agreed to between the purchaser and the specified in Table 1. (viii) of Table 1] after the Mark.1 The lot shall be declared as conforming to the in Table 2. Oils shall be considered to be compatible.1 BIS Cer@cation Marking water washing detemlined by testing the rust preventive The containers may also be marked with the Standard characteristics [see S1No. e) Date of manufacture.

~ Shall pass the test ~ (P :96 Procedure B) teristics 24 h test (see also Annex A) Reliance Energy Ltd. the method ASTM D 4% shallbe used.0 3.3 [P .9000 To report To report [P : 16] Max Ij The ‘Superclean’ categoryof both R&o and EP type oils should also meet additional ‘cleanliness’ test requirement of class 8 Max as per NAS 1638. / A \ No.9000 0. VG 32 VG 46 VG 68 VG 100 Ref to [P:] of IS 14481) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) i) Load carrying capacity ~ 8th stage for all viscosity ~ [P : ‘q I) Under prePamtion. UK or DIN 51354 may be followed. Not worse than No. Mumbai ix) Emulsion characteristics.3 and4.4 61. minutes xiii) Cleanliness.6 74.8p filter porosity). Santacruz. the method CEC L.8 41. IUux -6 -6 -6 -6 [P : 10] vii) Corro$veness to copper <. Nil Nil Nil Nil [P : 2] mg KOH/g v) Flash poir$ Cleveland 190 200 210 210 [P : 69] open cup. 11124”C. mm2/s Min 28. Mox iv) Inorganic acidity. “C. Till such time the In&Ian s~n~rd is published. Min.se4. ml ~ 25/nil ~ c) Seq. Till such time the Indian Standard is rmblished.8 110 ii) Viscosity index.3 0. 1] mg KOH/g.0 [P : ‘)] (0. u This is a type test for which manufacturers/suppliem shall give the guarantee for its compliance. ● \ No. IS 1012:2002 Table 1 Requirements for Turbine Lubricating Oils of R&O and EP Type (’Normal’ and ‘Supercleanlj’) (Clauses 4.2 90 Max 35. Table 2 Additional Requirement forTurbineLubricating O* of EP Type (’Normal’ and ‘Superclean’) (C’lau. [P : 67] Max a) Seq. s) Under DmDamtion. I 24°C3 ml ~ 300/nii ~ b) Seq. in h xii) Air release value at 50”C 5 6 8 10 [P : 102] Max.0 TAN.3 0. These limits apply only at the time of delivery. The cleanliness limits are meant to be only representative of good workmanship in manufacture and as general pmctice the oil must be filtered prior to its charging in the lubrication system according to equipment manufacturer’s recommendations. 1193.5 C.5) sl Characteristics Requirement for Grades Method of Test.71 published by Co-ordinating European Council. gravimetric 3.07-A. ml ~300/nil ~ xi) Oxidation stability) 2500 2000 2000 1 500 [P : 106] time to reach 2. Max xiv) Density at 15“C.0 3.3 0. C. Min vi) Pour point.5) SI Characteristics Requirement for Grades Method of Test. 0. VG 32 VG 46 VG 68 VG 100 Ref to [P:] of 1S 1448 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) i) Ki~ematic viscosity at [P : 25] 40 C. 1 ~ [P: 15] at 100 C for 3 h. 3 / . +—40-40-0—-+ 4--–40–40-0+ [P : 91] Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 Max (20) (25) x) Foaming characteristics. mg/100 ml. Mox viii) Rust preventing charac. A4in 100 98 95 95 [P : 56] iii) Total acid numbers (TAN) 0. g/ml.0 5.2 50.

