accompanied with strength training. For bodybuilders. Adequate protein consumption can be beneficial for numerous types of athletes and active people. It provides amino acids for numerous physiological functions including muscle building and maintenance and supporting the prevention of muscle loss.Basics of Protein What Benefits does protein have in the body? Protein is an essential nutrient and a key component of a healthy diet. Team sports athletes. . which often use a combination of endurance and strength exercise. adequate protein consumption is the cornerstone of their diet and one of the main tools in the quest for larger muscles and a lean physique. or physique athletes. The aging population. can be of great benefit to this age group because it can help maintain muscle mass and strength as part of a healthy diet and exercise program. Protein. Recovery is a central focus of the endurance athlete and the consumption of adequate protein can help aid that process. can also benefit from optimal protein intake for these same reasons. Endurance athletes may also benefit from diets consisting of optimal amounts of protein. primarily consisting of the fast- growing “baby boomer” generation. can encounter unique challenges including muscle loss and declines in strength as part of the normal aging process.

great alternative for vegetarians looking so that amino acids can be delivered to to supplement their diet with protein. When casein is consumed it enters the stomach BEEF Proteins where it mixes with stomach acid to form Beef protein is a complete protein that a “clump. Beef protein supplementation proteins that don’t clump. and they have Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)–including the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and other microfractions. potato. Whey protein is quickly digested and therefore amino acids are delivered quickly to muscles in order to help start the muscle building process. and a great dairy protein supplementation and may alternative to whey. required by your body for your protein chia.” which takes longer to digest and provides all of your body’s essential amino empty from the stomach compared to other acids. Casein Proteins SOY Proteins About 80% of the protein in milk is casein. pea. supplementation regimen. Soy protein is the only naturally occurring Often referred to as a “slower-acting” non-animal based source of complete protein because it is digested and absorbed protein. hemp. alfalfa. highly bio-available. Whey does not provides an additional protein alternative exhibit these properties. Whey proteins are quickly and easily digested (hence the “fast-acting” description that they’re often given). Additionally. and therefore is to consuming dairy as part of your protein absorbed faster than casein. all of your essential amino acids and is casein proteins are especially useful when vegetarian/vegan friendly. Egg PROTEINS PLANT Proteins Egg is a complete protein meaning that it Plant sources of protein can potentially contains all of the essential amino acids include rice. lactose intolerance. casein. muscles for a longer period of time. This means that it provides more slowly than other proteins like whey. and more. eggs are dairy- an additional alternative source of non- free. Soy can be a taken at bedtime or in between meals. and whole milk include additional beneficial components proteins for those with milk allergies or that naturally occur in the plant. flax.A QUICK LOOK AT THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PROTEIN Whey Proteins About 20% of the protein in milk is whey. . Plant protein provides synthesis.


Isolate protein contains release a steady flow of amino acids over less fat. than its concentrate counterpart. One Whey Protein Isolate – WPI is a concentrated of Micellar Casein’s unique properties is whey protein that contains greater than its ability to gel during digestion so it can 90% whey protein. THE MPI ISOLATE VERSIONS MAY ALSO BE Milk Protein Isolate – MPI is a concentrated BENEFICIAL FOR SOMEONE WHO IS milk product that contains greater than TRYING TO CONSUME LESS LACTOSE. and carbohydrates several hours. 90% milk protein . cholesterol. Micellar Casein vs. called peptides that are easier to digest allowing for fast absorption into the bloodstream. It is separated from milk WPI through an ultrafiltration process. THIS MAY BE MORE concentrated whey product that contains SUITABLE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS 40-90% whey protein LOOKING TO GET PROTEIN WITHOUT THE EXTRA FAT AND CARBS. THE ISOLATE VERSIONS OF WHEY AND MILK PROTEINS GENERALLY HAVE FEWER CARBOHYDRATES AND WPC FAT THAN THEIR CONCENTRATED Whey Protein Concentrate .WPC is a COUNTERPARTS. MC Micellar Casein is the slowest digesting form of casein. so WPI may be a good option for someone watching their fat and carb intake.HWPI MPC Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate – HWPI is Milk Protein Concentrate – MPC is a whey protein isolate that has been further concentrated milk product that contains broken down into smaller components 40-90% milk protein.

