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.……………………………………………….………………………………….. 3 4.. Module Leader and teaching team . Module Description .BBDUH MGT4225 Business and Commercial Awareness Contents: No. Learning Outcomes ..………………………………………………….……………………………… 6 7..…………………………………………………… 7 8.…………………………… 9 11. 3 2.……………………………………………………………….. Important Reminders on Academic Misconduct ..…………………………………… 5 6.. Mode of Assessment and Assessment Details ...... 7 9.. Mapping of Learning Outcomes to the Assessment .…………………………………. Reading List & Key Text …………………………………………………………. Format of delivery & Usage of Blackboard .. 9 10. 15 13.. 15 UPDATED 31st July 2015 Page 2 of 14 ....……………………………………………………………… 3 3. Serious Adverse Circumstances .... Important Note …………………………………………………………………….………………. Item Page 1. 4 5. Assessment Deadline and Extensions . UH StudyNet ………………………………………………………………………. Grading Criteria ……………….... Weekly Lesson Schedule .………………………………………………………… 10 12. 15 14...

. The course will consolidate functional business knowledge and provide students with an opportunity to integrate theories and gain experience in a simulated business environment.sundram@newinti. Develop an understanding of the organization decision-making process and how strategic objectives are planned and Students will be encouraged to reflect upon that experience in preparation for their future business careers. 3. Present their proposals to a critical higher management team. 2. Learning Outcomes Knowledge and Understanding Successful students will be able to: 1. Develop an understanding of the effect of uncertainty.1. Email Address Consultation Hours Monday 12 am – 2 pm IICS Gilbert Sundram gilbertraj. change and organizational politics on decision-making and implementation. Module Description This course is essentially workshop-based. Produce an investment 10 am – 12 pm Wednesday . 5. Module Leader and Teaching Team Campus Name Room No. 4. where students will role play members of an organizational management team as they develop plan and implement a new product or service for their 2pm – 3pm Penang Sara Goh (Tue – Wed) To avoid a wasted trip and disappointment please make an appointment first (preferably by email) rather than just turning up. Skills and Attributes Successful students will be typically be able to: 3. Work in multi-disciplined teams.goh@s.newinti. 2.

.6. Reflect upon their experience. Produce and amend an implementation plan for their proposed investment case. 7.

undertaken by members of staff playing senior management roles. The module resources will present theoretical underpinnings for each of the activities required for the case. Practical/ Laboratory work.Further details on how the learning outcomes of the module will be achieved: Students will be placed into syndicate groups and given functional management roles working to a pre-defined organizational strategy. Students need to attend every lecture as topics will be discussed with practical examples and underpinning theories. Tutorials are provided to enhance student’s problem solving skills. The module will be delivered in the following manner: Lecture: 3 hours per week × 14 weeks / 6 hours per week × 7 weeks Tutorial: 1 hour per week × 14 weeks / 2 hours per week × 7 weeks You will be able to access course materials via Blackboard. Towards the end of the module. Students will produce and present a detailed investment case. This includes the following:  Lecture Notes – Available in advance of the lecture for students to study  Tutorial Questions  Details of your coursework and assessments Students are expected to download and read materials provided on Blackboard before the lecture. students will design the detailed implementation plan for operation and delivery. . During the course of the module. including an initial concept for a new product or service. which will be subjected to management scrutiny. This should include product or service and quality specification. students will submit a reflective essay on what they have learnt during the module. 4. The workshops will allow students the opportunity to apply theory and develop the skills required via a selection of shorter case-based exercises. Their task will be to produce a proposal for the product or service taking into account the external and internal conditions. Format of Delivery and Usage of BlackBoard Teaching Methodology: Lectures. a number of events and additional information will be introduced and students will be expected to respond to these changes and adapt their plans accordingly. resource requirements and performance monitoring and control strategies. delivered in a combination of Face to Face and Online mode. The groups will be given detailed business scenario. Tutorials. Following review of the investment case. process design.

