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You can play a FLAILSNAILS character. Clutch-guard Thri-Kreen Psionic Adept (PDF p5) 10 (PDF p2) *Dex +2. Attack 16 *Athletics. and some Sage (PHB p137. shields. simple weapons. Str +2 *Speed 25ft *Darkvision 60ft *Deception. mechanics. Cha +1 *Speed 25ft *Size small *Acrobatics. all weapons (Str) (Int) Handling (Wis) 5d4 gp Dune Dwarf Bard (PHB p51) (PHB p20. Criminal (PHB p129. of your choice Weapons: Human (PHB p29. one Roll Again 3. Performance *Healer‘s Kit. BR p17) Urchin (PHB p141) (PHB p146. Con *x2 skills all weapons *All armor. (Wis) (Cha) *Size small shields. dungeonsdonuts. Roll for your skills. darts. scimitars (Dex) (Int) (Cha) 4d4 x 10gp (all non-metal) Jungle Halfling Gladiator (PDF p5) Monk (PHB p76) *Hit Die 1d8 Religion Performance 5d4 x 10gp 5 (PHB p23. Wis +1 *Speed 25ft *Darkvision 60ft *Hit Die 1d12 *Saves: Str. Forgery Kit *x3 skills *Musical Instrument (x3) *Light armor. Be sure to check out the FLAILSNAILS section (Page 10). Dex *x2 skills *Artisan’s Tools (x1) or Musical Instrument (x1) (Int) (Cha) *Simple weapons. (PHB p207. Roll for your race. rapiers. BR p16) *Dex +2. Roll Races (d12 or Human) Backgrounds(2d8) Classes (d10) Body Skills Mind Skills Charm Skills (d6) *Starting GP (d6) (d4) (d8) City Dwarf (PHB p20. One language of your choice *Hit Die 1d10 *Saves: Str. BR p44) class gives you that many. Druid (PHB p64) *Hit Die 1d8 Entertainer (PHB p130) *Saves: Int. Roll for/choose your class. You can choose one from Templar (PDF p5) each column (Body. one language (PHB p144. simple weapons. Make *Darkvision 60ft one language of your choice quarterstaffs. Wis +1 *Speed 35ft *Darkvision 60ft *Insight. Wis +1 *Speed 35ft *Darkvision 60ft *Acrobatics. short/longswords Instructions: Mul (PDF p2) Noble (PHB p135) Psionicist (PHB p99/PDF p4) Survival 8 *Str +2. Int Perception 7 *Cha +2. Str +1 *Athletics. Stealth *Disguise Kit. light crossbows ability scores. one language *x4 skills *Thieves’ Tools *Light armor. BR 40) 11 *Str +3 *Speed 30ft *Resistant to non-magical piercing damage *History. Con +1 *Artisan’s Tools (x1). Cha Acrobatics History Insight 2 *Con +2. These things can be found in the sections to the left.tumblr. Wis *x4 skills *Daggers. light crossbows a note of what ability scores get adjusted. +2 Con *Speed 30ft *One extra Hit Dice at *History. BR p45) 5. BR p29) 9 (PDF p2) *Dex +2. Stealth *Gaming Set. Dex *x3 skills *Light/med armor. BR p54) starting equipment. Mind. Fill in the remaining details (HP. Arcana *Two languages of your choice Trinket table: (PHB p159. shields. *Only use the Starting GP table if you’re not taking the starting equipment provided by your class. Thieves’ Tools Spells: 6. Intimidation (PHB p143) *Proficient with Water Dowsing *Gaming Set. Charm) provided your 13 OR *Insight. Int +1 *Speed 30ft *Darkvision 60ft BR p38) *Deception. short swords City Halfling (PHB Guild Artisan (PHB p132) Ranger (PHB p89) Medicine Persuasion 5d6 x 10gp 6 *Speed 25ft *Insight. Fighter (PHB p70. all weapons Half-Elf (PHB p38) Rogue (PHB p94. weapons. etc). however some spells. short/ (Dex) (Int) (Wis) 2d4 x 10gp longswords City Elf (PHB p23. one language *Hit Die 1d6 *Saves: Con. BR p41) Starting money: skills and proficiencies. slings. Write down all your Soldier (PHB p140. hand crossbows. slings. BR p26) Hermit (PHB p134) *Hit Die 1d8 *Saves: Dex. *Speed 35ft *Hit Die 1d6 *Saves: Int. proficiencies. Persuasion *Gaming Set. Vehicles (land) Rod Armor: 5. History *Wild Talents (x3). Hand (Dex) (Int) (Cha) 3d4 x 10gp Desert Elf (PHB p23. Survival *Musical Instrument (x1). Cha *x2 skills *Daggers. 