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SKF Wireless MicroVibe

The most cost-effective solution for portable, wireless
vibration monitoring.

Background & History

The SKF MicroVibe (CMVL 3810) was first released in late 2002 by SKF Reliability
Systems. The platform was a Handspring Visor with Palm OS.

In October 2004, Condition Monitoring Center – San Diego launched the SKF
MicroVibe P (CMVL 3850) for Pocket PC’s with Windows Mobile 2003 and later
Windows Mobile 5.0

In July 2009 the SKF MicroVibe P for Pocket PC’s (CMVL 3860) with Windows Mobile
6.0 was launched.

In July 2011 HP announced the obsolescence of it’s Pocket PC series and the
rugged Trimble unit was introduced.

The SKF MicroVibe P series was obsoleted in July 2012.

2014, the new SKF Wireless MicroVibe communicates wirelessly between the sensor
and a tablet with Android operating system (or Android smart phone), while
maintaining the same functionality as the SKF MicroVibe P.

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SKF Portable Systems Product Range

• There is “No” Significant offering in-between Vib. Pen & Analyzer In theAsset
SKF @ptitude market.
• Become a early Player in the market and createSupport
Decision a nische
SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite
Basic MicroVibe
SKF @ptitude Inspector SKF @ptitude Analyst
products ARM

SKF Microlog Inspector MX SKF Microlog
IR- Ultrasonic
Thermometer Probe
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Concept © SKF Group Slide 4 3 March 2015 .

Concept introduction High speed wireless connection with WiFi Android™ device (Tablet) SKF Wireless MicroVibe sensor module © SKF Group Slide 5 3 March 2015 .

For portable vibration monitoring © SKF Group Slide 6 3 March 2015 .

• Standard vibration measurements • Envelope acceleration. misalignment. rubs. velocity and displacement in both FFT spectrum and time waveform displays • Store and recall measurements for trending and analysis • Reliable and fast wireless data collection (WiFi) from a safe distance © SKF Group Slide 7 3 March 2015 .Introducing the SKF Wireless MicroVibe • Portable. etc. bearing. acceleration. compact and lightweight SKF Wireless MicroVibe • Expert judgment criteria based on ISO Sensor Module vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation • FFT spectrum analysis enables user to pinpoint problems like unbalance.

Some time ago Yesterday Now CMVL 3850-ML CMVL 3860-ML CMVL 4000-EN © SKF Group Slide 8 3 March 2015 .Tomorrow’s solution today • The SKF Wireless MicroVibe module sensor works with devices with the common Android™ operating systems. like the Nexus 7 tablets.

© SKF Group Slide 9 3 March 2015 . Pen & Vibration analyzer.Objective is to be a early player in the market and create a good install base.Background & Objective • There is no significant offering in the market in-between a Vib. • Leverage Technology advancement in terms of wireless sensor offering interfaced with the Android™ OS based off-the-shelf Tablet using high speed WiFi. .

Overview © SKF Group Slide 10 3 March 2015 .

SKF Wireless MicroVibe CMVL 4000-K-EN kit © SKF Group Slide 11 3 March 2015 .

SKF Wireless MicroVibe CMVL 4000-K kit contains: CMVL 4000 SKF Wireless MicroVibe sensor module CMAC 4005 Rechargeable batteries CMAC 4010 Universal USB power supply with four line adapters CMAC 4015 USB to micro-USB cable CMAC 4020 Stinger (probe). Not for regular use CMAC 4025 Two-bar magnet CMAC 4060 SKF Wireless MicroVibe CD © SKF Group Slide 12 3 March 2015 .

Protects micro-USB port Power switch LED Press to switch on or turn off Indicates device status Vibration sensor Collects vibration data Magnet Secures device on the machine’s measurement point © SKF Group Slide 13 3 March 2015 . SKF Wireless MicroVibe overview Battery cover Secures two AAA rechargeable batteries Lanyard loop Use lanyard to prevent dropping the device USB cover Slides open.

Further analysis • Once the judgment call of the overall vibration measurements resulted in an alert or danger. © SKF Group Slide 14 3 March 2015 . start a root cause analysis with FFT and waveforms.

specifications and applications © SKF Group Slide 15 3 March 2015 . Features.

– Transfer machinery vibration data to a computer for trending and further analysis – Reliable and fast wireless data collection (WiFi) from a safedistance – – Up to 40 meter distance. outside with line-of- sight – – Up to 25 meter distance. misalignment. rubs. bearing. etc. inside with line-of- sight © SKF Group Slide 16 3 March 2015 .Benefits of the portable data collector and analyzer • For single axis. time-based overall and spectral measurements – Provides a low cost solution to determine machine health – Wireless data collection is safe and convenient – Light and compact – Fast data acquisition – Expert judgment criteria based on ISO vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation – FFT spectrum analysis enables user to pinpoint problems like unbalance.

velocity. displacement and enveloped acceleration – simultaneously. © SKF Group Slide 17 3 March 2015 .Ease of use Multi-point automation saves time and improves reliability Automatically collect the most useful measurements for vibration analysis – acceleration. enhances the accuracy and overall reliability of your decision making – giving you the information all in one view. SKF’s multi-point automation saves time and is easy to use.

