NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed proposals will be received by the Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors for furnishing the following items or services to Coconino County as follows:

UNTIL: September 10th, 2013 at 2:00PM FOR

RFP NUMBER: 2014-100

ITEM: Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating Systems

Specifications and proposal forms are available upon request. For any questions, contact
Coconino County Purchasing Department, 219 E. Cherry Ave., Flagstaff, Arizona 86001.
Telephone (928) 679-7190 or visit the County web site at

Proposals shall be opened and the names of the Proposers publicly read in the meeting room of
the Board of Supervisors, Flagstaff, Arizona. Details of each proposal shall not be announced at
the time of opening. Such information shall be made public after all negotiations are completed
and an award made by the Board. Award shall be made with reasonable promptness by giving
written notice to the Proposer whose proposal best conforms to the invitation and will be the
most advantageous to Coconino County. Other factors to be considered may include, but are not
limited to, quality, uniformity of product and Proposer’s past performance on other contracts.
Award may be made to other than the low cost proposal. However, all proposals may be rejected
if the Board of Supervisors determines that rejection is in the public interest.

A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Monday, August 19 th at 9:00 am at 219 E. Cherry
Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, 2nd Floor conference room. Although this meeting is not
mandatory, vendors are strongly encouraged to attend.

Wendy Escoffier, Clerk
Board of Supervisors
Coconino County, Arizona



AND a CD of the proposal. In submitting Proposals, please reference the serial Proposal
number on the envelope/package for the purpose of identification. All Proposals shall be
submitted with original ink signatures by the person authorized to sign.

2. Proposals shall be delivered to and time stamped by the office of the Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors, 219 E. Cherry Avenue Second Floor, Flagstaff, Arizona, 86001, on or before the
day and hour set for the opening of Proposals in the published notice. Proposals shall be
enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the title and number of the RFP and the name of the
Proposer. It is the sole responsibility of the Proposer to see that his/her Proposal is received
at the proper time. Neither electronic nor “faxed” proposals shall be accepted.

3. Erasures, interlineations or other modifications in the Proposal shall be initiated in original
ink by the authorized person signing the Proposal.

4. In the case of errors in extension of prices in Proposal, the unit price will govern.

5. Any Proposer may withdraw his/her Proposal, either personally or by written request, at any
time prior to the closing time for receipt of Proposals. Telegraphic, “faxed”, or mailgram
withdrawals will not be effective.

6. All amendments to Proposals must be signed and returned to the Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors with the Proposal on the specified due date and time.

7. Proposals will be opened and read in the meeting room of the Board of Supervisors at the
time indicated in the call for Proposals. Details of each proposal, including proposed fees
shall not be announced at the time of opening. Such information shall be made public after
all negotiations are completed and an award made.

8. Proposals received after the scheduled closing time for receipt of Proposals will be returned,
unopened, to the Proposer(s).

9. Per A.R.S. 11-254.01, award will be made with reasonable promptness to the Proposer whose
Proposal best conforms to the Proposal Scope of Work and will be most advantageous to the
County with respect to price, conformity to Scope of Work, and other factors.

10. All Proposals may be rejected if the Board determines that rejection is in the public interest.

11. The County reserves the right to waive any informalities in accepting and evaluating

12. If a person contemplating a Proposal for a proposed contract is in doubt as to the true
meaning of any part of the Proposal documents, or finds discrepancies in or omissions from
said documents, he/she shall submit to the Coconino County Purchasing office a written
request for an interpretation or correction thereof. The person submitting the request shall be
responsible for its prompt delivery.