2. 12 (PDF p3) *Abilities are random. Wis *x2 skills Stealth Nature Intimidation 4 BR p15) *Dex +2. rapiers. Con *x2 skills *Light/med armor. BR p16) *Dex +2. and items don’t work the same way on Athas. Choose your spells (if any). Roll for your background. Warrior Thri-Kreen Outlander (PHB p136) Wizard (PHB p112. Stealth *Forgery Kit. simple weapons. Your Proficiency Bonus at 1st level is +2 1 . BR p82) Wilder (PDF p5) 7. 14 *All scores +1 *Speed 30ft *Sleight of Hand. Persuasion p23. Veiled Alliance (PDF p6) (PHB p148.Roll 3d6 in order for of your choice t1st level quarterstaffs. Slight of Hand *Disguise Kit. or the Basic Rules PDF. *Athletics. Determine your starting equipment.com C h arac te r Cr e a ti o n This game requires either a fifth edition Player’s Handbook. (Wis) 1. Performance *Disguise Kit. Speed. Barbarian (PHB p46) Athletics Arcana Animal 1 BR p13) *Con +2. hand (Wis) of your choice crossbows. BR p13) Charlatan (PHB p128) *Hit Die 1d8 *Saves: Dex. two other scores +1 *Speed 30ft *Darkvision 60ft *Medicine. AC. BR p47) 15 *Arcana. Survival *Water Dowsing Rod XP Table: (PHB p15. Intimidation *Templar‘s Fist. BR p24) Sleight of Investigation Deception 3 BR p15) *Dex +2. Musical Instrument (x1) *Herbalism Kit *Light/med armor. Thieves’ Tools Other gear: and armour. Backgrounds language of your choice Half-Giant (PDF p3) provide you with skills. Religion *Herbalism Kit. BR p10) Bonuses. Thieves’ Tools *Hit Die 1d10 *Saves: Str. Wasteland Mutant 4. Exotic Weapon (x1) *Saves: Str. darts. shields.

bald-headed humanoids are the • Natural Jumper: A thri-kreen is always considered to children of dwarves and humans. four- armed. dungeonsdonuts. Once per day. • Dexterity +2 • Size: Medium • Speed: 35ft Mul • Vision: Darkvision These broad-shouldered. bipedal insects that roam the deserts of Athas in familial tribes antd clutches. Muls. Half-Giants. afterwards it spoils. warriors are more formidable in appearance and have harder carapaces. • Incredible Toughness: You start play with two hit dice • Clutch-Guard Thri-Kreen: Wisdom +1. and have resistance against constitution modifier). Constitution +2 • Warrior Thri-Kreen: Strength +1. 2 . This fluid is viable for 1 hour. both and the weaknesses of neither. as an action they can secrete a ‘healing fluid’ • Dwarven Resilience: You have advantage on saving that acts as a healing potion (heals 2d4+ wisdom or throws against poison. clutch-guards at first level instead of one. Thri- Kreen.tumblr. Thri-Kreen Strange mantis-people.com The New Races of Athas Dark Sun™ introduces four new playable races. the Thri-Kreen are intelligent. So a 1st level Mul Barbarian are more nurturing and matronly than their warrior has 2d12 hit dice instead of 1d12. Kreen. • Strength +2. and Wasteland Mutants. Their claws can be used instead of • Vision: Normal weapons. kin. granted the strengths of have a running start when jumping. • There are two subclasses of Thri-Kreen in the Tablelands region: Warriors and Clutch-Guards. • Size: Medium They develop in order to be the hunters and fighters • Speed: 30ft of their tribes. poison damage. • Languages: You start play knowing common and • Languages: You start play knowing common and Thri- dwarven. dealing 1d8 + Strength modifier damage. tending to take leader roles when possible.

jumping. City Dwarves = Hill Dwarves. Half-Elves are still considered children of two worlds. While human slaves and beggars are as abundant as any other 3 . Most of humanity views itself as superior to all other peoples. but most are • Size: Medium quick to dismiss halflings as tiny uncivilized brutes. a goal or task they devote their entire lives to achieving. etc). halflings are savage cannibals known for feasting on their enemies while they still live. Dwarves have an innate calling in their lives called a ‘Focus’. dwarves on Athas are always bald of head and without beards. There are fewer than thirty of each on the entire planet.com race. strong. you cannot roll (and how they’re different) up another character of that same race. and killers. but unlike in vanilla fantasy. • Stone’s Endurance: Your skin is that of a giant’s hide. eight foot tall brutes are the backbone Halflings are the oddest of all the races. Gnomes. To be a half-elf is to be the byproduct of a shameful pairing. If you play one of these races and that character dies. and able to withstand any punishment. Drow. this means they are often killed as infants. While playing one of these races isn’t against Other Races the rules. • Languages: You start play knowing common. long-legged desert rovers whose tribes wander the face of Athas. Elves are tall. the dwarf becomes a wraith. Half-Giant These grey-skinned. Dragonborn. They feel it is shameful to ride upon a beast. Elves are generally not well thought of by other people.tumblr. You have resistance to non-magical piercing damage. you should keep their rarity in mind. Most half-elves within the city-states are slaves. predominantly in the dense jungles beyond the Ringing dim-minded. a race of thieves. • Speed: 30ft Jungle Halflings = Lightfoot Halflings. Found of slave encampments and armies across Athas. lifting. hated by both elves and humans. Dune Dwarves = Mountain Dwarves. Half-Orcs. City Elves = High Elves. Mountains. there are more human nobles than nobles of every other race combined. dungeonsdonuts. When a dwarf dies before completing her/his focus. scavengers. Dwarves are short and stocky. diverse in both appearance and social status. • Vision: Normal City Halflings = Stout Halflings • Powerful Athlete: You have advantage on all Athletics checks (climbing. making them especially rare adventurers. pulling. but unlike their vanilla fantasy counterparts. and Tieflings have all been hunted to the point of extinction. Some believe • Strength +3 that druidic magic is a halfling invention. Each of the great city-states hosts a branch of the Elven Market. a never-ending bazaar where the elves (and others who deal in goods of dubious origin) sell their wares. Humans remain the most abundant people in the Tyr region. Desert Elves = Wood Elves.

when you score a critical hit in melee combat in place of a melee weapon. dungeonsdonuts. large size. +1 Intelligence.until you choose what 6. +1 Dexterity. but other humanoid creatures. If you are a character is some kind of combination of the two. communicating 8. Electrokinetic: Electricity runs through your veins. The spellcasting class and get this cantrip as a class feature. You are vulnerable to psychic damage. +2 Charisma. Once per day. • Vision: Normal 11. able to fly up to 30 feet as a move action. referencing the table below. Gelatinous: Your body is made up of gel-like acidic ooze. advantage on all checks used in place of a melee weapon. you have resistance to rounds. shape to give it. poison damage and advantage on all saving throws against 15. +1 you have claws that deal 1d6 slashing damage and can be Dexterity. you are resistant to lightning and thunder 16. +1 Intelligence. +1 Dexterity. but mutate those seared extra fire damage on critical hits. your level. you have the following hundreds of smaller things. You have resistance to • Size: Medium bludgeoning damage. Swarm: You are one normal sized thing made up of dozens/ stated otherwise in the table below. bird talons that deal 1d6 piercing damage and can be used +1 Strength. has advantage on all Constitution. and bludgeoning damage. granting disadvantage on all disadvantage on all dexterity based skill checks.. vulnerable to psychic damage. your unarmed melee attacks deal an on critical hits. magically charmed. 5. • Dowsing Rod tool. You do not start play knowing common. once per day can cause an fewer hit points by an attack. Entropic: Everything you touch seems to age and turn to Constitution. You are immune to being weapons. as it rots away on your body.. +1 14. bipedal cat person. Once • You have proficiency with the Survival skill and Water per day. blasts. knock that enemy prone (no save). producing 20. Hawkoid: You are feathered and have wings and a beak. cones. Those who emerge from a life in damage. Once per day. Constitution. You are vulnerable to radiant damage. as an action you can cast the 4. Fungoid: You are some kind of strange mushroom creature. • Languages: You start play knowing common. +1 Wisdom. Wisdom. but are vulnerable to area of effect • Speed 30ft attacks (bursts. as instead with grunts and sign language. and take as a 2nd level spell. as a move action you can move twice your speed. you have advantage on related to climbing.com Wasteland Mutant as an action you can conjure a small flame equivalent to that of a torch within 5 feet of yourself. 