Throughout the investment project students will be assessed on- .Written report section/ department implementation plan (30%) Group . where students play the part of the members of a middle management syndicate which is developing an investment idea from inception through to the detailed implementation plans. From time to time there will be other formative pieces of work or administrative items which must be submitted.Presentation of the investment case and supporting documentation (30%) Present as a group but will be assessed individually.Writing of reflective essay (40%) Individual . Students will receive no marks for this but there will be penalties for failure to submit. Group Log relating to all Group Assignment Activities A journal log (a record) of all meetings of the assignment group will be required as part of the group assessment submission. Syndicate groups will then apply investment assessment tools to the quantitative and qualitative data provided and will produce a detailed investment case report. For some assessment activities your lecturer will role play the role of a Director in the Case Study corporate. Students need to familiarize yourself with the Blackboard module as other resources will be added throughout the semester to support you with your studies. Failure to attend will mean you will be joining a group of students who already know each other. Group 30%) Assessment focuses on an on-going Investment Case Study. students will conduct an initial interview with one of the Directors in the Case Study corporate and will produce an investment proposal. Full details of these items will be provided well in advance of submission deadlines. In their syndicates. Following the investment case report students will be individually assigned functional responsibilities and will produce a detailed implementation plan for their assigned business function. Mode of Assessment and Assessment Details Coursework: 100% (Individual 70%. Each meeting of the group must be recorded and should include:  date and time of meeting . 5. There are important group formations in week 2. This report will be presented by the syndicate group to members of the senior management team and the syndicate group members will then face a hostile (but polite) question and answer session.

for example: Essay Writing. This must be submitted in the final week of the module with the Implementation Plan. Questions on the grading and wording used in the coursework briefings should be addressed to the Module Leader. will not normally be eligible for a referral. Specific grading criteria for all coursework on this module will be released with the coursework briefings. Reflective Writing. Produce an investment case Y Y . This is for information only. change and organizational politics on decision-making and Y Y Y implementation. 6. they will have to re-enrol on the module in the next academic year (FREN). The outcome of these tasks should be attached once the tasks have been completed. Harvard Referencing. Students obtaining less than 20% for the module overall. Critical Evaluation. 3. 2. Oral Presentations. Group Work. Students are advised to use the ASU Guides to help with assessments. Appendix 1 of the Module Guide shows the assessment verbs and grading criteria. group members present  roles within the group  discussion topic(s)  assigned tasks. Mapping of Learning Outcomes to the Assessment Assessment Learning Outcomes Group Reflective Presentation Report Essay 1. A suggested format from the UHBS ASU is provided with the Week 1 Teaching Materials. Develop an understanding of the organization decision-making process and how strategic objectives are planned Y Y Y and implemented. Academic Writing Style. Develop an understanding of the effect of uncertainty. Report Writing. Work in multi-disciplined teams Y Y 4. with deadlines.

Allegations of assessment offences will be investigated by the School Academic Dishonesty Committee. Present their proposals to a critical higher management team Y 6. All students need to sign a declaration stating that they will not plagiarise on the cover sheet for coursework assessment and for open book examinations. cheating.  plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words. collusion and other forms of misconducts are regarded as very serious offences. Grading Criteria Grading criteria for student coursework on this module are provided in the Appendix. The above terms may be defined as follows:  cheating is trying to or managing to gain an unfair advantage in an assessment. conclusions or ideas without acknowledgement of the source — for a quotation it includes failure to use inverted commas or other formatting to delimit the quotation .  other is basically anything else that is deemed as misconduct. 8. plagiarism. breach of a professional/commercial confidence.  collusion is working together when you are supposed to be working individually. Any attempt to gain unfair advantage in any assessment will be penalized. Reflect upon their experience. submitting the same piece of work for two different assessments without acknowledgement. doing research that does not have ethics approval. and that all material used in their coursework is correctly referenced to indicate the source. This could happen on group work if two or more people work together.5. these include things like falsification of data. Grading criteria for each assignment will be provided in the assessment brief. work. Important Reminders on Academic Misconduct Cheating. Produce and amend an implementation Y plan for their proposed investment case. collusion and other forms of misconduct Plagiarism. helping another student to commit an offence Students are advised to ensure that they know how to reference using Harvard Referencing System. . 7. Y 7.

