Rules Pack

Harbinger is a doubles tournament for two allied forces using Games Workshop’s Warhammer fantasy rules and
miniatures. The following terms are used throughout this pack and have the following meanings:

FORCE is used to describe the units under one player’s control
ARMY is used to describe the combined forces of the two players

We're holding Harbinger for a number of reasons:
• to give teams an opportunity to practice for Carnage
• to find the best doubles team on the day
• to get a whole bunch of players together to have fun playing their favourite game all day long

Please do not expect anything other than a slightly chaotic, hectic day of fun games, played within a
competitive, but much looser framework than a Grand Tournament. As such the rules of engagement are different
so please take the time to read through this rules pack before the event and contact us if you have any


Players are advised that from the moment of entry into Harbinger the decisions of the Referees regarding the fair
adjudication of the rules, and in all issues of health and safety, are final.
No discussions will be entered into once a decision is made. This applies to rules adjudications, the scores applied
for any category of the Event and any issues that require the cooperation of the competitors.

Harbinger is being held in association with the Guildford Games Club at the Park Barn Centre, Park Barn Drive,
Guildford. GU2 8EN.

As Harbinger is being held in a public place we insist on the highest standards of behaviour from everyone attending
the event. This applies to your dealings with the event staff, with each other and towards the general public.

• Empire
Any gaming materials you require to play, specifically: • High Elves
• Your entry ticket – this guarantees entry for two • Warriors of Chaos
players forming a team • Lizardmen
• This rules pack • Ogre Kingdoms
• An English language core rulebook • Orcs & Goblins
• Any appropriate supplemental texts or reference • Skaven
sheets • Tomb Kings
• A tray to carry your models around • Vampire Counts
• Your miniatures, complete with movement trays • Wood Elves
• Two legible copies of your army roster (See Army
Roster section below) In the instance of a new Warhammer Armies book being
• Dice, templates and a tape measure released or updated, it will only be valid for use providing
• Superglue and poly cement for repairs it has been on sale for one full calendar month prior to
• Pen and paper the event.

The official errata documents for the above armies can
SELECTING AN ARMY be found at:

Only the main army lists from the following Warhammer www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/
Armies books may be used: article.jsp?aId=3400019
• Beasts of Chaos
• Bretonnia PLEASE NOTE: These are the only lists that will be
• Daemons of Chaos permitted at this event. If you have any queries
• Dark Elves regarding the validity of your chosen force, you must
seek out a Referee when you first arrive at the venue.

if you are unhappy with the scenery layout. In each subsequent round. Additionally: If a race-specific selection criterion exists in your Army List then the Force must satisfy it. for example. Should a team draw the same opponents again. Before battle commences there will be a five-minute ‘warm-up’ period. however the Referee may insist you use the table “as is”. the criteria need only be satisfied once for the entire Army. • Any extra equipment or special items must be clearly marked along with their points cost. a Bretonnian Force must take a Battle Standard Bearer and another Hero to be the General. • Forces must conform to the Tournament selection criteria for a 1000 point Army. In Harbinger a combined Army of 2000pts must contain the following: • 2 Forces of no more than 1000 points each. all players should discuss the terrain for the battle. In the case of High Elves and their unique Force Organisation criteria. Once you’ve finished your game. and may face suitable action from the Referees as a result. Your results will then be entered into the tournament database. each lasting a maximum of 2 hours. and how each feels it will affect the models in play. Any team that does not have an opponent should raise their hand and call for a Referee. this only applies in a High Elf Battle Brothers Army. you must fill in the results card and then hand it in at the information desk. During this period players must first show their opponent all the models in their Forces. teams will be facing appropriate opponents according to their ranking. In the first round teams will be matched randomly against an opposing team. • The name of the models used in your army. You must follow the standard force organisation chart for the creation of your Army. if the error is verified. • Both players must each provide 1 Hero capable of acting as the Army general to lead their force. This will decide the new rankings and ultimately the winners of the Tournament. If the two Forces are Battle Brothers. so be warned! Your roster must contain: • Player Name. ask a Referee to step in to sort things so that the teams face suitable opponents. as well as their points value. Note that Special Rules relating specifically to the General only apply if the given Hero has been selected to lead the Army for that game. with the opponents witnessing the roll – re-roll any ties • The highest rolling player will lead the Army in this battle and their Hero acts as the General • Both Forces will react to the General as per the Warhammer rules. For example.ARMY ROSTER In advance of the event. alert a Referee who will ensure the layout is fair. which is as follows: 1-2 Heroes. two Bretonnian Forces need only provide one Battle Standard Bearer in the Army. • Special characters from the appropriate army books may be used providing they feature in the list of • permitted Warhammer Armies printed above. Each battle will be fought on a 6” by 4” table with fixed scenery. 0-1 Rare. This will be a brisk paced day and we will be playing to the time allotted to the scenarios. Team Name and Club Name (where appropriate). Before each battle the General must be decided using the following rules: • Each player on the team rolls a die. then they will be considered to be late for their game. we ask that you carefully consider the number of miniatures you will be fielding within your armies in comparison to the amount of time you will have to play the different scenarios. The Battlefield Conditions used each round will be generated randomly by the event organisers. You will be assigned a table for your game. HOW THE DOUBLES EVENT WORKS Harbinger consists of three games or rounds. a Roster Penalty may be applied. If an opponent does not arrive within 15 minutes of the start time for the game. Should any error in the roster be detected then the appropriate players may call a Referee and. They can also discuss any other rules that they think may come up in the battle. . Players are allowed to ask their opponent questions about the Forces and the rules that apply to them. 0-2 Special. 2+ Core. After inspecting the Forces. • Within the Army each individual Magic Item or Magic Banner may only be selected once. You may not transfer unused points between Forces. Any changes made to the Roster without informing the Chief Referee may result in action taken against you. who will attempt to find opponents for them.