18. you have a strong and wide tail. 3. +1 Poison Spray cantrip. Intelligence. you can imperfectly imitate you have advantage on all strength based skill checks. +1 more than 1 hour. Reanimated: You are dead. If you stay in a different guise for 7. Your speed is your unarmed touch deals necrotic damage equal to half reduced by 10 feet. as arcane spellcasting. Your speed is reduced by 10 feet. etc). Shapeshifter: Your body is formless. you are instead reduced to 1 ally to reroll a natural 1. when you are reduced to 0 or Insight and Persuasion checks. damage. Roll a d20 twice. its range/power is doubled. the better.tumblr. You are vulnerable to cold 9. You take a -2 penalty to all Wisdom checks. slashing. You’re vulnerable to bludgeoning damage. +1 emotions and thoughts. Seismic: You are some kind of living rock creature. Empath: You are gifted with the power of reading people’s 17. You are vulnerable to damage from metal additional 1d4 acid damage. This effect is organic and does not count disadvantage on any/all concentration checks. Arachnoid: You have the body of some kind of spider. Your attacks deal 1d6 The dark sun’s rays not only burn. you can treat a statistics: part of your body as a whole. +1 Strength. but not quite ‘undead’. 1. sending one or more smaller parts of you away up to 100 feet. your attacks deal 1d6 extra lightning damage +1 Constitution. you have multiple limbs. damage. you have 19. you are resistant to fire damage. you are resistant to necrotic damage. Speedster: You move so much quicker than the world around you. or remove one status ailment. Telekinetic: You can move things with the power of your mind. Pyrokinetic: Fire dances around your very skin. You are vulnerable to cold by its heat and light. Felinoid: You are a furry. Plant: You are a living plant creature. +1 damage. +1 Dexterity. using the second result. 4 . You cannot wear armour for more than 1d4 + your level small size. and original hit dice. you have darkvision. more unique and weird your description is. You are vulnerable to piercing you deal an additional 1d8 damage from your simian rage. Your you naturally gain the Mage Hand cantrip. checks to recognize you. You are when you score a critical hit on an enemy you can use it to vulnerable to fire damage. your base movement is 40ft. piercing. 2. Cockroach: You are an exoskeletal insect. You are vulnerable to fire damage. Simian: You are a descendant of a race of intelligent apes. Unless 10. once per day. You take a -4 penalty to Dexterity. poison. +1 Charisma. 12. an action you can expend one of your hit dice. You are hit point. independant of Psionics. You are easily distractible. the great wastes are something new and unique. you have resistance to all non-magical dust. +1 Intelligence. the guise becomes permanent. once per day you can cast the ‘Web’ spell Perception checks. Giant: You are absolutely huge! +1 Strength. rounded down (minimum of 1 point of damage). Saurian: There is something decidedly lizardlike about a curative fruit that can either heal hit points equal to the you. 13. +1 Constitution.

the damage type originally associated with them. tapping into the subject to arcane life force of Athas in a way that runs counter to wizards defiling and preserving and the sorcerer-kings. eagles. even their subject to arcane defiling. • All Psionicist spells deal Psychic damage. Druidic spells are not subject to (See page BLANK). rather than Barbarians. Their arcane power has caused the types of instrument. Their mechanics are largely unchanged. Repose. Lesser Monks are similar to how they’re normally depicted. but there are equivalent Word animals and beasts that live in the wasteland with • 2nd Level: Gentle similar statistics. Psionicists (Sorcerers) are trained in ways of channelling and focusing psychic energy into causing change in the physical world. and are • Only the Wild Magic Sorcerous Origin is available to unavailable to play. Animals like bears. Cleric spells available • A druid has a hidden grove somewhere on Athas. Cure of Athas. While a few virtuous wizards exist.com Classes of Athas (and what’s different) Dark Sun™ is a world without divine powers and deities. More often than not they work as spies. a farmer’s faro needle field or a large thicket of spindle- bushes.tumblr. Revivify not subject to arcane defiling. the rules of arcane defiling and preserving. Fighters. as their power is drawn Clerics. or change solely in the minds of the slow of thinking. Your choice of grove ties into which Druidic Circle Spare the Dying you choose. supernatural patrons) do not exist as of yet. Restoration except now their power comes from Psionics. and Warlocks (who rely on otherworldly solely from the mind of the caster. cause its normal type of damage. This grove can be as simple as list. Bards are no mere performers in Dark Sun. becoming the vast desert that instrument and poisons (Poisoner’s Kit). Healing went extinct centuries ago. to them on their spell where they were trained. • 1st Level: • A druid’s Wild Shape power is influenced by the ecology Command. IE. and assassins who Wizards are the most hated and feared group of dabble in poisons. rather than • 3rd Level: Ki. and rats Wounds. Having the spell manifest change in wasteland that is Athas. as their powers • Wizards have the draw from a druid’s personal grove. or the grove of her/his following additional master. page 8). The current playable classes are as Psionicists. is because the spell effects (and damage) occur only in hardened combatants and specialists of the desert the target’s mind. If one of these classes offer a the physical world. Rangers. Instead of being proficient with three individuals on Athas. informants. because they are psionically powered. spellcasting option. Dark Sun bards are proficient with one planet to wither and die. Paladins. dungeonsdonuts. the rules of defiling and preserving. powers can lead to defilement. This and Rogues are largely unchanged in Dark Sun. If a monk Mass Healing Monastic Tradition gives access to spellcasting. Bard spells are also it is today. then arcane defiling is an option (see costs 1 additional Sorcery Point. the spells are Word. • Alternatively. you can use the Psionicist by Courtney Campbell on Hack & Slash. Psionicist spells are not subject to 5 . as dragon blood powers are the purview of follows: sorcerer-kings. or as complex as a mountain jungle or secret • Cantrips: oasis. • Wizard spells are Druids are masters of primal magic. wolves.

