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Course: AWS Technical Essentials
Course Description:
This one day AWS Technical Essentials course is intended to introduce you to Amazon Web
Services, including AWS storage options, Elastic Load Balancing/autoscaling and Amazon EC2.
You will also learn to comfortably manage database services such as DynamoDB and Amazon

We will also learn how to monitor your deployment using Amazon CloudWatch metrics and
alarms, along with maintaining user access with Amazon Identity and Access Management
(IAM) and reducing deployment complexity with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. We will discuss
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and how
they can be used in developing decoupled, microservice based architectures.

Duration: 1 Day/Lecture & Lab

Audience Profile:
Anyone interested in acquiring a high level view of Amazon Web Services, the core business
value proposition and exposure to the breadth of its offerings.
Attendees should also have an understanding of basic system operations, server configuration,
networking and databases.
Certification Options:
The AWS Technical Essentials course serves as the foundation for subsequent courses,
including the AWS Developing certification, the AWS Solutions Architecture certification and
the AWS SysOps certification courses.

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private. and (Amazon SNS and SQS) SaaS • Configuring your new AWS account 6. SECURITY IN THE AWS CLOUD • Security in the Cloud – key concepts 3. SCALABLE ARCHITECTURES IN THE AWS CLOUD • Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB • Designing for scale – key concepts • Introduction to ElastiCache To Register/More Information: www. PaaS.extellent. APPLICATION DEPLOYMENT ON AWS • Lab 1: Hosting a static website on S3 • Infrastructure management and deployment services scale 4. THE BASICS OF AWS CLOUD COMPUTING • Application Architectures Overview • Cloud Computing Key Concepts • Infrastructure Services in AWS Cloud • Public. Suite 200 Austin. Echelon III.com 512-346-8110 Course Outline: 1. TX 78759 www. STORAGE OPTIONS ON AWS • Shared responsibility model • S3 Object storage • Security best practices on new AWS accounts • EBS Block storage • Introduction to Amazon CloudFront 9. HIGH AVAILABILITY IN THE AWS CLOUD • Introduction to the AWS management console • High availability key concepts 2. AWS CLOUD APPLICATION ARCHITECTURES • Single points of failure • Designing a disaster recovery strategy • N-tier architectures 7. Extellent Professional Development Centers 9420 Research Blvd. AMAZON EC2 • Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch • AWS EC2 pricing options • Backup and archival solutions on AWS • Introduction to Amazon Machine Images • Lab 4: Configuring your first application • Introduction to Elastic Block Storage deployment pipeline • Lab 2: Launching your first EC2 instance on AWS Cloud 10. and hybrid clouds • Introduction to Amazon messaging services • Service Models in the Cloud – IaaS.com or 512-346-8110 Extellent Professional Development Centers Page 2 of 2 Course Description . ELASTIC LOAD BALANCING/AUTOSCALING • Understanding multi-tenancy • Scaling in the Cloud • Elastic Load Balancing key concepts • Infrastructure Automation • Autoscaling key concepts • Everything fails all the time • Lab 3: Configuring a load balanced autoscaled • Maximizing performance in the Cloud web application • Understanding eventual consistency • Pricing models in AWS Cloud 8. MANAGED DATABASE SERVICES ON AWS • Introduction to Amazon RDS 5.extellent.