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and brings Android Google. apps to your desktop. feature-packed device. 2 . The UT880— Well times have changed. you can extend your revolutionize your desktop experience. The new UT880 desktop telephone 6 Specifications is customizable and easy-to-use. Now. Since it’s made by re-invents the office phone. Android development. As an operating system. 5 User Experience – Revolutionized More than a billion phones and tablets around the NEC brings you the obvious next step in Android phone world run on Android. The UT880 integrates the you’re on a tablet or smartphone. The UT880 Desktop Telephones Contents 3 Make Upgrading Obsolete The World’s Most Popular OS 4 Discover limitless possibilities Now built for your desktop. traditional desktop telephone and an Andriod tablet into one innovative. whether functionality to your desk. all of your favorite apps work perfectly.

That’s why the UT880 desktop phone is built using the most customizable operating system in the world. With NEC developed UC applications. something With Android OS support and NEC application development. on one of the most flexible devices there is—the 7 inch Google-powered Android tablet. 3 . your phone with the most current releases of your OS and applications. you can upgrade better will come out tomorrow. Many businesses are afraid that if they upgrade their phones today. UT880 desktop telephone users get the power of Android OS and the capabilities of their favorite NEC phones and technology.Make Upgrading Obsolete Android development makes obsolete software a thing of the past. whenever they become available.

The UT880 provides you with easy access to your NEC Unified Communications (UC) desktop/mobile client. your workforce will be able to take it to the next level with a flexible and extensible device that conforms to multiple working styles and helps improve efficiency and productivity. 4 . instant messaging. presence. To keep up. desktop telephones need to evolve to meet the ever-changing communication demands of today’s workforce. wide-band speakerphone > Integrated Bluetooth capability > Built-in camera for video conferencing With the UT880. The UT880 Desktop Telephones Discover Limitless Possibilities Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. unified messaging. and call control—available at your fingertips. Get UC functionality—corporate directories. The UT880 offers you > Full seven inch color display with multi-touch capabilities > Android OS support > USB port > Multiline SIP client that emulates any NEC telephone > Open interface for application development > NEC platform voice functionality and hands-free.

for Video-Conferencing Capability improving efficiency and revolutionizing the user’s experience.The UT880 Desktop Telephones User Experience – Revolutionized Whether utilizing the emulation of an IP telephone or your UC client. Green and Blue) Touch Screen Four (4) Finger Multi- Touch Window Video Streaming Wideband Handset of conference calls or content and Speakerphone from the Internet or Intranet Multiline Client Universal Toolbar USB Port Speaker/ Return/Main Menu Mirco ScanDisk (SD) Memory Support Omni-Directional Hands-Free Microphone Multiple Registrations/Users: Up to 6 Android OS (Jellybean) Support Ability to Download Apps from Google Play Store 5 . Message Waiting Indicator Lamp Three (3) Different Colors Built-in Bluetooth (Red. Built-In Camera the UT880 gives you a consistent user interface across devices.

Device . Auto White Camera Balance.) Ethernet Port 2 Switched 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN Port 10/100/1000Base-T PC Port 10/100/1000Base-T Power over Ethernet IEEE 802. Narrow Band:G711ulaw/ Hardware Audio alaw.G729A Handset: RJ-9 Single Jack Headset: RJ-9 Single Jack Hook Switch Operating Force 50gf (max. 16.3M CMOS Image Sensor. Green. 1. No AC Jack (PoE) SD Card I/F Micro SD Card Connector supports spec version 1.0 Micro B Type Flash Memory 4GB MLC NAND Flash SDRAM Memory 1GB 6 .0 Type A connector. Auto Exposure. V3.USB 2. Fix IRIS Incoming Call Lamp 3 Colors (Red. V4.0 HSP Profile (Headset) & PBAP Profile Supported (Phone Book Access Hands-free Microphone: Omni-Directional Wideband Speaker: Wideband:G722HD.1 Bluetooth Profiles +EDR. Blue) Bluetooth Bluetooth V2.0 (HS not supported).7M Colors Touch Screen Capacitive 4 Finger Multi-Touch Window Built-in Camera.USB 3. The UT880 Desktop Telephones Specifications Features UT880 Desktop Telephone LCD Display 7 inch TFT LCD WVGA(1024 χ 600) with Backlight.00 USB I/F Host .01 & 2.3af Compliant.

Call Screen/Do Not Disturb. Call Transfer. Speaker Phone Mode.722 Video Call: H. Call Hold.56” x 10.729 CODEC • Wideband : G. backward-compatible with RFC2327 Voice Call: • Narrowband : G. W”× D”× H”) Weight 1kg. Call Pickup. Call Forward. 7 .The UT880 Desktop Telephones Features UT880 Desktop Telephone Operating System Android 4. Call Log. Swap Calls.91” Exterior (W × D × Hmm. kg and lbs. and UNIVERGE 3C™ Future release and information & specifications are subject to change. G. Call Call Operation Mute. Video Call. 7. (Approx. 2.264 Voice Call. SV9300 and SV9500.2 Jelly Bean RFC 3261 – SIP Version 2 • Support both IPv4 IPv6 (in the future) • Multiple SIP Users (accounts) : 6 Line VoIP • Support Secure SIP (SIPS) Software RFC 3550 . Redial. Add Call. Headset Mode Dimensions 192 x255x150mm. Call Waiting.A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications(RTP) RFC3711 – The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol RFC 4566 – SDP: Session Description Protocol.2.711 u/a. Contacts.21lbs.04” x 5.) Conditions Operating Operating Temperature -5⁰ ~50⁰ Humidity 10~95% Platforms Support On UNIVERGE SV9100.

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