minerals and other ingredients that alter the end result. #1 VS. PROTEIN #1 PROTEIN #2 24 g protein / 29. are actively repairing and rebuilding exercise- induced damage as well as replenishing glycogen stores. Don’t miss out on these five important occasions. For following exercise is a critical window of time this reason. BEFORE BED: During the night. the protein percentage tells you how pure your protein is. the body may go for long periods of time without any food or PRE-WORKOUT: By drinking a protein shake drink. it’s not just what you take. Although the human body processes protein every time that you consume it. #2 TECHNICAL TALK PURE PROTEIN PERCENTAGE is another way to compare proteins.sELECTION Process TIMING WHEN IT COMES TO PROTEIN. the second choice appears to provide more protein. gut. At first glance. Opt for a faster-acting protein like whey first thing in the morning. so your muscles are especially receptive to nutrients. proteins provide is part of your goals. casein is commonly referred to as a to consume protein. using the pure protein calculation. More specifically. the second contains 26 grams of protein in a 35 gram serving size.6% pure protein = 74. your body for growth with BCAAs and other Prepare your body for the long fast ahead with a essential amino acids. Divide the grams of protein in a single serving by the serving size and multiply by 100. blends and gainers can include vitamins. there are times when you should consume different kinds of proteins. casein is digested at a much slower rate releasing its amino acid constituents over several POST-WORKOUT: The 30-60 minute timeframe hours throughout the night while you sleep.4 g serving size x 100 26 g protein / 35 g serving size x 100 = 81.3% pure protein . are a good choice. it may also help food. To calculate. you realize that the first protein is actually a better value because it has a higher purity level. Enzymes and hormones slow-released protein. By supplying a post-workout recovery protein containing whey. WHEN SHOULD I TAKE MY PROTEIN? FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: The period BETWEEN MEALS: Consuming a protein shake between when you go to bed and wake up in the in between meals not only helps support morning is the longest that your body goes without muscle protein synthesis. egg. it’s when you take it. you’ll help ensure that you’re recharged and ready for your next training session. you’ll ready which will help feed your muscles while you sleep. The first contains 24 grams of protein and has a serving size of 29. and simple carbohydrates during this “window” of opportunity. energy. casein. “Break the fast” with protein. Meal replacements. While the Nutrition Facts panel tells you how much protein is in each serving. Whey and egg proteins casein protein shake a half an hour before bed. there are certain instances when your system is more receptive to protein. because they are easy to Unlike whey which is rapidly broken down in the drink and easily digested. In addition to with satiety – so choose a product with one or providing much needed amino acids for muscle more of these proteins if weight management maintenance and rebuilding.4 grams. However. This calculation works best on single-source proteins. Casein protein breaks down more slowly about an hour before your workout. Here’s an example using two different proteins.

you can use more or less milk/water in order to modify the strength of your shake’s flavor. sometimes (especially during periods of intense exercise) it may be helpful to utilize protein supplementation to assist you in reaching your protein intake goals. There are other fun ways you can change up the way you take your protein supplement. which can be remedied by freezing your casein shake and eating it like ice cream. Be sure to discuss any exercise program and protein supplementation with your physician or licensed health care provider. However. Use less liquid for more taste and flavor. Secondly. and more liquid a milder taste and thinner texture. Casein tends to have a “thicker texture which allows it to freeze well in to ice cream” taste.BEST PRACTICES A balanced and healthy diet should always serve as the primary source of protein. . First. There are several ways you can add variety to the consistency and taste of your protein shake. you can use milk instead of water for a more robust and creamier taste.

because extra processing steps are required. or even distribute any of their own concentrates. Pay attention to this number. protein two products are similarly priced. processing losses. figure out how much total protein you’re getting by multiplying the grams of protein per serving by the number of servings per container. choose “manufactured by” products whenever possible. many companies don’t performance advantages over develop. while you may be getting 2. Q : What is the difference Like the pure protein percentage equation. . all of beta lactoglobulin. these protein types are highly nutritious and basically provide 4 MANUFACTURED BY OR FOR? similar benefits. Concentrates have much The number of grams of protein per serving is probably the most important aspect of protein powders. products. If. use at least 80%. you’re getting significantly fewer servings than you would with a more reputable product.DETAILS Matter CHECK YOUR LABELS CAREFULLY 1 NUMBER OF SERVINGS PER CONTAINER. but many people overlook this step assuming that either all proteins are about the same or that the most expensive of the water. So. lactose. lactoferrin. best for straight protein powders. 5. and fat powders contain more protein.” or “packed for. The importance of this the extra steps. but isolates and hydrolysates offer purity and Contrary to what you might think. not just fancy marketing. known as that some companies use to describe common ingredients. all quality whey protein concentrates are than isolates and concentrates ultrafiltered and contain microfractions like alpha lactalbumin. and glycomacropeptides. but one contains a greater isolates are more expensive than protein concentrates. don’t get fooled by the hyped-up adjectives into smaller pieces.” let you know that someone other than the company that you’re buying from made the product. So. removed so the protein content check the Nutrition Facts panel to make sure you’re paying for is much more concentrated protein. for example. Seems obvious. they either put their labels on common formulas or have unique formulas created by an external factory. amount of a less-expensive protein (you know this since Hydrolyzed proteins or protein the cheaper protein is listed ahead of the more-expensive hydrolysates are proteins that protein source in the ingredients) you know that product is a have been partially broken down (also called pre-digested) lesser value. proteinaceous avian nucleus are generally more expensive extract is egg yolks. ingredients in a food or supplement product should further stripped of non-protein be listed from most to least abundant. Isolates are By law. but most reputable manufacturers 3 ORDER OF INGREDIENTS. or 10 lbs of something. minerals. Phrases like “manufactured for. Better yet. peptides so they get into your system quicker. A : These are terms that indicate the type and extent of processing that has been done to a particular protein. Protein concentrates range from 34%-85% protein. manufacture. isolates. or in technical speak: materials to yield purity levels of 90% or higher. In the end. and becomes clear once you start shopping around. carbohydrates. This typically adds considerable costs. True manufacturers have made the investment in the processing equipment and quality control procedures required to consistently offer the best products.” “distributed by. than it was before processing.920 grams of protein/container. and hydrolysates? 2 AMOUNT OF PROTEIN PER SERVING. Also. Because of descending order of predominance. energy. Hydrolysates Sodium chloride is just salt. which are ultimately passed along to their customers. Don’t make this mistake. this formula works between concentrates. Example 24 grams of protein/serving x 80 servings/container = 1. Some brands cut costs with cheap “filler” ingredients.

