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Combining Our Nations Criminal Justice System

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The civil rights movement is now demanding more changes in the police agencies from government these all changes were done for changing the public perceptions about police because many people have negative thoughts about police agencies. With the current threat of terrorism and other dangers to the United States.crime management t is necessary for further performance of police departments. Combining Our Nations Criminal Justice System . These changes in police brought up by the changes in the community levels and those officers who are committed to work under the community policing the role of police man in managing the domestic violence is one of the most important reasons of this change. In last centuries American law was not related any thing to women man can do everything in his home boundaries these were the things which made much crimes to brought up in united states which includes beating of wife and child abuse these type of cases were not have any importance in law at that time. should the United States combine all the police agencies into one national police organization? . but now the police strategies are changing with law with these crimes increased there is a change of law occurs which provides for the women and children’s too in the view of united states police now the arrest is not the final solution for any crime . Now the police have formed the domestic violence reduction unit for example in Portland. Now there are many changes takes place in us police law enforcement strategies they have adopted the military change of command model for the police agencies and within their procedures of working.2 - COMBINING OUR NATIONS CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM By the change in century there has been much changes done in police of United States as according to those expectations which the community require from police the gunfighters changed with the professional fighters who are expert of modern technology and are capable of making the plans as according to the modern demands for making police efficient so now the image of police in united states changes from that traditional police officer to the cooperative responses and a good listener of public issues in united states.

Combining Our Nations Criminal Justice System . Providing defense to the nation from enemies is the upper most priority of the federal government. which are in support of freedom rights to public because this is the democratic era and it needs the giving up of every right to the public that they could speak freely on any matter. America police is now dedicating its much of efforts in the reduction of those threats that have planned the major destructions in United States their police priority is the removal of such threats before they take a good form. 2001 destruction that now the small countries like Afghanistan is also capable of making such huge destructions in United States. It is realized from the September 11.3 - The law enforcement agencies in united sates are now forming such strategies. Now terrorism like he 9/11 survive in united states they have made commission on terrorists attack to make united states law enforcement agencies more active in finding out terrorism any where in united states and these forces are now also beating the terrorist generate parties in different countries. Now. . THE ROLE OF POLICE IN UNITED STATES The developments technological changes with much increase in the use of computers have now changed the law enforcement agencies too. However the question to combine the all police is not the way to resolve terrorists attack solutions but as far as the terrorists actions are concerned United States have made the separate commissions to dealing with them. Terrorists are organized to penetrate open societies and to turn the power of modern technologies against us. The police is not the department which forced people to do any thing they are now making a good responsive and cooperative sense with the public here are much training programs for women and man police to make it more effective in united states the fulfillment of resources to those departments who need some thing that is lacking us government is now making them strong to beat terrorism. shadowy networks of individuals can bring great chaos and suffering to our shores for less than it costs to purchase a single tank.

for example. absolute refusal to tolerate lying in internal investigations CONCLUSION When Herman Goldstein published the policing a free society there is much movement in changes in police began in 1977 and in 1982 when Jorge Kelling and James q Wilson published broken windows. there are many scandals on police made in Los Angeles currently which belonged to the police participation in crimes. Combining Our Nations Criminal Justice System . policy. Americans are those. and widespread resolve among these leaders to make policing thoroughly professional including. which made their police with different qualities like the provision of peace within societies the democracy and freedom rights to individuals and supportive society who do not hesitate to contact police in case of any crime. drug dealing and murders now this is the big challenge for united states police to deal with such problems by cleaning up of police from these persons. educational and ethical standards appropriate to a genuine profession. the maintenance of trust of public and the prevention from such things to happen again. . by their publication the series of changes within the united states police got started national institute of justice started sponsored the series perspective on policing.4 - Increased understanding among law enforcement leaders of the personnel.

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