Reaction Paper In Seminar Entitled

“Build Your Career Image And Skills Enhancement For Personal Career Success”

Seminars? When you hear this word what comes into your mind? Is it a
speaker and a never ending talk? According to Webster a seminar is a
group of supervised students doing research or advanced study, as at a
university. A seminar is held for those who want to learn more about
a particular subject. Usually these seminars ‘speakers are those already have
achievements concerning the matter. The seminar which was held in our class is
about our subject Management. Our speaker is our very own Prof. Elvira B.
Mercado who is a very good speaker. I learned many things about why some
managers are successful and some are not, why projects fail, what must be the
characteristics of managers for them to be effective, and many more. And especially
I learned things about life because we did not focus in there alone. We discussed about
applying it in our lives. The visuals are also good because we are able to cope up
with what the speaker is discussing though it’s kind of hard for me to read
because the letters are small and I have an eye problem. Now let’s talk about the
activities we did where we are grouped into three. The first one is a
brainstorming; we are given two questions for us to answer. Second is the
passing of message from one person to another which I find very amusing
because almost all the three groups didn’t pass the right message. In this I learned that
there are many factors that can affect what you are saying and hearing.

The last activity which I enjoyed most is the creation of a
human machine. Our group created a washing machine which is
c o m p o s e d o f 8 persons and is explained by our group mate very well. I
enjoyed it really even though I felt a little bit dizzy caused by going round and
round. Our group won the “best human machine” award. Time flew very fast
especially when you are enjoying what you are doing. The three day seminar
which we only took for a few hours really made our tired body and mind due to of
lack of sleep rest and relax for a while. This seminar taught us so many things
that we can use in our every lives. Though there is not enough time to discuss
everything because someone is going to use the room we still accomplished a lot.

The second article. when talking about prosocial behavior. There were of course. by Eisenberg. some matriarchal. if asked I imagine I would have similar results on this task. Is this a common. What if they had multiple dolls of different races? Would their results have changed? This would go more into stereotyping of races. if any. several questions that this study opened up that should be answered. we tend to do things because we are told they are the right things to do. The children who identified themselves with the opposite sex especially would be an interesting subgroup to look at. then she may answer that she is more like Michael. Also. but how much of those stereotypes influence our actions at such a young age? And do those stereotypes influence us throughout life? I was also confused about the measures of the participant’s sex role identity and sex role preference. if a little girl participant had associated a positive trait with the male doll Michael just before these questions. some patriarchal. not on what is morally considered right and wrong. However. In this study. I liked how they outlined the different levels of prosocial reasoning. how many people base their actions. it would be interesting if the children were free to choose one or both of the dolls on the questions. So. Further questions are if these results really indicate how the children themselves play? I know I forced my brothers to play with me and my dolls. Reaction paper Stereotypical and Prosocial Behaviors I thought that this study was very interesting. the researchers used different dolls relating to the race of the participant. These questions are asked at the end of session 4. to see how children interact in their daily lives. Even within the United States. meaning that identification has. Also. Individuals are more inclined to act in accordance with those around them. after the children have been asked questions about traits of the dolls. for example. it is believed that when we are younger. It would also be easy to do observational research on these levels. and as we get older we can distinguish more right from wrong and base our actions on morals. and also very interesting. and it would be interesting to see if/how young children’s perceptions are changing as well. I feel. and at what ages they tend to arise. valid measure? The children could easily base their answers for these two questions. That is why . Lennon & Ross (1983) was on prosocial development. It would be interesting to see if/how their findings have changed over time. but out of fear of getting into trouble? Another important point. It would also be interesting to see how this study would compare across cultures. Stereotypes. and I likewise played with their action figures. because she wants that trait to describe her as well. and a very good start to looking at what age children begin picking up on sex roles. is the role of other people. “Who are you more like? Lisa or Michael?” and “Who do you want to be like – Lisa or Michael?” on the last question they were asked. So we may stereotype from an early age. are changing. Some of the results seem conflicting. it would be interesting to see if different regions have young children with different results. to see if/how they compare with the other children. It may have influenced their results. and to see what. as noted in the article. such as the mother who stays at home and acts as the primary caregiver. All cultures are different. However.

since Prof. all the students. my instructor in NASC 2. Macandog. But. I found out that Prof. It taught us some important things about the weather. Reaction Paper about the Field Trip “Conflict! ”This is what I told myself when I found out that my field trip in NASC 2 was in conflict with my second long exam in NASC 3. There. . Macandog was not lying because we were taught about the constellations. the tour to PAGASA Weather Forecasting Division did not meet some of my expectations. including me. stars.friendships are important. So even though the children were isolated in this study and asked the questions individually. I believe that even the kids who are much younger than the college students like us would also enjoy watching the video because that was musical. I just hoped that the students who were taking pictures were so disciplined because when they were taking pictures. planets. Anyway. felt very happy about the video that was shown to us. and parents should encourage their children to get involved in positive activities.reminded us that the field trip would be very educational.We then went to PAGASA Weather Foreca sting Division. This is another reason why some observational research would fit nicely into this area. I was also expecting that we would be shown and would be handling the instruments that the division’s employees are using. the flashes of their cameras were so painful to the eyes as if everyone inside the Planetarium was being blinded. I was so happy that time because in Research and Development Division. There. We were also taught some of the things about earthquakes. The video was very educational. the video-viewing was undeniably fun and didactic which made me feel contented and satisfied. we were shown the computers that the employees are using in monitoring the earthquakes. we first went to PAGASA Planetarium. and many more things that are related to Astronomy. I was just expecting that we would be toured around the vicinity of the said division. it may not reflect how they really do act in different situations. Coming from IBS Lobby—UPLB. we went to PHIVOLCS. after eating our lunch. unfortunately. Next. But. I decided to take a late exam in NASC3 so that I could be able to join the said “educational” trip.

the Philippines has population of 64. This is one of the reasons of the creation of the Reproductive Health bill to give absolution to poverty by eradicating the overpopulation problem. The population is growing by about 2 percent a year. assembled at Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines.120 in 1990. and now known as House Bill 5043 of 2008. by . Angara -Castillo is also known as ³Reproductive Health Care Act of 2002´.318. sex education and Bioethics. Today there are still lots of Filipino citizen who are now fully aware about this bill and why this bill was imposed. Poverty. Today the population is ballooning and estimated to over 94 million according to latest census and the top 12th country having the most population. It’s been years since the bill was approved in the senate. biomedical ethical issues and some scientific research conflicts. due to some church conflicts. Before I write this reaction paper I had to read the Bill twice and read some articles. reaction and comments in the internet I had read books and research which is related to reproductive health. Reaction paper Reproductive Health Bill Reproductive Health Bill was introduced by Congresswoman Bellaflor J. for me to fully understand what was the RH bill all about and the reason of the creation of this bill. giving the Philippines one of the world’s highest population-growth rates. the main problems that the Philippine is facing today and they say that the primary factors that lead to poverty is due to overpopulation.

.implementing family planning. sex education and prevent the sexually transmitted disease.