BADDI SSOUS. R. F. specified in the method. ho (Alternate) Castrol India Ltd. K. K. TAPADE Pune SHRIB. NAMBIAR(A/fernare) Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. PCD 4 Organization Representative(s) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (R&D Centre). K. L. GOPINATH SHRIJ. SHRIK. New Delhi SHRI S. Mumbai SHRIS. S. Pune SHRIT. J. RUE (Alternate) Ashok Leyland Ltd. Chennai SHRIV. KUMBHANI SHIOV. RAJU (Afterrrafe) Association of Manufacturers of Petroleum Specialities. K. Mumbai SHRIM. P. ANNEX B (ForeworaJ COMMITIEECOMPO!MTION Lubricants and Related Products Sectional Committee. AROLE (A/fernaie) Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd. SEKHARAN (Alternate) Indian institute of Petroleum. GDSWAMV SHRIR.Is 1012:2002 ANNEX A [Clause 4. M. BHATIA DR P. CHAKRABARTI SHRID. ~lNo. P. RAO SHIUN. KOTHAIU(Alternate) Lubrizol India Ltd. Faridabad DR A. A. S. lNAMnAR SHRIM. Mumbai THEGENERAL MANAGER H industan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Mumbai DR N. BALARA~AN DR S. SAIT(Alternate) Indian Additives Ltd. WAGH(Alternate) Madras Refineries Ltd. ANAND(Alternate) Gulf Clil Ltd. M.l The methods described in Procedure B of and leave it to separate. ACHARYA New Delhi Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (Marketing Division). P. MEHTA(Alternate) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (Refineries & Pipelines Division). Kolkata DRJ. Santacruz. R. Chennai SHRIR. GUPTA SHRIP. P. CHAPRA(Ahernate) Centre for High Technology. SARVESWARA RAO(Alternale 11) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. BHATNAGAR (Chairman) SHRIN. GUPTA(Alternate I) SHRIB. IS 1448 [P : 96] shall be used with the following modifications: c) Draw-off the separated water layer and test the a) Stir 300 g of oilOwith 50 g of distilled water for washed oil by Procedure B of IS 1448 [P: 96] for 30 min at 90+1 C using the beaker and stirrer its rust preventive characteristics.3 and Table 1. K. (viii)] METHODS FOR DETERMINATION OF RUST PREVENTIVE CHARACTERISTICS AFTER WATER WASH A-1 PROCEDURE b) At the end of the mixing period. R. JANAKUIAM(Afternate) (Continued on page 5) 4 . Chennai SHRIM. VASUDEV DR ~. Bhopal SHRIS. SHAH SHRIH. transfer the mixture of oil and water to a separating funnel A-1. Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 SHru S. HAROAS (Alternate) Central Institute of Road Transport (Training & Research). R. Mumbai SHRIS. Mumbai SSiRIARONJYOTI SHRIA. T. R. A. NIRMALKUMAR Reliance Energy Ltd. K. CHATTERJEE (Akervrafe) Bajaj Auto Ltd. Debra Dun SHRI%05uRSWGHAL Indian Oil Blending Ltd. SHRIS. Mumbal SHRI M. Mumbai DR G. C.

VWTARAMANI DR A. MISHRA Joint Director (PCD). SAHA DIRECTOR(MEcH/DD MECH) (Alternate) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. C. BADDI (Alternate) SHRJS. R. R DHANOTIA SHRIIL+MSSHSINGH(Affernate) Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co Ltd. Jamshedpur SHRIJ. Bangalore Stuu ALOKBHARGAVA SHRISHANTILALDAYA (Alternate) Steel Authority of India. H. K. V. Lucknow DEPUTYDUWXGR (P&C) ASSISTANTRESEARCHOFFICER(CM-HI) (Alternate) National Test House. IS 1012:2002 (Continued from page 4) Organization Representative(s) Maruti Udyog Ltd. Chennai SHRIV. Pune SHRIB. CHATTERJEE Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. MEHTA (Alternate I) SHRJR. MAOAN DR MAHINOERPAL (Alternate 1) SW V. B. R. T. N. Bokaro SHRIA. D. Faridabad DR S. K. N. KGHLI(Afternate) Petroleum Conservation Research Association. RAMDASRAO (Alternaie) Bokaro Steel Plant. K. DHWXCA PARAMJE~ SiNGH (Affernszte) Petroleum Re-Refiners Association of India. K. INAMOAR SHRI S. S. K. Mumbai SHRI R. AHUJA (Alternate) Indian Institute of Petroleum. NARASH]MBHAN SHRI S. New Delhi SHRI V. K. Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 The Automotive Research Aaaociation of India. SHUKLA(Alternate) Central Institute of Road Tranaport. NISHAN SHRJP. K. CHAUDHARJ(Alternate) BIS Directorate General SHRI ANJAN KAIL Director& Head (PCD) [Representing Director General ( Ex-oj?cio)] Member-Secretary SHJUR. J. P. SHAH (Afterrrate II) Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. V.T. Mumbai DR N. Mumbai DRY. ARORA Association of Manufacturers of Petroleum Specialities. New Delhi SHIUK. $?MArnMARAM SHRI S. S. New Delhi SHRILAKAMAN SMH SHRJK.PCD411 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (R&D Centre). RAVI (Alternate) Brakes India Ltd. Santacruz. P. BIS Industrial011sSubcommittee. Gurgamr SHJUA. PUNDAREEK(Alternate I) SHJUR. K. CHIBBER(Alternate 11) (Continued on page 6) 5 . R PURANiK SHRI M. &wrwoaTY (~hernafe) Oil Coordination Committee. MISHRA SHSUK. K. Mumbai SHRJS. H. KIUSHAN Da D. P. P. S. Kanpur DRP. DHANOTIA SHRJRAMESHSINOH(Alternafe) Castroi India Ltd. Bokaro SHIGA. BANSAL Ministry of Defence (DGAQA). GOVSLA SHRJL. Kolkata DRY. K. MALHOTRA(Alternate) Ministry of Defence (DGQA). HARIDAS SHSUR. K. Dhanbad SHRID. GANDHI SW A. P. Bangalore SHRIA. VERMA (Alternate) Reliance Energy Ltd. Pune Bsm S. R. New Delhi ADVJSER (RSFJNERJES) DUWTOR (SUPPLY) (Alternate) Ministry of Railwaya (RDSO). New Delhi SHIUK. RAO SHRI K. SRJVASTAVA (Convener) Sruu A. SINHA (A1/errrate) Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Debra Dun SHJUH. Bhopal SHSUA. New Delhi SHRI A. MGOKKEN(Afternate H) Associated Engineering Services. SAHU(Afrernate) Ministry of Defence (DMS & ROE). WASTI (Afternate) HMT. CHAPRA Directorate General of Mines Safety.

C. S. Lucknow II CHEMIST& METALLURGIST. KOTHARI SHRI A. PARMSSWARAN SHRJS. ASSKTAW RSSEARCHOFFICER. Mumbai SHRi S. K. SHAH SHRIH. S. Rourkela SHRJV.CHEM-I (A/iema/e) Pcnnzoii India Ltd. RAWKUMAR Madras Refineries Ltd.Is 1012:2002 (Con/inued from page 5) Organization Representative(s) Indian Oil Blending Ltd. VEW SHRI B. Mumbai SHRISUSGDHMOT SHRI A. Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 6 . K. BHARGAVA SHIUSHANTILAL DAYA (Alternate) Rourkela Steel Plant. Kolkata SHRIR. GOPINATH Maruti Udyog Ltd. RAMPRASAD(Alternate) Swastik Oil Products Manufacturing Co. GHOSH(Alternate) Ministry of Defence (DRDO) SHRIRAJENORA SINGH Ministry of Railways (RDSO). JHA (Alternate) Lubrizol India Ltd. R. New Delhi DR R. L. Mumbai SHRIT. ILvrHoD SHRtS. Santacruz. Mumbai SHroRANJiTRAlH. S. Chennai SHRI M. NAND] (Alternate) Petroleum Re-Retiners Association of India. VERMA SHIU S. N. Mumbai SHRI A. R. VAIDHYA (Alternate) Reliance Energy Ltd. MEHTA(Alternate) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (Marketing Division). K. Chennai SHM V. RATHOD(Alternate) Tide Water Oil Co (India) Ltd. DESHPANDE klinistry of Defence (DGQA). B. Gurgaon DR R.

Reliance Energy Ltd. 33791 20 Northern : SCO 335-336. if the review indicates that changes are needed. This Indian Standard has been developed from Doc : No. Santacruz. . 8327892 ::. marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country. NAGPUR. type or grade designations. such as symbols and sizes.$ Branches : AHMEDABAD. it is taken up for revision. Standards are also reviewed periodically. Mumbai Viewed on 18-06-2008 Time 15:18:05 Amendments Issued Since Publication Amend No. 8327858 MUMBAI 400093 { 8327891. Kankurgachi 3378499. PATNA. E9 MIDC. Road. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS. CHANDIGARH 160022 r6038 43 1 602025 Southern : C. 3239402 (Common to all offices) Regional Offices : Telephone Central : Manak Bhavan. IV Cross Road. Scheme VII M.2541442 { 2542519.. JAIPUR. HYDERABAD. RAJKOT.T. GHAZIABAD. New Delht-2 . BIS. BHOPAL. Marol. BANGALORE.. GUWAHATI. New Delhi 110002 Telegrams : Manaksanstha Telephones :3230131. i%ated at hbha! Offset Press.2541315 Western : Manakalaya. P. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. KANPUR. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Catalogtte’ and ‘Standards: Monthly Additions’. This does not preclude the free use.3233375. PCD 4 ( 1736). Sector 34-A. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg 3237617 NEW DELHI 110002 { 3233841 Eastern : 1/14 C. / . Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director (Publications). PUNE.1. FAR IDABAD. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. I.T. in the course of implementing the standard. 1986 to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardization. 3378561 KOLKATA 700054 { 3378626. V. LUCKNOW. Date of Issue Text Affected BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Headquarters : Manak Bhavan. Andheri (East) “ 8329295. BHUBANESHWAR. of necessary details. Campus. NALAGARH. CHENNA1 600113 2541216. Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments. Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is a statutory institution established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act.I. COIMBATORE. a standard along with amendments is reaffirmed when such review indicates that no changes are needed.