Newton's Table 310-16 Conductor Size Calculator
This program calculates the required ampacity for copper Rev 11/28/2006
Conductors and selects the size of conductor from Table 310-16. XCEL V1.1

Number of current
Load in Ambient Carrying Conductors
Amperes Temperature C in Raceway or cable
200 26-30 4-6
125 Default = 30 Degrees C.
OCPD is Rated for Continuous Load
Select Type of Insulation Temperature Circuit is for multiple Receptacles or Outlets
If circuit is 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50 ampere
THWN-2 CU - 90C 75 C branch-circuit having two or more
outlets or receptacles See Table 210-24
Continnous OCPD
Load Ambient Note 8 Total Device
Conductor Derating Derating Derating Derating Select
Insulation Size Load Factor Factor Factor Factor Current
THWN-2 Err:508 325.00 80% 1 80% 0.8 375

Ampacity Termination Maximum
from Derated Maximum Minimum Allowable
T 310-16 Ampacity Ampacity OCPD OCPD
Err:508 Err:508 Err:508 400 Err:508
NOTE: If Minimum OCPD is greater than Maximum allowable OCPD increase wire size.

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90C ZW-2 CU . T310-16dev TW CU .90C XHHW-2 CU .60C FEPW CU .90C Maximum USE-2 CU .90C SIS CU .90C THHW CU .90C RHH CU .75C ZW CU .90C THHN CU .75C RHW CU .90C SA CU .90C RHW-2 CU .90C XHHW CU .75C XHHW CU .75C THHW CU .90C MI CU .75C THWN CU .60C Rev 11/28/2006 UF CU .90C THW-2 CU .90C THWN-2 CU .90C FEP CU .90C Page 2 .75C RH CU .75C TBS CU .75C USE CU .90C Allowable XHH CU .75C THW CU .