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Answer all questions. 6. His friend _________________ to
Put in the correct verb form A. goes
B. go
1. Andy _______________ the family C. gone
A. wash
B. washes
C. washs

2. Every morning my mother 7. Do you ____________ milk in your
___________ at 6.00 am tea?
A. get up A. like
B. gets up B. liking
C. get ups C. likes

3. Mr Jack ____________ an email every 8. ___________ I correct?
evening. A. Ia
A. writes B. Am
B. write C. Are
C. writs D. Be

4. The girls _____________ the 9. It ________________ a beautiful day
shopping. today.
A. do A. be
B. does B. Are
C. did C. Is
D. Am
5. Mandy and Susan ____________ films
every weekend 10. John often _______________
A. watch handball.
B. watches A. play
C. watchs B. plays
C. playes

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C It will be sticky before 15 May 2008. D It will be sold cheaper after 15 May 2008 2 The following statements are true about Beri-Beri Tomato Ketchup except A it contains tomato puree and vinegar B it must be used by 15 May 2008 C animal parts are used in its making D it weights 480g 3. B It will taste better after 15 May 2008. Why must the ketchup be consumed by 15 May 2008? A It will turn bad after 15 May 2008. 1.The phrase the choice of gourmet chefs means that gourmet chefs 2 .Answer based on the information below.

Haidar ______________________ (buy) a new cassette recorder last month. 5. PRESENT CONTINUOUS Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Would you liketo join us? 3. 6. 8.What is the passage about? A Beri-Beri Food Industries B Permitted ingredients C Beri-Beri Tomato Ketchup D Gourmet chefs SIMPLE PAST TENSE Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. 2. 9. We ______________________ (see) Rose in town a few days ago. I __________________ (meet) Adam and her sister two days ago. He __________________________ (take) a shower.You can find this product most likely in a A restaurant B coffee shop C supermarket D market 5. They _________________ (win) the jumping race last year. 3. Ben ______________________ (live) in United States in the past. 7. I ____________________ (arrives) at hospital two hour ago. we __________________________ (play) volleyball on the beach. My father __________________________ (work) as an accountant in a big company. 1. A prefer using the ketchup B dislike the taste of the ketchup C only use the ketchup for baking D find the ketchup too expensive 4. He __________________________ (travel) in China this summer. My father can’t come to the phone now. 4. 2. In this photo. 1. 5. 4. Mr Chan ____________________ (join) the music club two years ago. We __________________________ (go) to lunch now. We ____________________ (play) basketball last week. He_____________________ (catch) a fish yesterday. 3 . It ____________________ (rain) heavily last night 10.

One of you __________ always ______________ (imagine) about something. whom or whose. 1. 7. __________________ car is parked in the handicapped parking space? If someone doesn't move it.000 prize. 9. Melanie couldn't remember the name of the student ________________ science project received the $100. My brother __________________________ (use) the computerto do his homework. The police have called in an expert to identify. ______________ you ___________________ (do) your homework now? 8. 4 . 6. _________________ handwriting is actually on the ransom letter. 10. ________________ did you ask for direction? 5. 7. _________________ wants to go with us? 6. 11. My father __________________________ (carry) me on his shoulders. Do you remember ___________________ received the Academy Award for best actress that year? Was it Nicole Kidman? 10. ______________ you still ___________________ (watch) TV? 12. 8. This photo was taken when I was three. The police _______________________ (search) for the victims in the flood tragedy. People ______________ always ___________________ (buy) new mobile phones. Can you see Anna? She __________________________ (stand) at thebus stop. 9. ______________ are you going to recommend? 3. Do you not understand what I __________________ (say) 13. It wasn't me! I have no idea ______________________ left the oven on. RELATIVE PRONOUNS Fill in the blanks with who. it's going to be towed. ____________ dictionary is on the table 4. ______________ wrote this book? 2. 15. We have two extra tickets for the concert. I can’t play online games now. Why __________ he ___________ (wake) up early in the morning? 14. It doesn’t look like this is the right direction.