ii) At INTI. The turnitin reports should be printed and submitted together with your assignment. (21st Nov 2014). the Academic Dishonesty Committee will represent the “Vice Chancellor” and all decisions will be presented at the UH Board of Examiners. Below are some of the recommended penalties for academic misconduct as set out in the UPRSA13 (UH University Policies and Regulations) NB: i) The above table was extracted from the HBS-INTI Joint Operations Manual. INTI reserves the right to viva students as a method to test that work produced is the students’ own work.TURNITIN – Students MUST submit all essay type assignments through turnitin. . Your class ID and password will be provided to you by your lecturer. pg 26.

despite such circumstances. medical certificate. . death certificate. Appropriate evidence will need to be provided to them ahead of the original deadline (as stipulated in Section 9). Only the lecturer has the discretion to grant individual extensions to coursework deadlines for their module.g.9. 10. If there are Serious Adverse Circumstances that have affected your assessment(s). Such an appeal must be made in writing and an appeal form completed with validated supporting documents. Serious Adverse Circumstances 'Serious adverse circumstances' are significant circumstances beyond a student’s control that would have affected the student’s ability to perform to their full potential if they were to submit or attend assessments at the appointed time. e. this appeal must be submitted within 72 hours of the affected coursework deadline or examination date. and students should ensure that they make an appointment to discuss their extension request with their lecturer. you decide to sit/submit an assessment. Assessment Deadline and Extensions Coursework submitted up to one (1) week after the published deadline will receive a maximum numeric grade of 40. you must communicate to the Lecturer and the Head of Programme. Work submitted later than one (1) week after the deadline will be awarded a fail grade. This appeal should be submitted ONE week before the coursework deadline or the scheduled examination time. In the event of an emergency. If. the University will not normally accept a claim of serious adverse circumstances in respect of that assessment.

11. Please note that there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances.Stakeholder analysis & maps and the stakeholder maps. you will find a week by week schedule for this module. such as staff illness. test. Syndicate members will have 2 .g. that may necessitate some changes to this schedule (e. importance of periodic stakeholder review Interviews and Proposals . Interview skills Interview Skills – Practice Exercises Practice on simulated business situation. . Assessment Heart Model Teamwork and Team Building Strategy and Organisational Structures . Writing an investment proposal . The lecturer will make every effort to communicate these changes to you in good time. assignment deadlines.g. explained to each syndicate. . Course Overview groups. Teaching methods used . Week Topics No. Functional/ Matrix/ Project structures . Beginning (This may subject to change) Tutorial Remarks Induction Week 1 9 Jan 2017 Read Week 1 Materials prior to first lecture Read about business models and group working Introduction . Lecturers will update the weekly schedule (e. exchange contact details etc. Fact finding . semester dates. Syndicate will practice developing . Syndicate working Team Roles – Outline of Belcon roles some time to get to know each other and . Common business strategies Strategies and Corporate Roles Specific strategies will be allocated and 16 Jan 2017 . Weekly Schedule In this section. Developing rapport in business Roles within an interview team 4 . public holidays and final examination) every semester. The Module Investment project Self-assessment using Belbin The Head-Hand. The range of corporate functions Introduction to the module investment project. out of topics). 3 Stakeholder Exercises. Learning outcomes for the module Syndicate Group Formation Students will be formed into syndicate .

