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Programme Schedule Annexure A

One week Training Programme on Exports Marketing & Documentation at

ADU, Coimbatore Organised by Br. MSME Development Institute, Coimbatore

Venue: Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore

Duration from 28.01.2013 to 01.02.2013

Date Time Subject in Session Resource Person

Inaugural , Filling up of Bio-data and Shri. P. Sivasubramanian, Asst.
09.45 Hrs to verification of document , Introduction Director (EI), Br. MSME DI,
10.15 Hrs about the programme Coimbatore. Dignitaries from
ADU, Coimbatore
Monday Introduction to Export Marketing, Dr. W. Rajmohan, Hosur
10.15 Hrs to Procedures for starting an Export
13.15 Hrs company, Export Marketing, Export
Strategy, Generating Export Enquiry
14.00 Hrs to Transaction procedure for Export, -do-
15.30 Hrs Introduction to LC
15.45 Hrs to Various type of LCs and their implications -do-
17.15 Hrs
17.15 Hrs to Role of ECGC in Export, Need of Shri. S.Ganesan, Br.
18.15 Hrs Insurance, Assessment of Foreign Buyers Manager, ECGC, Coimbatore.
& Schemes
09.30 Hrs to Packaging for Exports Dr. W. Rajmohan, Hosur
29.01.2013 11.30 Hrs
Tuesday 11.45 Hrs to E-commerce and marketing through -do-
13.15 Hrs Internet
14.00 Hrs to Export potential from India & scope for Shri. M. Ganesan,
15.30 Hrs Export Export opportunities in EEPC India, Chennai.
Coimbatore region
15.45 Hrs to Export / Import Policies, Incentives and -do-
18.15 Hrs facilities for Export. Role of Export
Promotion Councils
30.01.2013 10.00 Hrs to Costing of Products for Export Shri. V. Devaraj, Coimbatore.
Wednesday 13.15 Hrs
14.00 Hrs to Selection of product for export, Export Shri. R. Panjanathan,
15.30 Hrs Marketing correspondence Coimbatore.

15.45 Hrs to Procedures for Registration for Export

18.00 Hrs Company and Guidance to fill up IEC -do-

09.30 Hrs to Role of Dept of Customs in Promoting Shri Vijayan Gokul, Inspector of
12.00 Hrs Export / Import, Producers followed at Customs, Coimbatore.
customs office in ports, Duties/
concession for Export from the
Thursday department. Onsite Post Clearance Audit.
12.00 Hrs to Pre & Post shipment formalities, Logistics Shri. M. Krishnakumar,
13.30 Hrs and Warehousing Role of C & F Agents C& F Agent, Coimbatore.

14.00 Hrs to Opportunities for Export of Agriculture Shri. V.Saravanakumar,

15.30 Hrs Products from Coimbatore Region. Assistant Professor,
TNAU, Coimbatore
15.45 Hrs to Interface with successful Exporter Shri. N. Suresh,
16.45 Hrs M/s. Made to U.S.A,
16.45 Hrs to Export product inspection and Shri. C.Suresh, Bangalore
18.15 Hrs procedures. CTPAT audit. Ethical social
audit (or) SA-8000 audit.
09.30 Hrs to Banking Formalities Packing Credit, Shri. K.S. Naaghanathan,
12.30 Hrs Post Shipment finance etc. Coimbatore.
01.02.2013 12.30 Hrs to Marketing through websites. Ms. Buvaneswari,,
13.15 Hrs Coimbatore.
13.45 Hrs to Export Documentation Procedures Part Shri. R. Panjanathan,
15.30 Hrs I Coimbatore.
15.45 Hrs to Export Documentation Procedures
17.45 Hrs Part-II, Practical Tips to fill up the forms -do-
Export, Import Documents Preparation
and Guidance

Valedictory Function
17.45 Hrs to
18.15 Hrs