The Proposal specifications shall take precedence in any situation where the instructions to Proposer and the Proposal specifications are contradictory. Negligence in preparing a Proposal confers no right of withdrawal after due date and time. City of Flagstaff. 18. All proposers shall complete the attached Disclosure of Responsibility Statement and the Non-Collusion Affidavit. Failure to do so may result in rejection of that proposal. and Coconino Community College have implemented an Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement. Coconino County and vendors will use their best cooperative efforts to resolve disputes arising in the normal course of business at the lowest organizational level between each party’s staff with appropriate authority to resolve such disputes. and to offices where Proposal documents have been filed for review purposes. 16. with the notice specifying the disputed issues and the position of the party submitting the notice. When a dispute arises which cannot be resolved in the normal course of business. The County is also a member of the cooperative purchasing group Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) which allows participating agencies to utilize awarded County contracts. 21. 15. The proposer is required to insure that the documents received through any electronic method or Bid posting service are complete. 20. The authorized persons shall use their best good faith efforts to resolve the dispute within five business days of submission by either party to the other of such dispute notice. It is the responsibility of all Proposers to examine the entire set of Proposal documents and seek clarification of any item or requirement that may not be clear and to check all responses for accuracy prior to submitting a Proposal. 14. Vendor shall note how long the Proposal prices shall remain firm. Failure on the part of the Proposer to comply with all of these instructions may result in Proposal rejection by the Board of Supervisors. 19. duly issued.13. Coconino County. Each agency shall be responsible for ordering and payment of each order placed through this cooperative purchasing agreement. All Proposal prices shall be guaranteed by the Proposer to remain unchanged for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from and including the date of the Proposal opening. 3 . Any addenda will be mailed or delivered to all who are known by the County to have received a set of Proposal documents. Each Proposer may ascertain prior to submitting his/her Proposal that he/she is in receipt of all addenda issued by telephoning the Purchasing office at (928) 679-7190. Northern Arizona University. Vendor(s) shall acknowledge and agree that the Proposal and proposal prices offered to the County will also be offered to these additional agencies should they elect to purchase off of this contract. and a copy of such addendum will be mailed or delivered to all who are known to have received a set of Proposal documents. 17. Proposer shall acknowledge all addenda in accordance with the instructions on the Proposal. Questions regarding the Scope of Work received less than forty.eight (48) hours before the Proposal opening shall not be answered. Flagstaff Unified School District. Any interpretation or correction of the proposed documents will be made only by addendum. the authorized persons shall notify the other of the dispute. Coconino County is not responsible for any other explanations or interpretations of the proposed documents.

standards and ordinances regardless of whether or not they are referred to by the County. All known subcontractors to this project must be indicated in the No subcontract shall. This protest must be submitted prior to the Board of Supervisors meeting at which the recommendation is on the agenda for award or rejection. relieve the Independent Contractor of liability and obligation under this contract. and safety laws. cancel that RFP and re- solicit or completely cancel the RFP. If the County is unable to successfully negotiate a contract with the highest rated offeror. The County Board of Supervisors had adopted and approved this policy. the County may. 24. services and facilities shall be in full compliance with all applicable Federal.22. The policy can be viewed on the County web site at http://www. The proposer shall be familiar with and operate within the guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 4 . The offeror’s products. and despite any such subletting. Any proposer objecting to the recommendation of award. must submit a written protest to the Purchasing Specialist. 23.01. begin negotiations with the next highest rated proposal. No subcontract will be construed as making the County a party of or to such 26. or subjecting the County to liability of any kind to any subcontractor. Subcontractors will be dealt with as workmen and representatives of the Independent Contractor. Coconino County’s purchasing policy is in accordance with ARS 11-254. rejection of a proposal. The protest must be filed with the Purchasing Specialist within three business days from notification of the recommendation. the County shall deal through the Independent Contractor. or any portion thereof. environmental. A complete description of the protest procedures may be found in the County Purchasing Policy located on the County’s web site at under any circumstances. solicitation procedures of an RFP. 25.coconino. State and local health.

arising out of obtaining. List any penalties imposed for time delays and/or quality of material and workmanship. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 5. or affiliate of this company for offenses such as embezzlement. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 5 . List any convictions of any person. or in the performance of such contract or subcontract. List any violations of contract provisions such as knowingly (without good cause) to perform. List any convictions of any person. etc. (See procurement policy section 7. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 7. STATEMENT REGARDING RESPONSIBILITY AND COMPLIANCE WITH IMMIGRATION AND ANTI-TERRORISM LAWS 1. theft. subsidiary. or affiliate of the company. List any prior suspensions or debarments by any government agency. or unsatisfactory performance. or any other offenses indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty which affect the responsibility of the contractor. or attempting to obtain a public or private contract or subcontract. List any convictions or civil judgments under state or federal antitrust statutes.) _____________________________________________________________________ 3.2 for types of offenses. subsidiary. _____________________________________________________________________ 4. in accordance with the specifications of a contract. fraudulent schemes. List any contracts not completed on time. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 6. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 2.

