In Facilities Building Administratio is the choice for my elective subject. In facility management, we
are taught on what is the purpose, roles and responsibilities of facility management in existing buildings.
We are taught on how important it is to balance design features and difficulty during maintenance and
repair works. Facility manager's role is to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance plus proper
operation of all features of a building to create a safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to
live in. We are also taught on the aspects and differences of several different types of building management
structures (JMB, MC). An assignment is given to us, it requires 3 person in a group to find 5 different types
of buildings on a given area by the lecturer.After the buildings are found we are required to take several
photographs from several different angles, we are required to write a report based on the pictures we took.
The report should highlight all the existing facilities that exist on the buildings found.

Overall this subject is quite useful to me because I realise Quantity Surveyor isn't the only path that I can
venture on after graduating. Through this subject I also have a clearer view on the facilities that exist on
several different types of buildings.

When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. Rhoel D. Samson/Professor

pictographs are used to indicate risks. Each category or section has a number which indicates the seriousness of the hazard related to the use of the product. Take note that your sign does not necessarily be made up of words. With a safety signage. Samson/Professor . REFLECTION PAPER NO. One of the reasons for accidents and casualties in any place is the absence of informational signs. SYMBOL & SAFETY SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION In this topic “International Symbol and Safety”. there should be the presence of signage that will warn people of potential danger. in any place that involves hazards to human health. You can actually deliver your message with a drawing or by using well-known symbols so that your kids can get the idea right away. The diamond shaped object involving four colored categories that I see everyday as safety sign and symbol is called Pictographs. As far as chemical hazards are concerned. It do not only inform the presence of hazards but also keep workers’ safety awareness. At the same time. It warn workers to always keep watching on those hazards by giving required information and safety instructions. toxic cleaning agents must be marked with a warning sign. fire exits. It helps protect your workforce. Just make sure that the signage is readable and visible enough so that it can easily be read by any person. Rhoel D. Also. Green: designates the location of emergency measures like first aid kits. Indeed. In the home. Proper signage will make people aware of the risks involved.2 NAME: SANDRO. you should definitely use hazards signs. I learned that these signs help notify people about the risk of injury due to toxic substances. For instance. This should be applied in every household. It is very important in reducing accidents at workplace and in chemical plants. Safety signs and symbols are important safety communicating tools. That There is a high risk element involved due to chemicals. employees must be constantly reminded of the importance of keeping themselves safe and away from hazard. It helps to indicate various hazards that present in plant site or workplace. evacuation routes. safety signage can be put around the high-risk working area to When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. parking signs and more. SCHEDULE: MW 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: INT’L. radioactive materials and flammable substances. dangerous elements must be properly la belled to safeguard every family member from injuries. it is now easier to instill in the minds of the workers the importance of safety in the workplace. Providing adequate defense against any untoward incidents is the duty of employers. MARY CHARISSE D. Since there is a higher level of casualty in these types of workplace. Safety signage at workplace is a mandatory requirement to prevent accidents. Safety sings cover industrial signs. escape ladders. To get the most out of health and safety signs and symbols. safety signage is very helpful in high-risk and dangerous working environments like ones in the construction and engineering businesses. Moreover. maritime signs. you should choose the right one for each work location in plant site. If your business involves the use of hazardous chemicals. especially those who have little kids around. or assembling point.

When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar.warn people of the possible hazard that they could encounter in the area. Rhoel D. the cash outlay is still worth it because of the great help signage can bring in making a certain place accident-free. Samson/Professor . Although making signage can be expensive.

REFLECTION PAPER NO. SCHEDULE: MWF 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: PPE SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar.3 NAME: SANDRO. Samson/Professor . Rhoel D. MARY CHARISSE D.

