Ten people died in traffic accidents in Banyumas, Central Java. Until now the
police continue to try to ascertain cause accidents. Department Karyasari
bus falls into ravine in Yogyakarta Krumput Village, District Kemrajen,
Banyumas, Central Java. Before getting into the abyss, the bus had crashed
into a car and two motorcycles. Cars and two motorcycles were hit go into
the abyss.

The bus driver claimed, during the incident, he tried to stop the vehicle to
avoid an accident,but the brakes do not work. Accident ensued that killed 10
people, while 15 people were wounded. Police are still looking for the identity
of the 10 victims died. “These interim results, the bus driver said, after
arriving in Krukut, he said the brakes did not work so the bus can not control
the pace of the bus, and then turn to the right,hit a corolla sedan and two
motors. Casualties evacuated five people, while still evacuated”

Sepuluh orang tewas dalam kecelakaan lalu lintas di Banyumas, Jawa
Tengah. Sampai saat ini polisi terus untuk mencoba untuk memastikan
penyebab kecelakaan.Departemen Karyasari bus jatuh ke jurang di
Yogyakarta Desa Krumput, Kecamatan Kemrajen,Banyumas, Jawa Tengah.
Sebelum masuk ke dalam jurang, bus itu menabrak mobil dan dua sepeda
motor. Mobil dan dua sepeda motor tertabrak jatuh ke dalam jurang. Sopir
bus mengaku, saat kejadian, ia mencoba menghentikan kendaraan untuk
menghindari kecelakaan,tapi rem tidak berfungsi (blong).

Artinya: Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas Sebuah truk pengangkut bahan bakar minyak hilang kendali saat sedang mengebut di Jalan mangunrharjo. Truk tersebut menabrak sebuah motor yang datang dari arah berlawanan dan terbakar. The current truck driver had been taken to Doa Ibu hospital to be treated. setelah dilakukan penyelidikan ternyata supir truk sedang mengantuk ketika mengendarai truk dan ditambah lagi dengan rem yang tiba-tiba blong jadi dia tak bisa mengendalikan truknya dan menghantam korban. Traffic Accident A fuel truck lost control while speeding on the Mangunraharjo road. 30 menit setelah kejadian. The truck crashed a motorcycle that came from the opposite direction and burned. This incident made the motorcycle rider was killed instantly after being hit by the truck while the truck driver suffered serious injuries to the chest and head. Seorang pejalan kaki yang melihat kejadian tersebut mengatakan bahwa truk pengangkut bahan bakar minyak itu terlihat menegebut lalu tiba-tiba oleng dan menghantam seorang pengendara motor yang datang dari arah depan pada hari senin 1 Desember 2014. 30 minutes after the incident. A pedestrian who saw the incident said that the fuel truck was seen speeding then all of sudden swerved and hit a motorcyclist who came from the front on 1st December 2014. polisi datang untuk melakukan penyelidikan. so he couldn’t control his truck and hit the victim. After doing investigation. Kejadian ini mengakibatkan seorang Pengendara motor tewas seketika setelah dihantam oleh truk sementara sang supir truk mengalami cedera parah pada bagian dada serta kepala. the police came to investigate the Accident. Surabaya dan mengalami kecelakaan yang parah. saat ini sopir truk sudah dibawa ke rumah sakit harapan ibu untuk dirawat. In addition to the brake that didn’t work. Surabaya and suffered serious accident. they found the cause that the driver was sleepy when driving the truck. .

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