06. In accordance with A. declare under oath that Company Name The above statements. and A. 10. including any supplemental responses attached hereto.R.8. or with any party on the list of parties excluded from Arizona procurement. Offeror hereby warrants its compliance with the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act (FINA).R. Offeror hereby certifies that is in compliance with the Export Administration Act. all other Federal immigration laws and regulations related to the immigration status of its employees. occupational safety and health rules. regulations. Signature State of County of Subscribed and sworn to before me on this day of 20 by representing him/herself to be of the company named herein.R. § 35-391. §23-214 which requires verification of each employee’s legal employability. the offeror hereby certifies that the offeror does not have scrutinized business operation in Iran or the Sudan. are true.S.S. In accordance with A.S § 41-4401. . using E-verify. I. ________________________ 6 . 11. List any documented violations of federal or state labor laws. _____________________________________________________________________ _ 9. as Name of Individual Title & Authority Of . after they are employed. or standards.

Notary Public ________________________ My Commission Expires 7 .

he/she certifies as follows: That neither he/she nor anyone associated with the said ______________________________________________ (Name of Company) has. Representative) being first duly sworn. 20____ Title: My Commission expires: ___________________________________________________ (Notary Public) 8 . participated in any collusion or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free competitive bidding for the bid for the: RFP 2014-100 Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating Systems By: ______________________________________ (Name of Individual/Representative) Subscribed and sworn to before me this _______ day of ___________________. directly or indirectly entered into any agreement. AFFIDAVIT BY CONTRACTOR CERTIFYING THAT THERE WAS NO COLLUSION IN BIDDING FOR CONTRACT STATE OF ARIZONA ) ) ss COUNTY OF: ) ) ___________________________________________________________________ (Name of Company. deposes and says: That she/he is ______________________________ of (Title) ________________________________ (Name of Company) _________________________________________and That pursuant to Section 112 (C) of Title 23 USC.

County operations with the largest energy consumption are priorities. and it includes 18. d e s i g n . protecting itself from rising energy costs and establishing fiscal predictability. Proposals are requested from qualified businesses for the financing. citizens. Fredonia and parts of Oak Creek. The objective of this Request for Proposals is to identify and select the most qualified Proposer for financing. 9 . The Board of Supervisors adopted on October 16.011. design. as well as the many visitors to Northern Arizona. construction. Coconino County is the second largest county in the forty eight contiguous United States. One of the priorities was Cultural and Natural Resources. utility. 2. Page. Renewable energy projects will assist the County in developing long-term energy planning needs. Multiple sites should be incorporated to provide the most economically beneficial investment.0 BACKGROUND The County is devoted to enhancing the quality of life of our employees. Upon selection of the most qualified Proposer. Solar photovoltaic (PV) electric energy generating systems in County operated buildings will greatly aid the accomplishment of this objective. the County established a progress indicator that measures the percentage of County Facilities with energy efficiency guidelines. Coconino County RFP 2014-100 Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating Systems 1. state and federal incentives and renewable energy credits and certificates. the County intends to enter into a PPA for a term negotiated between the County and Proposer. and has significant experience successfully performing comparable work. utility reservation requests. Proposers must demonstrate the ability and financial capacity to perform the work described in the Scope of Work set forth in this RFP. Under this priority area. 3. The County was created in 1891 and was carved out of Yavapai County. Williams. c o n s t r u c t i o n . i n t e r c o n n e c t i o n . The awarded Proposer shall apply for and manage all incentives including but not limited to.661 square miles and a population of 136. operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic systems on County owned property under a PPA contract for up to twenty years.0 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES Coconino County is committed to establishing cost effective renewable energy systems on its facilities to generate electricity using solar photovoltaics. 2010 six strategic priorities that guide the policy and decision making processes in providing excellent services for residents and visitors of Coconino County.0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION Coconino County is seeking a qualified business or businesses (“Proposers”) to provide cost competitive electricity generating solar photovoltaic systems at multiple County buildings and properties under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). o p e r a t i o n a n d m a i n t e n a n c e o f s o l a r p h o t o v o l t a i c systems on County properties. The County includes the cities of Flagstaff.

Flagstaff. AZ 86001 Coconino County Detention Facility.Since 2003. Flagstaff.594 2008 6. AZ 86001 General Services Building 110 E Cherry Ave.663 2009 6. Jail District 951 E Sawmill Road. Electricity rates for the County are affected by total kWh consumption and peak demand. and Jail District The County purchases approximately 20 percent of its energy through the Arizona Public Services (APS) Green Choice Program. Flagstaff. electricity cost per kWh has increased at an annualized rate of 3.120 2012 6. Flagstaff. Table 2: Coconino County Potential System Sites Coconino County Courthouse 200 N San Francisco Street. 10 . Sheriff. Sites are owned by Coconino County and the Coconino County Jail District. AZ 86001 Juvenile Court and Detention Center 1001 E Sawmill Road. Table 1: County Energy Consumption Fiscal 2007 – 2012* Fiscal Year Electric Consumption 2007 (MWh) 6. While total electricity consumption has decreased by 10%. AZ 86001 Law Enforcement Administrative Facility 911 E Sawmill Road. Flagstaff. AZ 86001 Health and Community Services Building 2625 N King Street.564 2010 6.066 *Data on facilities managed by Facilities Management Department. Potential Renewable Energy System Sites: The County has identified the following six potential locations for possible roof and ground mounted solar photovoltaic systems (Table 2). therefore the County does not warrant the condition of these sites. peak demand has remained constant over the last several years.363 2011 6. AZ 86001 The County has not conducted a structural analysis of the potential system sites listed above. The Proposer shall bear the responsibility of verifying the structural integrity of potential system sites.5%. Flagstaff.

Electrical and Site Plans for County locations may be viewed and downloaded from the following link: http://www. 5. utility pre-application for Photovoltaic system (grid-tied) production based incentive reservation application. c) Demonstrated experience with engineering and designing metering and meter data acquisition and presentation systems. all 100kWdc or greater. design.0 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Due to an anticipated large number of firms responding to this RFP.1 Location The successful vendor shall identify an appropriate location for the solar PV inverter equipment and its related components and environmental control systems that will meet the following criteria: • Ease of maintenance and monitoring • Efficient operation • Low operating losses 11 . the County will initially review the proposal responses to determine which ones are both responsive and responsible under the minimum requirements identified below. a) Demonstrate that Proposer has engineered and designed solar PV system of similar size and the ability to maintain and operate those solar PV systems contemplated in this RFP b) Demonstrate experience with engineering and designing electrical interconnection facilities for solar PV systems. d) Demonstrated ability to secure financing and bonding capacity for the competition of this project. installation. Proposers must receive a “Pass” review for each of the identified minimum requirements in order to be considered as a viable Proposer: responsive and responsible.0 SCOPE OF WORK The Work must provide for complete cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems including financing. The awarded Proposer will be entitled to all eligible tax credits and incentives and is expected to factor those tax credits and rebates into the proposed pricing. on a “Pass/Fail” basis. g) Has appropriate contractor’s license for the installation of solar PV systems. f) Experience with installing solar PV systems in Arizona as well as four season climates. roof mounted system. operation and maintenance. in the last three years. e) Proposer has installed at least one of the following systems: ground mounted array. and knowledge of integrating with facility Energy Management Systems.coconino. utility coordination and interconnect agreement.aspx?NID=1056 4. billing systems. 5. including all labor and materials and any temporary or interim facilities required to maintain essential existing functions in operation throughout the PPA contract parking canopy engineering. procurement.

The integration of the onsite solar systems with the other power sources for the site will be the responsibility of the selected Proposer. approvals. permits. and labor necessary to install the solar photovoltaic systems and integrate them with other power sources.• Secured location and hardware • Compatibility with existing facilities • Avoidance of flood-prone areas • Visual harmony The Proposer is responsible for ascertaining relevant site conditions and making its own findings as to site conditions and appropriate system size during site visits. 5.5 Installation The successful Proposer shall secure from governing agencies and the utility company all required rights. bindings. The successful Proposer shall supply all equipment. Expensive displays. Applicable telephone lines or cell phone expenses will be included in the Proposer’s cost. Permanent signage will be determined by the County at each site. and other relevant factors. or promotional materials are neither required nor desired. Required commissioning and acceptance test services include: • Starting up the solar PV systems until it achieves the performance requirements of the qualifying management service agreement.3 Commissioning and Acceptance Test During the start-up the County shall observe and verify each system’s performance.4 Design The Proposer shall design/engineer solar PV systems to maximize the solar energy resources at each County site. installation costs. Project signage and other smaller signs will be provided by the Proposer. 5. 5. taking into consideration the facility’s electrical demand and load patterns. and interconnection agreements at no additional cost to the County.2 Billing Plan The Proposer will be required to submit monthly billing to the jurisdiction over the term of the electrical delivery period. materials. 5. proposed installation sites. available solar resources. Permanent signage will be provided and installed by the Proposer at the completion of the project. The Proposer shall fulfill all 12 .6 Interconnection The successful Proposer shall supply and install all equipment required to interconnect the solar PV systems to the County and utility’s distribution system. 5. • Starting up the mechanical solar systems until it achieves the performance requirements of the qualifying management service agreement • Conducting the successful delivery of power or heating btu’s within thirty days following completion of a system.

The proposals are to be submitted in c o m b s t y l e binders and have sections tabbed with your proposal information as outlined in the categories/criteria below: The Evaluation Committee will evaluate responses to this RFP based on the information provided in each of the Proposer’s proposal response and interviews (if conducted) as necessary.application.0 PROPOSAL FORMAT/SUBMITTALS 6. but not be limited. and As-Built Drawings Vendor shall provide four sets and electronic CD with CADD drawings of the Operation and Maintenance Manuals. study.1 Format and Content To aid in the evaluation.8 Operation and Maintenance Manuals. 5.1 Page limits 13 . 5. to the following: • System performance • System availability • Average and accumulated output • Capacity factor • Degradation The data acquisition system shall be designed for remote operation. 6.7 Monitoring Monitoring of system performance and providing public education and outreach is a key element of this Work. and testing procedures to complete the interconnection process. The cost associated for providing the above-referenced monitoring and data collection system shall be separately itemized. and As-Built Drawings. Proposers are encouraged to use recycled paper and double-sided coping for the production of all printed and photocopied material. The regularly collected data should reflect. it is desired that all proposals follow the same general format. solar electricity generation data for all installed sites. analyze and display historical and live. The overall monitoring program and systems shall be established by the completion of the first system installed for the County. The system will allow the County to track progress toward the renewable goal for all the systems combined as well as monitor performance against the warranted production requirements on a site-by-site basis. Data acquisition system shall provide the County the ability to integrate live and historical solar energy information for public kiosks at each facility.1. All costs associated with utility interconnection shall be borne by the Proposer. 6. and also telemeter this data to a central monitoring/control station at Coconino County Facilities Management Department. The Proposer shall provide a turnkey data acquisition and display system that allows the County to monitor.

relevant information. as follows: a. partner(s). responsibilities and relationships of all team members. Proposals should not be excessively long.3 Title Page: Include Firm's name. Emphasis should be on solar PV systems of similar size and type as contemplated in the Proposer’s response. Total kW of generating capacity of on-site solar PV engineered and designed over the last three (3) years which are currently in commercial operations. Experience with engineering and designing electrical interconnection facilities for the purposes of electrically interconnecting commercial scale solar PV systems. 6. Provide only the requested. and contact information for each. 6. b. major subcontractor(s) and supplier(s).2 Cover Page: The cover page should contain the following relevant data as a minimum: • Statement that this is an offer to: Request for Proposals: Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating Systems RFP No. address.System Design and Engineering Experience Each Proposer shall provide information and explanation of the Proposer and/or Proposer’s team solar PV system design and engineering experience.4 Proposer/Organization Identify and name the lead Proposer who will be the primary contact entity and will be responsible for the RFP response submittal.1. 2014-100 • Submittal date • Company name (and logo if desired) 6. duplicate information should not be included. Advertising. 14 . Title page must be signed by an authorized person of the firm. SECTION 1.1. phone and FAX numbers and name(s) of principals.1. d) Resumes for key employees amongst the team members that will be responsible for developing and delivering the solar projects.5 Organizational Chart Each Proposer shall provide the following information regarding its company and team members or partners: a) Names of team member(s). e-mail/website address(es).1. 6. marketing. c) Identify the owner of the solar system that will be contractually obligated and responsible throughout the proposed PPA term. b) Describe the roles.

Installation Qualifications and Experience Each Proposer shall provide information and explanation of the Proposer and/or Proposer’s team solar PV system installation and construction experience. The proposal shall contain a detailed explanation of the complete project and a delineation of all work tasks to be performed by the awarded vendor for each site. monitors. The description for each project should include:  The project name  Location  Project size  Project type – turnkey or third party  Year completed  Name of project manager  Name of client contact  Brief description of the project  Brief description of any specific challenges and how they were overcome  References c. Proposer should include solar PV systems installed service territory. and instrumentation • System performance monitoring • Verification of capacity to support systems at the various sites • System warranties • An Operation and Maintenance plan that addresses:  Snow mitigation 15 . Provide information and evidence of having in its possession the appropriate contractor’s licenses and certifications for installing solar PV systems on a commercial scale in Arizona. layout of equipment • Selection of key equipment • Specifications for equipment procurement and installation • All engineering associated with structural and mounting details • Performance of equipment components. and subsystems • Integration of solar PV system with other power sources • Electrical grid interconnection requirements • Controls. as follows: a. d. provide design documents that include the following minimum information: • Timeline/Project Schedule • System description • UL and IEC certification of panels and equipment • Equipment details and description • Layout of installation.SECTION 2. Total kW of installed solar PV installed over the last three (3) years which are currently in commercial operations. Description of solar PV systems installed over the last three (3) years. Emphasis should be on solar PV systems of similar size and type as contemplated in the Proposer’s response. For each site.

Proposer shall provide examples. Name the relevant sureties and insurance companies that serve as payment and bonding agent. Implementation and Delivery Capabilities. c. c. including diagnosing and tracking system performance over time and the term of the solar agreements. Proposer shall describe their capacity and experience to manage and deliver. as follows: a. Proposer shall describe their engineering and design management capabilities and experience for all of the solar PV systems installed over the last three years that are currently in commercial operation. capacity and experience.Project Management. Proposer shall demonstrate bonding capacity to accommodate the proposed County initiative. as follows (Maximum 100 points): a. the equivalent amount and types of solar PV systems as submitted in Proposer’s response to this RFP. at a minimum. as well as the financing method that is to be contemplated for the solar PV projects contemplated by Proposer’s response to this RFP. 16 . The Proposer must present their recommended locations. Capacity and Experience. e. Proposer shall describe the financing methods employed on past solar PV projects installed and currently in commercial operation. the anticipated electrical production. Proposer shall describe the system for billing the host customer as required in this RFP. type of installation (including the angle of the collectors and any necessary racking structure). Proposer shall describe their capabilities and experience in monitoring solar PV system performance and submits a plan that details how the Proposer will monitor solar PV system performance. implementation and delivery capabilities. Proposer shall describe their capabilities and experience in maintaining solar PV systems of the size and types contemplated in this RFP. b.Project Financing Capacity and Experience Each Proposer shall provide information and explanation of the Proposer and/or Proposer’s team solar PV system project financing capabilities and experience. with a simple schematic. the type and size of solar photovoltaic energy system recommended to be utilized. including amounts financed and evidence of having financed solar PV systems in the last three (3) years. and within the detailed description shall also discuss the connection method to the on-site utility service provider and the monitoring system available on site. Monitoring and Billing Each Proposer shall provide information and explanation of the Proposer and/or Proposer’s team solar PV system project management. d. SECTION 3. SECTION 4 . b.  Four season – Challenges of weather patterns  Repair and replacement of roof/parking surfaces where the structure is mounted  Service level agreement for operation and maintenance of PV systems.

Proposer shall provide concise price evaluations and true cost pricing for the project and sites.f. modules. inverters. purchasing options available (at what value). and remaining status of agreements with utility companies. At minimum recommendations shall include: flat price with an escalator and flat price with no escalator for 20 years. 17 . as follows: a. etc. Rebates and Incentives: The Proposer shall discuss available rebates and incentives available for such a project as well as the anticipated and/or guaranteed rate for the purchase of electricity so that the County is fully aware of the financial impact of the project.) to the County regarding the installed solar PV systems. Proposer shall describe their capabilities to provide cost effective pricing that is competitive with the City’s utility provider. or system removal options. Term of the contract options and responsibilities should be included in the proposal. g. For instance. Vendor shall propose recommendations regarding the purchase of electricity. Proposals shall include all costs to achieve commercial operation. The successful Proposer shall complete and submit in a timely manner all documentation required to qualify each system for available rebates and incentives. Financial Recommendations: The Proposer shall discuss in the proposal guaranteed electrical performance.e.Cost Effectiveness of Site Specific Projects Each Proposer shall provide information and explanation of the cost effectiveness of site specific projects. The Proposer shall submit a Billing Plan that provides the following: • A method to document the solar PV system output. Proposer should include overall cost for all sites with additional cost breakdown for each site. b. Discuss other options such as costs associated with having the system removed. Warranties and Guarantees The Proposer shall discuss warranties for all proposed system components (i. h. include the County’s options regarding either continuing the relationship in a similar fashion. early buyout option with 20 year schedule and end of life purchase. The Proposer shall submit to the County the utility pre-application for Photovoltaic system (grid-tied) production based incentive reservation application attached as Exhibit A. forecasted utility cost comparison. SECTION 5. c. guarantees extended regarding the roof or ground location that is being vacated.

or third party access. • The monthly billing period should coincide with the local utility provider billing cycle and shall include the following:  Maximum solar generation output in KW (AC)  Total kWh (AC) generated  Total kWh (AC) sold to the Municipality  Price in $/kWh for the month  Amount due for solar PV electricity sold to the jurisdiction within the billing period  Sales Tax Rate  Past due amounts  Total Bill Provide a price evaluation and true cost pricing for the project and each site that includes the following minimum information: • Approximate PV system size (kW) • Total Solar PV Energy System Construction and Installation Cost ($) • Base year contract price ($/kWh) • Annual Escalation Factor (%) • Minimum annual guaranteed output (kWh/Yr) • Expected annual output (kWh/Yr) • Value of Renewable Energy Credits ($/kWh) • Annual degradation factor (%) • Annual cost of electricity and projected electricity price increase • Annual avoided cost of electricity Price evaluation should include cost with and without utility incentives. 18 . • A preferred method for the sharing of billing data and information such as online. 7. email.• An annual/monthly adjustment or true-up process to ensure accounting that is compliant to production guarantees.0 PROPOSER’S REFERENCES Vendors shall be responsible for sending the attached “Past Performance Questionnaire” to at least three (3) past clients/customers as a reference check and ensuring that the County receives at least three responses directly from the past clients to evaluate.

and any insurance or self-insurance maintained by County shall not contribute to it. Inc. The Independent Contractor. All insurance required herein shall be maintained in full force and effect until all work or service required to be performed under the terms of the Contract is satisfactorily completed and formally accepted. B. In lieu of State of Arizona licensing. provided that said insurance companies meet the approval of County. shall purchase and maintain the herein stipulated minimum insurance from a company or companies duly licensed by the State of Arizona and possessing a current A. Project Management. Implementation and Delivery 150 Capabilities.0 EVALUATION CRITERIA The Proposer must have met all the minimum requirements outlined in Section 4. or to waive any informality when it is deemed to be in the County’s best interest. Cost Effectiveness of the Site-Specific Projects 200 2.M. to accept any proposal or any part thereof. VII or higher.8.0 of this RFP. Best. Installation Qualifications and Experience 100 5. The form of any insurance policies and forms must be acceptable to County. constitute a material breach of this Contract. and Solar Output Monitoring and Billing 3. the stipulated insurance may be purchased from a company or companies. System Design and Engineering Experience 100 4. 19 . The following evaluation criteria and points schedule will be used to determine the award of the contract(s): EVALUATION CRITERIA Max Number of Points 1. at the sole discretion of County. which are authorized to do business in the State of Arizona.0 INSURANCE A. Capacity and Experience. Failure to do so may. C. Contractor’s insurance shall be primary insurance as respects County. Proposer’s References 100 TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE 750 The County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. at Contactor’s own expense. rating of A-. 9. Project Financing Capacity and Experience 100 6. or any part thereof.

G. Commercial Umbrella insurance with a limit of not less than $1. except Workers’ Compensation. and shall not contain any provision which would serve to limit third party action over claims. and Errors and Omissions. County shall not be obligated to review policies and/or endorsements or to advise Contractor of any deficiencies in such policies and endorsements. Commercial/Business Automobile Liability insurance and. if necessary. The policy shall include coverage for bodily injury. iv. directors. officers. iii. directors. representatives. collapse. representatives. Commercial Umbrella insurance with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of not less than $1.000.000. Any failure to comply with the claim reporting provisions of the insurance policies or any breach of an insurance policy warranty shall not affect the County’s right to indemnification or other recourse under the Contract E. or be deemed a waiver of County’s right to insist on strict fulfillment of Contractor’s obligations under this Contract. its agents. County reserves the right to request and to receive. certified copies of any or all of the herein required insurance certificates. personal injury. officers. except Workers’ Compensation. Contactor shall be solely responsible for the deductible and/or self-insured retention.000 for each occurrence. The policies required hereunder. hired. The insurance policies may provide coverage that contains deductibles or self-insured retentions. or underground property damage. and such receipt shall not relieve Contractor from.D.000 each occurrence with respect to any of the Contractor’s owned.000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate. if necessary. F. Commercial General Liability. and Employer’s Liability insurance of not less than $1.000 General Aggregate Limit. $2. Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover obligations imposed by federal and state statutes having jurisdiction of Contractor’s employees engaged in the performance of the work or services under this Contract.000.000 disease policy limit. officials and employees as Additional Insureds. officials and employees for any claims arising out of Contractor’s work or service. Contractor waives all rights against County and its agents. Workers’ Compensation. its agents. shall name County. and $500. F. and $2. v. products and completed operations and blanket contractual coverage. The insurance policies required by this Contract. officers. Automobile Liability. shall contain a waiver of transfer of rights of recovery (subrogation) against County.000 disease for each employee. and non-owned vehicles assigned to or used in performance of the Contractor’s work or services under this Contract.000 for each accident.000. and Errors and Omissions. broad form property damage.000. $1. within 10 working days. There shall be no endorsement or modification of the CGL limiting the scope of coverage for liability arising from explosion. directors and employees for recovery of damages to the extent these damages are covered by the 20 . ii.000. i. Commercial General Liability insurance and.