© SKF Group Slide 18 3 March 2015 . the SKF Wireless MicroVibe has what it takes to help you easily pinpoint impending machine problems. Automatically tabulates and displays the highest vibration peaks from a spectrum. and a 90 dB dynamic range.Powerful FFT spectrum analysis capabilities With preset measurements and user selectable FFT resolution from 100 to 12480 lines. selectable Fmax. imbalance or bearing faults. making it easy to quickly identify signals indicative of specific machine problems. like misalignment. Cursor position readout with display zoom optimizes your analysis power.

save. © SKF Group Slide 19 3 March 2015 . edit and display collected and uploaded data on your desktop computer For further analysis and trending and even exported to Microsoft Excel.Data management Software program to extract. Ø Ideal for small route data collection.

95 in.32 lbs.5 in.).Basic specifications SKF Wireless MicroVibe Dimension 88.6 mm x 41.) /form Cuboids with round base /rating IP 65 (Water and dust protection) Weight 145 g (0.) Enclosure Durable polymer housing and stainless steel base Mounting M6 mounting thread for recommended magnet mount Sampling Frequency Max 76. Battery life-cycle Five hours © SKF Group Slide 20 3 March 2015 . Base ø 24 mm (0. x 1.8 kHz Effective Frequency 5 Hz to 20 KHz Operating Temperature +5 °C to +50 °C (+41 to +122°F) operating temperature Humidity 30 to 90% non-condensing Power source 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries Current consumption 150 mA under measurement with WiFi use.6 in.5 mm (3.

Mounting and ordering information © SKF Group Slide 21 3 March 2015 .

from Left to Right. gently apply the device to the measurement location at an angle (using a rolling motion) so as not to slam the device and cause an impact that may shock the device) • Stud (screw) mount • Stinger (probe) Vibration Practices. from Least Effective to Most Effective.Mounting consideration and accessories The SKF Wireless MicroVibe sensor module supports three options for mounting: • Magnet (recommended) . © SKF Group Slide 22 3 March 2015 .Secures the device on the machine’s measurement point (when using the magnetic base.

but the tablet © SKF Group Slide 23 3 March 2015 .Ordering information… Part ID: CMVL 4000-EN Description: SKF Wireless MicroVibe Kit Everything.

Ordering information Optional accessories Part ID: CMAC 4035 Description: Carrying case with customizable foam © SKF Group Slide 24 3 March 2015 .

. uploading the data into the Data Management Software is not assured. however.com/cm website for the most current list. • Android Smartphones and Samsung tablets do communicate to the SKF Wireless MicroVibe sensor module. a 7-inch LCD tablet provides the best screen size option.Tablet ordering information… SKF is not offering Android tablets for purchase. The following list of supported Android devices will expand as more tablets become available. © SKF Group Slide 25 3 March 2015 . Although the SKF Wireless MicroVibe will work on many devices with Android operating systems. • In general. SKF cannot guarantee the compatibility with other models or operating systems. Taking vibration data is possible.skf. Please refer your customer to the www.

2 Panasonic 7-inch Regza Tablet HTC 4.2 /4.3 Lenova 7-inch BizPad JT-H580VT 3.Tablet ordering information… Here are the Android tablets verified to work with the SKF Wireless MicroVibe: Name OS Version Supplier Note Nexus 7 4.2.3 Asus 7-inch IdeaPad Tablet A1 2.7-inch CT 704 4.4 iDea USA 7-inch © SKF Group Slide 26 3 March 2015 .1.3 Toshiba 7-inch AT3S0/35D HTC One (M7) 4.

Tablet ordering information Highly recommended is the Nexus 7 series: Nexus 7 Google Asus Tablet 7" © SKF Group Slide 27 3 March 2015 .

Positioning © SKF Group Slide 28 3 March 2015 .

Ultrasonic Thermometer Probe MCD WMCD © SKF Group October 30. SKF CMC portable systems product range SKF @ptitude Asset Decision Support management SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite SKF Wireless Basic MicroVibe SKF @ptitude Inspector SKF @ptitude Analyst condition monitoring products ARM MCA GX AX SKF Microlog Inspector MX SKF Microlog IR. 2007 © SKF Group Slide 29 .

• Product positioning becomes extremely important here as we also have to cater vibration pen & microlog market also. The Android tablet will have to be purchased from a different source to avoid confusion with warranty claims and technical support. Micrologs or Microlog Inspectors series © SKF Group Slide 30 3 March 2015 .Setting Right Expectation _ _ • The SKF Wireless MicroVibe kit comes with everything but the tablet. • Recommended for 600 RPM & above. • The SKF Wireless MicroVibe application is based on commercial off-the-shelf Android tablets and is therefore not ruggedized as the SKF’s Machine Condition Advisor. • One needs to understand that wireless microvibe is not a product to eliminate microlog market and is not a replacement to microlog requirement.

