AA Therapy Chart

Amino Acid Therapy Chart: Reversing Neurotransmitter

(1) In Column A, put a number from I to 10 by each symptom you feel, with I being slightly felt or
hardly ever felt and JO being strongly felt or felt all the time.
(2) Check off the Column B substances that you use to reduce the symptoms in the same section of A.

Column A Column B Column C Column D

NT Deficiency Substances Amino Acid Neurotransmitters
Symptoms Used Solutions* Provide

TYPE I Low in Serotonin
D sweets Serotonin:
negativity, depression
D starch 50-150 mg MA, Eve emotional stability
worry, anxiety D tobacco by 10:00 pm self-confidence
low self-esteem
D chocolate or L-tryptophan positive outlook
obsessive thoughts
D Ecstasy 500-1500 mg MA, Eve emotional flexibility
or behaviors
D marijuana by 10:00 pm sense of humor
winter b1uesp D alcohol (Evening doses needed
PMS D Prozac if sleep is a problem or
irritability, rage D Zoloft
symptoms persist into
dislike hot weather D Paxil the evening or are very
panic attacks; phobias D Effexor severe.)
(fear of heights, small D Celexa
spaces, snakes,etc) D
afternoon or evening D
cravings D
fibromyalgia, TMJ, other D
pain D
suicidal thoughts
night-owl, hard to get to
Melatonin for sleep at Melatonin:
sleep bedtime; .5 S mg, converted from
insomnia, disturbed immediately or 2-stage serotonin)
sleep depending on type of 8 hours of deep,
Typical sleep hours:
insomnia, if 5-HTP or restful sleep
to L-tryptophan alone do
not work for sleep
TYPE Low in Catecholeminas
D sweets L-tyrosine Catecholemines:
D starch 500-2000 mg
depression, apathy alertness
lack of energy D chocolate AM, MM, MA by 3:00 energy
D aspartame
lack of drive pm mental focus
D alcohol (Add fish oil omega-3, drive
easily bored
D marijuana 1-3 gms EPA/DHA
lack of focus, enthusiasms
O caffeine emphasis)
D cocaine Check thyroid and
D speed adrenal functions
O tobacco
D Wellbutrin
D Ritalin
O Adderall

AM=on arising B==with breakfast; MM=midmoming; L==with lunch; MA =midafternoon; D==with dinner; BT=at bedtime.
Also test for vitamin D levels (250HD) optimal reference 35- 70. Moderate exercise, as tolerated 2500-10,000 lux
light box preferably at least partly full-spectmm, with UV protection.
o Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure (Penguin 2004) & The Diet Cure (Penguin 2000)

irritable shaky. as needed q Julia Ross. as well as other good fats and healthy carbs. each containing at least 25 gms protein. AM. or D alcohol D HYPOGLYCEMIC D sweets L-glutamine Fuel source for brain cravings for sugar.MA sense of stability and starch. reward. AA Therapy Chart Page 2 Column A Column B Column Column D NT Deficiency Substances Amino Acid Solutions* Neurotransmitters Used Provide D sweets GABA: TYPE Low in GABA GABA O starch 100-500 mg calmness stiff or tense muscles D tobacco l-3x per day at relaxation stressed and burned out stress tolerance D marijuana stressful times unable to relax/loosen D alcohol (test salivary cortisol up D Valium levels x4) often feel easily D Ativan Add Taurine. D heroin behaviors. or D caffeine before meals) numbing treats D Vicodin "Love" certain foods.MM. Glycine. or alcohol (Add chromium 00 groundedness. MA by 3:00 pm pleasure pain D marijuana (Add free-fonn amino reward cry (tear up) easily D alcohol blend 700 mg x 3 loving feelings crave comfort. author of The Mood Cure (Penguin 2004) & The Diet Cure (Penguin 2000) . overwhelmed D Neurontin and/or L-threonine. if D Klonopin needed D TYPE Low in EndorphIn D sweets DL-phenylalanine Endorphin: D starch [or D-phenylalanine] psychological and very sensitive to physical pain relief D chocolate 500-1500 mg. mcg x 3 meals) blood sugar balance headachey-especially if too long between meals NUTRITIONAL SOLUTIONS THAT APPLY TO ALL TYPES: FISH OIL 1000-3000 [U combined EPA and DHA MULTIVITAMINS AND MINERALS are also essential. D starches 500-1500 mg cells: O alcohol AM. emotional or physical D tobacco MM. as is a DIET that contains no less than 4 cups low-catb vegetables in a minimum of 3 meals.