Science Project 2nd semester / Science Fair

1. Dates
All projects are to be completed by Friday / Week 14
Progress report date: Friday / Week 9
The projects are graded in class. These grades are worth 50% of the 4th term
assessment grade. The best projects are chosen for the science fair.
Science Fair: June 10, 2017

2. Contestants
A maximum of 3 science projects from each science class will be chosen for the final round.
Each project will be made by 1 or 2 students.

3. Location

4. Type of project
Grade 7: Do a scientific experiment/investigation
Grade 8: Rube Goldberg Compound Machine - Poster/model
Grades 9 – 11: Do a scientific experiment/investigation
Grade 12 students are excused from the Science Fair

5. Criteria
Grade 7
Projects will be displayed on tri-fold posters using two 55cm x 80cm sheets – do NOT
make your own board, just the poster.
Projects will be graded on:
1. Organization
2. Originality and level of difficulty
3. Background research
4. Objective and hypothesis
5. Method
6. Data
7. Conclusion
8. References
9. Oral Presentation

Grade 8
Rube Goldberg Machine
Must accomplish a simple task.
Must have an appropriate name.
Must execute at least 4 steps. All steps must be clearly defined and separated.
(6 steps if with a partner)
Must include at least 3 different simple machines.
The machine must work on its own, after being started.
Must include a written description (150+ words) and a labeled blueprint

Method 6. physics and biology) will be awarded prizes of NT$5000 (1st place) and NT$3.000 . Expectation All students should be prepared to present their projects to the school at a special exhibition of their work to parents. 7. Grading The preliminary round is judged by each teacher in class according to the rubric given. References NOT make your own board.1st place) and NT$2. 8.000 (8th Grade. Prizes Grade 9-11 Winners in each subject area (chemistry.1st place) Total prize money = NT$29. Oral Presentation 10. 6. Data 7. just the poster. teachers and other students. Background research 4. Projects will be graded on: 1. (Honors students) include a 250 word abstract. explaining your machine (see packet). This project makes up 50 % of the 2nd term grade. Organization 2. and invited guest judges who will award the projects with an ‘honourable mention’ ribbon. Objective and hypothesis 5. Conclusion 8. Originality and level of difficulty 3. Record your machine with video in one continuous clip or bring your machine in to show the class. Grades 9-11 Projects will be displayed on tri-fold posters using two 55cm x 80cm sheets . The project with the most ribbons wins.000 (7th Grade. The final round is judged by every science teacher.000 (2nd place) Grade 7-8 NT$3.