Pharmacy Service

Improvement at CVS (A)
Group No: 7
Aafiya Ali
Akhil Santhosh
Ashish Kaushal
Pranit Patil
Philip George
Vanam Siri
Ushleen Kaur

Profit = $716. 7. But company attracted 8.2mn regular customers left CVS. Revenue = $24. Massachusetts in 1963 • By 2002. – CVS became America’s Largest Retail Drugstores – 4000 stores.Customer Value Store (CVS) • Opened in Lowell.6mn • Pharmacy Service Initiative – Pharmacy Operations performance were not matching with their growth – To understand pharmacy customer service and to make required fixes – In 2000.2bn.2mn new customers .

Service • Description of Problems • Flowchart of Pharmacy Operations • Key Areas – Safety – Customer waiting time .Problems at Pharmacy Service Initiative • List of Problems – Light Users – Location – Heavy Users .

List of Stakeholders • Customers • Insurance Companies • Employees (technicians and pharmacists) • Shareholders • Government insurance agency • Doctors • Employees of the CVS customers • Society at large .

Flow Of Information .

Drop off Point Boxes at Data Entry Point INELIGIBLE SCRIPT ELIGIBLE SCRIPT Doctor Call Bin System (DUR) HARD STOP NO HARD STOP Doctor Doesn’t Pick Up Doctor Pick’s Up System Insurance DUR Review Check ALL THINGS ALL THINGS IN NOT IN Doctor Calls FORMULARY FORMULARY Back Doctor Denied Refill Approval Switch Production Prescription .

the identity verification customer windows were before customer. pharmacist would after work (insurance company) contact the customer. the work. the doctor and making a involvement. if the 'hardstop' in Drug drop off the scripts doctor prescribed the Customers would Utilization review' and communicated drug that was not pick up their that could not be the pick up time. lunchtime and and the payer 'copayment'. Flow of Customers During the insurance If there was any Customers came to check process. had to be involved . The covered under medicine after resolved without the busiest drop off insurance.

Flow of Money .

Insurance Check PAYMENT APPROVEDD BY THIRD PARTY PAYMENT NOT APPROVEDD BY THIRD PARTY Customer Pay ‘Copayment’ (Rest amount paid by third party Customer Pay full amount at insurance companies or government time of pickup agency) .

so that they don't have to wait. They should also be informed if the payment has not been approved by the third party . this will help in reducing queues and the customer waiting time • There should be a system to inform customers about the delay in fulfilling order. Recommendations to improve processes • There should always be a person appointed at drop off window so that data entry can be made in the presence of the customer • This way customers can be told immediately if their script is ineligible and they can be warned that resolving this might take time • As the drop off time is relatively less busy than the pick up time.