some safety helmets incorporate or can be fitted with specially-designed eye or hearing protection. Essential Safety Wear offers a wide range of PPE for your body. vibration. risk in the workplace can include injuries to the lungs (from breathing in contaminated air). When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. the skin (from contact with corrosive materials and the body (from extremes of heat or cold). biological agents and prolonged immersion in water. For the Whole body. It measures to make the workplace safe include the provision of instructions. Essential Safety Wear have a range of eye protection available including goggles. temperature extremes. hairnets and firefighters’ helmets. For Hands and Arm Protection. For Feet and legs. I learned that PPE or Personal Protective Equipment reduces the risk of injury or harm to users caused by hazards present in the workplace. Samson/Professor . That said. you should make sure your choice of eye protection is suitable for the task in hand and fits correctly. Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can offer protection for the lungs. you should ensure you select the correct eye protection for your requirements. electric shock. noise and PPE like earplugs. hands and arms can be at risk of abrasion. In addition. radiation. wellington boots as well as other types of safety footwear from Essential Safety Wear can offer effective PPE for your feet and legs. earmuffs and semi-insert/canal caps can provide the necessary protection. In this topic “PPE or Personal Protective Equipment”. I learned also the different types of PPE. face shields and spectacles. Head and neck PPE can protect the user from the impact of falling or flying objects. gas and vapor and. The following types of eye protection that I learned are mentioned by the HSE or Information about safety work that included at my research paper: Safety spectacles. as well as climate or temperature. impact. For Ear Protection. Head and neck PPE can also protect the wearer from chemical splashes. dust. Safety boots and shoes with protective toecaps and penetration-resistant. According to our professor. gloves with a cuff combined with sleeves that covers all. goggles. Gloves. It is important that the appropriate footwear is selected for the risks in each workplace. cuts and punctures. In addition. unsurprisingly. The main hazard to ears is. the arm can offer effective PPE. dust. radiation. training and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly. However. splash and molten metal eye protection. chemicals. your eye protection should have the right combination of impact. According to the HSE. face screens. Eye protection can protect you from chemical or metal splashes. (from falling materials). even when these measures have been applied. like high-visibility clothing and flame retardant work wear. bump caps. as well as protecting injury from bumping the head or hair getting caught in machinery. the eyes (from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids). For the Lungs. or part of. the head and feet. procedures. Rhoel D. The HSE also reminds wearers to replace head protection if it is damaged. According to the HSE. hazards still remain in the workplace and PPE is ultimately used to minimize the risk of injury. as well as scarves to protect the neck. types of head and neck protection include industrial safety helmets. even. face shields and visors.

4 NAME: SANDRO. Rhoel D. REFLECTION PAPER NO. SCHEDULE: MWF 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: COSH SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. MARY CHARISSE D. Samson/Professor .

unskilled laborers Constantly changing relationships with other work groups Diversity of work activities occurring simultaneously Construction workers are at risk of exposure to various hazards and risks that can result in injury. MARY CHARISSE D. a safe place of work. SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. illness. The following definitions of COSH are importto learn and understand Safety is free from risk and danger. plant and machinery that is safe to use. Samson/Professor . Construction work is dynamic. SCHEDULE: MWF 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: HIGH TECH BLDG. that if left uncontrolled can contribute to an accident. or even death. It also forms a basis to predict future accident problems and enables management to control the causes of accidents on site and establish long-term accident control. permanent disability. diverse.5 NAME: SANDRO. It is a moral and legal obligation of employers to provide a safe working place and of employees to work safely. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Rhoel D. and constantly changing in nature. work on air handling systems. renovation. reflect on the Swedish construction accident records. comprehend the different types of accident measurement approach. Risk is the assessment of ’probability of loss’ and ’potential amount of loss’. understand the existing legislative framework and understand also an accident analysis if required. undertake the techniques of improving health & safety in construction. appreciate the importance for improving health & safety in construction. Physical hazards are different types of energy which may be hazardous to workers. Safety performance measurement enables behaviors and conditions to be identified that have the greatest potential in contributing to an accident. REFLECTION PAPER NO. Exposure may occur during demolition. Hazards is an unsafe condition or activity. ADMIN. Constantly changing job site environments and conditions Multiple contractors and subcontractors High turnover. Employer’s duty of care to employees as covering the following areas: safe system of work. competent supervision and/or suitable training. and care in the selection of fellow employees. I understand the different types of existing hazards on site. In this topic “COSH or Construction Occupational Safety and Health”. Accidents is defined as an unexpected and desirable event resulting in damage or harm. These measurement techniques provide continuous information concerning changes in the safety state within an organisation in operation. sewer work. or other construction work from contact with contaminated or disease- carrying. I learned that Health and safety is mainly about providing a safe and healthy workplace to the employees.

the scientific and technological importance of materials has not been widely appreciated. Although much of the development underpinned by advanced materials remains invisible to the general public – for example the requirement for high dielectric constant gate materials for ultra-small transistors and advanced alloys to improve the efficiency of jet engines – a lot is now literally in one’s face such as scratch-resistant glass for smart-phone screens and microelectronic polymers for displays. even though historical materials breakthroughs such as the development of steel to replace wrought iron had enormous commercial impacts. In this topic “High Tech Building Administration”. When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. I learned that Everything is made of something. the term ‘advanced materials’ was coined only comparatively recently. during the past century. yet. Samson/Professor . Rhoel D. Indeed.