Healer’s Kit. from your pool. a small leather pouch of obsidian beads. Success equals half damage. Insight favour of an admirer or fan. the amount of hit points you specified Perhaps you’ve turned away from this path. of your combat exploits. You can choose the ones you want. power (PHB pg 84). • Feature: Random Wild Talent • You know enough psionic skills to generate a random wild talent. sorcerous might. At the start of each new day (in game). dungeonsdonuts. • Skill Proficiencies: Insight. or win the 15gp. 6 . net. Failure Psionic Adept causes them to take that amount of necrotic damage. up.com New Backgrounds Gladiator You’re a masterful combatant. affection of nobles if it suits you. etc). roll on the Wild Talents table. but the before the enemy creature rolls its saving throw is used knowledge of its uses remains with you. Your powers are wild and often unpredictable. • Feature: Wild Talents. they will act more favorably • This feature is similar to a Paladin’s Lay on Hands towards you. Wilder You have developed a number of psionic powers naturally. honing them through practice rather than formal training. If people have heard • Feature: Templar’s Hands/Templar’s Fist. • Equipment: One exotic weapon of your choice. • Equipment: a bronze templar emblem (given to you • Feature: The People’s Champion.tumblr. damage is taken. you for a prior victory. • You can use your fame and renown to win common templar robes/sash/cossack. rations and water jug (5 water points). a ceramic talisman (used to focus psionic power). and in return for your faithful • Tool Proficiencies: One exotic weapon of your choice and unyielding service. You only get to roll again for a new wild talent cantrip after completing a long rest. • Equipment: Clay seal of graduation from a Psionic School (or similar diploma). Regardless of how much influencing the world using the power of your mind. Acrobatics sorcerer king or queen. a water dowsing rod. but always useful in the vast desert that you call home. • Skill Proficiencies: Survival. a belt pouch containing people and slaves over to your side. Athletics • Tool Proficiencies: Water Dowsing Rod • Equipment: a weather-worn cloak. a belt or sash awarded to • Languages: One of your choice. The targeted creature must make a Constitution saving throw against your Spell Save DC (8 + proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier). a clay tablet and stylus. History • Languages: One of your choice. • You have mastered the use of three wild talent cantrips. You can also use this power to You can also easily find places where people will pay to harm an enemy creature for an amount of hit points watch you fight. or will tune into your sense of menace. You’ve spent most of your adult life in the service of a • Skill Proficiencies: Performance. You are able to use that one random wild talent cantrip for that day. trained to fight in arenas and pits for money and glory (or perhaps your eventual Templar freedom). You’re the best at working a crowd and sizing up your enemies. a belt pouch containing 10gp. You were trained to master ‘the way’ and its gifts. when you entered into service). you have access to some of their (trident. the • Skill Proficiencies: Intimidation.

pg. an is. Until the end of your next disapproves of. 14. Thieves’ tools that point perfectly. Sensing Eye: As a bonus action. and slashing damage during the next round (PHB pg. True Strike: As an action. Body Equilibrium: You ignore speed penalties on difficult defilement of the planet. granting them a bonus 1d4 to the next ability check of their choice. 9. This tool is insubstantial when used against • You have a superior contact within one of the major other creatures. granting them a bonus 1d4 to the next saving throw of their choice. You know that arcane magic can terrain. and make preservation checks based on balancing. Lasts up to 1 minute with concentration (PHB pg. a list of recent orders and pass. For 1 minute you can now hear • Tool Proficiencies: Forgery kit. 7. you touch a willing creature. Mage Hand: As an action. pg. Prestidigitation: See PHB entry for full details. make a ranged attack roll against a 7 . 260. 1. Object Projection: As an action. The hand lasts for up to 1 minute (PHB pg. Resistance: As an action. The second result’s range/duration/effect is doubled. Lasts up to 1 minute with concentration (PHB pg. 2. Reroll. Lasts for 1 minute with concentration (PHB pg. 8. that target takes 1d8 psychic damage and can’t regain hit points until the start of your You work for a secret organization that is devoted next turn (PHB pg. 244). you create a spectral hand that can reach out up to 30 feet. cantrips that are found in the Player’s Handbook deal Psychic 20. Chill Touch: As an action. 221). In to a willing creature within 50 feet of you. you touch a willing creature. 284). you grant yourself advantage on all charisma checks directed at one non-hostile creature. This contact can shelter you 15. you cause a single object or creature within 25 feet of you to catch on fire. a belt pouch with 15gp. 10. 5. create the mind projection of a simple tool that you can use • Feature: Veiled Contact. damage instead of their original type of damage. 12. Reroll. to aid yourself. 4. Psionic Spark: As an action. Far Hearing: Choose a point within 50 feet of you that you • Skill Proficiencies: Arcana. Any existing Casting time and required action remains the same. Friends: As an action. 248). 18. Guidance: As an action. 256). you grant yourself resistance against bludgeoning. 3. On a hit. Mental Tools: For 1 minute multiplied by your level. Casting time and required action remains the same. Spare the Dying: As an action. city states of Athas. Thought Projection: As a bonus action. The target and directives from those who wear the veil. Know Direction: For 1 hour you know which direction north • Equipment: a set of fine clothes.tumblr. 