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YES 2-4 1-2 1-2 18 24 0 0 - ADDED BCAAs & *Based on a 2 scoop 1. • Protein provides GOLD STANDARD 100% CASEIN the building blocks. trying to add significant lean mass. so you’re confident that you’re getting what you’re paying for.95 & 2. staying well hydrated. & 10 LB GOLD STANDARD intensely. or following a carb-conscious meal NATURAL RESOURCES plan aim towards the higher end *Based on a 2 scoop CAFFEINE FROM B VITAMINS & of this guideline.5 NO 30 3 0 - 4. Doing so helps ensure better absorption and consistent amino delivery day and night. 2.5 60 12 4 1 0 1 0 1.5-1 sleep every night.72 LB PROTEIN serving size 28-30 100 1-2 0-1 1-2 0-1 • Spread your total NO 20 ≤1 4 6 daily protein goal out over 4-6 smaller meals & snacks.29 LB HYDROBUILDER CREATINE & PLATINUM 170-180 BETAINE 50-52 2-2.5 24 9 1 1 0 - new muscle without the proper stimulus and sufficient recuperation. ADDED BCAAs RECOVERY 3.5 NO 35 70 36 4 0 - carefully and stick with a reputable brand.5 1.5-2 7-8 1-2 NO 30 2 2 0 - SIZES SERVING SIZE (G)* DIFFERENT FLAVORS CALORIES* PROTEIN (G/SERVING) CARBOHYDRATES (G/SERVING)* SUGARS (G/SERVING)* DIETARY FIBER (G/SERVING)* FAT (G/SERVING)* SATURATED FAT (G/SERVING)* TRANS FAT (G/SERVING) ADDED VITAMINS & MINERALS OTHER INGREDIENTS SIMPLE VERSION AVAILABLE USA (800) 705-5226 • INTL (630) 236-0097 .73 LB • Read your labels 0-0.PRODUCT Comparison • MAKE SURE that you’re eating about 1/2 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day from a combination of high protein foods and supplements.5 0. 3. 100% WHEY and getting at least 7 hours of 110-130 30-33 0. make sure that you’re eating a sensible diet. So.5 LB MICRONIZED HYDROWHEY PLATINUM BCAAs 39-41 140 2-3 0.5 NO <1 30 6 0 1 0 - TRI-CELLE CASEIN L-THEANINE & LACTIUM® PLATINUM 150-160 2. If you’re very active.3 LB GLUTAMINE COMPLEX* serving size 75-76 YES 270 PRO 5-6 0. & 3. 5. training regularly and 1. and a slower- digesting protein between meals and before bed. VITAMIN E ENERGY* 1.75.65 & 3. a recovery formula after workouts. 1.26 LB 41-43 0. but even 2 & 4 LB 32-34.5-1 3 LB YES 52 24 22 2 4 0 - acting protein in the morning and before workouts.5 2:1:1 113 430 0-1 0.5-1 4-6 2-3 0-1 1. WHOLE GRAIN NATURAL 100% OATS & WHEY 190-200 • Try to use a faster- 13-15 OATS 1-1.5 the best sources won’t build YES 120 3-4 0-1 0.