INDORE- 452010 (M.P.)


Pay4Ad is a listing portal with ability to register member through front end.
Members can pay and post their ads under their profile.
This system is integrated with MLM system(​​) coded separately as per
the details rules mentioned under modules below.
Members of MLM system can earn rewards from Listing portal as well as other ads
posted through API provided by client.

IP address log will be maintained for each user and transaction

These rewards can be redeemed through internal offers section
Portals will have android / iOS mobile application.

Design : Portal design will be mobile responsive and compatible with all devices
Android / iOS app will be designed as per the UI guidelines for Play / App Store
MLM application will be designed on custom admin panel theme

1. Listing Portal (
a. Homepage
i. Video Background slider
ii. Keyword / Location / Category Search
iii. Recent Listings
iv. Pricing Slabs
v. Login / Register through email, FB, Google
vi. Front End Listing Submission
vii. Information Pages like How it works / Plan & Pricing & others as
viii. Blog / Articles
ix. Complete Mobile responsive design
x. Listing rating & reviews

xi. Bookmark listing
b. Individual Listing Page
i. Single Banner Image
ii. Map / Contact Info
iii. Company Icon with Short Description
iv. Social Profile
v. Photo Gallery
vi. Long Description
vii. Video
viii. Promotions / Coupons / Ads
ix. Reviews
x. Opening Hours
xi. Amenities
xii. Share Listing
c. Category Listing Page
i. Map
ii. Search
iii. Listing Grid
d. Plan & Pricing
i. Pay online through CCavenue
ii. monthly / yearly listing subscription
e. Front End Listing Submission
f. Integration with new MLM portal (​​)
i. Auto registers users of MLM portal to listing portal
ii. Users on mlm portal will click on ad links from this portal
iii. User will auto login and fill standard enquiry form
iv. On successful submission user will be redirected to MLM portal again
v. A transaction record will be added on MLM portal for this submission
g. Admin Panel
i. Manage Information page content
ii. Add articles
iii. Manage listings
iv. Manage Users
v. Pricing Packages
vi. Manage Coupons / Promos
vii. Manage Reviews

viii. View Enquiries on individual listings
h. Live Chat
2. Android / iOS app
This app will be extention to the portals and will have limited functionality as per mobile
framework limitations. Also the app will be built using phonegap to support both android /
iOS devices
a. Manual Push Notification
b. Splash Screen
c. Intro Slider
d. FB Connect
e. Share App
f. Rate App
g. Homepage grid
h. Information pages

1. MLM Portal with e-commerce
a. Portal Front End
i. Homepage
1. Responsive design
2. Information pages (menu)
3. Slider
4. Offers Grid / Gallery
5. Login / Sign up form
6. Live Chat
ii. Information pages
1. Business
2. Packages
3. Offers
4. Contact Us
5. Other pages as per requirement
b. Members Registration
i. Front end form
1. Sponsor ID
2. Name
3. Position

4. Other contact information like email, address, phone number
5. E-Pin
6. Package
ii. By user from backend form
1. Sponsor ID
2. Name
3. Position
4. Contact Info
5. Package
6. e-pin (autofill)
iii. By user from Binary Tree
1. Choose a position from binary tree
2. Auto fill sponsor id, position, e-pin
3. Name
4. Contact Information
5. package
c. Login
i. Distributor / Franchisee / Member / Pin center login
d. Member Section
i. Dashboard stats
1. information as per screenshot # 1 or similar
a. user details
b. activity
c. directs
d. team & points
e. levels package wise
f. Further details for each level
ii. Profile
1. Receipt
2. Welcome Letter
3. Invoices
4. Pin Details
5. Rewards / Offers
6. Tree View
7. Level View
8. Wallet

9. Reports
10. Transaction Details
11. Payouts
12. Ad Management
e. Activation Pin Center / Distributor Pin Center
i. Redeem services
ii. Assign Pin
f. Service / Offers
i. members can redeem their benefits buying offers or services
ii. Services will be redeemed through activation center / distributors
g. Clone Tree
i. Each add on pin will create clone tree for particular user
h. Ad Management
i. Post Ad
ii. Ad image
iii. Link
iv. Description
v. API* (to be provided by client)
vi. Ad Category
vii. Company Name
viii. Unique ID
ix. Type identifier (lead / installation / clicks/...)
x. User Points
xi. Upliner Points
xii. Pin Center Points
xiii. Distributor Points
i. Multiple wallet calculations
i. Pay Value Points
ii. Redeem Value Points
iii. Convert Pay Value points to Redeem value points
iv. Upper limit and restrictions on redeeming points
j. Cron Jobs
i. Auto generation of reports based on cron jobs
k. Package Configuration
i. Fixed number of packages (3)
ii. Can configure per package

1. validity
2. payvalue points
3. redemtion ad points
l. Combo Package
i. Can select a product and provide free members with that product
ii. Steps will be select package >> select product >> final invoice
m. Super Admin Panel
i. Assign / Deduct Pay Value or Redeem Points for any user in system
n. MLM logics / requirement

As per requirement…
Contact to Mr. Akshay Ji (7506828098) or Mr. Manish Ji (8286955555)

Listing Portal ​​ is Completly Ready
Only Advertisement Portal Have To Prepare.


User ID: m

Password: vcommission2016

We have to do the project just like VCommission Company with some additional activity for that Inputs
and outputs are given as below: