People store is a defunct chain of department stores located in the Puget Sound
area of Washington.

The company was founded in 1888 in downtown Tacoma. The flagship store
opened in 1895 at the corner of Pacific and 11th Street, which was the main
intersection of downtown at the time. The store was expanded to the south in 1957.

Peoples first expanded in the early 1940s by operating a chain of appliance stores
called Electric City in many Puget Sound cities. Many of these stores would later
be expanded to include apparel and would be rebranded under the Peoples name.

By 1948 there were twelve stores in the Peoples chain. By 1968, the chain had
consolidated its 12 small stores into seven larger regional stores. The new stores
anchored several malls as well as stand-alone locations in downtown areas.

With a clothing range that addresses the entire family, People offer ensembles that
are both classic yet trend worthy. With stylish cuts, prints and designs, the clothing
speaks of attitude that is refined and fashionable. Bridging the gap between east
and west, their fusion line is an amalgamation of global sensibilities and styles. Not
one to confine to rules, the brand relies heavily on global trends to give you
clothing that is universally appealing. From fusion tops for women and fusion
kurtas for men, People store is a one-stop destination for the wanderer and urban
dweller alike.

The company was shut down by its parent company, Mercantile Stores, in 1984.
The flagship Tacoma store was remodeled and renamed Puget Sound Plaza and
currently houses offices and a Key Bank branch.

A fast-fashion brand for the youth, People is a one-step destination for international
and fashion forward styles. Catering to women, men and kids, the product line is
characterized by attitude that is street perfect and college ready. The brand offers
the latest trends through its range of casual shirts, T-shirts, tops, kurtas and fusions
tops, jeans, winter wear and accessories. Changing the way the youth dress, People
focuses on making fashion available to all segments.

A store manager takes care of the day to day operations of the store and ensures maximum profitability for his store. such as the one in the pyramid model. Sales executives are responsible for the sale of the product of people store. An individual responsible for managing the overall functioning of the store is called a store manager. but the communication between the departments is fluid. senior sales associate and sales associate responsible for the zone and the window designers.Store manager is the one who is in charge of entire stores and the employees that work within. People store is divided in Men. cleanly and meets any budget or sales goals.General Manager is in charge of running the main day-to-day business activities of all people stores in Bengaluru. Store manager. At store level. The cashier has to give report to the store manager and the assistant manager. it is possible to exchange the information with high and mid-level management and intermediate leaders quite easily a hierarchy exists. The VM handles all people stores including HSR Layout. maintaining a direct line of communication between the store manager and other points of contact such as the store manager. . Store manager makes sure that the store runs smoothly. Women and Kids with different designers. The communicative flow is simple and even though there are adequate channels to organize communication. The focus on the client and the product requires that the group is constantly re-inventing itself to avoid falling into obsolescence.Shopping Store ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE This is the organization structure chart for the People store that we found to explain the functional departmentalization that takes place in the organization.The store that we opted for market survey is People from HSR Layout. visual merchandiser. General Manager. Store manager is responsible for a business unit similar to same to medium sized business of about 14 people and 1 security guard. because of this it is necessary to facilitate communication as much as possible. TYPE OF THE STORE. Bengaluru.

 It increases the sales of the store and results in increased level of customer satisfaction.  The store manager must make sure his store is meeting the targets and earning profits. Cashier. VM is responsible for developing the floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. The art of increasing the sale of products by effectively and sensibly displaying them at the retail outlet is called as visual merchandising. and he or she is responsible for ringing up items and bagging them.  He is responsible for managing the assets of the store. Visual merchandising refers to the aesthetic display of the merchandise to attract the potential buyers. In simpler words. prompt them to buy and eventually increase the sales of the store.In simpler words a retail store is a store manager’s baby. .  Visual merchandising gives the store its unique image and makes it distinct from others. Visual merchandiser.  The store manager is responsible for maintaining the overall image of the store.  It helps the customers to know about the latest trends in fashion.  The signage displaying the name of the store or other necessary information must be installed properly outside the store at a place easily viewable to the customers even from a distance.VM is backbone of the People the point of contact for customers who are purchasing items.  Visual Merchandising helps the customers to easily find out what they are looking for.  The customer without any help can actually decide what he intends to buy.  The customers can quickly decide what all they need and thus visual merchandising makes shopping a pleasant experience. visual merchandising is the art of displaying the merchandise to influence the consumer’s buying behavior.  Greets customers including answering phones and directing customer inquiries to appropriate party.  Lighting is one of the critical aspects of visual merchandising.

