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Notre Dame

,various loc
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s the whole
of the US,
the Vatican,

, Germany,
other places

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s interest.

.we are at this time missing the vast list of tagged locations.ly.

sothose few mentioned above will give you an idea of the scope.The .

sigil has also often been tagged during out of bodyexperie .

and the past.To . planets.nces whilst visiting other worlds.

connect to the Network is to feed from. feed to. andinter act with all .

previous rituals andspells. magicians. .these locations.

so that a magic kal Sphere of Sensation forms about .

thepractition er. It has sometimes been reported as a quick- .

movingslide show on the back of the eyes (closed eye visuals) .

billboards.containingim ages of street signs. ci ty environment .

wildernes s.and multiple locations ac ross the wo rld.s. .

This quick- thought visu alstate may be ascertained by .

meditating on the Linking Sigil if aproper con nection .

While using this connect ion in waking .has been made.

somepractiti oners have created gloves marked with .trance.

These are u sed in .the Linking Sigil soas to better navig ate the fuss.

gesture- wavingas if one was listening to the music of the .

Network. and guidinghims elf through it in order to find .

whatever it is he desires tolocate. Other likewise .

techniques are undoubtedly adequate.S uccessful na vigation of .

not without including .the Network may depend on avariety of factors.

as thes .previous experience s withpsyched elic entheog ens.

e serve as a viable meta phor – aburst of discordant e xperience. o .

Although the Network may surely .r sea of magickal information.

.be utilized to proper extent with such psychedelic s.

and thepractitio ner is rather .they may so on become a c rutch.

for t he most par .encouraged to go about it by his ownnatural means.

t. Non- ordinary stat es such astrance. meditation. lucid .

dreaming and out of body experience arerecomm ended. .

though the connection may be felt without them if one is .

internal visio n .sensitive to changes in his thoughts.

A common synchronicit y when working .andsynchro nicities.

with theNetwork is the sudde n appearance of spiders. .

When this occurs.t he practitioner is encouraged .

unless they areoutright poisonous a nd .not to harm them.

.Ellis will understand.wandering about his place of living .

I assure you.It often assists to first empower the Network .

.before divingright into it. This is done by making a tag.

preferably in apopulated location. and even more .

.preferably around some spotwhere wonderment is common.

or would .If one cannot manage a p opulatedloc ation.

rather feel that the opposite might assist. thenthere .

are many woodland locations which may feel “different” .

This is left up to the intuition of .tohim that he could utilize.

Some other s have tagg ed the sigil ont .themagician in question.

oquarters or paper dollars for circulation. and likewise ingeniousm .

The Networ k is often .ethods of proliferation are encouraged .

and this relatest o its original usage. By .used as a sigil header.

linking any sigil of desire into theNetwork. it serves as a mutual .

empowerm ent without loss interms of the energy inherent .

and theenergy which empowers .within the original sigil.

This is verysimple to do.it through the Network. One .

creates a sigil in the tradition Sparian style. andupon .

either . marks the Linking Sigil in one of the dominantco rners.completion.

left or right. elsewhere. or imbedded directly .

This in turn links it with not only the magicians owninternal .within.

but the magickal internet.Ano ther means of tagging is .power.

the . Inlocations of interest.the astral marking method.

magician gathers all of his will and energyand marks the Li .

nking Sigil i n the airs atop the location or sceneusi ng his .

or pointer and ring finger.pointer finger. or with achosen .

bothphysical . now seen as a magick al device. Likewise.instrument.

tagging and astral tagging may be used to either protector .

This wholly depends on the .curse a location or person.

We will not say much .intentand the quality of connection.

about these.This wraps up quite a few of the more common .

ways theLinking Sigil may be utilized by contempora ry .

. strang e and unique ways exist.magicians. Othercutting edge.

Between .though thes e couldhardl y be considered the basics.

the cracks of all thingsmenti oned. it is the prac titioners hon .

ed and refined Magickal Styleof Thinking which does .

most the work. th e cherry in . The Network is the icingon the cake.

the napalm in . in small terms. orconversel y.the alcoholi c drink.

Due to the nature of thisproject a nd its methods.the bathtub. .

random acts of magickal ex plosion maybe expected in .

those practitioners whose variables are lined up inthe .

If it is toogentle. . Otherwise.correct way. it may be fairly gentle.

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