267. dungeonsdonuts. you phrases. your goal. you convey either Wild Talents Table (d20) an image or a message of 10 words or fewer to each target within a 15 foot radius centred on you. you teleport an object you from harm and reprisal. and offer counsel when needed. Minor Illusion: See PHB entry for full details. exchange. 218). you can determine your line of sight from that space. The following powers are cantrips that can be used as either an 19. but will 17. Blade Ward: As an action. The second result’s range/duration/effect is doubled. a forgery kit. to overthrowing the sorcerer-kings and ending their 11. this contact will provide you with missions 16. once per round if in combat. and have advantage on all Perception and Nature checks obsidian token used to magically communicate with that relate to navigation. your veiled contact. piercing.com Veiled Alliance target within 120 feet. On your next turn you have advantage against that target (PHB pg. 6. 277). This takes fire damage equal to that of being hit with a torch. action or a reaction. Stealth can see (or otherwise sense). you touch a living creature that has 0 or fewer hit points. 13. contact can help you in a moment’s notice. and have advantage on Athletics and Acrobatics be used for good as well as evil. turn. you choose a target within 30 feet of you. manipulating objects around it up to 10 pounds. you choose a space you can abandon you if you take action that the veiled alliance see that is within 25 feet of you. That creature becomes stable (PHB pg. 272). help hide your deeds and are holding in one hand to a a space within 50 feet of you or recent actions.

you can reroll. You can accept the result. reroll). After three failures. ponds or wells. farmland. Night Travel: Travelling by night is easier in terms • Environment Arcane Defiling: This form of defiling can of avoiding exposure to Athas’ sun. breaks only if you roll a natural process? Should defiling be mechanically 5 or lower on the reroll. etc) + the spell’s but Athas’ attacks have disadvantage. If a creature suffering of use. weapon intact. mud fields. 8 . • Each daylight period that an unsupplied character or mount travels through the wilderness. selfishly take it. each ally (willing or unwilling) within 100 feet of you takes Resting by Day: Adventurers who take long rests necrotic damage equal to their maximum hit dice value during the day remain subject to contracting sun sickness. you can choose to reroll (or have them sun sickness. Alternatively. This damage ignores immunities and cannot be reduced in any way. In addition. In addition. causing living things around automatically missing the attack as usual. level. using the second result. using the second result. and their bonuses/penalties The extreme temperatures caused by Athas’s sun are to spellcasting was influenced by their terrain. all terrain around you withers and cracks.tumblr. complex relationship with sorcery and the character classes who use it. as opposed to just in terms of throw every hour (DC 10). while being impactful to players in a • If hit. random encounters are doubled. • A character suffering from sun sickness has • Personal Arcane Defiling: When you miss with a spell disadvantage on all attack and skill rolls. • These saving throws work just like death saves. lush plant life or water (scrub grass.com New Rules oasis. edition D&D. or an enemy succeeds on a saving throw against a spell you cast. but keeping your them to die. the Defilement’ is the way it is primarily for ease target contracts sun sickness. dungeonsdonuts. but is harder to pin down mechanically. etc) When you miss with a spell roll. relentless. it loses 1 hit die or hit system with as few changes to the rules as points equal to its hit die value if it has no hit dice left. and Defilers has a chance to break. roll. your weapon this energy back to the land. They leveled up at different speeds. You need three successes to recover. Preservers do their best to return When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll. the following system for ‘Arcane attack against their Constitution score. but the chances of only be used when you are within 100 feet of healthy. Precautions mitigate this danger for a time. On a hit. and roleplaying. or an enemy succeeds on a saving throw against a • Expending 2 uses from a healer’s kit is enough to cure spell you cast. you can choose Arcane Defiling and Preserving to reroll (or have them reroll). Dark Sun is a setting that’s defined by its becoming difficult terrain. possible. or is it more harmful to those weapon. Should preserving be a slower A metal weapon. Athas makes an In the end. the character dies. but This kind of play doesn’t work well with fifth can never eliminate it. as is any restoration spell. flavour and story. This rule gives you a say in whether incentivized? Which of the two is considered a weapon breaks. • Spellcasters are considered to be Preserving by default. around a caster? In the past. a nonmetal weapon breaks once the This makes for a lot of interesting flavour attack is complete. Regardless of the reroll result. jungle. You can play it safe and accept the errant the default? Can a person do both? Is defiling attack. If no allies are present. however. you take the damage instead. a character must make a Constitution saving mechanical way. a fighter takes 10. gardens. Magic spells come from the life force of plants and animals around Weapon Breakage the caster. which evens the XP playing field by having all classes level up at the same rate. the difference between defilers and Sun Sickness and Desert Travel preservers was class based. It stacks on top of the existing magic from sun sickness is hit again. (a rogue takes 6. or you can attempt to avoid a miss by risking your the ‘easier’ path.

