Data Mining Strategy

He is a customer relationship manager so sitting in office he generate leads by through references from their references they generate further leads from higher profile customer and standard chartered focus more on higher profile customer and they go to visit golf club and meet the people and they generate leads through it from higher profile. statistical. What do executive’s business team do? They basically go for direct calling. There is nothing like that there is no software and nothing to generate leads. For example one of the information technology company is working with them. And they have multiple other suppliers and clients with whom they are doing the business so their people take out there information from internet…so that’s how their data mining works because they focus more on quality then quantity. artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to extract and identify useful information and subsequently gain knowledge from databases”. Information technology tools. That’s the way how they do the data mining. their team is called executive business. That how many customers are maintain good account with them and who are the customers who are having low balance with standard chartered. with the customer so 1 . How do SCB do the data mining? Standard Chartered Bank do not do the cold callings. they do not generate leads from open market but they have a team.Introduction Data mining is described as “a process that uses mathematical. This was all about client relationship mining. They have their own system but there are few analyzers and they check the past relationships of the customer so they analyze the customers that what kind of relationships are with them. through internet and newspaper as well. SCB people analyze who are special analyst and they give them response on typical clients who are in their portfolio and who are not in their portfolio but they are dealing with their bank and with their clients. it’s a execution team through the cold calling. advanced internet technologies and explosion in customer data has improved the opportunities for marketing and has changed the way relationships between organizations and their customers are managed. They do the engagements where they generate leads. direct client waiting’s they do the window shopping at shopping malls to grab the business to build a relationship with them .

So SCB get the leads from CEMS. They give them opportunity in da leads so that can twist them into different funds. That’s what is done by the CEMS. from existing customer. In their category their CRM team is CEMS. SCB visit the leads and then SCB grab the business from that what kind of business SCB can avail from it. The client analytics will generate leads. which is CRM in terms of ORACLE. from their own circle. and analyze the customers. CEMS (Customer Engagement Management system) is dealt with client analyst’s team and in this system their client analytics team deliver a lot of leads in terms of existing products. This system maintained by oracle which is the name of CRM team. wealth management investment products other insurance funds so that they can offer them these services and to generate maximum profit for the products Who they Target to offer the services of SCB? SCB target existing customers. SCB put all the leads from that system and then SCB grab they leads from that system. current account plus dealing with forex as will but now he is only having simple accounts so a team will recognize their needs and analyze the customers worth. What kind of method you use in this software for scan suppose standard deviation and other methods? 2 . So their team goes to client and push the idea in it and approach the clients by telling them their USP. Further they develop the leads according the relationship manager as SCB have multiple relationship manager for different categories. SCB generate the leads from the references. what services they offer they approach the clients by telling them USP. their clients. From the high profile customers.whole idea is the engagement so to find out that is the customer the worth full or not that’s all the mindset is. CEMS also do the profiling of the customers. How do you classify the leads? It’s already classified and for the current account and saving account there are different leads are uploaded and they are segments which they have made and they have different classifications where they can upload the data. For example one customer was having relationships where he was having their 6 of products such as saving account.

could be transactions on the regular basis. their balances. For suppose if there is a silent customer then he must be having limited transactions with the bank. How do you relate customer behavior analysis with the software you use? What SCB do is. if they want to upload the details again then just a comment has to be put in the response4 and comment box. There will be different transactions for different customers for suppose if the person is on salary so he will be having different transactions of shopping. SCB try to check the past activity and data of the clients. Customer Behavior Analysis To analyze the customer rating SCB have to have an engagement sessions with the customers through different ways. their transactions and there details are updated on the profile. SCB try to check their past trend SCB try to check the basic activity of the client. history. SCB want to onboard new good quality and priority clients in terms of the business and profile so SCB can serve them best and they can give us opportunity of good business. SCB provide them further services such as offering them multiple services of the bank. ATM withdraws. SCB relate the analysis with their observations.Actually they take all the details of the clients their personal profile. Mostly opportunities are pertaining to internal clients. could be transactions to vendors. SCB talk the clients by different ways SCB can have chit chat sessions to get the exact idea and analyze them. cash based transactions etc. 3 . They get the relationship through leads. There are boxes where SCB can upload back the details of the clients. if you click the relationship on the software so all the details are available on the clients. SCB provide them so good services that they would not be able to leave the bank for the little or bad service issues or anything. bill payments credit card transactions customers etc. Do SCB Focus Internal Relations Factors With The Customers Or External Factors As Well? While using this software SCB basically focus on internal opportunities’ which are with the existing clients. rather than focusing on quantity SCB focus n quality.

