The Ouija board has been used by thousands of people for spirit communication and is

very similar to automatic writing, the only difference between the two being the
absence of the board itself in automatic writing. Both forms of communication are
very dangerous; as are séances, because they are usually uncontrolled forms of
communications. In other words, the individuals that use these channels are usually
novices and are unaware of the possible dangers that await!

A controlled situation would be where a psychic, medium or clairvoyant is present.
This way the medium could sense if any dangers are present and close off the
communication before any harm was done.

The Ouija board is just a piece of compressed wood, sold at virtually all toy stores and
occult supply and book stores. Ouija is a combination of two words: "oui" and "ja"
which mean "yes" in French and German respectively. The board itself is not
dangerous but the form of communication that you are attempting often is.

Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on
"the lower astral plane". These spirits are often very confused and may have died a
violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many violent, negative and
potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board. Often times
several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but the real danger lies
when you ask for physical proof of their existence! You might say, "Well, if you're
really a spirit, then put out this light or move that object!" What you have just done is
simple, you have "opened a doorway" and allowed them to enter into the physical
world and future problems can and often do arise.

I would strongly advise against the use of the Ouija, automatic writing or séances. If
you don't happen to be lucky or unlucky enough (depends on how you look at it) to
contact any ghosts, then if nothing else, you could become emotionally attached or
dependent on the board's advice. This can be psychologically adverse on the psyche as
you will attempt to get more and more information out of the board and you could
actually just be using the board as an avenue to the inside of your own mind without
realizing it. In other words, you could be asking questions of the board and then your
subconscious mind would be using the planchette to answer your own questions! This
often happens to those people who use the board by themselves.

I believe the following cases are true examples of what could happen to those who
continue to use the board or become obsessed or possessed!

Ouija Board's Evil Spell Still Lives in Our House
(National Examiner, 31787 by Robert Stamper)

I invited a foul horror into my house with a Ouija board. My brother and I got no
results when we started to use the psychic device, but suddenly the message indicator
mysteriously began to move. The first thing the board told us was that the message
was being sent by Seth. Then I made the tragic mistake of telling the board to prove it
was real by doing something supernatural. The results were startling and scary. The
board told us that the grandfather of one of my best friends would die in a week. The
chandelier in the room began to shake violently and the chimes rang like pieces of
metal being smashed together. The room became as cold as ice and we were shivering,
though the thermometer read 70 degrees. The horrible stench of death filled the room
and we couldn't stop gagging and coughing.

Suddenly, the noises stopped and the room was as quiet as a cemetery in the middle of
the night. My brother and I looked at each other in terror. We opened the windows to
get rid of the stink or rotting flesh and told each other we'd forget the whole thing. But
a week later the grandfather of one of my best friends died just as the board has
predicted! And from time to time the chandelier would rattle, the room freeze and that
awful smell return. I couldn't take it any more. I threw the board away and told my
mother about the experience. She told me that once you tamper with a Ouija board, its
evil spell will remain forever. And to this day, those terrifying tremors shake the house
and the stench of death fills the room.

Ouija Board Summons Demons

(The Sun, 12986)

A simple Ouija board became a passport to Hell for a family that accidentally
summoned a demon into their living room. "I thought it might have been the Devil
himself," says John Ravens, father of the tormented family. "When it was over, we
were all bleeding and had severe burn marks. Our living room was a disaster area."

"It was supposed to be a joke," says Gloria, the girl's mother. "We were going to make
believe we were talking with the spirit world."

Little Lynda, her nine-year-old brother Ronald, and their parents gathered around the
board for what they thought was going to be an evening of fun at their home in a
Toronto, Canada suburb. "We were just playing around with it when suddenly the
planchette that spells out answers began moving by itself," says John. "We were all
scared, but then I thought maybe one of the kids was up to tricks. We started asking
questions, and this spirit began speaking to us. "Then it asked if it could visit with us.
By this time, I was sure someone was playing a joke, and I said yes," he adds.
That's when the nightmare began. "The demon appeared within seconds," says John.
"It spun around the room overhead, laughing and cursing at us. "It was surrounded by
a ring of fire and the room became so hot, it was like an inferno from Hell." The
family describes the demon as red and black with scaly skin and horns. It also had
giant bat wings. "Then it suddenly swooped down and attacked us," recalls John,
horror flickering over his features. "It started biting each of us on the face and arms.
"We tried getting up and running for the door, but every time we did, the creature
started clawing us. It was so fast, we couldn't escape from it."

Lynda and brother Ronald were picked up repeatedly and hurled across the room. As
they lay helplessly on the floor, the creature pounded on their chests and heads. "It had
hooves that dug into my children's faces and skin, marking them badly," says Gloria.
The attack lasted for more than an hour before the horrifying demon vanished as
quickly as it first appeared. The children were screaming and crying as John pulled
them out of the house and drove to a nearby hospital, where they were treated for cuts
and burns.