Treasure and wealth mean little in desert. bone. crystal spider silk. available and food can be hunted). • A Survival Day can be made by combining a half-gallon All weapons are subject to Weapon Breakage. Currency in Dark Sun is made up of minted ceramic bits. Weapon Material Table (d6): though many may be desperate enough to pay more. Athas. wool. the item is actually comprised of different materials master. • Survival Days can be sold for a minimum of 5gp each. When you of water with food sufficient for 1 day (gathering such choose or buy a weapon from the PHB. Shaped Carapace or until 24 hours pass. which is where Survival Days come in. segments of carapace and the desert or on the streets of a city-state without refuge. Hardened Stone • Taking more than 1 short rest in a single day consumes a Survival Day. the materials they’re made of are Physical coinage cannot immediately solve a parched different.tumblr. a PC will need in order to survive in the harsh world of sometimes flying mantaray and roc hides as well. etc). • Full plate: whole pieces of carapace and shell. Bone Day to become supplied until the next extended rest 3. throat or a hungry belly. but are equivalent in worth. Treated Wood characters are not susceptible to sun sickness (see Page 5. the bit was minted in. a character can expend a Survival 2. or mentioned by a dungeon metal. trade houses. as Athas is a metal-poor world. Survival Days are an abstract point system that tracks what • Leather and Hide: giant bug and baazrag skins. Supplied 4. some crystal. etc. or similar resources. All other items in the Player’s Handbook and Basic Rules are available for purchase. Survival Days All armours found in the Player’s Handbook are usable in Dark Sun. Survival Days. are in the Player’s Handbook. A single Survival Day (1 SD) amounts to enough food. roll on the table supplies might carry no cost in an area where water is below to see what material it’s made from. whichever occurs first. giant’s hair. 6. • Survival Days can be purchased in major settlements chitinous materials. and wealthy individuals for 1d8+1 times embossed with the symbol of the sorcerer-king of the city what their original selling price is. Metal items. However. and Patronage Unless otherwise stated.com Equipment. for 10gp each. dungeonsdonuts. If an item mentions that it’s made of 9 . shell. 1. weapons. obsidian. and everyday fmaterials needed for a PC to survive in lizards and mutants. Obsidian • After each long rest. all equipment rules and costs are the same as they (crystal. • Cloth: strange sentient bird feathers. • Chain and Splint mail: sewn together scales from water. These bits are used in place of metal coins. Crystal BLANK). and armour can be sold to nobles.

parrots.tumblr. water. toxic fluids. these are halfling heads that have sprouted spiderlegs • Sun Balm (50gp): Has 10 uses. They mimic sounds like wearer immune to Sun Sickness for 5 hours. it’s like a giant • Patronage is rewarded as set amounts of gp. They remember • Dowsing Rod (20gp): Grants advantage on Nature every thought of their owners. six-legged kittens are popular with roaming elven children. Mounts. Patronage represents the favour of an important and Stats equivalent to Draft Horse (Monster Manual p321) affluent individual or organization. a letter of equivalent to Pony (Monster Manual p335). Stats equivalent you were to use coinage. Each use makes the from their neck stumps. Stats equivalent to allows). but can komodo dragon. Stats the form of an abstraction: a royal favour. and Pets Pets: Items: • Kivit (50gp): These green furred. Stats equivalent to Giant Crocodile sometimes be exceeded (getting a merchant to sell you (Monster Manual p324). • Survival Day (10gp): Enough food. except replace ‘Hooves’ with ‘Peck’. dungeonsdonuts. etc. • Inix: Also called a dune behemoth. but are sometimes capable of the wearer to breathe normally during dust storms. and bludgeoning damage. cults. Nobles.com Patronage Mounts: • Crodlu: A mix between an ostrich and a salamander. proficiency with dowsing rods in order to use them. moving gem stones. New Items. and specific • Gasbag (100gp): Floating sacs of gas and energy held supplies needed to survive a day in the harsh desert. • Erdlu: Smaller version of the Crodlu. piercing. 10 . Finding vendors • Mekillot: This huge beast of burden is like an enormous who will accept your patron may take longer than if slug but with elephant skin and legs. War Crodlu have trade houses. together by a thin. sorcerer-kings. and can sometimes and Survival checks to find water. but typically is given in wings instead of arms. This effect is dangerous in large doses. They have small • Desert Survival Clothing (10gp): Gives +1 bonus to poison glands that are capable of producing a lethal Constitution checks and saves while in the desert. a house seal. to slashing. • Stunted Drakes (100gp): These miniature reptiles • Filter Mask (1gp): Affixing this mask to the face allows are slow and clumsy. giant hair (10gp): This strong cord has resistance • Spiderhead (60gp): The product of a parasitic lifeform. etc. You must have share those thoughts. to Elephant (Monster Manual p322). • Patronage is not accepted everywhere. Ideal for smaller riders. Doing so is a risky proposition. stats equivalent to War Horse (Monster Manual p340). Using a distillation kit for 6 hours produces These creatures communicate psionically and are 1 day’s worth of “clean” water. favoured by Balican nobles and spies. Has useless • Patronage is measured in gp. breathing fire or poison gas. the Veiled Alliance. waxy membrane. These psionically sensitive creatures produce a euphoric feeling in those it comes into contact with. patronage. • Rope. something that’s cost exceeds what your patronage • Kank: They’re basically giant ants. Giant Spider (Monster Manual p328). • Distillation Kit (50gp): Extracts water from wastes and • Gem Twirler (150gp): Sentient. venom.