WMS-100.Competition Metso offers the Maintenance Pad. a rugged Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2 Field with Windows operating system and 10. Route and off-route measurements – Analysis tools and history storage • Wireless vibration measurement – Standard WiFi interface. no wires • Built on Windows 7 operating system – Metso Maintenance Pad is not limited to vibration data collection only. also other Windows applications can be used – Works as on-line system field terminal for Metso DNA or Sensodec 6S © SKF Group Slide 31 3 March 2015 .1” LCD together with a Wireless sensor. Metso Maintenance Pad Key features • Tool for off-line vibration measurements – Vibration data collection.

Textile etc. CMVL 3850-ML and CMVL 3860-ML) : Shall be our sweet spot . © SKF Group Hospital and Building Faculties (New trends). F&B – Other then Nestle.Potential Customers & our Approach Customers already purchased / using older MicroVibe platform (models CMVL 3810. Shall offer buy back. • New Segments – Low to Mid size companies New clients starting a predictive maintenance program Small / Mid size OEM’s Companies already using service contracts Automotive / Big size Auto Ancillaries . Consultative approach to leverage existing relation ship. • Customers intended to purchase low end / low cost Vibration Analyzer (Migrate): (Be cautious in messaging to prevent cannibalization of Microlog) Target existing SKF customers / accounts not a CoMo user . Engagement shall be on service prospective. Pen for quite some time (Upgrade): Consultative approach with the customers to educate them about the benefits of using the instruments and encourage them to move further step in their condition monitoring landscape. • Customers using Vib. Slide 32 3 March 2015 . Pharma (Critical Equipment).

wireless vibration monitoring. © SKF Group Slide 36 3 March 2015 . Discovering new frontiers SKF Wireless MicroVibe The most cost-effective solution for portable.

FAQ © SKF Group Slide 37 3 March 2015 .

However you can collect time waveform and FFT spectrum & transfer the data to data management software.Is it suitable for low speed machine. Q.Frequently Asked Questions Q-How many equipment can the MicroVibe host? A.Microvibe is a Portable device and not intended for continuous monitoring. Q-Is continuous monitoring possible? A.ISO 10816-3 Vibration Standard Evaluation is used to determine the alert levels.Microvibe is a single channel device which can take vibration of all rotatory equipment having RPM above 600 Q. © SKF Group Slide 38 3 March 2015 .It is recommended to use for RPM 600 & above. A.Which standard is used for giving alert information? A.

d) SKF recommends the use of the magnet (CMAC 4025). SKF recommends only using rechargeable NiMH batteries. Therefore. especially for waveform measurement and long term frequency analysis.Frequently Asked Questions Q-What are the Do's & Don'ts / Best practices? A. gently apply the device to the measurement location at an angle (using a rolling motion) so as not to slam the device onto the machine and cause an impact that may drive the SKF Wireless MicroVibe into saturation © SKF Group Slide 39 3 March 2015 .a)While the SKF Wireless MicroVibe can operate with two AAA alkaline batteries. b) The stud mount (M6) provides the highest frequency range. c) The stinger (probe) should not be used beyond 1 kHz frequency and must be used with caution. When using the magnetic base. charging the module with alkaline batteries installed is hazardous.

Q. Q. it is not available.Can we create route / hierarchy in the Data Management Software. MicroVibe database cannot be transferred to other software. A-Yes.No.Frequently Asked Questions Q. Q-Can you transfer MicroVibe database to other software? A-No.Can it be interfaced with Aptitude Analyst/Observer? A.No.Do Bearing database is available with Data Management Software ? A. it cannot be used with Microlog as Microlog does not have WiFi capabilities.Can it be used with Microlog? A. Q-Is historical data analysis possible? A-Yes. It can only be interfaced with the Data Management Software. it cannot be interfaced with Aptitude Analyst/Observer. © SKF Group Slide 40 3 March 2015 .No. historical data analysis is possible with the help of the Data Management Software shipped with the Wireless MicroVibe Q. user can define small route / hierarchy in the Data Management Software .

Q-Can it be used in hazardous environment? A. Q.Is it intrinsically safe? A-No. © SKF Group Slide 41 3 March 2015 . For safe working without any damage it can be used in the temperature range of 5 to 50 degree Celsius and within 30 – 90% non-condensing humidity. Q. The Nexus 7 tablet is recommended.SKF Wireless MicroVibe is not certified for any hazardous environment and not recommended to be used in hazardous environment.Does it have any IP rating? A.SKF tested devices mentioned in table below. SKF Wireless MicroVibe does not have any IP rating.No. it is not intrinsically safe.Frequently Asked Questions Q-Can it be used with any android device? A.

Q-Does it require periodic calibration? A. But the facility will be available in near future.Frequently Asked Questions Q-Can the software generate reports which can be printed? A-The Data Management Software can output graphs in Microsoft Excel (2003 or higher) file format which can be printed. © SKF Group Slide 42 3 March 2015 .Calibration is required one in a year Q-Does SKF India have the repair & calibration facility for MicroVibe? A.As for now India does not have facility of calibration & repair in India.

© SKF Group Slide 43 3 March 2015 .