Please remember to be clear about which Hero in your Army is the General in this game. They are also empowered to apply penalties to scores where they see fit. Draw or Concede) • Any points from capturing Objective Markers • The number of Victory Points both you and your opponent scored. Therefore extra points will be awarded to for armies that are fully painted and based. . Lose. with the following exceptions: • Table quarters are now worth 50 points. Players will be ranked in order of Tournament Points. Conversions or Scratch-built models that are considered to be unsuitable by the Referees will be removed from play. If there is a tie. but the better the painting the more points you will get. DECIDING WHO WINS THE TOURNAMENT After each game you must record the following information on the results card provided: • Result of the game (Win.PAINTED ARMIES Entry into Harbinger requires that you have a legal Force. we cannot alter them in any way. We don’t allow the use of non-Citadel or non-Forgeworld miniatures for this event and any found will be removed from play by Referees. Events like Harbinger are a chance for players to show off all their hobby skills. • Control of your opponent’s Special Feature at the end of the game is worth +100 points. • If you have captured the enemy Battle Standard at the end of the battle you gain +50 VPs. However. • If you have slain the enemy General. If Referees see anything that they consider to be inappropriate to the event. They will be used as a decider in the event of two players having the same Generalship score. We’re not looking for Golden Demon standard. or if they are fleeing or have fled the table. you will be required to follow their instructions in full. you gain +50 VPs. as many teams will be fielding new armies this year. then players that have scored the same number of Tournament Points will be separated by their total Cumulative Victory Points. Tournament Points are awarded as follows: • Degree of Victory Score Win =30 Draw =10 Loss = 1 Concede = 0 Victory Bonus Points are awarded to recognise the level of victory achieved in each round as follows: • Winner’s Score /Loser’s Score Massacre 3 / 0 Solid Victory 2 / 0 Minor Victory 1 / 0 Please Note: the Victory Bonus Points are separate from the Tournament Points score. you will be able to play with miniatures that are not yet at that standard. They will be used as a decider in the event of two teams having the same Tournament Points score. Once the Event results are published. DOUBLES TOURNAMENT VICTORY POINTS Victory Points are used as they appear on pages 102 and 103 in the core rule book. which ideally would have all the models fully painted and based. • Banners are worth +50 points each. Please Note: The Victory Points are separate from the Generalship score. • If you do not control your own Special Feature at the end of the game you lose 100 points.

These include: • ‘Best Generals Award’ . we recommend that you roll off to decide on a temporary answer and get on with your game.co. Postal Address Payment instructions will be included in the reply.This is a title bestowed on the club whose top 2 teams score the most points on the day • ‘Best Force’ . and in order to avoid arguments.uk quoting the following details: 1.AWARDS CEREMONY The award ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the conclusion of the final game. Try to go out of your way to make the game as enjoyable an experience as possible for everyone. ENTRY TICKETS Harbinger is being organised by the Obsidian : The Weird events team. for a quick resolution.groups. We urge all players to stay for the awards ceremony so that they can cheer the winners and commiserate with the losers! There will be several awards handed out at the end of the tournament. .for the team that wins the Tournament • A prize for each team member • Best Generals certificates • Vouchers for free entry into the next Obsidian : The Weird event • ‘Second Place Award’ • A joint prize for the team • Second Place certificates • Vouchers for discounted entry into the next Obsidian : The Weird event • ‘Third Place Award’ • Third Place certificates • Vouchers for discounted entry into the next Obsidian : The Weird event • ‘Harbinger Champions’ . (http://uk. Name 2.com/group/Obsidian_The_Weird/) To obtain a ticket for Harbinger at £15 per team. Contact Telephone Number 3.for the player who receives the most votes for having the Best Painted Force • A painting related prize • Best Force certificates • Vouchers for discounted entry into the next Obsidian : The Weird event REFEREES AND RULES QUERIES If you encounter a rules problem during one of your games and cannot find the answer in the rulebook or any other Games Workshop resource. please send an email to obsidianmh@yahoo.yahoo.