• Provide product knowledge to customers through the features. Engage the customer through conversation.  Informs customers about services available and assesses customer needs. sales associates use cash registers to process transactions and are responsible for keeping track of all the money inside. • Ensure the store is neat. and maintains applicable paperwork and records.  Resolve escalated issues with angry customers.  Help stock shelves in proximity of the cash register. Strive to achieve individual sales plan.  Answers routine billing questions/issues from customers. operate scanning equipment and fix scanning issues. .  Counts money back to customer in an accurate and concise manner. values and benefits of each product and suggestively sell additional items and services that the customer may not have anticipated they will need.  Completes.  Scan products.  Processes credit and debit cards.  Process receipts and in store coupons for customers. Sales Associate.Sales Associate in People provide a variety of services. • Actively participate in all programs and procedures that drive sales and correctly handle all register transactions.  Assists in the opening and closing of a retail location which includes and but not limited to cash handling and deposits. Determine the customer’s needs.  Assists in the maintenance of store front and retail displays. clean and organized throughout each business day.  Handles cash transactions between customer and retail store.  Train and sometimes supervise new cashiers or retail workers. from helping you pick out items to ringing up your purchases. Like cashiers. processes.  Coordinate with retail staff for product inquiries and price checks.  Receives and processes all payments according to standard procedures. helping customers use processing equipment. • Handle returns/complaints graciously and effectively and also Work with associates to achieve Store’s sales plan.  Examine products being purchased for damages and price accuracy.

Ground floor is their main catchment area as people store have provided accessories. Fig. • Know where products are located within the store and also aware of current promotional items and the correct pricing. women section and men section. second is for women and third floor is for kids.• Receive and display product shipments on store retail shelves within twenty-four hours of delivery.550 per square meter.The flow chart to show the organization structure of People SIZE OF THE STORE There are three floors in the People store of HSR LAYOUT. First floor is for men section. The area of the People store is approximately 1. GENERAL LOCATION FACTORS The difference between selecting the wrong location and the right site could be the difference between business failure and success and People store in HSR Layout is . The cash counter in the people store is in ground floor with proper merchandise system and five nesting table in ground floor.

quite successful in doing this.Nift College. NIFT institute is also in HSR LAYOUT and students of this college prefer People store for their shopping.521 in which not only includes family but youngster also. People store attracts different age groups from kids to 40 years. The mixture of the ethnic and western clothes attracts a lot of customer in HSR Layout. college students and families also who . Basically. CATCHMENT AREA OF THAT POPULATION AND THEIR CHARACTERSTICS The area has access to many people who could get there within a short journey. Fig. The size of the population near People store is approximately 33. which is quite close to People store hence Nift students are also Target customers. As we know that HSR Layout has emerged as a posh locality of Bengaluru with wide streets. The area is occupied by office going people. parks and all modern civic amenities and opening a store in this area is a wise decision. As People store is famous for its affordable price so college going students prefer its clothes more than any other store.

. Infosys. So. Intel and many others. Siemens. RELIGIOUS FACTOR OF THE POPULATION- Mostly Hindus lives in HSR Layout who embraces western culture and some very few percentages of Muslims also lives here. middle class. AGE: The target group is 18 years to 35 years old who are cost conscious and loves fast fashion and someone who feels is a notch above others in terms of style. Tata Consultancy Services. LOCAL EMPLOYMENT TRENDS The population of this area is mainly employed in IT industries.lives within an hour's travel of the point in is its primary "catchment area.  The Bangalore Development Authority is designated as the Planning Authority under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act. HCL Technologies. Genpact." so the catchment population is middle class. Hewlett-Packard. these people prefer the cost effective clothes with fast fashion. 1961. Many people are also involved in food and beverages market. LOCAL AUTHORITY BODIES  The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). Siemens. upper middle class and college students. SOCIO ECONOMIC CONDITION OF THE POPULATION A majority of college students. some of them embrace western culture but some only prefers ethnic dress. L&T Infotech. Companies present near this area – Wipro. They are also large adaptors of fashion. fashion and attitude. Muslims are the major minority group follorved by christians and Jains. Patni Computer Systems. CGI. is the administrative body responsible for the civic and infrastructural assets of the Greater Bangalore metropolitan area. Tech Mahindra. upper middle class and IT professionals are living in HSR LAYOUT.

 As a Planning Authority. . LOCAL TRADE AND RENT Rent is quite high in HSR LAYOUT. BDA has to prepare the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) for Bangalore Metropolitan area. for three floors with an area of 1550 per sq. meter People store is paying 5 lakhs per month. trade and commerce leading to a rapid growth of the city and large scale urbanization and due to this there is heavy traffic in the morning and evening time. Bangalore is witnessing a tremendous growth in industry. CDP will be revised once in ten years as per section 25 of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961. Levis and Max. LOCAL TRAFFIC CONDITIONS Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. COMPETITION The main completion of People store in HSR Layout is Global desi. Bangalore Development Authority is the Planning Authority for Bangalore Metropolitan area.