MARY CHARISSE D. SCHEDULE: MWF 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: SMART BUILDING SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. Rhoel D. REFLECTION PAPER NO. Samson/Professor .6 NAME: SANDRO.

transportation. In this topic “Smart Building”. This creates many more opportunities for the buildings to play a bigger role in a smarter planet a system that tells us how to conserve energy. it becomes important to create new paradigms to sustain growth and elevate customer value in the fast-paced business environment. the growing use of synthetic materials. Although we are not fully yet there but as day goes by the integration of sensors and wireless network is essential to reduce the operational costs and save the power. The system should collect the information about space. MARY CHARISSE D. The results show that maintaining the conditions of a building improves the health of its occupants. In addition. analyze and sort the building data quickly to offer real-time energy and performance optimization. “If you can’t measure it. Meanwhile. And the buildings themselves create new indoor environments that present new environmental problems and challenges. I learned that where and how buildings are built affects the ecosystems around us in countless ways. the well-being. Cities become denser and consume more energy. A smart building doesn’t stop at the four walls that surround it. tenant. safer and more productive. In a nutshell. Most of the smart building solutions can interact with the external surroundings also. Samson/Professor . The impact of smart buildings on our daily lives is great. Imagine an office that that recognizes who’s entering the building. Smart buildings make life easier and comfortable. The solutions to sustainable indoor environment are reviewed afterwards. with regards to the importance of improving environmental conditions in green buildings. employee or supplier. It investigates how indoor environmental quality influences the health and comfort of occupants. solvents and mechanical systems of environmental control within buildings carry threats to health and personal well-being. new urban growth is the driving demand for the buildings and energy use. SCHEDULE: MWF 10:30am-11:30am COURSE: AR 433A TOPIC: SUSTAINABLE BUILDING SECTION: AR41FA4 ASSESSMENT TASK: REFLECTION When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. REFLECTION PAPER NO. smart buildings solutions makes facilities smarter. etc. then you can’t manage it. occupancy.7 NAME: SANDRO. health and safety of building occupants and all those potentially affected by a building should be a primary goal of a sustainable architecture. temperature and room type. We need Smart Buildings because like the saying goes. energy data and others through sensors or devices. Rhoel D. Smart buildings also help to keep a track of the usage and life cycle of your equipment. The building makes smarter because smart buildings have the ability to collect. Externalizes include variables such as weather predictions. With the advancements in all the fields of life. With the increasing population. The house or office knows your preferences for light. Buildings with the connected devices will be able to optimize space and minimize energy consumption.” The first step in creating a building smarter is to architect a common structured wired and wireless infrastructure. traffic events. Imagine a home or office that’s aware of you as an individual – whether you’re a home owner. what physical access they require and what information will they will need.

I read on to learn more about why green building is so important now as well as some of the benefits us may not know about. investors commonly expect green building projects to pay for themselves not long after completion. And green building also tends to lead to a rapid return on investment. while at one time many avoided “going green” because of the perceived high costs. some of the cost-effective benefits may not be so evident. led to some very valuable additional advantages. and energy-saving appliances which lower carbon emissions. Every one of our buildings are constructed to LEED standards. and Energy Star ratings. than standard building projects. and result in greenhouse gas emissions. It’s no secret that buildings require a significant amount of energy. and to learn about one such benefit. For example. However. although there may even be some in that area which you’re not aware of. diverting it from landfills. They minimize waste too. appliances. and more environmentally-responsible products. Mainly because of the inherent reduced maintenance and energy costs. or green building. in turn. and this attention to water efficiency drastically reduces water usage and cuts back operating costs. The bottom line is. are somewhat obvious. I learned also that In the Efficiency Benefits. an investment in green building will help to increase the property’s value over time. in addition to the obvious advantages. and the list of benefits that the focus on efficiency in green building leads to can go on and on. For instance. and landscapes that require less water. it provides so many added benefits. most of the environmental effects of green building. and growing. improved indoor air quality. When the Going gets tough the Tough gets going! RDS Ar. some of which are somewhat surprising. the international standard of excellence in green building. and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. I believe that the effects of green building extend so much further than the building(s) themselves or surrounding environments. whether built up to LEED standards from the start or retrofitted to meet them.The good news is that more property developers and managers and choosing to “go green” than ever before. The list goes on…As you can see. and that the benefits it can have on the local communities and on society overall are the most important of them all. The point is. which is why environmentally friendly building. Think of them as icing on the cake. Additionally. has become so desirable now. and that focus on efficiency has resulted in some other highly impact benefits. The Cost Benefits are Again. Samson/Professor . Rhoel D. green buildings generally lower daily maintenance and operation costs significantly. green. Green buildings also use far less resources and raw materials. Green buildings are all about efficiently using natural resources. What may not be as clear are the variety of benefits that green building can lead to. while the main purpose of green building is to benefit the environment. the truth is that the opportunities green building presents to cut back costs and increase property value are some of its most rewarding benefits. and we pride ourselves on our focus on going. In this topic “Sustainable Building”. although this concentrated focus on efficiency has some fairly obvious environmental benefits—which were the driving force behind that focus in the first place— that efficiency has. such as reduced pollution. account for a lot of resource consumption. green buildings commonly feature systems. So.