Brainstorming Gather facts to write an investment Meeting one of the directors in the investment proposal. format. De Bono’s 6 thinking hats project (for a maximum of 10 minutes) . Break-even analysis.BBDUH MGT4225 Business and Commercial Awareness Week Topics No. Shortlist ideas using a . Hidden agendas Analyse business cases to decide what Corporate Decision Making 2 – Quantitative types of decisions are key to the . Payoff period Corporate Decision Making Exercises Practice quantitative decision techniques . Strategic/ tactical/ operational Generate ideas to solve a simulated 23 Jan 2017 . Explore ideas and boundaries Develop rapport with the Director Idea Generation and Evaluation . Cost-benefit/ break even/ . Beginning (This may subject to change) Tutorial Remarks Clarify Directors’ requirement. Forecasting (M. 7 . audience. Straight-line forecasting 8 30 Jan 2017 Mid Semester Break Calculate personal FOG index Investment Cases Review good and bad examples of your 6 Feb 2017 . Corporate Decision Making 1 – Qualitative . Multi-criteria decision analysis payoff time . Purpose. Cost-benefit analysis situations faced. structure own writing and charts 9 Practice assessing documents and styles Produce and review charts from some . Qualitative factors 6 Idea Generation and evaluation exercises business problem. Creative thinking techniques .Av. a failure to attend the Director Meeting will incur a 5% penalty for absent students. Logic: Assessment Criteria . . Regression) . The Solution Matrix Whilst there is no mark for the interview. 5 . Political factors range of methods. People: Stakeholders & politics sample data sets UPDATED 31st July 2015 Page 11 of 14 .

Monitoring and control (Groups 3 & 4) time) . Risk analysis techniques Groups to work on your implementation plan. (group) (worth 30%) 15 27 Feb 2017 Revision UPDATED 31st July 2015 Page 12 of 14 . Groups 1 and 2: Present detailed investment Hand in investment case including case to the directors Analysis Document and Reflective Team Business Implementation Planning (20 minutes presentation with each group Working page (worth 40%) 12 . Presenting data using charts session. Failure to do so incurs a 5% penalty. Implementation Plan Review and Submission of implementation Submission of Implementation Plan 14 plans. Beginning (This may subject to change) Tutorial Remarks Producing Documents for Business Audiences Groups to discuss role assignments and . Practice presenting in a business situation. 13 Feb 2017 Presentations and Handing Resistance 11 Mock Presentation (2) Groups to prepare and give a practice presentation for the workshop. Structure and content Presentation to Directors (worth 30%) Groups 3 and 4 work on your presentation (Groups 1 & 2) Groups 3 and 4: Present detailed investment case to the directors Project Management and Risk Management 20 Feb 2017 (20 minutes presentation with each group . Writing skills 2017) . Writing report and plans 10 (Date: 8 Feb Mock Presentation (1) strategy in presentation for the next . Purpose and use of plans member contributing equally) . Activity Planning member contributing for approximately equal Presentation to Directors (worth 30%) 13 .BBDUH MGT4225 Business and Commercial Awareness Week Topics No.

Failure to attend workshops will almost certainly result in a poor overall grade. Attendance registers will be taken at the weekly workshops. Beginning (This may subject to change) Tutorial Remarks 16 Study Leave 17 No Final Examination It is absolutely essential that you attend the workshops because much of the assessment is workshop based. UPDATED 31st July 2015 Page 13 of 14 .BBDUH MGT4225 Business and Commercial Awareness Week Topics No.

Kindly refer to your email account that you registered with INTI upon admission to the programme. 3rd Edn. Pearson. 2012. Management Consulting. . 13.12. Pearson. Strategy: A View From The Top. The Strategy Book. Yip & Hult. 4th Edition. Internet websites deemed relevant and appropriate should be reviewed and utilized where appropriate. Important Note The curriculum provided in this Module Guide is derived from the UH’s Definitive Module Document (DMD) and is correct at the time of distribution. 14. 2012. UH StudyNet The University of Hertfordshire will email you the login name and password for this account. Total Global Strategy. The Centre for Academic Skills Enhancement (CASE) has plenty of resources to assist students in academic writing and the Harvard Referencing System. Reading List & Key Text Main text: Louise Wickham and Jeremy Wilcock. 1st Edn. 2. 2012. 4th Edn. FT Press. Students are encouraged to fully utilize the materials provided in this website. De Kluyver & Pearce. Delivering an Effective Project. 2012. 3. Mckeown. These information may be updated upon an approval process between INTI and UH. Pearson. Supporting text: 1.