Demons Use Ouija Board As Gateway To Take Over Soul

(The Sun, 22884) by Lewis Clifford.

Terrifying demons freed from other dimensions are preying on helpless human
victims. And the gateway used by the grotesque monsters is being kept open by
innocent toying with Ouija boards and other tools of the occult, top medical and
religious experts caution.

"They are vile creatures of the night," warned Dr. Alberto Gonzalez, of the Pan
American Institute of Health. "They exist. They can possess the bodies of their
victims and cause normally gentle, nonviolent people to commit outrageous crimes.
They can assume other forms some quite ghastly.

"And they are among us in many instances solely because of these sinister toys called
Ouija boards." Gonzalez, a psychiatrist and parapsychologist, claims he has found
demonic links to several cases of cattle mutilation and human vampirism in Central

Says the Rev. Morris Cerullo, president of World Evangelism and author of The Black
Side Of Satan, Creation House, Carol Stream, Illinois, 1973. "Many people have
related to me weird tales of answers given by the Ouija board. This and other occult
games may seem intriguing, but the implications are serious and not to be tampered
with. They can lead to dangerous waters indeed.
"Use of a Ouija has even led to violence and even to murder..." Dr. Marta Prohazka of
Fairfax, Virginia, is also convinced that spirits can play terrifying destructive games
with human behavior. During her practice as psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, she
realized that many patients she had considered "hallucinating paranoid
schizophrenics" might instead merely be in touch with something invisible to her but
visible to them." I came to understand that another plane, or dimension or existence
interrelated with our plane or visible manifestation," she said. "By training and
expanding consciousness, some individuals gain entrance into that invisible
dimension. It seems to some like a window into heaven.

"I also learned that contact with the other dimension can be dangerous, especially if a
psychically sensitive person loses his emotional harmony. The window into heaven
can then become a window into Hell."

Millions of the plastic oracles are in use in American households, nevertheless. And
the eerie messages from beyond they have spelled out have been credited or blamed
for marriages, divorces, sickness, misery, mystery or murder. Psychic and medium
Anne Rose told the Sun: "Horrible demons have definitely been released by the Ouija

"The Ouija board is a vehicle which makes it easy for negative spirits and demonic
forces to enter this plane of existence." The Merrillville, Indiana clairvoyant cautioned
that evil spirits or demonic forces often gain the trust of people experimenting with
Ouija boards by answering several questions truthfully and providing predictions.
"Once they have gained the trust of their victims, it is easy for the entity to move in
and take over either by strongly influencing that person, or by outright possession,"
she said. People who are untrained and unsophisticated in the field of the paranormal
and supernatural should never play with devices such as the Ouija board, according to
the clairvoyant.

A Letter from a Reader

Just was doing some work on your site and I wanted to share something with you and
maybe you can help me. I am very sensitive about this. I went through your site and
you had a warning about the Ouija board and I have had a bad experience when I was
19 years old and I am still haunted by this. I am 49 now.

My Mom, got involved with the board when I went away for about a month. You see I
was the fourth child and kind of the loner. I was the one that went to church and had a
strong belief in God. When I got back from being away everyone but my mom greeted
me outside and all were very upset and hurt. They tried to tell me before I greeted my
mom, but when I saw how she looked and how she came up to me, this was not my
mom. This woman was a stranger to me.

I went up to my room, and very tired from the trip, I laid on my bed and fell to sleep.
When I got this feeling that I was being watched, I opened my eyes and staring down
at me was my mom. She was smoking in my room which she never done before and
she just gave me this look, that frightened me. She told me that "I was protected".
Looking up at her, I said, "I knew that I was and that God watches out for me
everyday." She laughed and said that I was protected but it was not by God. And I told
her that I did not want protection from anyone but the good Lord himself. She got
nasty with me and left my room.

That night I heard a party going on downstairs. I looked at the clock and it was one in
the morning so I got up and went downstairs, peaked around the corner and the plastic
piece on the board was going by itself and several different voices of men and women
were coming out of my mom. My mom could not get by a minute without asking this
board what to do first.

I think what bothered me the most is my dad would not do anything about it, or my
older sister and brothers. One afternoon I came home and it was so bad that I fought
with her and I went out and burned it. That was a mistake because what I saw coming
out from the fire was not fire. And I remember it so well. I moved out.

My mom bought another board and lived with it until she died in 1996. My dad went
to the place that she had stored it, but it was not there.

My mom and I worked things out and she seemed to get better, but she would not give
up the board. She left me this haunting and I have to live with this. I have lived all my
life with spirits and ghosts and they don't bother me. But the board I don't like it. I
know first-hand how it can take over people's lives and you are right to say it is a
door-way for things to come through. I am still working through this and if any of
your readers want to know first-hand, you can share this with them.

Thank you! Pam Frost