SCB welcome them next time with more enthusiasm and efficiency. Randomly their survey team picks up 25 client of the branch. So their team provide them feedback and try their best to sort out their problems. What have realized that customers does not get the idea of the survey so that’s why they sometimes complain more and scale them 1. Out of 25 people catch promoter sort of people. In data mining SCB focus on new potential clients who re good potential and in surveys SCB focus on their responses on the services and the complaints to improve it. SCB have lots of clients which are doctors so SCB try to grab the business of hospital and pharmaceutical business or manufacturing of biomedical devices and tools. so if SCB deal with these kind of clients so their existing clients will get the business easily. SCB try to give him next time a wow experience. SCB try to give him more welcoming environment with little more enthusiasm. If the scaling is average so SCB serve them better and try to improve their quality or service. SCB analyze his needs more. Framework For Data Mining Process It is systematic which is done by BIT team (Business Initiation Unit) and they analyze the need of their existing clients that how they are dealing in their market and with which market they’re dealing. services etc. As SCB have scaling from 1-5 so the promoter is 4 and 5 is the excellent and so 1 is the detractor so Detractor customer has t grievances against the services against the employees or bank.Customer Behavior Analysis – SCB Survey Response Scale There is a process of survey the clients about the internet banking. Survey happens every moth and bank take twenty five people from this survey. 4 . but it’s their responsibility to give them opportunity to share their needs and stuff but sometimes detractor are not genuine there complains and grievances are not genuine and sometimes there issues are not genuine and are nit banking issue but it is personal as well. could be against need. SCB try to get always 5 which is highly promoter so SCB get highly promoter more 5 or promoter that is 4 and sometimes SCB get 1 that is detractor.

from their Cheque Books. If SCB settled appointments with the external customer because I have to create some appointments and if I have to settle some appointment and if I have settle it on a particular time and for some reason if I am not available there in bank so my bank will transfer that lead to some concerned person so the lead will be carrying all the details of that customer such as address. from Debit Cards.? It’s systematically generated by their department and it puts the detail of the existing clients. from appointments as well. SCB have multiple ways to grab information of clients get the details of the customers from CINIC. In CEMS What Type Of Data You Enter. that’s how all the details of the customer is visible and is appeared. personal information etc. So to follow 5 . The Name.Their business transactions will be easy because there transaction it will be SCB TO SCB so it would be easy and transactions would be done instantly. their Accounts Numbers. If SBC put the relationship number in CEMS. to get connected with that person easily. Amount And Etc. That’s how they are trying to generate the business which is related to existing clients and SCB ask for their buyers and suppliers and if there buyers approach them to be their clients than their goals gets fulfilled because that is what data mining is and SCB get their goal achieved so it’s a ongoing process and chain based process basically. SCB have system that SCB have relationship number so in that SCB have already all the details available in the relationship number.

By their meetings. there are thousands of clients in their bank. appointments. and SCB try to find out their customer with the relationships number. SCB put all the details on the system.that lead it’s necessary to record all the information if the related person is not available in the bank. 6 . with the CINIC number and with account numbers. SCB can also analyze or check their customers from different branches not commonly usable or accessible. CEMS is also use to analyses employees as well. their opportunities their own references.