With reference to the case study, implementation and reinforcement of regulations may be

helping us to avoid the accident from recurring in the future and this matter should be taken
seriously. Rules and regulation might need to be restructured, so that it becomes adaptable to the
new working environment and the empowerment of it will guarantee a safe and convenient
environment to the workers.
Provision of training to the workers might be helpful in acquiring skills and knowledge to
ensure they are competent in managing safety aspects of their work. An organisation should make it
compulsory to every employee before they can start working at site and we believe that the safety
training might prepare themselves to confront any abnormal situation. Safety training may comprise
of two types which are specific safety training also known as on the job training and planned
training. Through this training program, we could enhance worker’s responsiveness toward any
harmful events and train them not to panic if any unforeseen situation happens. Following the
incident of trapped Chilean miners, the owners could have avoided the accident, instead they failed
to enforce their safety rulings and their failure is the causal of the accident. Through a safety
training program, the worker may know the steps that they need to follow if such that accident
happens and it can lessen the severity of injury.
Another measure that can be taken to ensure the accident does not occur in the future is
through issuance of permit to work. Before any operation starts, a written instructions that detailing
the work, hazards and precaution that later to be issued and signed by a competent person in charge.
Permit is a vital element required at a very high risk worksite that gives consent to start any
operation and it can help to minimise any likelihood of possible situation. The permit is not only
giving authorisation to start working on a worksite, it even outlines every hazards involved and
guidelines about the operation. Based on the case study, it is reported that the standards at the mine
has been repeatedly complained by the Union Congress. This shows how useful and helpful the
permit is in ensuring that the impact of accident could be alleviated and it is one kind of measure
that needs to be followed and checked at frequent basis.
The use of personnel protective equipment (PPE) could not prevent any hazard, instead, it
provides protection to the workers in order to reduce the severity of injuries. It consists of a few
equipments that protect user against health or safety risks at work and it give protection to our
hearing, respiratory, eyes and face as well as protective clothing. Each of the equipment will
undergo a series of examination to ensure it can function very well to protect user. A report from the
case study stated that several Chilean miners are dying from an incurable lung disease caused by
crystalline silica dust in mines. This accident has highlighted the importance of personnel protective
equipment and we should not take this matter for granted even though it may look petty. On the

). Retrieved from http://www.htm .gov. In conclusion.d. (n. Bibliography Health and Safety Executive. the owner should be more responsible of any operation on the worksite in the future by providing PPE to the workers for their own safety. these three recommendations emphasis the importance of safety at workplace because sometimes accident may happen due to external factor even though we have done double checking on procedure and so forth.uk/index.positive side of this accident.hse.