Scholarships by JASSO
1. Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
JASSO offers Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students for international students who are accepted by a Japanese university, graduate school,
junior college, college of technology, specialized training college, university preparatory course designated by Monbukagakusho:MEXT, or Japanese language institution (hereinafter
refered to as school(s) ).
(1) Qualifications and contents of scholarship
The qualifications do not include the age limit, designated Japanese schools to attend nor designated courses to major in in Japan.
(FY 2016)
Qualifications and conditions No. of
Monthly Payment Application No. of Grantees for
Academic level plural grants and limits Payment requirements stipend period period Grantees the Previous

・Graduate school student (Doctoral course, Master's course) ・Students do not receive a ・Written recommendation by attending school.
・Research student (kenkyu-sei) scholarship from another ・ College student visa status required.
・Undergraduate student institution that does not ・Students except Japanese government scholarship
・Junior college student allow plural grants of the students and foreign government sponsored
・College of technology student (3rd grade or upper) Honors Scholarship students. Late March
・Specialized training college (post secondary course) student ・Students do not receive ・Students can cooperate the survey of academic and ¥48,000 1 year
-early May Not yet
・Preparatory Japanese language course by private university and scholarship for Short- carrier status after scholarship payment. (From April to 8,070
(Period varies from determined
junior college student term Study in Japan ・Students should meet the required grade point. March)
school to school)
・Advanced course by university, junior college and college of (Student Exchange ・Monthly allowance from family should not exceed
technology student Support Program)by ¥90,000.
・University preparatory course student JASSO ・The annual income of a student s supporter
residing in Japan may not exceed ¥5,000,000.
・Japanese language institution student ¥30,000

(2) How to apply (3) Notification of result
 Applications for the Honors Scholarship will be accepted through schools ( ① ∼ ② ).  After its screening process, JASSO will notify students through the school of the result
The applicants must apply to the school office according to their rule ( ③ ) to have them ( ⑤∼⑥ ).

Ⅱ.Scholarships by JASSO
recommend to JASSO that they are qualified to receive an Honors Scholarship ( ④ ). The   
applicants must contact the schools to confirm the application procedure.  The process from filling an application through to result notification is shown as follows.
①Requesting school ②Publicity and inviting
 Information on the reservation program based on scores of Examination for Japanese
recommendation applicants

International students
University Admission for International Students (EJU) is available at JASSO's website


index.html) or Application forms for EJU (http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/eju/index.html).

④Recommendation ③Application

⑤Result notification ⑥Notification to applicants

) acceptable) (2) From application to result notification  The general flow is as follows. and Palestine are ・Students eligible for 'College Student Visa'. All countries that have ・Students accepted by Japanese school under a student exchange agreement or other student exchange arrangement with their home school. Direct applications from home higher educational institutions outside Japan or students will not ①Submission of the programs Home higher educational institutions outside Japan be accepted.(③∼⑧) ⑥Notification (3) Starting time of scholarship period of Applicants ⑤Application Students must start the study-in-Japan program at the Japanese school within the period designated by the Japanese school(from April 1. Japanese school will arrange the status of residence. (applicants from Taiwan ・Students. upon termination of the period of study in Japan. applicants are advised Result notification JASSO to ask each Japanese school or home school. junior college. diplomatic relations with 6. will complete their studies at their home school.(For study in Japan for 90 days or less.  Applications for the scholarship will be accepted through Japanese school. college of technology(3rd grade or upper)or Ⅱ.Scholarships by JASSO professional training college(hereinafter referred to as Japanese school )under a student exchange agreement or other student exchange arrangement on a short-term basis from 8 days to one year between Japanese school and their home higher educational institution outside Japan(hereinafter referred to as home school ). For further information and inquiry. 2016 to March 31.000 8 days to 12 months (expected number) ・Students not having the financial means to study in Japan.000 ・Students demonstrating excellent academic and personal records at their home school. Japan ¥80. will decide the programs and the number of recipients and notice the results to Japanese school. (1) Qualifications and contents of scholarship (FY 2016) No. 2017) ⑦Approval ⑧Notification to of Acceptance applicants .  Japan Student Ser vices Organization(JASSO). 7 Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan) JASSO offers scholarship for qualified international students who are accepted by a Japanese university. of Qualifications and conditions Countries Monthly stipend Duration Grantees ・Students enrolled in a regular course of study in a higher educational institution outside Japan. upon screening the application documents submitted by Japanese school.(①∼②) ②Notification of Host schools in Japan International students  The recruiting period and selection method of exchange students are different from selected programs ③ ④Recruiting each school and each program. graduate school.