Cancellation and Expiration Notice. coverage shall extend for two (2) years past completion and acceptance of Contractor’s work or services and as evidenced by annual Certificates of Insurance. 21 . Such certificates shall identify this contract number and title. a renewal certificate must be sent to County as soon as practical prior to the expiration date but no later than fifteen business days prior to expiration. or formal endorsements as required by the Contract in the form provided by the County.1 Certificates of Insurance. with limits of liability of no less than $1. iii. conditions and limits required by this Contract are in full force and effect. iv. Insurance required herein shall not be permitted to expire. Commercial Umbrella insurance. Prior to commencing work or services under this Contract. or materially changed without thirty (30) days prior written notice to the County.000 for each claim. Contractor shall maintain Professional Liability insurance and. issued by Contractor’s insurer(s). which will insure and provide coverage for errors or omissions of the Contractor. Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability or commercial umbrella liability insurance obtained by Contractor pursuant to this Contract vi. In addition.000. Professional Liability Insurance.000. with limits of no less than $1. be canceled. as evidence that policies providing the required coverage. i. if necessary.000 for each claim. If a policy does expire during the life of the Contract. ii. Contractor shall furnish the County with certificates of insurance. Contractor shall require its network providers to maintain Professional Liability insurance. 9. In the event any insurance policy(ies) required by this Contract is (are) written on a “claims made” basis.

AZ 86001 RFP 2014-100 928-679-7191 928-679-7195 fax Past Performance Questionnaire for Company To: Phone: Fax: Subject: Past Performance Survey (Name of Your Company) 22 . 2013 Questions (in writing) Post Responses to August 22. AZ 86001 Due Date for Submitting August 21. Cherry Ave Flagstaff.RFP TIMELINE Event # of Days Notes Issue RFP August 9. 219 E. 2013 at 2:00 pm local time Bid Evaluation Period Weeks of Sept 16 and 23rd Notify Top Three Week of September 23rd Ranked Respondents Receive Best and If applicable Final/Price Offers Present Recommendation for Award to Board of October 1. 2013 Pre-Proposal August 19 at 9:00 am at the Coconino Conference/Site Visit County Admin Bldg. Cherry Ave Flagstaff. 2013 Questions Proposals Due September 10. 2013 Supervisors Issue Intent to Award notices and sign After BOS meeting agreements Coconino County Purchasing Division Solar Photovoltaic Electric Generating Systems 219 E.

with 10 representing that you were very satisfied (and would hire the firm/individual again) and 1 representing that you were very unsatisfied (and would never hire the firm/individual again). Rate each of the criteria on a scale of 1 to 23 . If you do not have sufficient knowledge of past performance in a particular area. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few moments to complete this survey.Coconino County collects past performance information (on firms and key personnel) to assist in procuring/awarding projects based on value. The firm/individual listed above has listed you as a reference for a past project they have completed. Please fax the completed survey to: Fax # 928-679-7195 or scan and email to srichardson@coconino. please leave it blank. Please rate each of the criteria to the best of your knowledge. Client Name: Date Project Name Completed: NO CRITERIA UNIT RATING 1 Ability to meet customer expectations (1-10) 2 Ability to manage costs (design & construction change orders) (1-10) 3 Ability to maintain project schedule (1-10) 4 Comfort level in hiring the firm/individual again (1-10) 5 Firm’s ability to increase value (quality of design) (1-10) 6 Firm’s ability to identify and minimize the users risk (1-10) 7 Ability to close project (1-10) 8 Leadership ability (minimize the need of owner direction) (1-10) 9 Has the project been constructed Circle Y/N Printed Name (of Evaluator) Signature (of Evaluator) Thank you for your time and effort in assisting the Coconino County in this important