-2 to hit with all missile weapons. Warhammer rule book. If a misfire is rolled. If they fail they can’t march. None. the Blizzard will only last one more turn and then finish automatically. The result is how many inches that units are al lowed to see for the entire turn. Miscast happens on any double roll of 1 and 2.GAME SCENARIOS NATURE’S WRATH Battlefield Special Rules The battlefield terrain will be set up for you in advance of Harbinger Weather: your game. Victory Conditions 5-6 Magical Storm As normal rules Each player adds (+D3 power dice) into his pool in magic phase. 2 – Heavy rain Heavy Rain over entire battlefield. The Tornado blocks line of sight. Second turn on the roll of +5 etc. 12 Blizzard: Roll an artillery die and multiply by 3 at the beginning of every game turn. When the Thunder Storm happens roll for each The battle will last for six turns or until one team unit on the battlefield on the roll of +6 the unit suffers concedes. No armour saves are allowed including regeneration saves and ward saves. . Harbinger Weather special rules apply (see below). The Tornado will scatter 2D6 at the beginning of each players turn. Objectives Roll at the end of each game turn. Add them Deployment together and apply the effect below starting from first Standard deployment as described on page 2 of the turn. +5 in second etc. First Turn As normal rules 3-4 Thunder storm Roll at the beginning of every game turn. Game Length On the roll of +6 in the first turn. After the deployment each side rolls one die. Heavy rain finishes at the end of first turn on the roll of +6. 10-11 Tornado: Put the big ordnance template in the middle of the board. 7 Perfect Harbinger Weather 8-9 Extreme Heat Roll a LD test for each unit that is attempting to march in this turn. Any model under the template needs to take an immediate strength test or will be removed from the game. d6 strength 4 hit.

A dice roll may be half of the table. Victory Conditions The player whose troops arrived first must now deploy As normal rules his army anywhere in their half of the battlefield (right up to the half way line if desired). moving on from their table edge. behind and must enter play as a reinforcement on turn 2 (see the special rules for reinforcements. First Turn Next. Deployment The dice are now revealed. First Turn As normal rules The duel is fought on foot so no monsters or horses are allowed to lend their attacks to the duel. your game. They may enter anywhere on the long table edge of their sides’ deployment area. the higher the number Deployment the harder the march. roll off to see None. who arrives first in the case of a tie. If the dice roll is less than the forced march As normal rules. The duel is fought until a character loses all of his Game Length wounds. The loser will permanently lose one wound for the entire game but he will hate the opposing character for the rest Victory Conditions of the battle. result in a team not having any units to deploy. Reinforcements enter play in the same manner as if they had pursued an enemy off the table. At the end of the battle the side that controls the most objectives is the winner. Standard deployment as described on page 2 of the Warhammer rule book. but instead enter play in the players second turn. then the unit in question has fallen ceives +1 to his roll. Set up the models in base to base contact for combat. The side that chose the Objectives higher number reaches the battlefield first. each player must roll a D6 for each of the units in their army. . The After the first team has deployed their army they must Character will be involved in a Mighty Duel against the place three objectives anywhere on the table that are other hero. Special Rules Mighty Duel: Each team must nominate one Character Objectives from their armies to fight a duel before battle. The number they choose the special rules below). but the winner of the Mighty Duel re- value they picked. to place uppermost on the dice represents how hard they have force marched to the battle.FORCED MARCH THE DUEL Battlefield Battlefield The battlefield terrain will be set up for you in advance of The battlefield terrain will be set up for you in advance of your game. and hides it Before deployment a Mighty Duel must be fought (see behind their hand or in a cup. Objectives are controlled by the The Hero winning the Duel will give Stubborn to one unit side that has the closest unit within 12” of the objective. His entire army should then deploy first. They must place at least one objective in the opponents They will strike in initiative order. he will join until the end of game. Special Rules Reinforcements: Any reinforcements that a player has are not deployed at the start of the battle. below).this may concedes. Game Length The battle will last for six turns or until one team On any other roll the unit deploys normally . more than 18” away from any table edge. Before deployment each player takes a D6. The battle will last for six turns or until one team concedes. required to decide who strikes first if both characters have the same initiative value.

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