Even small cantrips often carry their original system describes. Paladins. If you’re playing a cleric or a and ready to share with the GM if asked. Convention articles passed down from Jeff Reints. Click Here for • The gods cannot see (or choose not to see) Athas. If your character has descending armour class. Important Setting Considerations There’s also the following general guidelines: • Metal is scarce. paladin. • Your character has Hit Dice. it’s your a death penalty in most city-states. Halflings. Articles available HERE. Calithena. All these items and their bonuses/ Character Conversion drawbacks conform to 5e rules unless otherwise stated by the GM. Cleric and Paladin spells have a 15 + your level percent • All other conventions fall in line with the Flailsnails chance of success. Rangers = d10 • Wizards. you can convert it pretty quickly by subtracting your AC value from 20. crossbow reloading. and others. but ‘to hit’ rolls are most important. Otherwise. They can be spent during a short rest (1 hour) to bump your hit points back up. responsibility as a player to have those rules available • Divine powers don’t work. Success means the S. Some games handle things like shields. dungeonsdonuts. Any time you want to cast a spell. So a descending AC of 4 is an ascending AC of 16. Zak you must make a percentile roll. Sorcerers. but she/he is subject • Characters of a level higher than that of the group to the following easy changes: must roll on the Default FLAILSNAILS High-Level PC Handicapping Rules For D&Dish Games. 5e uses ascending rolls for everything. Failure means the spell doesn’t includes leveling up/experience points and high-level work (but the spell slot isn’t used up). the Table. This is a mid-game healing mechanic from fifth edition. and polearms differently. • Barbarians. This spell is cast normally. 11 . Every class has a number of hit dice equal to their level (A 3rd level fighter has 3d10 hit dice).tumblr. and rates of failure or mishap are up to the GM. plate mail. their effects. things are gonna be tough for you. Alices = d6 • All others = d8 • Ascending armour class. PC handicapping. so your metal items could sell for a small fortune (or make you the target of thieves). You can play a FLAILSNAILS character. All work as • Magic is considered evil. • Firearms and magic items are permitted.com FLAILSNAILS • Non-unique items. However. Dwarves = d12 • Fighters. random quirks.

Zombie Cactus 3. Silt Runners (1d4) 5. all gaurded. dungeonsdonuts. Evil Vultures (1d8) 2.tumblr. Thri-Kreen tribe (2d6) 12 . is a severed head. • Shops: You can conceivably buy anything in Tyr. Random Encounters Sandy Wastes (d6) 1. Sarlac Pit 6. chance of survivors 4. Elf Runners (2d6) 5.com Maps of Tyr and Tyr Region Tyr at a glance • Population: Just over 30’000 • There are 17 public city wells. Evil Vultures (1d6) 3. Baazrag Swarm (1d4) 6. caves. • Quest Givers: • Agis of Asticles: noble. • Lady Penumbra: noble. • Kalak’s Ziggurat: megadungeon filled with traps and treasures. exceedingly wealthy. and sewers. • Unexplored Dungeons: • Under-Tyr: a system of tunnels. with illegal items sometimes found in the Elven Markets (magical componants. Urikite Slavers (1d6 slavers and 1d4 templars 7. • Golden Palace: the sorcerer-king Kalak’s home and lair. Zombie Cactus devouring a lost group of nobles 4. enormous dark elf. senator. deposer of Kalak. slaves. Giant Trapdoor Spider 8. Ransacked caravan. Giant ants (kanks) confused and angry (1d6) Stony Barrens (d8) 1. head of a trade house from Altaruk. • Sub-matron Galash: noble. ancient relics. Desert Marauders (2d4) 2.